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"We all make mistakes. Some have echoes that last forever."
— Littlecloud in Fading Echoes, page 213

Littlecloud is a very small,[15] brown tabby tom.[16] He has bright[17] blue eyes,[18] a light brown tail[19] and a brown nose.[20]

Littlecloud was a ShadowClan medicine cat that served under Nightstar's, Tigerstar's, Blackstar's, and Rowanstar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories. He was born as Littlekit to Newtspeck alongside his brothers, Brownkit and Wetkit. As an apprentice, Littlepaw was mentored by Clawface and was apprenticed at three moons old. He looked up to his mentor and Brokenstar during his apprenticeship and befriended Volepaw. As an apprentice, Littlepaw fought in many battles against WindClan and even survived an encounter with rats. After becoming a warrior, Littlecloud became ill with the Carrionplace sickness, seeking help from ThunderClan, where he and Whitethroat were nursed back to health in secret by Cinderpelt. This inspired Littlecloud to the path of a medicine cat and was apprenticed under Runningnose. He became a mentor to Flametail, although he drowned before Littlecloud could retire. Littlecloud died from unspecified causes after serving his Clan for many moons; however, he was left with no successor, and ThunderClan's medicine cat, Leafpool, succeeded him so she could teach Puddlekit. Littlecloud ascended to StarClan and gave Tigerstar one of his nine lives.


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The Prophecies Begin[]

"When we were ill, you knew just what to do. And then you gave us healing herbs to take back to the Clan—and they worked! I want to do more stuff like that."
―Littlecloud to Cinderpelt about medicine cats A Dangerous Path, page 55
Littlepaw is an apprentice of ShadowClan with Clawface as his mentor. He is first seen as a warrior, Littlecloud, along with Whitethroat, sick and asleep on ThunderClan territory. They beg for help to cure their sickness, as ShadowClan's medicine cat, Runningnose, was too busy with Nightstar to care for other cats. Though they are ordered to leave, Cinderpelt treats the two in secret. After his recovery, Littlecloud returns to ShadowClan with healing herbs, though Whitethroat is killed on the Thunderpath. Because of the courage Cinderpelt showed him, Littlecloud decides to become a medicine cat.

The New Prophecy[]

"I've had the same dream again and again. Warnings of danger to come...yet StarClan never tell me what the danger is."
―Littlecloud to the other medicine cats Twilight, page 223
During the destruction of the forest territories, Littlecloud struggles as the sole medicine cat after Runningnose's retirement. He disagrees with Blackstar when the leader orders his cats to eat carrion, but later takes part on the Great Journey after ShadowClan's camp is destroyed. After arriving at the lake, Littlecloud is skeptical about the new land, given that there was no Moonstone with which to communicate with StarClan. He has repeated dreams warning of death and danger, mourning when he discovers that his friend, Cinderpelt, had been killed.

Power of Three[]

"The warrior code lives within every cat born in ShadowClan. One cat alone cannot quench that flame."
―Littlecloud to Blackstar about Sol Long Shadows, page 121
When Blackstar is influenced by Sol to lose faith in StarClan, Littlecloud is barred from attending half-moon meetings. Though he tries to convince his leader to change his mind, Littlecloud alone is unsuccessful, until a sign is created, and after Flamepaw returns from ThunderClan, Littlecloud receives him as his apprentice. As Jayfeather is investigating who his true parents may be, Littlecloud identifies parsley as the herb recalled by Jayfeather used to stop a mother's milk.

Omen of the Stars[]

"Cinderpelt saved my life once. That act bonded us closer than friends. I will not abandon the Clan she loved until that debt is repaid."
―Littlecloud to Flametail about abandoning the other Clans Night Whispers, page 189
When it is decided that a patrol will be sent to investigate the cause of the drought, Littlecloud is conflicted, citing lack of guidance from StarClan. His help is later sought by Jayfeather after Briarlight's spine is broken, as Littlecloud had a similar patient, Wildfur. Eventually, Littlecloud catches greencough, worrying all of ShadowClan. He quarrels with his apprentice, Flametail, after he reveals that Raggedstar ordered ShadowClan to stand alone in the coming battle. However, after Flametail suddenly drowns, Littlecloud grieves heavily for him, though he is hesitant to blame his death on Jayfeather. He serves his Clan during the the battle against the Dark Forest.

A Vision of Shadows[]

«He hasn't taken an apprentice since Flametail's death. ShadowClan is crawling with young cats. Surely one of them must be suitable?»
—Jayfeather's thoughts on Littlecloud's age The Apprentice's Quest, page 2
Littlecloud has grown old, and without an apprentice, the other medicine cats worry how ShadowClan will fare without him. Leafpool is sent to help him, but he dies even so. Rowanstar has Puddlekit selected as the cat to succeed him, despite the kit desiring to become a warrior.

