"I'm scared we'll meet Sol. What if he tells the other cats about the prophecy?"
Hollyleaf to Lionblaze in Long Shadows, page 10
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 28)
Page Numbers: 6-19

Chapter description

Newly named ThunderClan warrior Hollyleaf awakens from a nightmare about a rogue cat, who goes by the name of Sol. In the dream, the world was shrouded in darkness, terrifying the young cat. She is awoken moments later by Birchfall who asks if she plans on sleeping all day. Hollyleaf replies that she's coming, and makes her way outside, but not before accidentally bumping into Cloudtail, a senior warrior, waking him up. Grumpy, he fires off a tart comment, and soon goes back to sleep. She meets up with Hazeltail, who tells the new warrior that Cloudtail is always snippy, and Birchfall is extremely bossy with the new warriors.
Hollyleaf, not wanting to say anything about what really haunts her, gazes over at the nest where her brother, Lionblaze, slept after their warrior vigil from the night before, as her and her brother had only just had their ceremony. She doesn't see him, and assumes that he had gone out with the dawn border patrol. She continues to make her way outside, only to be greeted by an irritated Birchfall. The warrior is told to calm down by Brambleclaw, ThunderClan's deputy. They are soon joined by Sandstorm, who remarks the prey isn't going to run away until they see the cats, and they make their way out of camp, meeting up with Brackenfur, his mate, Sorreltail, and Hollyleaf's brother, Lionblaze.
After a brief talk with her brother, about ShadowClan and their leader, Blackstar, Hollyleaf re-joins the patrol, and they make their way towards ShadowClan territory. They are soon confronted by three ShadowClan cats, two warriors named Ivytail and Snaketail, as well as Snaketail's apprentice, Scorchpaw.
The ShadowClan border patrol and the ThunderClan patrol argue back and forth about Sol and his methods, and this soon turns into a scuffle between Birchfall and Snaketail. The latter's apprentice soon joins in, although Birchfall is given backup when Hazeltail joins the fray. Both ThunderClan cats receive minor injuries, which Hollyleaf tells them to speak to Leafpool about when they return to camp.
Sandstorm, seeing this scuffle, calls Hazeltail and Birchfall back to ThunderClan's side of the border, only to be blocked by Ivytail. Brambleclaw, after hearing a seething remark from the ShadowClan warrior, says that this fight was provoked by ShadowClan. This soon breaks out another fight, although they are stopped by Hollyleaf, who screeches at them to stop. On their way back to camp Brambleclaw reprimands Birchfall, telling him he asked for the injuries he received.
Although Hazeltail thinks that the deputy was a little harsh, Hollyleaf agrees with her father. She comes to the conclusion that ShadowClan are believing everything Sol says, and she thinks to herself that Sol will destroy the Clans.






  • Hazeltail is mistakenly called a tom.[8]

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