Looking for Newleaf is a short official scenario for the Warriors Adventure Game. It's a long leaf-bare and the Clans are starting to starve from the lack of prey. This scenario takes place the end of leaf-bare from your last adventure, doesn't matter how many moons that is. If the season was not important in the last adventure than six moons has passed.


The game is played by at least two players, guided by a Narrator. The recommended or maximum number of players is not known. Players need one character sheet each, and the Narrator needs the printed version of the scenario description.
Each player assumes the role of a cat character, newly made young warriors, having a set of attributes created according to the rules and guidelines of the game. The cats may be either from the same Clan, or different Clans. Since this scenario is very challenging, it's recommended for newer players to try a different one instead, such as Saving the Kits.


The adventure takes place in a territory beyond the Lake territories.


Lean Times

The adventure takes place late leaf-bare. It’s been snowing in the territories for many moons and the Clans are anxious for Greenleaf to return. The days are cold and short but the nights are colder and long. This is a bad time to be a Clan cat. Most cats are understandably hungry, short-tempered and very anxious for it to end. No cat can remember a leaf-bare that lasted this long, and it seems like the cold and snow has covered the territories forever. Prey and medicine is scarce and the elders wonder if Greenleaf will ever come.
The Clans grow desperate, surviving on very little until the Clan leaders get together and decide to send hunting parties to find food and any signs of Leaf-bare ending. The player’s cats are part of these hunting parties are will be sent to woods past the Moonpool. This mission is important as cats haven’t completely starved yet but elders and kits are dangerously malnourished. They’ll be going to StarClan soon if something doesn’t happen. The player’s cats must catch as much fresh-kill as they can, eating what they need but burying most of what they catch in the snow to preserve it. When they’ve finished gathering all they can carry or that can be found, they’ll bring back the prey as soon as they can. The leaders will ask the patrols to also keep an eye for signs of Newleaf coming and bring back evidence to bring hope. Sometimes leaf-bare does last longer than usual, but StarClan has not sent omens to the medicine cats to help.
The first two days trip will commence in this chapter. The territory in this chapter is supposed to be familiar but because of the snow is unrecognizable. It is beautiful, but empty, no rabbits, squirrels, birds, or tracks in the snow other than the player’s cats’. On the third day the cats have to decide to either follow a path to higher ground or follow a path into a valley. Both seem to be equally covered in snow and lacking in prey. If the players cannot decide, the narrator gets them to think what sort of prey will be in each of the places.


The wind rises, sounding like a howling dog. The air is thick with snow and before long, it’s impossible to see anything but snow. This is a whiteout, where there’s so much snow and wind that a cat’s sight is useless. It’s a real weather condition and very dangerous. If they cats want to move together and stay together, they need to know exactly where each other is. If a cat fails the check, they’ll get lost and separated from the other cats. If they manage to stay together, they can either huddle and wait it out or try to find shelter in the trees at the higher lands. Huddling keeps them together but they suffer damage from the cold but keep their bearings when the storm finishes. Trying to find the trees or another location is dangerous as they cannot see. They need to pick someone to lead the way. If that cat has a good Ponder Check, they’ll make it to the place they want to get to. If that cat fails, the group is lost.

Fresh Tracks

The trail disappears for a moment and it cannot be seen at all. Just as the cats are about to give up, they find more tracks, and it is fresh. It seems to have been made today, and after investigation, there are tracks of a lot of animals. Only rabbits are prey, the rest are foxes, raccoons and perhaps a bear. The rabbit’s trail seems to show that the rabbits have scattered into different direction while being chased. There is no clear way to tell where these rabbits are now or which animal was chasing them. The cats have to make a decision on which track to follow.

Down in the Valley

The valley in Greenleaf has plenty of grass and streams just the place prey thrive. It would make sense some would still be here. However, there is no obvious signs of prey, no tracks or burrows. They must make a decision as to what to do and a Check, but too many cats making a check will frighten away any prey that’s around.

Lost in the Snow

The cats wonder through the whipping snow of the whiteout for a long time and when it clears, they are lost. They are in completely foreign territory and if they do not find a landmark they can use to help them find their way, they’ll never return to their Clans. They must do a Ponder Check and if they fail, they’ll travel for a very long time and find something they recognize only when they’re half-starved. There’s no choice but to return to their Clans and declare their mission a fail. If they pass the Ponder Check it is still a failure as the mission was not accomplished. They instead come across a rabbit warren and another Clan patrol. They have gone so far from their destination that they are in another area a different patrol is supposed to search. The cats will bring back fresh-kill for their Clans, the mission isn’t a success and they have to report to their leaders their failure. The player’s cats receive no experience rewards but can replay this adventure.

There They Are!

