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"A loner is a cat that isn't part of a Clan or cared for by Twolegs."
Graypaw to Firepaw in Into the Wild, page 91

Loners are cats living on their own who do not belong in any Clan, are not looked after by Twolegs, and are passive to the Clans.[1]


There is controversy about the definition of loners and rogues:

  • Most books imply that loners are cats living close to Twolegs, but aren't part of a Clan and don't eat Twoleg food such as cats living on a farm, like Barley.[2]
  • The Prophecies Begin arc and Secrets of the Clans call every cat living on its own a loner.[2]
  • In Cats of the Clans, Rock states that loners are cats who live on their own, away from Twolegs, and don't cause trouble. A rogue also lives on his or her own, but causes trouble.[1]


Loners often stake a claim on an area around Clan territory.[3] These places are often near places where Twolegs often inhabit, such as on farms, abandoned homes, barns, or any sheltered area.[4] They tend to keep to themselves and stay off Clan territories, and are known more for their independence and friendliness.[5]

Some Clan members find them untrustworthy, but others befriend loners on the off chance that they might be useful allies in the future.[6] Even though most Clan members find them inferior to Clanborns, some Clan cats descended from two loners: River and Wind, who were the original leaders of RiverClan, and WindClan.[7]

In the books

Loners are less common than kittypets and rogues, but are less likely to experience violence from Clan cats than either of the other classifications.[8]

Canon loners in the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Storm:[9] Storm is a loner who Gray Wing fell in love with when he saw her, who is not so welcoming of the newcomers who had arrived in the forest. When Gray Wing introduces her to Clear Sky, she immediately falls in love with him and she chooses to live with him. However, she soon realizes that Clear Sky was too controlling for her, and had witnessed firsthand the trouble he caused with the boundaries he established and how ruthlessly he had guarded them. Storm, disgusted with Clear Sky, chose to leave him and his group. She made her home in an abandoned Twoleg nest, which gave her and her unborn kits shelter from the weather. Soon after she gives birth to those kits, however, the Twoleg nest collapses, killing Storm and all but one of her kits. The sole surviving kit is given the name Thunder, and is taken in by Gray Wing.

Thunder Rising

Bumble:[10] Bumble is a former kittypet, who willingly left after Tom turned on her. However, she slowly starves, and is later attacked by an unknown creature, and dies from blood loss as a result of her multiple wounds. She was one of Turtle Tail's good friends.
Night:[11] Night is a loner who lives in the forest with her brother. One day, when she finds Ripple in the river, she points him out, and the two talk. They agree to teach each other new hunting skills, and Night offers for her brother to come along on their planned hunt.

The First Battle

Tansy, Frog, and Willow:[12] Tansy is the mother of Frog and Willow, and the father of the kits is never shown. She lives on the moor with her kits, but eventually runs out of milk to give them. Once Wind finds her, she orders her kits to go hunt. Eventually, Wind saves her and her kits from a fire with Gorse.

The Blazing Star

River Ripple:[13] River Ripple is a wise and knowledgeable cat who often converses with the other groups who have moved into the forest. He lives on his own little island, accompanied by Night. He was a former member of the group of cats living in the park, but after their disbanding, he has taken to living by the river.

A Forest Divided

Star Flower:[14] Star Flower is a former rogue who at first resided with her father, One Eye. After he is killed, she feels lament for him and begs Thunder to let her grieve for him. Thunder feels that she is a traitor. When she returns in A Forest Divided, Thunder is furious and tells her to get out. However, Clear Sky allows her to join his group.

Path of Stars

Red Claw:[15] Red Claw is one of Slash's former cats. He currently resides in SkyClan.
Blossom:[15] Blossom is an early settler who was a former rogue. She joined the Clans.

Canon loners in the Super Editions

Crookedstar's Promise

Mitzi,[16] Fleck,[17] Domino,[18] Soot,[19] Mist,[20] Magpie,[20] and Piper:[20] Mitzi is the mother of Soot, Mist, Magpie, and Piper. Fleck is her brother and Domino is her deceased kin. The kits' father is never mentioned or shown. This group of cats lives on a farm north of WindClan territory. Crookedkit joins them on his way to the Moonstone and stays with them for a time. He grows attached to them, but has to go back to his Clan. However, on a real trip to the Moonstone, he meets Soot again.
Mapleshade:[21] ThunderClan had cast her away for taking a RiverClan mate. She tried to take her kits to RiverClan, but they drowned by falling in the river. The father blamed her, and they exiled her from RiverClan as well. In this period of time, she became a loner, and it is unknown how or where she spent the rest of her life. After dying, she became a warrior of the Dark Forest.

