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"Our Clans will join together like a lion to fight the tiger who prowls our forest."
Tallstar to Firestar founding modern LionClan in The Darkest Hour, page 210

LionClan was an alliance formed by Firestar and Tallstar to originally battle TigerClan.[1] However, following Tigerstar's death and BloodClan's introduction to the forest, LionClan merges with TigerClan to unite against the danger.[2] They were led by Firestar to battle and following the Clan's victory, LionClan was disbanded.[3]


LionClan was an alliance of the Clans, united by Firestar after he received a prophecy. The prophecy showed his reflection in the water turning into a lion, giving him the idea to create the Clan in order to defeat TigerClan.[4] Tallstar allowed WindClan to join as well, not wanting to be destroyed.[1]. After TigerClan's disbandment following Tigerstar's death, Leopardstar and Blackfoot, despite hesitating, allowed their Clans to join LionClan as well, completing the full Clan.[2] LionClan's only leader was Firestar,[5] and he would be the one to disband them after BloodClan is defeated.[6]


In The Prophecies Begin arc[]

The Darkest Hour[]

«Bluestar's prophecy echoed in his head again: Lion and Tiger will meet in battle. Did this mean that a new Clan—LionClan—would arise to combat TigerClan? And did StarClan intend Firestar to lead it?»
—Firestar's thoughts The Darkest Hour, page 151
Firestar and Tallstar create an alliance between ThunderClan and WindClan after Tigerstar raids the latter with TigerClan.[7] LionClan is led by Firestar to Fourtrees to meet with TigerClan and there they are introduced to Tigerstar's ally, BloodClan. However, Tigerstar overestimates his power over BloodClan, and is killed.[8] Scourge, the Twolegplace Clan's leader, instead decides to take the forest for his own gain, giving the two Clans three days to decide their fates.[9]
Left with little option, Firestar and Tallstar remain allied,[10] and Firestar seeks out further help from RiverClan. He meets with Leopardstar, who following her failed alliance with Tigerstar, is seemingly ready to give into BloodClan's threat. However, the ginger tom manages to convince both her and Blackfoot to ally themselves resulting in all four Clans merged together.[11] On the third day of Scourge's ultimatum, LionClan arrives at Fourtrees and engages BloodClan in battle.[12] LionClan is victorious in battle after Firestar defeats BloodClan's leader,[13] and after it is ensured BloodClan has left the forest, LionClan is officially disbanded.[3]

In the Super Editions[]

Graystripe's Vow[]

BloodClan is scented at the edge of the Thunderpath, opposite of ThunderClan territory by a ShadowClan patrol led by Russetfur. Upon hearing her news, Graystripe recalls the battle where Firestar had united the Clans to drive the Twolegplace Clan from the forest.[14]

History of Ranks[]

Name Gained rank in... Left rank in...
Firestar The Darkest Hour The Darkest Hour


"We have no further need for LionClan. There are four Clans in the forest again."
―Firestar disbanding LionClan's alliance The Darkest Hour, page 314

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