"Lulu and Patch have gone to a new home. But we still see them sometimes, and they are very happy. At least I know they are together."
Violet in Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 3

Lulu is a pale sandy she-cat with long fur.[2]


In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

"Lulu, Patch, get down! I'm so sorry. I think they're a bit overexcited by your visit."
—Violet to Lulu and Patch Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 2
Lulu is a kit of Violet alongside Patch, Riley and Bella. When Barley and Ravenpaw meet Violet, she takes them back to her home. She announces her return to her kits, calling them poppets. The kits find their way out of the pelts and some of them swarm onto Barley, purring and meowing as they tug his fur. Violet introduces Barley and Ravenpaw to her kits before Barley attempts to remove two kits off his head. Violet calls to them, revealing their names are Lulu and Patch.
She then apologizes to Ravenpaw, explaining they are really excited about the loners' visit. Lulu and Patch seem quiet and shy compared to their other siblings, who are constantly on top of the loners and asking questions. Violet soon announces that their visit with Ravenpaw and Barley is over, and she herds Lulu and her siblings together. Their furry pelts close to one another as the kits settle down for their nap. After bidding farewell to Ravenpaw and Barley, Violet looks down at Lulu and her siblings and says that they mean the world to her.
A few moons later, Violet, Bella, and Riley visit Barley and Ravenpaw without Lulu and Patch. Barley asks about them and Violet sadly explains they have moved to a new home but they still see their kin sometimes. Violet states they are very happy and she is glad they are still together.


Interesting facts

  • None of Violet's kits are related to Firestar in any way.[3]
  • She has rogue blood through Violet.[4]

Character pixels

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Violet:[1] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)


Bellaleaf:[1] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)


Rileypool:[1] Deceased, residence unknown
Patch:[1] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)


Wrenpaw:[5] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)


Two unnamed kits:[6] Status unknown


Barley:[4] Living (As of Darkest Night)
Hoot:[7] Living (As of The Heart of a Warrior)
Jumper:[7] Living (As of The Heart of a Warrior)


Unnamed she-cat:[4] Status unknown


Unnamed ♀
Ravenpaw ♂Barley ♂Violet ♀Hoot ♂Jumper ♂
Rabbitleap ♂Bellaleaf ♀Rileypool ♂Lulu ♀Patch ♂
Wrenpaw ♀Two kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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