A cat says to look over there and asks if they see a flash of fur. They wonder if the foxes are back. They’ve only just finished confronting the foxes and can make Checks. With good Checks, they could have scented a fox. With a great Check, they’ll realize it is rabbits! Either way, they’ll eventually realize there are scrawny, skinny rabbits, but still prey. Half of the rabbits rush up a hill and the other scamper deeper into the valley. They are now out of sight, perhaps gone behind a snowdrift or over a rise, or even reached their burrows and gone underground. They could have heard the patrol and fled, but there’s no way to know without a search. They must now decide which group of rabbits to pursue.

High on the Hill

The trees are tall and shading in Greenleaf on this hill. The trees are bare, but the snow is less deep than it is in the valley. As the cats exit the shelter of the trees, the winds blow strongly and snow drifts are forming. There are no obvious signs of prey, no burrows or tracks. They must do a skill Check of their own choosing and depending on that, they’ll be so absorbed into hunting that they’ll realize there is no signs of prey at all or they’ll be distracted by the snow and wind. With a good Focus Check, the group will realize the wind isn’t just seemingly stronger on the hill but even worse weather is coming. The best decision is for the cats to find shelter. They have three options: press on which automatically happens if they didn’t realize the weather will worsen, find shelter beneath the trees or try to rush to the valley for shelter.

Shelter from the Wind

As night comes, the strength of the wind and the coldness only increases. The cats huddle for warmth and hope they dream of newleaf. They lie on top of each other like they are kits, the only way to stay safe. Despite the danger, the familiar feeling of closeness brings a sense of safety and drifts each cat to sleep. Their dreams are not of their happy days of kits but of messages from StarClan. The dreams are made to fit each individual cat, featuring cats and situations from their past. Dreams don’t need to be logical, and can jump place to place or different time periods. The dreams can be strange or even dangerous, it doesn’t matter since they’ll wake up safe later. The dream begins with a character the cat knows well in a dangerous place from their past. It’ll feel real so the cats will spend their chips but no matter what, they will not succeed. It seems impossible until a bright light appears behind them. The cat turns around to see a StarClan cat, and give each cat the same message.
StarClan understands this is a difficult and long leafbare, but it must be seen as a test. If they pass, the Clans will become stronger. The StarClan cat explains that the test is to search for a green shot from a white field and bring it to the Clans. If that happens, Newleaf will come within a moon. If not, it will last longer. The StarClan cat will willingly answer some questions but will not give away where the green shot is or what it is. They may answer questions about the cat’s past. The dream ends very quickly, even when the StarClan cat is still talking. The group wake up at the same time, leaving a mystery and questions unanswered. They must decide what to do next. They can investigate for prey or this green shot in the highlands, in the valley or climb higher up.
The test is to find a green shoot in a white field and bring it back to your Clans. If you do this, newleaf will arrive before the next moon. If you fail, leaf-bare will continue for at least one moon more.[1]

Fox Fight

A cat urges the group to watch out as the foxes teeth are small but sharp, as well as their claws. Foxes are sneaky so this will be a difficult fight. The foxes aim isn’t just to beat the cats, but for the narrator to shape it the best for the story. The foxes must act clever, but not know everything that the cats’ will do. The foxes will fight until they lose half of their health, unless there are more foxes than cats, then they’ll keep fighting. The fox if defeated will flee because it is faster than the cats. If a cat is fighting that fox, they can make one last blow as the fox flees.

Sly Competition

Beyond a snowdrift is brown fur. On further inspection, there are foxes! More than one infact! The group is lucky they found the foxes instead of the foxes found them, otherwise they’ll realize that when the foxes are charging at them. The number of foxes depends on the number of players, but they’ll always be at least two foxes. Of course, foxes are bigger than a cat anyway. The cats must make a decision as the foxes are seemingly sniffing at rabbit tracks. With a good See Check, the group will realize that the foxes are also skinny and weak. The long leaf-bare has been difficult on them too. The group must decide if they want to attack the foxes, leave and go to the highlands or sneak around to continue searching the valley.

Misleading Tracks

A cat finally points out tracks and tells the group to hurry and follow, then realizes there is more than one track. The tracks the group has followed lead to a clutter of tracks on a patch of ice. These are fresher and older tracks made when it was a little warmer but by nightfall, the tracks froze over. These tracks seem to mainly be rabbit tracks but there are signs of squirrels, raccoons and foxes. It must be where different species come as they move around as the tracks from and lead to many different directions. The group can try to investigate as to which track will lead to nearby prey. They must make a Ponder Check and depending on that, they’ll either become lost or follow the fresh tracks.

Outfoxing a Fox

The foxes have large ears so this will not be easy. Sneaking past the foxes will be hard since they are already alert as they are hunting. Their ears twitch at every sound and their noses twitching at every scent from a new gust of wind. It isn’t too late to change their minds, head higher up or attack the foxes while they still have no idea the cats are there. If they still want to sneak around the foxes, they must do a Sneak Check. If any cat fails, they the foxes will hear them and attack.

