These are the various covers that have appeared on the different editions of Long Shadows.

The covers

English Language Edition
Released in North America & United Kingdom

English Reprint Language Edition
Released in North America

PO3-5-CN PO3-5-CN2
Traditional Chinese Language Edition
Released in Taiwan
Simplified Chinese Language Edition
Released in China

PO3-5-DE PO3-5-DE-A
German Language Edition
Released in Germany and Austria
German Audio Book
Released in Germany and Austria

PO3-5-FR PO3-5-FR2
French Language Edition
Released in France
French eBook Language Edition
Released in France

PO3-5-RU PO3-5-JA
Russian Language Edition
Released in Russia
Japanese Language Edition
Released in Japan

PO3-5-FI PO3-5-NO
Finnish Language Edition
Released in Finland
Norwegian Language Edition
Released in Norway

PO3-5-NL PO3-5-ES
Dutch Language Edition
Released in Belgium
Spanish Language Edition
Released in Spain

PO3-5-ZH-RR PO3-5-FR3
Simplified Chinese Reprint Language Edition
Released in China
French Reprint Language Edition
Released in France

PO3-5-FI-A PO3-5-A
Finnish Audio Book
Released in Finland
English Audio Book
Released in North America

Romanian Language Edition
Released in Romania

Notes and references

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