Firestar's Quest

Skywatcher:[22] Skywatcher is an old cat, who, before Firestar is sent, is the last cat who knew about SkyClan. His grandmother is revealed to have been a warrior of SkyClan. He is taught the secrets of SkyClan by his mentor, Pricklenose, a friend of Lowbranch, his mother. Eventually he starts to give up on SkyClan, thinking there is nothing that can bring it back, though he still holds vigil at the Skyrock. However, he helped Firestar rebuild the Clan when the time came. Twig is his brother. When they were young, a Twoleg left out kittypet food for them. Twig ate the Twoleg food and decided it was a lot easier than hunting, and left the loner life to become a kittypet and live with the Twolegs. Skywatcher claims that he never saw his brother again.
Lichenfur:[23] Lichen is a loner who is friends with Scratch. After Scratch and Firestar tell her about a meeting where cats could learn about Clan life, she agrees to go. Lichen goes to the meeting, but is too shy to join SkyClan. She refuses politely but firmly, and wishes them well saying that she doesn't feel comfortable around a large group of cats. However, about three moons after Firestar and Sandstorm left, Lichenfur joins SkyClan and moves into the elders' den, making her no longer a loner.

SkyClan's Destiny

Egg:[24] He is a loner scented hunting around SkyClan territory, and later the warriors find him. Leafstar notices his strong legs and haunches, and asks if he wants to join SkyClan, but he runs away. Later, he is spotted past the scent marks and confronted by Cherrytail. He tells the cats that he changed his mind and wishes to join the Clan. Leafstar accepts willingly.
Stick,[25] Coal,[26] Cora,[27] and Shorty:[27] They are rogues that live in Twolegplace. However, when other rogues threaten them, they band as loners and ask for help from SkyClan. After the rogues are defeated, they go back to being rogues.

Tallstar's Revenge

Jake:[28] Jake is a kittypet, but he traveled with Talltail to search for Sparrow, making both of them loners as they left their previous lives. After Talltail rejoined his Clan, Jake returns to his kittypet life, stating that he couldn't live as a Clan cat.
Tallstar:[29] Tallstar was Talltail when he left his Clan. Before he left, he turned restless because he believed that his father, Sandgorse was murdered by Sparrow, a rogue. He became a loner and sought revenge. However, he soon realized that Sparrow really didn't kill Sandgorse, as Sandgorse saved him. Talltail returned to WindClan afterwards.

Tigerheart's Shadow

Spiresight:[30] Spiresight's original name was Spire when he was living with the guardian cats. He joined Tigerheart and Dovewing when the two mates left the guardian cats to return to the Clans with their kits, Lightkit, Pouncekit, and Shadowkit. He saved Pouncekit from falling off a bridge, but in the process, he fell into the water and died. Tigerheart gave him a warrior name: Spiresight.
Blazefire:[31] Blazefire was originally from the guardian cats, and his name was Blaze. He normally followed Spiresight around when he was a kit. While journeying with Tigerheart, Dovewing, and their kits, Lightkit, Pouncekit, and Shadowkit, Spiresight fell off a bridge while saving Pouncekit, and while Blaze grieved for his friend, he completed the journey with Tigerheart, Dovewing, Lightkit, Pouncekit, and Shadowkit. He was accepted into ShadowClan and began his apprenticeship as Blazepaw, and later earned his warrior name, Blazefire.
Dash:[32] Dash is a cat that Tigerheart meets during his journey to find Dovewing. Although originally hesitant to approach the ShadowClan cat, Dash soon warms up to Tigerheart, and the two become friends. Dash helps him navigate through the Thundersnake area, which he calls a 'station'. The two cats take on some rogues during their adventure, and Dash shows his abilities after learning some fighting moves from Tigerheart. The pair of cats manage to also drive out the rogues invading Dash's home, and the black-and-white tom is very thankful. Dash later reappears to help Tigerheart, Dovewing, Shadowkit, Pouncekit, Lightkit, Spire, Blaze, Ant, and Cinnamon make their way through the station yet again. Although the cats are hesitant to trust Dash, they soon learn they can trust him and safely make their way through. Dovewing asks Dash to come with them to the lake, though the loner politely declines saying that he likes the city life.

