"It's pointless to mind your own destiny. You just have to face it. [...] One path is as good as another. It's not knowing which one to take that's scary. Now that I know where I'm meant to be going, there's nothing to fear."
— Micah talking to Moth Flight about his destiny in Moth Flight's Vision, page 109

Micah is a thick-furred,[7] pale[8] yellow tabby tom[9] with bright[10] green eyes,[2] and a long tail.[11]

Micah was SkyClan's first medicine cat under Clear Sky’s leadership in the forest territories. He was separated from his mother and raised by Cow on a farm. He recognized Moth Flight from his dreams, and StarClan revealed that Micah is to be SkyClan's medicine cat. Micah begrudgingly earned Clear Sky's trust, and Moth Flight grew increasingly attached to him. While gathering sap in SkyClan's territory, a SkyClan patrol stopped them and accused them of stealing prey. A scuffle ensued and Micah died from being crushed by a falling tree branch. Moth Flight gave birth to his kits, Blue Whisker, Bubbling Stream, Spider Paw, and Honey Pelt, and trained Acorn Fur to succeed him. In StarClan, Micah guided Moth Flight and reassured her when she gave up their kits to the other Clans.


In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

"I'm a medicine cat. It's my duty to cure cats."
―Micah to Clear Sky Moth Flight's Vision, page 244
When Moth Flight inspects the moth, a dog chases her and she feels hopeless until a yellow tom darts between her and the dog, luring it away from them. When Cow and Mouse nudge her away, Moth Flight asks if the yellow tom would be okay, to which they reply that Micah is very clever and wouldn't get caught. Moth Flight prays that the yellow tom would be okay.
As the three enter the barn, Moth Flight still worries about Micah, asking Cow and Mouse again if he will be okay. They reply by saying that he's the fastest and the cleverest cat known. Micah later jumps back into the loft, boasting that the dog would only feel thorns on its pelt for the next few days, and that he led it to the bramble bush again. Moth Flight stares at him admiringly, and he stares back, his eyes widening. Moth Flight asks him if there's anything wrong, and he blurts out that this isn't where she belongs, exclaiming that it's her. Cow is confused, she tells Micah that she's a stranger. Micah tells her that he has seen her in his dreams. Cow responds to this by calling him a mouse-brain, meowing that Moth Flight is a real cat.
Moth Flight asks him if he has dreams, just like her. Mouse tells Moth Flight that everyone has dreams. In response, Micah yells at Mouse for only dreaming about catching mice. Mouse retorts, and says that sometimes the mice were chasing her. However, Micah insists that his dreams feel real.
When Cow offers to catch a mouse for Moth Flight, she refuses, as she doesn't want Micah to know that she can't catch prey. The tom offers to hunt with Cow and Moth Flight, which disappoints Moth Flight as she wants to share her dreams with him alone. Cow calls to Micah, who jumps down the hay to follow her.
Cow catches a mouse for Moth Flight, and she eats it. Micah suddenly whispers into her ear, telling her that he heard she had dreams, and the tom lays his mouse next to her, asking her if she dreamed about him. Moth Flight tells him that she dreamed about spirit-cats and moths, which puzzles him. He tells her that he only dreamed about her playing with a gray tabby, whom Moth Flight recognizes as her brother, Dust Muzzle. He also tells her that he saw an older thin tabby and a cross-looking brown cat. She realizes that he dreamed about her parents, Gorse Fur and Wind Runner. She asks him if he's surprised about meeting her, in which he tells her that he expected her arrival. Micah holds her gaze and she feels warm, wondering if this cat part of her journey.
The next day, she wakes up to see the hay flattened where Cow, Micah, and Mouse had slept. When Cow persuades Moth Flight to not follow the moth, Micah tells the barn cat that she has to chase it. He offers to go with her, which surprises the barn cats, and he explains that he has to find out about why he dreams of her. Moth Flight is uncomfortable about this and tells him that she's supposed to do it alone. Micah insists that there's a reason for her appearing in his dreams, which convinces Moth Flight. Cow is sorrowful at Micah's departure and begs him to stay. He tells her that she's been like a mother to her and that they'll see each other again someday. Mouse's eyes grow dark as he tells Micah that wanderers might never come back. Moth Flight feels achy and tells Micah that she can't wait for any longer. Thanking the farm cats, she leaves, telling Micah to follow her.
