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"I know what it's like to have a power no other cat understands. It's the loneliest feeling in the world."
— Lionblaze thinking about his power in The Fourth Apprentice, page 148

Lionblaze is a golden tabby tom[17] with amber eyes[18] and thick fluff ringing around his neck.[19]

Lionblaze is a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar's, Bramblestar's and the impostor's leaderships in the lake territories, as well as serving as the acting deputy for Squirrelflight and Graystripe, and briefly holding the position of acting leader himself. He was born as Lionkit, and raised by Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight alongside Hollykit and Jaykit. As a young cat, he was courageous and strong-willed, quickly discovering his natural talent in battle. He was apprenticed to Ashfur as Lionpaw, and later learned he and his siblings were destined to be more powerful than StarClan. As a warrior, Lionblaze and his siblings were trapped by Ashfur, and Squirrelflight revealed they were not her kits. The siblings uncovered their true parents were Crowfeather of WindClan and Leafpool, the ThunderClan medicine cat, and Hollyleaf died after fleeing into the tunnels once the truth was revealed. He mentored Dovewing and taught her how to control her powers. Together with Jayfeather and Dovewing, the Three participated in the Great Battle and defeated the Dark Forest.

Lionblaze and Cinderheart became mates and had two litters of kits: Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Fernsong, Flywhisker, Spotfur, and Snaptooth. Shortly after Ashfur possessed the body of Bramblestar, he was adamant about punishing the codebreakers. Lionblaze was one of them, and after he was reported for breaking the warrior code, Bramblestar exiled him. Lionblaze became a rogue for a quarter moon before returning to ThunderClan and swearing an oath of loyalty. However, he was later exiled for being half-Clan, and took refuge in ShadowClan. After the fake leader was deposed of, he became temporary deputy under Squirrelflight and was adamant about killing Ashfur, the identity of the impostor, to the Clans. Following Squirrelflight's abduction, Lionblaze succeeded her as temporary leader, but abdicated to Graystripe, remaining the old tom's deputy instead. After Bramblestar and Squirrelflight's return, he resumed his warrior duties.


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Power of Three

"If you want to be remembered for your strengths, you must work on them. And if that means proving yourself to those who doubt you, then do it. You can't force Hollypaw to believe in you. You have to show her that you are worth believing in."
―Brambleclaw to Lionpaw Dark River, page 72
Lionkit is the son of Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, along with his two siblings, Jaykit and Hollykit. He is a strong-willed fighter, who is apprenticed to Ashfur, becoming Lionpaw. As an apprentice, he grows very close with Heatherpaw of WindClan, often sneaking off to go meet with her. He also begins to train with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, unaware of them being in the Dark Forest. After traveling to the mountains, Jaypaw informs him and Hollypaw that they are a part of a Kin of Your Kin prophecy, and are destined to be more powerful than StarClan themselves. Lionpaw's power is to be undefeated in battle.
Shortly after earning his warrior name, Lionblaze, a fire erupts in ThunderClan camp, it is forced out by Ashfur that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are not his true parents. After hunting for clues, it comes out that his parents are Leafpool and Crowfeather, causing a strain on the family. Hollyleaf reveals the truth during a Gathering and vanishes in the tunnels. In their grief, he and Jayfeather realize that she is not one of the Three, and that the prophecy is predicting the Dark Forest's rising.

Omen of the Stars

"Destiny isn't a path that any cat follows blindly. It is a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Deep down, I always knew what I had to do, and that's why I came back to the Clan. Lionblaze, whatever else happens, I trust you to know the right thing to do as well. Listen to your heart, because that's where your true destiny lies."
―Leafpool to Lionblaze Sign of the Moon, page 108
Lionblaze is given Dovepaw as his first apprentice, who he later discovers is the third cat in the prophecy. He and Dovepaw journey to save the lake water from beavers. He develops feelings for Cinderheart, but is unsure how she feels. During a border fight with ShadowClan, Lionblaze accidentally kills Russetfur, the ShadowClan deputy. When Cinderheart comforts him, he shares his wishes of becoming mates with her, but she is distraught. Confused by Cinderheart's emotions, he grows frustrated and depressed that Cinderheart chooses their destinies over their shared happiness. He decides to shape his own destiny, and urges Cinderheart to let Cinderpelt free. She does, and the two become mates. Fulfilling the prophecy, he, Jayfeather, and Dovewing help the Clans fight off the Dark Forest in the Great Battle.