Canon loners in The Prophecies Begin arc

Barley[33] and Ravenpaw:[34] Barley lives on a farm near the edge of WindClan territory that Clan cats often pass by on their way to Highstones. After Tigerclaw begins accusing Ravenpaw of numerous crimes, his friends Firepaw and Graypaw take him there to hide and then later on live with Barley in the Twoleg barn, and then tell ThunderClan that he is dead, slain by a ShadowClan patrol.
Barley and Ravenpaw help Fireheart and Graystripe as they work to return WindClan from exile during Fire and Ice. Ravenpaw gets interrogated at Oakheart's death and helps bring Cloudpaw back from the Twolegs. Ravenpaw also helps to negotiate peace between ThunderClan and WindClan during A Dangerous Path. Both Ravenpaw and Barley end up fighting side-by-side with the Clans against BloodClan in The Darkest Hour.
Yellowfang:[35] Yellowfang used to be a part of ShadowClan as its medicine cat, but was exiled and forced out of her birth Clan. She wandered into ThunderClan territory, and ThunderClan apprentice Firepaw inaverdently stumbled upon her. Firepaw gave her some fresh-kill as she was weak and hungry, and afterwards, she was taken into ThunderClan as a prisoner. She eventually became ThunderClan's medicine cat when their former one, Spottedleaf, was killed during a battle, and later took on Cinderpaw as her apprentice when the young cat was permanently injured on the Thunderpath.

Canon loners in The New Prophecy arc

Barley and Ravenpaw:[36] Ravenpaw makes a brief appearance in Midnight, advising Brambleclaw, Feathertail, Tawnypelt, Crowpaw, Stormfur and Squirrelpaw to go to the sun-drown-place by confirming the existence of the dream-place in the real world. In Dawn, They allow the Clans to shelter in the old cow shed before they leave on the Great Journey, and Ravenpaw says his final sad goodbyes to his friends.
Purdy:[37] Purdy used to be a kittypet who used to live with a Twoleg. When his Twoleg died, Purdy became a loner, though he continued to beg for food from Twolegs. He lead the six questing cats through the maze of a Twolegplace. He succeeds in getting them lost a few times, but eventually gets them to the sun-drown-place to see Midnight, a badger. It is presumed that he didn't know how he reached the sun-drown-place. When Midnight tells them to go through the mountains, he wants to stop them because he knows of the dangers they hold. At first, he threatens Midnight, but the warriors stop him. He then watches the cats leave.
Smoky,[38] Daisy,[38] Floss,[38] Berry,[39] Mouse,[40] and Hazel:[40] In Starlight, once the Clan cats reach the lake, they meet three loners called Smoky, Floss, and Daisy who live at Horseplace. They appear to want to have little to do with the Clan cats. After Firestar reassures him that the Clans would never harm kits, Smoky relaxes and introduces himself, Daisy, and Floss. In Twilight, Daisy and her newborn kits, Mouse, Berry, and Hazel, run away from the horseplace right after the kits are born, so they would not get taken by Twolegs, or Nofurs, as they call them, like all of Floss's kits were. They are soon taken in by ThunderClan, with Daisy living in the nursery with the queens, and Berry, Mouse, and Hazel train as apprentices with the suffix -paw added to their names.


Leafpool and Crowfeather:[41] Leafpool and Crowfeather run away together to become loners as they feel their love for each other is more important than their Clans, though Leafpool despairs at leaving her sister, parents, and friends. While they are running away, they meet Midnight the badger, and she warns Leafpool and Crowfeather that her kin are planning an attack on ThunderClan for revenge after ThunderClan drove badgers off their territory. When they return, ThunderClan had already been ambushed by the badgers, and are engaged in a desperate battle to save their lives. After the battle ends, Crowfeather ends his relationship with Leafpool, saying that her heart is with her Clan. Leafpool thinks that she loves Crowfeather more than he will ever know, but lets him go anyway, and they are initiated back into their own Clans.

