"StarClan, please show me how to make my Clanmates understand that the Clan depends on them for its survival, and that they can't play like kits now that they are warriors."
— Meadowpelt praying to StarClan in Code of the Clans, page 62

Meadowpelt is a tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Meadowpelt is an ancient RiverClan medicine cat. Meadowpelt is called to come help Snaketooth after he gets injured by climbing up one of the Great Oaks. He asks Oatpaw, who Meadowpelt is thinking of taking as an apprentice, to fetch some poppy seeds for Snaketooth. Meadowpelt is irritated at Snaketooth along with his friends for always challenging each other into doing such dangerous tasks, such as chasing each other through thistles.
When Snaketooth's friends visit him in the medicine den, Meadowpelt overhears that they plan to jump the gorge at the next full moon; even with deafness coming slowly to him in his old age, he is still able to hear the conversation. He takes this as the final straw, and goes to see his leader, Troutstar in the morning to ask him if he can go to the Moonstone to speak with StarClan.
When he reaches the Moonstone, he asks StarClan to give him an idea to make the young warriors realize their Clan needed them. In his dream, he can make out indistinct cats at night, talking and generally congregating. Meadowpelt listens, feeling warm as he listens to them. When he wakes, he realizes this is what the warriors need; one night of silent listening.
He doubts himself when he gets back and the warriors are set on the vigil, but is soon proven right when Nettlepad hears a fox and tells Meadowpelt that he and his friends were wrong to do their silly stunts and that they should have behaved more like warriors. Due to Meadowpelt, a new addition is added to the warrior code: new warriors must sit a silent vigil their first night. Meadowpelt tells the warriors that they would never have heard the fox if they had been jumping in the gorge and chasing each other through reeds, and they admit that the idea was mouse-brained.



"If I had seen him, I wouldn't have let him do something so utterly mouse-brained. When will you learn to stop showing off and start putting your Clan first? At this rate there'll be no warriors left by leaf-bare."
—Meadowpelt growling at the young warriors Code of the Clans, page 58

Troutstar: "Is Snaketooth all right?"
Meadowpelt: "You mean apart from having no sense at all? He'll live. But whether he'll be able to hunt and fight again I'm not sure."
—Meadowpelt talking about Snaketooth after he attempted to climb the Great Oak Code of the Clans, page 60

Troutstar: "Thank you, Meadowpelt."
Meadowpelt: "Thank StarClan."
—Meadowpelt and Troutstar after the vigils Code of the Clans, page 65

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