"Go, and don't come back. You can take the catmint. I've no quarrel with ThunderClan; I don't to see cats suffer, whatever you might think. Just be careful you don't end up a bully like your kin, Tigerstar. "
Heathertail to Lionblaze in the tunnels in Long Shadows, page 248
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Chapter Number: 20 (of 28)
Page Numbers: 244-248

Chapter description

After Lionblaze catches a few pieces of prey, he pads back to the old Twoleg nest. The tom leaves some fresh-kill by a tree stump, and notices his earlier contribution had disappeared. Lionblaze is reassured by this, and doubles over his trail to head toward the tunnel's entrance. Fear pricks his pelt, and the golden warrior speeds up until he's racing through the trees. Lionblaze halts a few fox-lengths away from the tunnel's mouth, and glances around warily. The tom searches for any sign of his Clanmates, and knows that no cat must find out about what he's doing.
Lionblaze flattens himself to the ground, wriggling beneath the undergrowth and into the tunnel. After a few pawsteps, the warrior encounters a barrier, which he scrabbles through. Lionblaze walks along the narrow passage, and his heart beats furiously. The golden cat notes that he's not afraid of WindClan warriors, but instead of his vision of Heatherpaw's death. Up ahead, the sound of rushing water fills Lionblaze's ears. He steps out into the cave where a river flows, and reminisces on his memories there. The tom shakes feelings of regrets away, and continues to head toward WindClan territory. Lionblaze soon sees light in front of him, and darts out of the tunnel. He scents for nearby cats, but can't smell anything other than the wind.
Lionblaze creeps forward, taking advantage of a rock's shelter. He spots a steam with catmint growing beside it, and gathers a massive bundle. The warrior pads back to the tunnel, and relaxes when he enters. Lionblaze walks swiftly through the passage, but stops abruptly upon reaching the cave. Heatherpaw stands in front of him, blocking the way. The golden warrior says her apprentice name, but the WindClan she-cat corrects him, snarling she is Heathertail now. Heathertail accuses him of thievery, and meows that she'd guessed he would use the tunnels to return home.
Lionblaze asks why she didn't call for a patrol, and the tabby she-cat replies he doesn't scare her. The ThunderClan tom's vision glares with blood, and he imagines killing Heathertail. When his sight returns, the she-cat stands in front of him with an icy gaze. Heathertail then pads past Lionblaze, hissing that he can go, as she holds no grudge against sick cats. She warns to not become a bully like Tigerstar, and then flicks her tail, vanishing into a tunnel. Lionblaze gathers up his catmint, and shudders at what might have happened.





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