Canon loners in the Power of Three arc

Purdy:[42] In Outcast, Purdy leads the group of cats going to the Tribe of Rushing Water's mountain territory across the Twolegplace and to the edge of the forest by the mountains. He saves Breezepaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw from being killed by a pack of dogs. In thanks for that, Hollypaw gives him her food and removes his ticks with mouse bile. In Sunrise, he comes back with ThunderClan to live as an elder.


Stormfur and Brook:[43] A group of rogues invaded the Tribe of Rushing Water's hunting grounds. Stormfur creates a plan so the Tribe can defeat the rogues, so Stormfur tries to train the Tribe to fight. He leads them into battle, but they are badly defeated, losing Jag and many other cats. Furious, Stoneteller blames and exiles Stormfur, telling him to never come back. Stormfur is angry at this, and retorts that Feathertail had died for the Tribe. Brook decides to leave with him, and so they turn into loners to seek refuge at the Clans. They arrive during the badger attack, and become a part of ThunderClan.


Sol:[44] Sol shows up and tells ThunderClan about a solar eclipse, which even StarClan had not known about. He talks to ThunderClan but moves on to ShadowClan to be "leader". Sol convinces Blackstar to let him into ShadowClan and tells all of ShadowClan to turn their backs on StarClan because they are just a bunch of dead cats. For a short time ShadowClan goes along with this, but then Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jaypaw, Flamepaw, Dawnpaw, and Tigerpaw create a fake sign from StarClan which brings Blackstar to his senses. He drives Sol out and he becomes a loner again.


Smoky and Floss:[42] Hazeltail goes with Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Birchfall, Brackenfur, and Brambleclaw to the sun-drown-place, so that Hazeltail gets the chance to meet her father, Smoky, for the second time she can remember. Smoky is surprised and proud to see her, and asks about Daisy, Berry, and Mouse. He is happy to hear that they have become warriors. He is impressed with Hazeltail's fighting skills when she and Birchfall spar playfully to show off to him, and comments that ThunderClan has taught its warriors well. He tells Hazeltail that she could come visit any time she wanted, and Hazeltail agrees.
Jingo[45] and her group: comprised of Hussar,[46] Jet,[47] Chirp,[48] Merry,[48] Pod,[46] Fritz,[46] Speckle,[45] Frisk,[49] and three unnamed kits.[45] Jingo finds the cats sent from ThunderClan to find Sol when they are being attacked by wild dogs. She helps distract the dogs and leads the Clan cats to an abandoned Twoleg nest where she acts leader of a group of loners. She explains all the pain that Sol put her and her friends through She, along with Hussar, seems to be unafraid at the prospect of the dogs entering the cats' hiding place. She also mentions that she was once a kittypet. She also leads them to Purdy and Sol by leading them along many rooftops and jumps, not once touching the ground in fear of dogs.
Flower,[50] Jester,[51] Pepper,[51] and Frosty:[51] Loners that were once part of Jingo's and Sol's group. However, Sol made them battle the dogs, and they all died.

Canon loners in the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Woody:[52] Woody is a loner who lives near the area where the beavers built a dam, blocking the stream. He tells the traveling Clan cats, about the beavers and the nearby Twolegs. He also tells them not to worry because the Twolegs are looking for the beavers, not cats. He explains to the Clan cats about beaver dams and lodges, and when they say they need to battle the beavers, he says that he wouldn't fight with them because it was too dangerous for him. After the first battle against the beavers, when Rippletail dies, Woody feels guilty and says he should have stopped them from attacking the beavers. Later, he helps dismantle the beaver dam on the second try, without fighting the beavers, and with his help, the Clan cats manage to separate the dam and free the water.

Canon loners in the A Vision of Shadows arc

Thunder and Shadow: Bonus Scene

Tree:[53] is a loner who travels with no intention of staying in one spot. Tree has six toes on one of his paws, and has the supernatural ability to bring back the spirits of dead cats so the living can see them. He joins SkyClan, and becomes a mediator.

