"Our Clans will join together like a lion to fight the tiger who prowls our forest."
Tallstar to Firestar founding modern LionClan in The Darkest Hour, page 210

LionClan was an allied Clan formed by Firestar and Tallstar to battle TigerClan.[1] However, following Tigerstar's death and BloodClan's introduction to the forest, LionClan merges with TigerClan to unite against the danger.[2] They were led by Firestar to battle and following the Clan's victory, LionClan was disbanded.[3]


LionClan was an alliance of the Clans, united by Firestar after he received a prophecy. The prophecy showed his reflection in the water turning into a lion, giving him the idea to create the Clan in order to defeat TigerClan.[4] Tallstar allowed WindClan to join as well, not wanting to be destroyed.[1]. After TigerClan's disbandment following Tigerstar's death, Leopardstar and Blackstar, despite hesitating, allowed their Clans to join LionClan as well, completing the full Clan.[2] LionClan's leader was Firestar, and no other leader led with him.[5]
LionClan faced off with BloodClan at Fourtrees, despite being heavily outnumbered by the Twolegplace cats. However, this changed when Firestar killed Scourge, and with their leader dead, BloodClan retreated back to their previous home.[6]. After WindClan chased the remaining cats into Twolegplace, LionClan was disbanded and the four Clans occupied the forest once more.[7]


In The Prophecies Begin arc

The Darkest Hour

The modern LionClan is formed by ThunderClan and WindClan after Tigerstar leads TigerClan, made up of RiverClan and ShadowClan, to attack WindClan. ThunderClan comes to help WindClan, but they are too late, and Tigerstar kills Gorsepaw, a WindClan apprentice. Firestar and Tallstar form an alliance called LionClan to face TigerClan.
However, Tigerstar is killed by the BloodClan leader, Scourge, during a botched meeting at Fourtrees. He begins an attempt to take over the forest with BloodClan. Firestar needs more warriors to fight BloodClan, so he travels to RiverClan, and tries to convince Leopardstar and RiverClan to join the alliance. Leopardstar and Blackfoot decide to join RiverClan and ShadowClan to them, despite their opposing viewpoints. Darkstripe comments before the battle with BloodClan that they're crazy, and their plans will fail. The united four Clans trained for a period of three days before travelling to Fourtrees to fight. The leaders decide to have Firestar speak for them, and he leads them into battle with BloodClan. Darkstripe and Jaggedtooth betray their respective Clans and fight in the battle, but Darkstripe is killed and Jaggedtooth is chased away. Firestar kills Scourge, and the battle ends. After the battle concludes over, LionClan disbands and four the Clans return to the forest.

History of Ranks

Name Gained rank in... Left rank in...
Firestar The Darkest Hour The Darkest Hour

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