Moth Flight runs after the moth, and when Micah catches up, he asks her why she's rushing. She nods at the moth, indicating that it's the thing she's following. Micah understands this, saying that it's a beautiful moth. This relieves Moth Flight, as his words confirmed that the moth is real. Micah tells her that the path leads to a Twolegplace, where more dogs reside. This worries Moth Flight, but she is reassured by Micah, who tells her that he can deal with dogs. The two trot onward together in the forest, with Micah's pelt brushing beside hers.
They trot past the Twoleg farm and across the fields until they finally reach Highstones. Micah halts, saying that they had to rest. Moth Flight is reluctant to let the moth go, but is reassured by Micah that it would come back. The moth stops and vanishes after circling the Highstones. They both realize that there is an entrance. Moth Flight wants to go in, and Micah offers to go with her. She refuses, saying that she has to do it alone. Micah tells her that she has to eat something first. He hunts her a mouse, tells her to eat it, and pads away. He comes back later with two more mice, eating one of them. Moth Flight is uncertain about accepting the mouse, as she thinks that he's hungry too. He refuses the offer for food, saying that he'd catch more while she's away. Moth Flight is surprised, as it implies that he's waiting for her. Micah tells her that he'd wait. She feels grateful and thanks him. After finishing the meal, they head in front of the cave and tells her to be careful as she goes in.
Moth Flight dreams of the spirit cats, and they tell her who the first medicine cats for the Clans would be. When cats from all but SkyClan are chosen, yellow fur shimmers into her view and she realizes that the cat is Micah. Petal touches her muzzle to his cheek after telling Moth Flight that he is to be the first medicine cat of SkyClan. Micah is unaware of the spirit-cats and continues on staring, waiting for Moth Flight, and then vanishes.
Moth Flight wakes up from her strange dream and heads out of the cave towards Micah. He asks her if anything happened and she tells him that it was amazing. He offers her a mouse, but she is too excited to eat. Micah wants her to tell him about what she experienced, and he is surprised by the mention of spirit cats, but he believes it as his dream of meeting her became true. She tells him about the election of medicine cats, and suddenly wonders if she should tell him about the fact that they elected him as the SkyClan medicine cat. She tells him that telling the Clans about this would prove her stupidity. He counters that she is wonderful, not stupid. She then blurts out that he's going to become the SkyClan medicine cat, which surprises him. He is disappointed that he isn't living in the same Clan as her, but he asks if the leader was a bossy gray cat. Moth Flight is shocked that he knows Clear Sky and backs off. He tells her that he dreamed of Clear Sky, and how he brought catmint to his sick kit, and then describes catmint to her and exclaims that none of his dreams have been dreams; instead, they are visions of his destiny. He agrees to be the medicine cat of SkyClan, and Moth Flight nuzzles him, feeling soothed.
The next day, Micah wakes her and tells her to eat when she wants to go to Wind Runner. Moth Flight tells him that they had to hurry, as there is a Gathering and that leads to him questioning her about it. As she tells him about it, they trek on and arrive at the hill that led to the moor. As they cross the Thunderpath, Micah yowls a warning and they quickly cross the black path and proceed to pad across the moor. Moth Flight feels strange to have Micah beside her as she is used to having Clanmates beside her. Micah asks her about the Clans and they enter the camp, with Storm Pelt greeting her enthusiastically. Storm Pelt gets suspicious about the strange tom, she reassures him that Micah is a friend. Storm Pelt's siblings greet Moth Flight and tell them that Wind Runner is off to the gathering. When the kits feel resentful about Moth Flight taking Micah to the gathering, she tells them that he'd be a Clan cat soon. They leave, worrying that they'll be late to the gathering.