River of Fire

Tigerheart:[54] Tigerheart, after being told by Dovewing that she was expecting his kits, reluctantly leaves ShadowClan to be with her, inadvertently causing its downfall. Tigerheart travels and he eventually meets up with Dovewing, and bears witness to the birth of their kits. Eventually, he, Dovewing, Blaze, Spire, Ant, Cinnamon and their kits decide to return back to ShadowClan. During the journey, he discovers Berryheart, Sparrowtail, Slatefur, and Cloverfoot hiding inside an old twoleg nest. He reprimands them for abandoning their Clan, although realizes the hypocrisy in his words as he left his Clan and his position as the deputy. Tigerheart convinces the four ex-ShadowClan cats to join him on their journey back, and they go along their way back to ShadowClan. During the journey, Tigerheart takes on the position of unofficial leader, and leads the cats through many dangers. However, when Spire is killed saving his daughter Pouncekit, Tigerheart honors Spire by giving him a warrior name: Spiresight. Spire's death makes Tigerheart lose confidence in himself, but Dovewing and Blaze help him restore it. After stopping for a moon to let Berryheart and Sparrowtail's newborn kits wean off milk, Tigerheart connects with Cloverfoot, Slatefur and Sparrowtail, and begins to understand why the former ShadowClan cats left, and admits that he left because he felt he was undermining Rowanstar. When starting their journey again, Hollowkit is taken by an owl. Tigerheart attacks the owl, and it drops Hollowkit, but instead, the owl picks up Tigerheart and begins to fly away with him. Tigerheart manages to fight his way out of the owl's grasp, and he is dropped. However, the impact when Tigerheart hits the ground causes massive internal injuries to himself, and he cannot walk. Sparrowtail, Ant, Slatefur, and Cinnamon carry him while Dovewing and Berryheart lead the way to ShadowClan, while Cloverfoot and Blaze distract the six kits, who were very worried for Tigerheart. Despite the patrol's best attempts to get Tigerheart to Puddleshine, Tigerheart dies of his injuries. Unwilling to give up, the patrol reaches the lake territories and Puddleshine tries to revive Tigerheart. Tigerheart, in StarClan, is informed by his now deceased father Rowanclaw, and Dawnpelt that StarClan has other plans for him. Tigerheart, confused, asks what they mean, but he does not get an answer. After seeing out of StarClan, he sees Puddleshine place is corpse beside the Moonpool, and Rowanclaw tells his son that he is being brought back to reunite ShadowClan. Tigerheart is given nine lives, his first life replacing the one he lost, and is revived by StarClan to become Tigerstar. Tigerstar's revival is met with joy from the former ShadowClan cats, whom Tigerstar warmly welcomes into ShadowClan, along with his patrol. However, Bramblestar, Tigerstar's uncle, and Graystripe, a ThunderClan elder, make note that Tigerstar shares the same name and leadership position of his maternal grandfather, the infamous Tigerstar.
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Shadowkit, Pouncekit, and Lightkit:[56]
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Berryheart:[57] After Darktail unsuccessfully drowns her, Berryheart escapes the Kin and seeks refuge inside an old log. Her mate, Sparrowtail, eventually finds her and informs her that their only daughter, Needletail, was one of Darktail's most devoted followers. He tells her that they need to leave, but Berryheart is reluctant as she has family still in the Kin. However, Sparrowtail convinces her otherwise, and the two eventually meet Cloverfoot, Berryheart's sister, and Slatefur, a younger ShadowClan tom who despised Darktail. The four cats escape and decide to take refuge in an old Twoleg den, where Berryheart and Sparrowtail decide to have a new litter of kits. However, while hunting with Slatefur, they run into Tigerheart, the former ShadowClan deputy, and Spire, a guardian cat. Tigerheart informs her that the Kin has been disbanded, and Darktail is dead. Berryheart joins them on their trek back to ShadowClan, although her pregnancy slows them