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#REDIRECT [[Littlecloud]]
[[Category:Apprentice Redirect]]
[[Category:Medicine Cat Apprentices]]
[[Littlepaw]] is a name shared by two different [[General Clan information|Clan]] [[Cat|cats]]. Did you mean...
[[Category:Medicine Cat Redirect]]
:[[Littlecloud|Littlepaw]], an [[Apprentice|apprentice]] of [[ShadowClan]], who later becomes Littlecloud?
[[Category:Into the Wild characters]]
:[[Littlestep|Littlepaw]], an apprentice of [[ThunderClan]], who later becomes Littlestep?

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Littlepaw is a name shared by two different Clan cats. Did you mean...
Littlepaw, an apprentice of ShadowClan, who later becomes Littlecloud?


Littlepaw, an apprentice of ThunderClan, who later becomes Littlestep?
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