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  • Lionblaze had the power to never be defeated in battle,[3] unless he wants to be defeated.[4] However, this power was revoked after his prophecy was fulfilled.[5]
  • He has WindClan blood through Crowfeather,[6] and kittypet blood through Firestar.[7]
  • Lionblaze's ear, nicked in a border skirmish with WindClan, contradicts his power to remain uninjured in battle.[8]
  • He was named after his appearance, which is noted to look exactly like a lion.[9]
  • He forgives Crowfeather but tells him that he will never consider him as his father.[10]
  • He forgives and makes amends with Breezepelt for trying to kill him in the Great Battle when Breezepelt comes to his aid while fighting the stoats.[11][12]
  • Lionblaze was the second of his litter to be born, after Hollyleaf.[9]


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