down. She does however, connect with Dovewing during the journey. She eventually gives birth to hers and Sparrowtail's second litter consisting of Sunkit, Hollowkit, and Spirekit, naming the latter kit after Spiresight, who died saving Pouncekit. Hollowkit is taken by an owl, and Tigerheart saves him, but this results in Tigerheart being dropped and resulting in massive internal injuries. Despite the patrol's best attempts to get him to Puddleshine, Tigerheart dies due to his injuries. The patrol eventually comes back to ShadowClan, and Berryheart witnesses Tigerheart get resurrected as Tigerstar, and rejoins ShadowClan once more.
Sparrowtail:[58] After losing his mother Kinkfur during the yellowcough outbreak, and losing his sister Mistcloud during the Kin's reign, Sparrowtail escapes the Kin and meets up with Berryheart. He informs Berryheart that their daughter, Needletail, was one of Darktail's most devoted followers, much to Berryheart's dismay. He leaves with her and the two eventually meet up with Cloverfoot and Slatefur, and they decide to live in an old Twoleg nest. The four continue with their lives, and Sparrowtail and Berryheart decide to have a new litter of kits. They are relatively content until they are discovered by Tigerheart's patrol. Tigerheart reprimands them for betraying their Clan, but Sparrowtail points out to him that Tigerheart left as well. Sparrowtail eventually joins the patrol in going back to ShadowClan. During the journey, his sons and daughter, Spirekit, Hollowkit, and Sunkit are born, and he witnesses Tigerheart being dropped by an owl after saving Hollowkit. Sparrowtail helps carry the former deputy back to ShadowClan, but Tigerheart dies due to his internal injuries. Sparrowtail and the patrol reach the lake, and he is informed of ShadowClan's demise. Sparrowtail also witnesses Tigerheart get revived to become Tigerstar, and unites ShadowClan. Sparrowtail rejoins his Clan once again.
Cloverfoot:[59] Cloverfoot escapes the Kin along with her littermate Berryheart, Berryheart's mate Sparrowtail, and Slatefur, and the four cats manage to escape to an abandoned Twoleg den, where they decide to live out the rest of their lives. Tigerheart discovers them on his way back to ShadowClan, and he informs them that hers and Berryheart's parents, Scorchfur and Snowbird, were worried sick about them, and Darktail was dead. Cloverfoot joins them in going back to ShadowClan, and assists in taking care of Shadowkit, Pouncekit, and Lightkit. During the journey, she becomes an aunt to Spirekit, Hollowkit, and Sunkit. Cloverfoot witnesses Tigerheart's death, and attempts to get him back to ShadowClan. When the patrol arrives, she learns of Rowanclaw's demise and ShadowClan's desolation. However, Tigerheart is revived by StarClan to become Tigerstar, and she rejoins her parents and younger siblings in the newly reformed ShadowClan.
Slatefur:[60] Slatefur was a young apprentice when ShadowClan became the Kin, and like many other former ShadowClan cats, developed a fear and hatred of Darktail soon afterwards. After escaping The Kin with Berryheart, Sparrowtail and Cloverfoot, Slatefur joins them in becoming a loner and living in a disheveled Twoleg nest. While hunting with the heavily pregnant Berryheart, Slatefur comes across Tigerheart and Spire, and Tigerheart informs them that ShadowClan needs them and Darktail is dead. Slatefur joins his patrol back to the lake, and witnesses Tigerheart's death after saving Hollowkit. He assists in getting the former deputy back to ShadowClan, and witnesses Tigerheart get revived by StarClan to become Tigerstar. He is also reunited with his sole remaining family member; Puddleshine, his brother. Tigerstar reunites ShadowClan, and Slatefur joins them in going back home.
