These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Mapleshade's Vengeance that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • A Gathering takes place.
  • The next day, Mapleshade tells Beetail, the deputy that she cannot do normal duties as she is expecting kits.
    • Frecklewish is delighted, and asks why she’ll raise them alone.
    • She assumes that her brother, Birchface, is the father of Mapleshade's kits.
    • Mapleshade declares she won’t be raising these kits alone.

  • Mapleshade gives birth to her kits.
    • Ravenwing, the medicine cat stresses if she’s okay, and Mapleshade remembers this is the first birth he supervised alone after the death of his mentor.
    • Mapleshade thanks StarClan for these kits, and Ravenwing says ThunderClan thanks her.
    • Mapleshade is certain that when it’s time for ThunderClan and RiverClan to learn, they’ll unite together.
  • Three sunrises later, Oakstar the leader comes to meet the kits as he thinks they are kin.
    • Frecklewish exclaims she can see Birchface in every one of them, which Mapleshade thinks is incorrect as none of them are the same dark brown as Birchface.
    • Mapleshade reveals to the leader she has named her kits Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit, stating she doesn't want her kits being judged by their kinship.
    • Mapleshade asks Frecklewish to tell Appledusk first about her kits, stating the murderer of Birchface needs to know that ThunderClan is stronger than ever.
    • Oakstar says they will raise them like their father, and one day they will avenge his death.
    • Mapleshade is certain that when they learn of the kits RiverClan blood, ThunderClan will accept them and already love them.

  • The kits are two moons old, and Patchkit states to Mapleshade he never wants to leave her.
  • Rabbitfur, an elder offers to Petalkit and Larchkit a jumping game.
    • They are clumsy, unlike Birchface.
    • Mapleshade is furious that her kits are being compared to Birchface, and takes them away.
  • She takes them to the river.
    • They are surprised and dazzled by the river, and prove to be natural swimmers.
    • As Patchkit rests on a floating branch, a RiverClan patrol arrives, and Appledusk is part of it.
    • Mapleshade calls her other kits back as Appledusk guides Patchkit back.
    • Appledusk states she took a risk bringing them to the border, but Mapleshade says she wanted to show them the river. Appledusk is proud of his kits.
  • On the way back, Ravenwing reveals himself.
    • He saw everything.
    • Ravenwing says he saw an omen, of three water reeds washing into his den.
    • He thinks that the kits are those reeds, and they do not belong in ThunderClan.
    • He figures out that Appledusk is the father of these cats, not Birchface.

  • Mapleshade and the kits return to camp to find the Clan has gathered.
    • Ravenwing has told the Clan the truth.
    • Oakstar banishes Mapleshade and her kits.
  • She promises them that they will regret this day and flees with her kits from ThunderClan camp.
    • She tells her kits that ThunderClan is angry because Appledusk is their father, not Birchface.
    • Mapleshade takes them to the flooding river, in hopes of reaching Appledusk and his Clan for shelter.
    • The kits are hesitant, but go in. They are instantly washed away.
    • Mapleshade tries to rescue them, but the current is too strong and she almost drowns in the process. Appledusk manages to rescue her.
    • The patrol his with races off to rescue the kits. They recover the kits’ bodies.
  • They all are taken to RiverClan camp where Darkstar can decide what to do.
    • Appledusk reveals his relationship with Mapleshade, claiming it was a mistake and that it was her fault that the kits drowned. Mapleshade is horrified.
    • Reedshine defends Appledusk, so Darkstar agrees to let him stay and to let her warriors bury the kits.
    • She banishes Mapleshade, and Mapleshade promises to Appledusk that he will regret this day.