Warning Signs

As the group travels through even deeper snow, the tracks seem to become more visible, but that doesn’t make it a good thing. The deeper snow means clearer tracks which will help the group have a good idea of what they are following and where they are going. A cat must do a See Check and if they fail, they do not know what animal they are tracking. If they pass, they’ll know it is rabbit tracks. If they get a great check, they’ll know fox tracks are mixed in there too, and it’s fresher. The cats must make a decision on what to do next. They can keep following or give up and investigate the highlands. It will not be an easy decision as foxes are dangerous and any cat with an animal lure will let the group know that foxes are fast, smart and sneaky. One fox is capable of defeating four warriors in one battle. The valley might have signs of prey, particularly rabbits. Travelling to the highlands could lead them away from the foxes but could also lead them away from the prey they are searching for. The group must understand every option they have and the possible consequences.


All the cats can think about is the cold. No matter how great a warrior is, they cannot battle the cold. One or more of the cats have been buried in very deep snow. It is very disorientating as its dark, extremely cold and hard to tell which way is up. It’s hard to move let alone dig themselves out. They panic as they are trapped and there really is nothing they can do about it. The rest of the group must try to save the buried cats. The snow is safe to walk on now and they will be no more danger if the group try to dig up their friend, if they manage to find them. They must use any Checks they want to use and no matter the result, they’ll find their buried friend/s and dig them up. The unburied cats are unfit to continue the journey. They’ll be very cold, perhaps some broken bones and needs rest. The only choice is to take them back to their Clans. Hopefully the other patrols are successful or if the wounded are healed, they can try again. The adventure ends here and the player’s cats do not receive experience rewards. They do have the chance to try again.

Climb Higher

The hill is steep and the snow is lightly packed. Soon the group will be up to their noses in snow. They have to travel up the hill in snow that’s as deep as they are tall. They need to leap out of the snow pit they are in then land into another one. This is difficult and cats without a good enough Jump Check with lose a chip from fatigue. After two jumps, the cats will notice the snow is so lightly packed another jump could shake it loose and it’ll fall down the side of the hill. If they think it’s too risky, the group can turn around and go to a lower part of the hill or the valley. If they decide to keep going, they must have a Focus Check. Fail and the snow will be shaken loose. Succeed and they’ll have crossed safely.

Crossing the Deep

It’s the deepest snow the group has seen and have to jump free to cross. When they land they are again surrounded by snow and it’s doesn’t tightly packed. The snow’s even deeper than before and it’s lightly packed so could collapse every time the group lands a jump. Each cat must do a Jump Check and if they fail, they’ll be trapped in a snow tunnel. They need to do a Strength Check is escape. If they succeed, they’ll escape this snowfield.


Claws scratch, teeth bite. Even warriors have limits. One or more cat has been knocked out fighting foxes. The group must decide how to gets their injured friend/s home, but they will succeed in doing so. They can off course decide to find medicine to heal the injured. It is possible but difficult, even if successful they can get back a health chip, but still need the expertise of a medicine cat. When they finally return to the Clans, a leader will ask what happens and the group will explain the story. The leader will be impressed by their courage even though the mission failed. The leader tells the group that they acted like true warriors and should be proud. The leader however looks dejected because there is still no prey and no sign of leaf-bare ending. The adventure is over and the player’s cats do not receive any experience rewards. They do however have the chance to try again.

Follow the Hare

They round a snowbank and sees the hare racing across an open field. It turns left suddenly, kicking up snow and revealing a green shoot poking through the snow. The group has to decide if to follow the hare or dig up the shoot. The Clans need prey but the leaders have also told them to bring back traces of newleaf coming. If the cats received a dream from StarClan, they’ll have an even better reason for digging up the green shoot. If they continue chasing the hare, the hare runs further away behind every snowdrift and eventually escapes. If they return to the green shoot they’ll find it gnawed away by a rabbit while they were chasing the hare. Their chance of proof that newleaf is coming is gone. If they split up, the same result will happen with the hare and they’ll miss most of the scene with digging up the green shoot. If some or all cats stay behind to dig up the green shoot, they’ll need teamwork. It’s actually a challenge to do this as the shoot is fragile, young and small and digging it up clumsily will destroy it. They must do a Focus Check and depending on the result, they’ll dig up the shoot or bite or claw off a piece. They may try again with help. If they fail again, the shoot is ruined.


