"Tree and I have discussed his staying with us in SkyClan, and creating a new Clan role. [...] He will be a mediator — just as the medicine cats cure wounds and illnesses, Tree's job will be to cure disagreements."
Leafstar in River of Fire, page 196

A mediator is a role created by Leafstar of SkyClan. A mediator's duty is to "cure" disagreements.[1]


A mediator's job is to help solve problems and disagreements, and keep the peace within the Clans. They are responsible for solving these arguments, and often try to find a peaceful and unbiased solution for the problem.[2][1] Mediators are expected to remain impartial while suggesting solutions, meaning they sometimes are required to rule against their own Clan.[3] They are also allowed to intervene against their leaders words if they feel like something is wrong, considering that they are not warriors, but mediators.[4] When there is nothing to mediate about, it is mainly a mediator's choice whether to get involved with daily Clan life.[5]


Mediators have the following tasks

  • Solving arguments within or involving the Clans.[1]
  • Suggesting ideas to solve an argument within a group of cats/Clans.[6]
    • Remaining impartial while solving arguments or suggesting ideas.[3]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

River of Fire

At a Gathering, RiverClan is at risk of being shunned out of the Clans. Tree asks the Clan cats why RiverClan would not be allowed back, as that is what StarClan wanted. Cats argue against Tree, stating that he is a rogue. Then, Leafstar announces the creation of a new role, the mediator role. She assigns it to Tree, telling the Gathering that his job will be to cure disagreements. Some cats argue, stating that Tree doesn't know anything about the Clans. Leafstar retorts that Tree will see solutions that Clan cats will not see, thus, he will be a great mediator. Hawkwing and Tawnypelt support Tree. Bramblestar suggests giving Tree a trial period, and Tree agrees. Leafstar announces Tree as a SkyClan cat, and asks if he would like a warrior name. Tree declines. Alderheart states that he agrees with Tree. Alderheart says that StarClan wanted all five Clans together, and if RiverClan was allowed back, there would be four. Tree asks Mistystar what help RiverClan needed, and she tells him what help they need. Bramblestar forms a plan with the other leaders, and Twigpaw notices Violetshine looking at Tree with admiration in her eyes.[7]

The Raging Storm

During a patrol, Mintfur is doubtful that Tree is doing his job as a mediator, and Violetshine retorts that there wasn't anything to mediate.[8] They report to Leafstar. Tree tells the Clan that they needed more information and forms a plan[9] and the plan is successful.[10] At a Gathering, Tigerstar threatens SkyClan's territory, and Tree states he would settle the problem when the other Clans refuse to help.[11] Juniperclaw arrives, and they fail to find a solution.[12] After Sparrowpelt's poisoning, Tree is asked to mediate but the tom admits defeat.[13] Tree speaks with a dead cat[14] and announces they must stay, however Leafstar refuses.[15]
The next day, Violetshine finds Tree with her but Leafstar announces they were leaving, and the two cats part.[16] Twigbranch and Flypaw find Tree,[17]and Twigbranch tells Tree that they needed to convince SkyClan to come back[18] Tree goes on Twigbranch's quest with other Clan cats to find SkyClan.[19] Tree helps them find the way, then admits his feelings for Violetshine.[20] The SkyClan cats are caught in a flood, and Violetshine sees the rescue patrol[21] The trapped cats find a escape route and save themselves[22], then reunite with the others.[23] Later, Tree meets Pebbleshine, the she-cat reveals that Violetshine was having kits[24], then leaves. SkyClan returns to Clan territory[25], and when the bridge that leads to the island breaks[26], Juniperclaw sacrifices his life.[27] Upon their return, Mistystar and Harestar promise to never turn on SkyClan again, and the leaders decide how to divide the land.[28]

In the The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Kitepaw and Turtlepaw tease Rootpaw about his father, Tree. Needlepaw defends her brother and father, stating that Tree is the Clans' mediator, the only one in the five Clans. Kitepaw and Turtlepaw retort that Tree hasn't been helping the Clans lately, but Needlepaw responds that there has been nothing to mediate lately, thanks to Tree.[29] Later, Rootpaw and Needlepaw discuss their father's role as a mediator within the Clans, and his importance and jobs.[3]
At the Moonpool, SkyClan, WindClan, ThunderClan, and RiverClan gather to break the ice.[30] As the leaders decide to break the ice, Tree intervenes. He states that he doesn't think it's right that warriors should touch the Moonpool when it is a sacred place to the medicine cats. Crowfeather retorts that Tree is a warrior now, and his leader had already made her decision.[31] Tree clarifies that he's a mediator, not a warrior, and that it troubles him because ShadowClan is not involved. He questions why, asking them if they're medicine cat apprentice is a little odd, as all cats are a little odd.[32] Leafstar agrees, and permits all SkyClan cats who do not want to participate to step aside. This satisfies Tree.[33]

The Silent Thaw

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Veil of Shadows

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Darkness Within

Tree is present at the meeting between the leaders on what their next actions will be after finding out that their ghosts are potentially suffering. Tigerstar suggests killing Ashfur. Squirrelflight disagrees,[34] while Harestar wonders if Bramblestar could find his way back into his body if it is vacated.[35] This continues back and forth for a while.[36] Rootspring begs the leaders to give Bramblestar more time, and Tree agrees. He states that they have a problem involving the living and the dead, and he continues, stating that a group of cats know more than the Clans do about the dead. He says that he thinks that the Clans need the Sisters.[37] Kestrelflight asks what rogues can do to help involving StarClan, and Tree replies that Bramblestar isn't in StarClan, but in the spirit world, which the Sisters specialize in.[38] Harestar, Mistystar, and Tigerstar don't allow Sisters on their land,[39] but Leafstar and Squirrelflight decide to send Rootspring, Needleclaw, Spotfur, and Bristlefrost on the expedition to find them.[40]

In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

A Gathering takes place, and after the leaders argue what to do about the Sisters, Bramblestar suggests using the Clans' mediator. Leafstar agrees, and asks Tree what he thinks. Tree responds by saying that he mediates within the Clans, not with outsiders. Mistystar retorts that the Sisters are kin to him, not outsiders. Tree states that Moonlight forced him to leave, and Mistystar once again says that Tree won't have trouble forcing his mother to leave. Tree begins by saying that he is happy as a Clan cat, and prefers not to get involved with his mother or the Sisters. Squirrelflight saves him, stating that she had seen the tension between him and his mother, and Leafstar agrees, saying that they will use Tree as a last resort.[2]
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