"Shadowpaw gazed up into the darkness, wishing he could see the face of the warrior spirit who was saying these terrible things. He wanted to defy him and reject what he was saying, but he couldn't. He believed every word of it."
— Narrator about Shadowpaw in Lost Stars, page 166
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Chapter Number: 15 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 163-168

Chapter description

Shadowpaw thinks that he is flea-brained to go to the Moonpool, because before he had been struck with lightning. The medicine cat apprentice wonders if the vision about codebreakers was true, and whether it was really from StarClan. The path to the sacred place seems omnious, and it takes all of Shadowpaw's courage to pad down it. He clears away the snow on the frozen surface and touches his nose to the Moonpool. It seems to freeze him, and Shadowpaw bears it as long as he can before giving up and walking to the start of the path.
A voice speaks in Shadowpaw’s mind, saying that the codebreakers are still in the Clans. Shadowpaw meows that they must be wrong, for the cats they had showed them were good. Dovewing's image appears in his mind, and Shadowpaw protests that Dovewing is a good cat. The voice replies that StarClan is never wrong, and that the Clans have a code for a reason. The apprentice realizes that the speaker is a tom, and Shadowpaw is afraid of the voice. The tom speaks again, asking Shadowpaw if he doesn't believe in the code. Shadowpaw insists that he does, however he believes that his mother is a good cat, and asks if Dovewing is good, why would the other cats not be.
The voice falls silent. Shadowpaw wonders if he chased the starry warrior away, the only one that was willing to speak to them, and thinks that every cat will hate him if he had indeed done so. The voice warns that he should watch the codebreakers, and see what happens to them. Shadowpaw asks how badly StarClan will punish them, and what will happen if they never intended to break the code. The voice says that the code must always be respected, and if they ignore the warnings, Bramblestar would pay the price, and get sick. Shadowpaw says that the ThunderClan leader is a great one. The voice tells the ShadowClan cat that the trouble will fall on Bramblestar first. When Shadowpaw asks what they can do, the voice tells him the plan, and Shadowpaw grows uneasy.
As Shadowpaw thinks that the other medicine cats will never believe him, he realizes that Bramblestar's sudden sickness will prove StarClan's warning is important. Exhausted, Shadowpaw staggers into camp and curls up to sleep. In his dreams, he sees Bramblestar, laying unconscious at his paws, eyes closed and snow in his fur. The next morning, he heads to his father's den. Shadowpaw tells Tigerstar that they have to talk.





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