  • Mapleshade collapses in a barn where a kittypet named Myler tries to help her.
    • Mapleshade refuses help and flees the barn.
  • She reaches ThunderClan territory, where she remembers Ravenwing and blames him for the death of her kits.
  • Nettlepaw, a ThunderClan apprentice finds Mapleshade.
    • He reveals that Frecklewish followed Mapleshade and her kits to make sure they left the territory and saw them fall into the river.
    • He gives Mapleshade some herbs that were meant for Ravenwing, and it strengthens the she-cat.
  • Mapleshade decides that she can attack Ravenwing at the Moonstone when he goes at the half-moon.
    • She catches a rabbit from a WindClan patrol before moving on.
    • At the Highstones, Mapleshade rests as she waits for the half-moon.
    • She catches a mole and is ready for Ravenwing to come.

  • Ravenwing finally arrives with no other medicine cats.
    • Mapleshade follows him into the Mothermouth and to the Moonstone.
    • At the Moonstone, Mapleshade attacks Ravenwing, blaming him for killing her kits.
    • She thinks there is nothing to say to him, so bites his throat and kills Ravenwing.
    • Two fellow medicine cats arrive and not spotting Mapleshade, drag Ravenwing’s body to the surface.
  • Mapleshade finds that they tried to bury his body at the Highstones.
    • Remembering the watery territory her kits are buried at, she uncovers his body.
    • She leaves it for a hawk.
  • She can only hear and see Patchkit and Petalkit now.
    • Only Larchkit has been avenged.
  • Mapleshade remembers what Nettlepaw told her, and blames Frecklewish for their deaths.
    • She plans to use Snakerocks to have her revenge on Frecklewish.

  • Mapleshade waits near the Twolegplace for Frecklewish.
    • A patrol comes, but none of them are Frecklewish.
  • Mapleshade heads in, catching a mouse before moving on.
    • She finds Frecklewish, and makes a scent trail using the dead mouse.
  • Mapleshade leads Frecklewish to Snakerocks, where she makes sure adders can come out.
    • Mapleshade attacks Frecklewish, where Frecklewish threatens to call for a patrol.
    • Mapleshade says Frecklewish let her kits die, taunting that she prefers watching kits die than fighting.
    • Frecklewish claims that she thought her kits would be saved and never meant for them to die.
    • She wishes that Mapleshade is dead instead of her kits as Mapleshade betrayed her brother’s name.
    • An adder appears and bites Frecklewish, blinding her.
    • Despite the help from a patrol, Mapleshade knows that even if Frecklewish survives, she’ll never see again.
  • Mapleshade can only hear Patchkit’s wails now.
    • She is ready for the final cat to die.

  • The final cat is Appledusk.
  • He appears, but with his apprentice Perchpaw.
    • Reedshine also arrives, and reveals she is carrying Appledusk’s kits.
    • Appledusk is very protective of his kits, insisting he can’t let Perchpaw pounce on the queen because it might harm their kits.
    • Mapleshade feels Patchkit beside her, and is more determined to kill Appledusk.
  • Mapleshade wakes up later to find Perchpaw playing with moss.
    • She catches him and hides in wait for Appledusk.
    • Appledusk arrives, looking for his apprentice.
    • Mapleshade insists to him that he killed her kits.
    • She gives Perchpaw back and challenges Appledusk to a fight.

  • Appledusk doesn’t want to fight Mapleshade.
    • Reedshine appears and Mapleshade lunges at the she-cat, insisting she and her kits must die.
  • Appledusk jumps in the way, taking the blow to his throat.
    • Perchpaw attacks, biting Mapleshade’s neck before sliding off.
    • Patchkit stirs next to Appledusk’s body, and announces they are free.
    • Reedshine tells Mapleshade she has not won, as Appledusk will live on in his kits and their kits.
    • Mapleshade swears to haunt them, and her vengeance will never be finished.
  • She flees back to the barn.
    • Myler tries to stem the bleeding from the wound Perchpaw gave her.
  • There is too much blood.
    • He offers to sit with Mapleshade, but Mapleshade refuses and he reluctantly leaves.
  • Mapleshade dies of her wounds.
    • She finds herself in the Dark Forest and is not unhappy, but overjoyed.
    • She swears to avenge the death of her kits, and haunt Appledusk’s kin forever.
    • The novella finishes with the line: Mapleshade’s desire for vengeance would never sleep.
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