The hunt is on, it’s a great rabbit hunt. The group has to make a strategy that aims to get as much fresh-kill as they possibly can. There is six rabbits digging up snow for food and are not successful. They are still alert for predators so this will be tricky. Depending on their Sneak Check will depend on how many rabbits will notice the group and flees. The rabbits are very much faster than cats so there is no chance in chasing them down. If a cat manages to sneak up on a rabbit, they must do more checks. If that fails, the rabbit will escape. If they succeed, the rabbit is caught and is fresh-kill to take back to the Clans. As soon as one cat jumps to grab a rabbit, more rabbits will have a chance to notice the cats and flee. There are lots of complications with different cats and rabbits, but the favor should be with the group as they have already faced great danger and are heroes, and these are just half starving rabbits.
When they have finished hunting, they make their journey home and feed many cats and probably saved a few lives. They are treated like heroes, even though they haven’t really succeeded the task given to them by StarClan. As the dream prophesied, it is more than moon before newleaf finally arrives. This shouldn’t dampen the cats as it was a successful ending and better than they could have achieved. The player’s cats earn their Experience rewards but not the complete awards as their mission was not fully complete.

Shooting the Moon

With a pop the shoot is dug up and is laid on the ground before the cats. They have succeeded this part of the mission. Not much happens right now as they only just have this shoot to take back to their Clans and there are still hungry mouths. If they decide to find out about the field of rabbits, they will head back to find the rabbits, but no snow hare. They can hunt the rabbits and have five bonus chips. If they do not go find the field, they’ll accidentally find it on their way back to the Clans. They can still hunt but will not receive bonus chips. If they had a dream of StarClan, they’ll have another dream the first night on the way back to the Clans. The same StarClan cat that talked to them before will praise their success. They ask them to deliver a message to their leaders: the warrior code is supposed to bind together the Clans but is used as a reason to fight too much. As time passes, remember what was accomplished when the Clans worked together. They all have to cooperate if they want to survive.
When the group returns bringing the fresh-kill and green shoot, they’ll be treated as heroes. The Clan leaders will hear the message from StarClan and seem shaken, but promises to listen to their message in the future. If the cats return with the green shoot but no food, there won’t be as a warm welcome. It’s good to finish a mission from StarClan but the Clans still need fresh-kill. The leaders will still listen to StarClan’s message but not be as receptive. They will be disappointed their Clan has to suffer for such a small message. Doesn’t matter which way it goes, newleaf arrives within a moon. Trees start to bud, prey come out of their burrows and the snow starts to melt. Before the end of the moon newleaf is certainly back and the Clans are on their way to fully recovering. The adventure is over as the cats have at least finished StarClan’s mission, if not retrieved fresh-kill too. They have earned their Experience rewards fully.
When you deliver the shoot to your Clan leaders, give them this message: The warrior code is meant to bind the Clans together, but too often it is used as a reason for them to fight. As the moons pass, remember how much more you can accomplish when you work together. The Clans must all cooperate if any of them are going to survive.[2]

Rabbit Run

At first it seems that the cold is getting to the cats. They swear the snow field ahead is more brown than white. On closer inspection it reveals the snow isn’t brown, the field is full of brown rabbits! After a dangerous, uncomfortable and long search they have found what their leaders have sent them to find: a field full of rabbits for fresh-kill. There is admittedly about six or more rabbits that have woken from their burrows and are searching for food, but for cats that haven’t seen prey like this for almost a moon it’s a feast. They must decide a strategy now as to hunting the rabbits. As they talk, the cat with the highest See Check will notice something strange. At the far side of the field is a plump, healthy and strong snow hare. Its fur sparkles in the sunlight and it does not look starved and timid but strong with lots of meat. It stares at the cats with a strange glint in its eyes. With the right See Check, the group will realize the glint is an image of a green shoot sprouting through snow, defying the snow and cold the same way the hare is defying the cats. Suddenly, the hare spins and races away to disappear behind a snowdrift. The group must make a very quick decision to either hunt the rabbits or chase the snow hare and risk scaring away the rabbits.


The cats hear something like a snap of a tree branch breaking. Suddenly a layer of snow around the top of the hill is sliding down to the valley, taking the group with it. They have caused an avalanche and are right in the centre of it. The world disappears into white as they tumble down the hill surrounded by snow. It’s dark, cold, difficult to breath and they need to quickly decide how they will save themselves. The best way is to swim as if it’s a river. If they come up with that answer they receive 2 bonus checks of their Swim Checks. If they do not think of it or have a different solution they have to do a Ponder Check. If they succeed they’ll know swimming is best but in the end they can do any action they wish. If they have a good Swim Check, they safely escape the avalanche. If they fail or do not try to swim, they are buried in the avalanche.


There is no flowchart for this adventure yet. If you can work out a flowchart, that'd be great!

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If the group fails their mission, then they will not receive any experience points. They have a chance to play again from the beginning or even somewhere around the middle. If they manage to complete the mission, then they’ll receive Experience points. There are two different types however as to what they get depending on if they bring back fresh-kill and if they retrieve the green shoot.
The adventure can be replayed any number of times, but a character may get points only once.

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Notes and references

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