"Maybe to thank them for their kindness, I could take Bristlepaw a piece of prey-just one piece, that I catch myself...I just don't feel I've thanked her properly. Especially when ThunderClan was so good to me."
Rootpaw to Leafstar and Hawkwing in Lost Stars, page 120

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Chapter Number: 11 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 116-129

Chapter description

Dewspring announces that he will be showing Rootpaw and Needlepaw a new battle move alongside Reedclaw. Dewspring tells the apprentices to watch as he is going to attack Reedclaw. Dewspring explains that even though he is bigger than his sister, she is still going to beat him. As Rootpaw teases Needlepaw, Dewspring bears down on Reedclaw. Before Dewspring can land on top of her, Reedclaw launches forward, and takes Dewspring's paws out from under him. The apprentices show their excitement, while Dewspring explains how and when they should use it in a battle.
Needlepaw beckons Rootpaw to attack her, wanting to try the move. Needlepaw performs the move, and pins Rootpaw down. Rootpaw lets himself go limp, and while Needlepaw asks her mentor if she did it correctly, Rootpaw surprises her with an attack of his own. Reedclaw compliments both of them. After the training session, the cats are going back to SkyClan camp. Rootpaw's mind keeps on wandering to Bristlepaw, wishing that she had seen the aforementioned training session. Needlepaw calls Rootpaw over as Reedclaw and Dewspring report how their apprentices are doing to Tree. After the mentors walk away, Tree reminds his children to not participate too obediently, as they should think for themselves as well. Needlepaw easily accepts this, while Rootpaw says nothing, wondering how Needlepaw was so easygoing with their father's words.
After parting ways with Tree, Rootpaw revisits Bristlepaw in his thoughts. He thinks about how Bristlepaw was so loyal to her Clan, as that was why she had rejected his offer to hunt for her. Rootpaw notices that the prey pile was not completely full, but was satisfactory enough to feed every cat. Rootpaw receives an idea. He walks over to Leafstar and Hawkwing, who are standing beside the Tallrock. Leafstar greets Rootpaw, while Hawkwing asks how his apprenticeship was going. After telling them about his training session, he notes to them that he had been thinking about things. Hawkwing prompts him, so he tells them about how he will catch a mediocre-sized piece of prey to give to ThunderClan as an act of kindness for Bristlepaw's bravery. Leafstar and Hawkwing discuss this, before going over the conditions and guidelines for Rootpaw's act.
On the way there, Rootpaw reminisces about how Dewspring had told him that he wasn't going to let an apprentice go alone into another Clan's territory. Sunnypelt, the other cat accompanying Rootpaw, mutters that they should not be giving away prey when it is so scarce. Dewspring just shrugs, telling Sunnypelt that at least Rootpaw isn't thinking of his own belly. They reach the ThunderClan border, and wait for a patrol to reach them. A trio of cats come through the bushes, led by a cream-colored tom. Dewspring is about to introduce why they're here, but a tortoiseshell and white she-cat spots Rootpaw's prey, accusing them of stealing from ThunderClan.
Rootpaw reassures the ThunderClan patrol that he caught it on SkyClan territory, and he wanted to give it to Bristlepaw as a thank you for saving him. Berrynose and Poppyfrost are suspicious, but Birchfall tells them to let him in, as apprentice should not be discouraged in doing nice things.
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