Super Editions[]

This section summarizes Littlecloud's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"Wow, he's a true warrior now! I hope he's watching me from StarClan!"
―Littlepaw about Badgerfang's death Yellowfang's Secret, chapter 38
Littlepaw and Volepaw fighting off rats

Littlepaw and Volepaw fighting off rats for their warrior assessments

In Yellowfang's Secret, Littlekit is born to Newtspeck along with Brownkit and Wetkit. He and his brothers participate in Brokenstar's training session, where Mosspaw is accidentally killed by Brownkit and Wetkit. Afterwards, the kits are apprenticed despite only being three moons old, with Littlepaw being apprenticed to Clawface.
In Firestar's Quest, Runningnose retires, leaving Littlecloud as the sole medicine cat of ShadowClan
"Fear of failure has kept you too long from leadership. But leadership is your destiny, and one you must embrace if you are to save your Clan. So with this life I give you acceptence. Accept with all of your heart what you cannot change and fear will vanish."
―Littlecloud giving Tigerheart the life of acceptence. Tigerheart's Shadow, page 404
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Littlecloud gives Tigerstar a life for acceptance, explaining that fear of failure had kept him from leadership too long.

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Lives granted[]

The following is a list of gifts Littlecloud has granted during nine lives ceremonies:


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Runningnose was Littlecloud’s mentor as a medicine cat apprentice.
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Littlecloud describes their relationship as closer than friends.[22] Cinderpelt’s actions inspired Littlecloud to become a medicine cat.[10] Her example instilled a deep loyalty in him to both her and the other Clans.[22]


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Newtspeck:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Wetfoot:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Brownpaw:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Frogtail:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Ashheart:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member

First cousins:

Turtlekit:[24] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Quietkit:[24] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Rubblekit:[24] Deceased, verified StarClan member


UnknownSee more
Newtspeck ♀Frogtail ♂Ashheart ♀Cinderfur ♂
Littlecloud ♂Wetfoot ♂Brownpaw ♂TurtlekitRubblekitQuietkit

    = Tom

    = She-cat

    = Gender unknown



Author statements[]

  • Vicky doesn't suspect that Littlecloud was in love with Cinderpelt, but he was fond of her like a sister.[25]


  • In the aforementioned statement, Vicky says that Cinderpelt is "much older" than Littlecloud, though he is slightly older, if not the same age as her.[2][26]
  • Littlecloud has mistakenly been called a gray tabby.[27]
  • In his bio for The Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition, Littlecloud is listed with gray fur and amber eyes.[28]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • On Vicky's Facebook, Brownpaw and Littlecloud have the same shade of brown fur.[29]
  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Littlecloud is described as an undersized brown tabby tom with light blue eyes. He is compassionate and devoted to this calling. He is close friends with the ThunderClan medicine cat Cinderpelt ever since she saved his life. As a warrior, he sought help from ThunderClan during time of terrible disease, and returned with a remedy that saved ShadowClan. He is also listed as Runningnose's apprentice.[30]
  • In The Clans Decide, Littlecloud, Jayfeather, Barkface, and Mothwing measure the length of the lines on either side of the stick.[31]


"It'd be an honor to die for ShadowClan!"
―Littlepaw to Nightpelt Exile from ShadowClan, page 49

Cinderpelt: "I hope you remember the herbs and berries I gave you when you were ill. I've been collecting them. I know I'll need them soon. And tell your Clan not to touch any crowfood. Fresh rats might be okay, but not carrion."
Littlecloud: "I've tried, but what can I do when Blackstar gives the orders? Most of our cats are too hungry to care what they're eating."
—Littlecloud about ShadowClan's condition during the destruction of the forest Moonrise, page 162

"Are we sure this is the right place? Without the Moonstone, the only way we can reach StarClan is through dreams and signs, and I've seen nothing to reassure me that this is where we are supposed to be."
―Littlecloud about setting by the lake Starlight, page 38

Littlecloud: "It's Blackstar! He's so . . . so . . . distant."
Runningnose: "Distant? Do you mean he's left the Clan?"
Littlecloud: "No! Distant, as in distracted. He lets Russetfur organize all the patrols, and he's started to say things."
Runningnose: "What sorts of things?"
Littlecloud: "He says he wonders if StarClan meant to bring us to the lake at all!"
Runningnose: "Then you're right to be worried."
Littlecloud: "I am?"
Runningnose: "Blackstar is losing his faith."
—Littlecloud confessing his worries to Runningnose Eclipse, pages 143-144

"StarClan has warned us that trouble is coming, and we must be ready for it. But why must we destroy friendships that have seen us through the most difficult times? It is too soon to forget the Great Journey, or the role medicine cats have played in helping all four Clans to settle here."
―Littlecloud Night Whispers, page 102

Littlecloud: "Why are you so sure you interepeted your vision correctly?"
Flametail: "There was nothing to interpret! Raggedstar was clear. War is coming. We must rely on our ancestors to guide us through it. No one else!"
Littlecloud: "But Blackstar agrees with me. We must be cautious."
Flametail: "I'm a medicine cat. I answer to StarClan!"
Littlecloud: "If war is coming, alliances may be our only hope! Joining forces kept us alive on the Great Journey, and before it helped us to defeat Scourge and BloodClan."
Flametail: "That was then. This is now. Times have changed."
Littlecloud: "The warrior code never changes."
—Littlecloud and Flametail arguing about StarClan's warning Night Whispers, pages 187-188

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