"We're going downstairs! We're going downstairs!"
— Little Mew when they go downstairs for the first time in Warrior's Refuge, page 82

Little Mew is a dark brown cat with a lighter tuft of fur on their head, and a lighter muzzle, chest, and underbelly. They have yellow eyes and a bright pink nose.[4]


In Graystripe's Adventure

Warrior's Refuge

Pad: "Now you be the dog, Little Mew!"
Little Mew: "Okay! Grrrrrr...."
Birdy: "Stop! Go away!"
Little Mew: "What was that? I don't understand you!"
Birdy: "Stop! Stop!"
Little Mew: "I must be hard of hearing! Let me get closer!"
Birdy: "Eeeeep!"
—Little Mew playing with their littermates Warrior's Refuge, pages 55-56
Little Mew is the kit of Husker and Moss, and kin to Splash. Their siblings are Pad, Raindrop, and Birdy, who all live in a barn beside a Twoleg nest. One day, Graystripe, who has been looking for Millie who is lost in the cornfield, wanders into the barn to search for help. Thinking that he's an enemy, Splash and Husker attack Graystripe while Little Mew huddles with their mother and siblings. Graystripe explains the story of how Millie is lost and needs help, so Husker and Splash agree to help find her. They manage to find her, and they, along with Graystripe, stay at the barn until Millie is healed from an injury. Little Mew and their siblings stare with curiosity at the two strangers, who introduce themselves.
Millie, who is sheltering in the barn with Graystripe after her eyes are badly scratched, teaches the family how to speak dog after an experience with the yappy dogs at the barn while Graystripe was in the field, in order to drive off the yappy dogs that chase their family. They watch the dog-speak lesson with their siblings, who then practice speaking dog. Little Mew pretends to be a dog, and jumps on Birdy. As Graystripe and Millie leave the barn, they are seen playing with the Twolegs.

Official art

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Moss:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Husker:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Pad:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Birdy:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Raindrop:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Splash:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Splash ♂Moss ♀Husker ♂
BirdyPadRaindropLittle Mew

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • Husker, Little Mew, and Pad are all the same color, and Little Mew is a spitting image of their father.[6]

Author statements

  • Vicky believes that Little Mew may be female.[7]

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