Louis Csontos is a former Senior Designer at TokyoPop. They are currently a Creative Brand Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment.[1]


Csontos was enrolled at the University of Southern California from 1998 to 2003 and received a bachelor's degree in computer science, with a minor in multimedia. While in college, they were involved with Beta Omega Phi. They then attended a certificate program at UCLA, receiving Design Communication Arts certification.[1]
Csontos started working for TokyoPop in 2006 as a Designer, and was promoted to Senior Designer the following year. They created marketing and promotional material for many mangas made there, as well as all Blizzard co-branded mangas. In 2011, Csontos started working for Sony Interactive Entertainment as a Brand Designer, specifically promoting PlayStation branding. In late 2016, they were promoted to Creative Brand Manager, and now lead and create creative campaigns for presentation to company stakeholders.[1]
In the Warriors series, Csontos did the cover designs for the Ravenpaw's Path[2] arc and The Rescue.[3] They are also credited with having been a senior designer on Escape from the Forest[4] and Return to the Clans.[5]


"A good designer is like an actor. You have to know your audience, your product, and your client. Every design is a new role."
— Louis Csontos' Design Commandments


In the Warriors series, they have done the manga cover designs for:

Cover designs:

In the Warriors series, they are credited as a Senior Designer for:

Senior designer:


Some of Csontos' other works include:

  • Chibi Vampire Novel Vol. 6[8]
  • Chicken Little[9]
  • Deadman Wonderland Vols. 2 & 3[10]
  • Red Hot Chilli Samurai Vol. 1[11]
  • Future Diary 8 Vol. 8[12]
  • Greatest Stars of the NBA Vol.5[13]
  • Alice in the Country of Hearts[14]

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