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Personality and traits

Lizardstripe is a vain and bitter she-cat, who lacks a mother’s natural instincts as she is notorious for hating kits, including her own.[1] She despises being in the nursery with her kits, and doesn’t understand why anyone would want to have kits. She just wants to be a warrior and protect her Clan. She is unfriendly and prickly, even under normal circumstances.[2]



Lizardstripe: "What is that?'"
Yellowfang: "It's a kit."
Raggedstar: "It's my kit."
Lizardstripe: "Oh, yes? What a miracle. If I'd known toms could have kits, I would have made Mudclaw have these brats of mine himself."
—Lizardstripe seeing Brokenkit for the first time Secrets of the Clans, page 69
Mudclaw is Lizardstripe’s mate. She likes the part where they are mates, but not so much the downside of having kits.[2]

Deerfoot, Runningnose, and Tangleburr

Lizardstripe felt trapped in the nursery with her kits, and saw them as annoying brats. She is extremely relieved when they are finally made apprentices.[2]


"What kind of mouse-brained nonsense is that? Why should I have to put up with another mewling lump of fur? I didn't ask for these kits, either, but you don't see me dumping them on some other cat. It's not my job to take care of every unwanted kitten in the Clan."
—Lizardstripe to Raggedstar Secrets of the Clans, page 70
Lizardstripe was extremely annoyed to have another kit dumped on her. She felt it was unfair for her to have to take care of every unwanted kit. Raggedstar warns her to respect a leader’s son, but she still takes every opportunity to let Brokenkit know he is unwanted.[2]

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