A Vision of Shadows

"Yesterday, Cinderheart and I found out that we're expecting our second litter of kits. I can't have my kits born when every moment we're expecting to be driven out of our territory. Will the Clans even be here by then? For the first time, it seems possible that they won't."
―Lionblaze about defeating the Kin Shattered Sky, page chapter 12
Lionblaze and Cinderheart's first litter have received their warrior names: Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe and Fernsong. He participates in the rescue to save Twigpaw from ShadowClan when she is held prisoner, and in the several battles against Darktail. When Bramblestar asks for ideas how to defeat the Kin, Lionblaze proudly announces Cinderheart is expecting his second litter. Cinderheart gives birth to Spotfur, Flywhisker and Snaptooth, and the grandfather to Bristlekit, Flipkit and Thriftkit. He leads a patrol with cats from the other Clans to rescue SkyClan when they leave the lake, and together they convince Leafstar and the others to return home.

The Broken Code

Lionblaze: "You're a coward! You tried to kill me and my littermates when we were too young to defend ourselves, and now you're murdering Bramblestar. You can't even fight fairly."
Ashfur: "You'll never get Bramblestar back. He's gone for good."
Lionblaze: "Give him back his body, you murderer!"
—Lionblaze confronting Ashfur Darkness Within, page 212
Lionblaze is now among ThunderClan's eldest warriors, and his litter with Cinderheart have become warriors; and is also now Baykit's and Myrtlekit's grandfather. He is also mentioned by an unknown StarClan cat to Shadowpaw of one of the codebreakers within the Clans. When Bramblestar dies, Lionblaze speaks fondly of his adopted father at his funeral, mentioning him as the best father a cat could have, but is relieved when he comes back to life. However, Lionblaze comes at odds with Bramblestar's impostor when his leader twists the code for his own benefit. When out on patrol with Spotfur and Bristlefrost, he accidentally crosses the WindClan border, which is reported to Bramblestar and Lionblaze is banished from ThunderClan for a quarter moon, much to the disdain of Cinderheart and shock of ThunderClan. He later returns and is angry when he has to swear an oath of loyalty for being listed as a codebreaker, something he had no control over. Later on, he and Jayfeather are exiled from ThunderClan because of their half-Clan status, where Tigerstar gives them refuge in ShadowClan.
Lionblaze takes an active role within the rebel group and during the battle against the impostor, he kills Harestar. After the impostor is deposed of, he becomes temporary deputy under Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight reveals that the identity of the impostor is Ashfur, and Lionblaze becomes adamant about killing Ashfur, almost succeeding in the act himself while guarding him in ShadowClan. Lionblaze struggles to support Squirrelflight as her deputy when ThunderClan is divided on her leadership, and argues with Thornclaw when the senior warrior points out the nepotism with ThunderClan's leadership and Firestar's kin. Two of his kits, Snaptooth and Flywhisker, decide to leave on a wander with Flipclaw, Thornclaw, and Graystripe to reflect if they wish to stay in ThunderClan. Following Squirrelflight's abduction into the Moonpool by Ashfur, Lionblaze becomes temporary leader of ThunderClan, but he later decides to abdicate the leadership to Graystripe, recognizing his personal ties to the situation at hand and his own temper clouding his judgement, but Graystripe kept Lionblaze as his deputy. Lionblaze then stepped down as deputy following the return of Squirrelflight, going back to a warrior.

