"I may be a warrior of StarClan now, but I am always with you, my dear. [...] It's good to see you here, Featherpaw. I hope it's the first of many."
— Mallowfur greeting Featherpaw in his dreams in Yellowfang's Secret, page 3

Mallowfur is a tabby-and-white she-cat with blue eyes.[1]

In Yellowfang's Secret, Mallowfur comes to Featherpaw in a dream with StarClan. She calls Featherpaw's name, and he spins around to look, telling her that he has missed her so much. She purrs and tells him that even though she is a warrior of StarClan now, she'll always be with him, it was good to see him, and she hopes it will be the first time of many. She keeps walking through the grass until she joins a ginger tom. Then, the two of them disappear in the undergrowth.


Notes and references

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