When they get there, they realize that the clearing is full of cats. Micah insists her to go tell all the Clan cats at once, at which discomforts her. He reassures her and tells her that she can do it. They pad towards the clearing, and Micah halts, asking who the gray cat is. She reveals that it's Clear Sky, the SkyClan leader, and Micah comments that he looked exactly the same in his dreams. He then starts questioning about all the cats in the clearing, and she replies to him one by one.
Moth Flight breaks the news out to the cats, who don't believe her. When Pebble Heart asks who the SkyClan medicine cat is, Micah steps out, much to the other cats' anger. Moth Flight introduces him to them, reassuring them that he saved her from a dog and went with her through the journey. All the leaders stare at Micah with unease and Moth Flight tries to convince them desperately. Clear Sky demands if he knows anything about healing, in which he replies that he would learn. Everyone is surprised when she mentions Half Moon. Clear Sky comments that Micah smells strange. The latter explains that it's the scent of the farm he grew up in. Cloud Spots tells him that he dreamed of Moth Flight, Dappled Pelt, Pebble Heart, himself, and Micah. Moth Flight whispers to Micah that the cats might believe her. Micah reassures Clear Sky that he can hunt, he replies to this by sneering that he'd only cure sick cats.
After the lightning strikes down as Moth Flight promised, they all believe her. Clear Sky is still uncomfortable about having a stranger as the medicine cat. Moth Flight feels pity for Micah, as he'd have a hard time convincing Clear Sky of anything. Micah looks confident, and she tells herself that he'd find a way. Moth Flight tells the cats that he's always had a bond with the Clan cats. Micah explains about his dreams as a kit, and tells them about catmint. Although Clear Sky is still uncertain about Micah, Star Flower insists that they had to try and cure their kit, and he ends up agreeing, telling Micah if he can heal Tiny Branch, he can stay in SkyClan.
After all medicine cats are officially appointed, Moth Flight excitedly bounds towards Micah and exclaims that they did it. Instead of being excited, he looks sad, as he is going to miss her. Moth Flight reassures him that they'll see each other at the half-moon gathering. Clear Sky calls to Micah and he leaves, saying a farewell to her.
When Rocky gets sick, Moth Flight wonders if Micah knows more than her, and wishes he was here. When she realizes Rocky's cough, she thinks of catmint and remembers Micah mentioning it. When Spotted Fur tells her that he'd rather walk with her, and she suddenly wonders if Micah is nearby. She picks the catmint and thinks of the yellow tom. She silently thanks him. She feels joyful thinking about the tom.
Moth Flight returns to camp, where Micah suddenly shows up. She greets him excitedly, asking him what life is like in SkyClan. He replies uncertainly, recalling that Clear Sky probably wishes that he didn't promise to keep him in camp if he cured Tiny Branch, who is now running around the camp. Wind Runner asks him why he came. Moth Flight defends her friend, but Wind Runner states that SkyClan and WindClan are hostile at the moment, which means it isn't a good idea to let Micah stay. They tell the WindClan leader that they crossed SkyClan's land and she is furious, saying that it'd start a fight. Micah tells Moth Flight that he'd better go, and she offers to escort him.
As they leave, Micah remarks that Wind Runner is stricter than he thought she would be. They discuss the catmint she gave to Rocky. Moth Flight realizes that she gave Rocky too many leaves, but he reassures her that everyone makes mistakes. They reach the border, and she doesn't want him to go home yet. Micah replies that he promised to help Acorn Fur, and explains that Clear Sky wants her to help him, or more accurately, keep an eye on him. Acorn Fur comes out and tells him that she had been looking for him. He nuzzles Moth Flight as a farewell before bounding away after Acorn Fur warns him that Clear Sky is in a bad mood. Moth Flight longs to see him again.
