"Tigerheart guessed that the old cat was dying. He was glad she had the care and protection of the guardian cats."
Tigerheart about Marigold in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 172

Marigold is a black she-cat.[1]

In Tigerheart's Shadow, Marigold is a member of the guardian cats. Boots murmurs softly to her and as she listens, her gaze appears dull and distant. Boots then stops murmuring and grooms her head, gently working down her spine. From the fact she rarely leaves her nest and the other cats behavior towards her, Tigerheart guesses that the she-cat is dying. He feels glad that she is being protected and cared for by the guardian cats. Boots briefly stops lapping Marigold before returning back to it.

Peanut and Tigerheart look at Marigold's empty nest as Boots takes it apart. Tigerheart asks where the old she-cat is and Spire tells him that she died the previous night. He also mentions that she is free from suffering now.



Tigerheart: "Where's Marigold?"
Spire: "She died last night. She's free from her suffering now."
—Tigerheart and Spire about Marigold Tigerheart's Shadow, page 186

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