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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Vicky says that Longtail did not develop any romantic feelings for Mousefur, and that they were just good friends.[3]
  • Kate has described Longtail's tail as not freakishly long, just elegantly long.[blog 1]


  • He is mistakenly called Longstripe in Code of the Clans.[4]
  • There has been much conflict over Longtail's description, namely his pelt color. Although called silver in Rising Storm,[5] he is called brown less than fifty pages later.[6] When asked about this, Kate, the author of Rising Storm, says that she sees tabbies as brown, and suspects that Cherith sees her tabbies as silver. Kate says that to her, Longtail is brown.[blog 2]
  • He is listed in the allegiances of Mistystar's Omen despite dying before Briarlight earned her warrior name.[7]

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Author references

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