Hollowkit, Sunkit, and Spirekit:[61] The second litter born to Berryheart and Sparrowtail, the kits were born on the trek back to ShadowClan. After Spire, a guardian cat, died saving Pouncekit, Berryheart chose to name Spirekit after him. The kits are looked after primarily by Cinnamon, Dovewing and Blaze while Berryheart rests. Once they grow old enough, the patrol continues on back to ShadowClan. However, an owl spots the patrol and snatches up Hollowkit. Tigerheart leaps onto the owl and causes it to drop the tiny kit, where he is caught by Ant and Cloverfoot. The owl instead takes Tigerheart, and after struggling to free himself, Tigerheart is dropped as well, and it causes him to suffer severe internal injuries. The kits try to help the former deputy, but are distracted by Blaze, Cloverfoot, and Slatefur. Eventually, they make it back to the lake territories, and are witnesses to Tigerheart's revival. They then join ShadowClan.
Blaze:[30] A lost kit found by Spire, Blaze looked up to Spire as a father and was his best friend, although Spire could argue on the fact, but nonetheless enjoyed having the kit around. Blaze meets Tigerheart and Dovewing when they join the guardian cats, and the two take an immediate liking to him, admiring his cheeriness. He helps Dovewing with her newborn kits, Shadowkit, Pouncekit, and Lightkit, and often tries to get in on the guardian cats' plans to drive out the foxes in their territory. When Tigerheart and Dovewing inform the guardian cats that they must leave, Blaze immediately wishes to join to become a warrior like Tigerheart and Dovewing have told him about, and the two allow him to come, and he is joined by Spire, Ant, and Cinnamon. Blaze serves as a playmate for the younger kits, much to Tigerheart's content. Blaze eventually meets Berryheart, Sparrowtail, Cloverfoot and Slatefur, and is astonished to meet more warriors. However, Spire is killed saving Pouncekit, and Blaze is distraught at the loss of his caretaker, but firmly believes that Spire's directions would lead them in the way back to ShadowClan. Blaze also helps take care of Berryheart's and Sparrowtail's newest litter of kits, and he witnesses Tigerheart be dropped by an owl. Blaze attempts to help Tigerheart, but he is asked by the dark brown tabby to distract the kits from seeing him. Blaze reluctantly obliges, and is saddened when Tigerheart succumbs to his injuries. However, due to the persistence of Dovewing, Berryheart, Sparrowtail, Cloverfoot, and Slatefur, they make it back to ShadowClan. Blaze is noted to be old enough to be an apprentice by Violetshine, and he witnesses Tigerheart's resurrection by StarClan, where he becomes Tigerstar and accepts Blaze into the Clan.
Cinnamon:[30] Cinnamon joined Tigerheart's patrol back to the lake along with Blaze and Ant, and sparks a friendship with Dovewing and helps take care of their kits. She serves as the unofficial medicine cat, as her knowledge of herbs surpassed Ant's. She eventually meets Berryheart, Sparrowtail, Cloverfoot, and Slatefur and learns that they were ShadowClan warriors, like Tigerheart. Cinnamon and Dovewing help Berryheart with her kitting, and helps the queen take care of her newest litter. After Tigerheart is dropped by an owl after saving Hollowkit, Cinnamon looks over him, and deduces that his injuries are internal, not external, and explains that they need to get him to someone who can do a better job than her. She distracts all of the kits along with Ant and Blaze from Tigerheart, but their efforts are in vain as Tigerheart dies due to his injuries. Cinnamon eventually makes it back to ShadowClan with the patrol, and sees Tigerheart come back to life as Tigerstar, where the new leader reunites ShadowClan and accepts Cinnamon into the Clan.
Ant:[30] A former guardian cat, Ant joined Tigerheart and Dovewing on their way back to the lake to become a ShadowClan warrior along with Cinnamon and Blaze. Although quiet, he helps in taking care of Shadowkit, Pouncekit, and Lightkit. He then meets four former ShadowClan warriors, and befriends them as they join the patrol back. He eventually sees his friend, Spire, fall to his death after saving Pouncekit, and helps take care of Berryheart and Sparrowtail's newest litter of kits. Ant sees Tigerheart's death after being dropped by an owl, and helps carry him back to ShadowClan. After seeing Tigerheart get resurrected by StarClan, he joins ShadowClan along with the rest of the patrol, where he is warmly welcomed by Tigerstar.

