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Chapter Number: 4 (of 28)
Page Numbers: 52-59

Chapter description

As Jaypaw is sorting herbs, he scents his mentor, Leafpool, returning to the medicine den. Within her jaws is Briarkit, who seems to have caught her mother's cough. When asked about Briarkit, Leafpool confirms this, and says that Millie is no better, although she's unsure of what to do, since she doesn't think that Daisy can cope with feeding Bumblekit, Blossomkit, and her own two kits. Jaypaw tells her not to fret, and that it's only whitecough. However, Leafpool disagrees, saying that it could grow worse, especially with the colder weather coming, and she's afraid of losing cats, including the elder, Mousefur, who is frail.
When Leafpool mentions that they are low on catmint, Jaypaw is sent to find more. He takes Poppyfrost with him, who feels sorry for Briarkit, and more than offers to help search for some. When they arrive at the place where the catmint grows, Poppyfrost is shocked, and says that there isn't any catmint left. Jaypaw is furious, and blames the battle with WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan. Poppyfrost says that they should tell Firestar, so WindClan and RiverClan can be punished, but Jaypaw stops the warrior, saying that it could have been an accident. Although Jaypaw doesn't voice his opinion, he thinks that Poppyfrost could be right. As they clear away the stems from the broken plants, Jaypaw tells Poppyfrost to pick any of the new ones she finds.
Leafpool is dismayed when her apprentice and Poppyfrost return with very little catmint. Millie hears this, and tells the two medicine cats to give whatever catmint they have to Briarkit, and breaks out into a coughing fit as she says that she'll be alright. Her mate, Graystripe, hears her cough, and comes to see what's wrong. He is stopped by Leafpool, who tells him he needs to stay away, so he doesn't spread the cough to any other cats. Although hesitant, Graystripe agrees, still clearly worried about her.
When Leafpool returns yet again, she is fretting about going to the Moonpool to meet with the other medicine cats. Jaypaw notices how worried and tired she is, and offers to travel to the Moonpool by himself. Leafpool disagrees at first, saying that apprentices hardly ever went without their mentors, but Jaypaw manages to talk Leafpool into letting him go on his own, and he promises to bring back any catmint he finds, if any at all. Jaypaw wonders to himself if they'll need to travel outside of their territory to find the precious herb.





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