"Big words for one so small."
— Maggottail to Ivypool in The Forgotten Warrior, page 224

Maggottail is a tom.[3]

In The Forgotten Warrior, Maggottail is one of the leaders of the Dark Forest present when Ivypool asks Brokenstar to make her a warrior there. Maggottail, said to be the oldest of them, looms over her, saying that Ivypool is speaking big words for a cat so small. Noted to be little more than a shadow against the trunk behind him, Ivypool tries not to recoil from his foul breath and baleful eyes as he inspects her all over. Brokenstar shoves him away, telling him to leave her alone.




The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Su Susann's "Missing Kits" on Vicky's Facebook, Maggottail was born in SkyClan before their exile from the forest territories, and was named Dashkit due to his speed. He was described as a black tom with a white tail-tip and splash on his nose with yellow eyes. As an apprentice, Dashpaw was dared to race a young fox, but instead the fox bit his tail. Dashpaw's tail became infected with maggots and his Clanmates teased him with the nickname 'Maggottail'. However, Dashpaw was proud of his ability to survive a fox bite and asked for his warrior name to be Maggottail.[4]


Narrator: "The oldest of the leaders, little more than a faint shadow against the slimy trunk behind him, loomed threateningly over her."
Maggottail: "Big words for one so small."
—Narrator and Maggottail The Forgotten Warrior, page 224

"Ivypool forced herself not to shy away from his stinky breath and baleful eyes as he inspected her all over."
―Ivypool's encounter with Maggottail The Forgotten Warrior, page 225

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