The Raging Storm

Spider:[62] Spider is a loner who lives in an area some distance away from the lake territories. He helps Twigbranch's patrol find SkyClan, who have fled the lake to return to the gorge.

In The Broken Code arc

The Silent Thaw

Dovewing:[63][64] Went into self-imposed exile after learning she was a codebreaker to atone. She was convinced by Tigerstar and Shadowsight to return to ShadowClan. However, when she learned of Bramblestar's impostor, she decided to go back into exile as to not raise suspicion from him.
Tree:[65] After questioning the motives of Bramblestar's impostor, the impostor demanded he go into exile for questioning Clan traditions. While Leafstar spoke against this, Tree agreed to do so for three days, and is using his exile to inform the other Clans of the impostor.
Squirrelflight:[66] After outing Bramblestar as an impostor, he exiled her from ThunderClan and demoted her as deputy. After she was escorted off ThunderClan territory, Squirrelflight briefly became a loner before going to ShadowClan and gaining refuge there.

Canon loners in The Rise of Scourge

The Rise of Scourge

Ruby and Socks:[67] Socks' and Ruby's Twolegs move, and abandon them on the streets. They become extremely skinny and underfed, but manage to find their brother. They beg Scourge for food, and he asks them why he should, and says it isn't his fault if they are too stupid or weak to find food, and that his own cats hardly have food. He lets them have some food before he orders his cats to chase them off BloodClan land.

Canon loners in the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Sasha,[68] Hawk,[68] Moth,[68] Tadpole:[68] After Sasha's Twolegs leave, she becomes a loner in the forest. She soon meets Tigerstar and gives birth to Hawk, Moth, and Tadpole with him. However, when Tigerstar asks whether or not she wants to join ShadowClan, she refuses, and leaves the Clans. In the end, they go to RiverClan where Sasha leaves her kits.

Canon loners in the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Minty,[69] Cloudy,[70] Snowflake,[70] Sniff,[70] Icicle:[70] Minty, along with her mate, Willie, and some other cats, Pounce, Tess, and Snapper, arrive at Barley's farm. She is heavily pregnant at that time, and soon after Ravenpaw and Barley invite them in, she gives birth to four kits. She names them Snowflake, Icicle, Cloudy, and Sniff. She is one of the few cats that don't want to seem to hurt Barley and Ravenpaw very much, and doesn't feel the need to take over her barn.

The Heart of a Warrior

Snake[71] and Ice:[71] They stay at Barley's and Ravenpaw's farm after the small fight with the remnants of BloodClan. However, they make Ravenpaw do all the work and blame everything bad on him. They order him around and live contently as loners for the next few days. However, after a while, they get yowled at by Barley, who is furious about how they are treating Ravenpaw, and tells them to get out. Astonished, they tell them that they are kin, but Barley says that blood isn't everything. At first, they refuse, and say that they could take Barley down in a second. But then Barley slashes him across the face, making them realize they have lost the battle. They leave by saying Barley is pathetic, and how they would have never wanted to stay there anyway.

Canon loners in the Graystripe's Adventure arc

Graystripe[72] and Millie:[73] Graystripe is a kittypet until he meets Millie. He tells her about ThunderClan and she is eager to learn everything she can about hunting and fighting. This makes Graystripe homesick so he leaves his kittypet life to become a loner. He asks Millie to come with him, but she is taken aback. Graystripe continues the journey, but when he gets hurt, Millie leaves her life a kittypet, too, and the two set off on their journey to find ThunderClan. It takes many moons, but finally, with the help of Diesel, they get to the Clan territories and meet Firestar at a Gathering. He takes the two back to ThunderClan to become warriors.

Warrior's Refuge

Husker,[74] Moss,[75] Splash,[76] Raindrop,[74] Pad,[74] Little Mew,[74] and Birdy:[74] Moss is the mate of Husker, the sister of Splash, and the mother of Raindrop, Pad, Little Mew, and Birdy. She lives with them in a barn next to some Twoleg dens. The group of cats take Graystripe and Millie in after Millie's eyes are scratched by corn plants. They let them stay until her eyes are healed. They stay for longer, teaching them dog language and warming up to the Twolegs. After Graystripe and Millie save a Twoleg kit, the family takes them in to live at the house and they become kittypets.

Canon loners in the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Moth Flight:[77] She was a warrior from WindClan exiled for being too easily distracted and for risking the lives of her Clanmates. During her time of exile, she became a loner and wandered around all day. She soon saw a large hole in the ground, which she climbed down, leading to the Moonstone. As she dreams, StarClan appears and she is told to take the knowledge of the sacred stone back to the forest cats. She replies that she cannot, since she was exiled. StarClan tells her that she was exiled for this reason, so that she would find the Moonstone. She claims that Wind will never let her return, but StarClan brings the dreaming Wind into Moth Flight's dream, where they tell her to welcome her new medicine cat. Wind nods and disappears. She is then accepted back into WindClan as a medicine cat.

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