"You must find your missing Clanmates."
— Lioneye to Rowanstar in Darkest Night, page 301

Lioneye is a yellow she-cat with amber eyes.[2]

Lioneye served as a ShadowClan apprentice under Rowanstar’s leadership in the lake territories, and under Darktail as part of his Kin. She was born as Lionkit to Pinenose and Spikefur alongside her littermates, Slatekit, Birchkit, and Puddlekit, with Violetkit as her foster sister. She became an apprentice known as Lionpaw with Snowbird as her mentor. However, Snowbird fell ill with yellowcough, and Tigerheart replaced Snowbird as Lionpaw’s mentor. When Darktail and his rogues took over ShadowClan, Lionpaw and most of the other cats in ShadowClan chose to submit to Darktail’s leadership. Sometime during that period, she renamed herself Lioneye, and went missing along with Birchbark, Mistcloud, and many other former ShadowClan cats. She later appeared as a ghost before ascending to StarClan.


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A Vision of Shadows

Lionkit is a kit of ShadowClan born to Pinenose. She and her siblings ignore their foster sibling Violetkit, as they are much older than her. Lionkit and her siblings soon become apprentices, and Lionpaw is apprenticed to Snowbird. However, Snowbird falls ill during the Yellowcough plague, and Tawnypelt has Tigerheart mentor Lionpaw.
Lionpaw and her siblings often fight with each other and ignore the warrior code, much like the older apprentices, Needlepaw, Sleekpaw, Juniperpaw, Yarrowpaw, and Beepaw. This is because they had heard stories from the elders about how ShadowClan used to be great and believed that their Clan was soft and weak, comparable to ThunderClan. Rowanstar is unable to keep his younger cats in check, and this makes an ideal situation for Darktail to come in and take over ShadowClan, which he does easily by convincing the young warriors and apprentices to join him and leave their weak Clan. Lionpaw, like many other ShadowClan cats, decides to submit to Darktail’s leadership when he takes over. She renames herself Lioneye.
Lioneye, Mistcloud, and Birchbark disappear shortly after this, and many cats believe that Darktail drowned them because they were planning on leaving the Kin. Lioneye and the other missing ShadowClan warriors appear as ghosts summoned by Tree and give the Clans a message to find their missing Clanmates and rebuild ShadowClan before ascending to StarClan.

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"Birchbark and Lioneye told me they were planning to leave the rogue camp. I haven't seen them since."
—Puddleshine about Lioneye and Birchbark Darkest Night, page 30

Tawnypelt: "It's good to see you once more."
Lioneye: "We never left you."
Birchbark: "We couldn't. Not until we'd seen the rights put wrong."
—Tawnypelt reuniting with Lioneye and Birchbark Darkest Night, page 301

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