Super Editions

This section summarizes Lionblaze's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"Every cat knows that those cats were tricked. They thought they were becoming stronger warriors to protect their Clans. They’ve taken an oath of loyalty, and have proved themselves since then. Breezepelt saved my life when the stoats swarmed over me. If I can forgive Breezepelt for his part in the Great Battle, then you, Rowanclaw, have no excuse. I, for one, think the past should be left in the past."
―Lionblaze advocating for Breezepelt at a Gathering Crowfeather's Trial, page chapter 34
In Crowfeather's Trial, tensions are still high between the half-brothers Breezepelt and Lionblaze since Breezepelt tried to kill him during the Great Battle. Lionblaze protests when Bramblestar ponders about the two Clans working together, insisting they cannot trust a Clan that harbors Breezepelt. During the battle against the stoats, Lionblaze is overwhelmed by the number of stoats, and Crowfeather tries to save his son. However, Breezepelt saves Lionblaze and the two brothers form a mutual respect for each other. Crowfeather apologizes to Lionblaze, and he forgives him.
"No, he won't. He's not stupid. He'll adjust in time. He'll have to find a different kind of courage, that's all. One that takes account of all limitations. He can't fight alone now; he must stay within his Clanmates. That might feel like failure to him, even though it's not."
―Bramblestar to Cinderheart about Lionblaze Bramblestar's Storm, page 344
In Bramblestar's Storm, he and Cinderheart enjoy their early care-free days as mates, and Cinderheart has to remind Lionblaze that he is no longer invincible, and Lionblaze struggles to adjust to being able to get hurt. Bramblestar reflects on raising him and his siblings, believing them to be his kits. Jessy encourages Bramblestar to never forget his bond as a father with them, including his bond with Squirrelflight. In the manga, his and Cinderheart's kits become apprentices, Hollypaw, Sorrelpaw, and Fernpaw, each named after a cat that perished during the Great Battle.
«Lionblaze met her gaze. She saw conflict there, as though he wasn't sure how to feel. How hard it must be not to know which mother was his true mother. One had kitted him and one had raised him. Which one should he love? Surely there was a place in his heart for both of them.»
—Squirrelflight's thoughts about Lionblaze Squirrelflight's Hope, page 392
In Squirrelflight's Hope, Squirrelflight fondly remembers raising him and Jayfeather, and knows she will always love them even though they weren't her own kits. Lionblaze voices his disapproval of the Sisters, believing they should leave as soon as possible. When Leafpool dies, and Squirrelflight nearly does, Lionblaze admits he wishes he had loved his birth mother more, and she felt that she deserved to be loved.


This section summarizes Lionblaze's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

«Leafpool purred, marveling at the way these tiny cats already seemed so different, so strong and full of life. She studied the golden tom. His neck was ringed with thick fluff, and his mouth opened wide to reveal thorn-prick white teeth. "He looks like a lion!" she commented. "I think I'll call him Lionkit."»
—Leafpool and her newborn kits Leafpool's Wish, page chapter 9
In Leafpool's Wish, Leafpool and Squirrelflight flee ThunderClan so Leafpool could give birth. She has trouble with him because of his size, but Yellowfang helps her, and the kit is born with a loud yowl. He is named Lionkit due to his thick-furred neck like a lion's mane. Leafpool fondly thinks of Lionkit as brave and strong, and he is eager to become a warrior.
"Brave warrior, do not lose faith. To enter battle when injuries are certain, that is true courage."
―Midnight to Lionblaze about losing his powers Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 10
In Dovewing's Silence, the Three have lost their powers since the battle with the Dark Forest. He grows angered when he discovers he can get injured, such as tripping over roots. Cinderheart festers over him, though Dovewing insists he is still the strongest and bravest warrior in ThunderClan. When a fox attacks the patrol, Lionblaze kills it. Jayfeather brings him and Dovewing to the Moonpool, where Rock and Midnight explain their powers are no longer needed, and encourage Lionblaze that true courage is fighting knowing he could get injured.

Detailed description

Lionblaze is a broad-shouldered,[20] muscular,[21] bright,[22] golden tabby tom[17] with amber eyes[18] the color of the sun.[23] He has thick fur,[24] thick fluff ringing around his neck,[19] a nicked ear,[25] and massive,[26] pale paws[27] with fur that bunches at his claws.[28]

Character pixels

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Killed victims

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Leader info

Personality and relationships

Lionblaze is brave, determined, and one of ThunderClan's strongest warriors. While Lionblaze was hurt after the truth about his parentage was revealed, he later came to forgive Leafpool and Squirrelflight, and even extended an olive branch to Breezepelt. For more of Lionblaze's personality and relationships, click here!


Lionblaze's parents are Crowfeather and Leafpool, but he was raised by Bramblestar and Squirrelflight alongside his littermates, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather. His mate is Cinderheart, and their children are Fernsong, Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Flywhisker, Snaptooth and Spotfur. For more of Lionblaze's family, click here!



Did you know Lionblaze's ear, nicked in a border skirmish with WindClan, contradicted his power to remain uninjured in battle at the time? For more trivia about Lionblaze, click here!


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