At the half-moon gathering, Moth Flight meets Micah once again, along with Cloud Spots, Dappled Pelt and Pebble Heart. Micah greets her warmly and the medicine cats set off, entering the Highstones cave. Micah states that Cow and Mouse wouldn't believe this. Moth Flight blurts out asking if he regrets meeting her. However, he replies that this new life is the best thing ever. When they reach the tunnel, Micah remarks that he can't believe she went down the tunnel by herself.
When the medicine cats fall asleep, they open their eyes to find themselves in the spirit-cats' hunting grounds, which surprises Micah. The starry cats surround Micah and the other medicine cats. After talking to Moth Flight, Half Moon thanks Micah for joining them, which confuses Micah, as he only joined SkyClan. Half Moon tells him that he joined the Clans and that the spirit-cats are a Clan too. Moth Flight names the spirit-cats StarClan, and they purr. They tell Micah that he brings a fresh spirit to the Clans, and Half Moon hopes that Clear Sky will realize Micah's worth soon.
The cats wake up, excited. Micah wonders why Half Moon wouldn't teach them about herbs. He then suggests allowing medicine cats to wander around in each other's territory to share their skills with each other. The medicine cats are skeptical about whether the leaders would allow outsiders into their camps. Micah is worried that Clear Sky might not let him leave without an argument, which led to the medicine cats knowing that they must convince the leaders. With that, Micah and Moth Flight agree to visit RiverClan the day after tomorrow. Moth Flight is worried that Wind Runner wouldn't listen to her, Micah reassures her that Wind Runner would, as she is the medicine cat.
Micah asks Moth Flight if Rocky is okay. She tells him that Rocky has stopped coughing after eating the catmint. Micah is surprised that Rocky is the only one who had a cough in WindClan, as many others were catching colds. She asks him if Tiny Branch is okay. He tells them that he spluttered a little bit this morning and that he told Acorn Fur to keep an eye on him. He also says that there is a sickness called red cough in the barn, where a cat coughs up blood. This frightens the other medicine cats. Micah also tells them that catmint didn't work. Cloud Spots says there is a tree in SkyClan territory where the sap can cure a cough. After that, they go home. Moth Flight reassures Wind Runner that she was safe with Micah with her on the journey to Highstones. She also tells her about the agreement to meet each other in their camps, and that Micah could persuade Clear Sky to listen. She notes that she'd travel with Micah tomorrow to RiverClan.
The next morning, she eats a mouse because she didn't want to be hungry when she met Micah. Spotted Fur has doubts about her traveling with Micah, but Dust Muzzle insists that she can travel with whomever she wants to. As they argue whether to let Moth Flight go into other Clans' boundaries or not, Moth Flight realizes that Spotted Fur is jealous of Micah, and wonders if it is disloyal to like the SkyClan medicine cat so much.
Moth Flight heads to the RiverClan boundaries and sees him there. Micah greets her, remarking how peaceful the place is. He remarks how they have to get used to getting their paws wet when they go to RiverClan, and she hopes not. As they watch a black cat hunt fish, she tells him that she hopes that Dappled Pelt doesn't teach them how to swim. He reassures her that she can threaten to teach them how to hunt in tunnels. She tells him that it is Dust Muzzle's specialty, not hers and that she wishes she had some specialty. Micah tells her that it was hard to convince Clear Sky, but he eventually did, which relieves Moth Flight as she proved her mother wrong. Micah tells her that Clear Sky's been keeping him busy and that he wants Acorn Fur beside him all the time, which makes Moth Flight jealous.
The black cat who had just been fishing stops them, asking them why they are on RiverClan's territory. Dawn Mist comes and tells her that Dappled Pelt told her to let Moth Flight and Micah pass. They go to the camp, with cats greeting them. River Ripple tells them that he's been expecting them and that Dappled Pelt is waiting for them in her den. They enter the den and Micah dips his head towards the RiverClan leader. They exclaim that Dappled Pelt had a lot of space in her den and that there was a spider weaving webs for her to cure wounds. As they chat about leaf-bare, Night dashes in and exclaims that the medicine cats have to help, because Drizzle was pulled out of the river and not breathing.
They approach Drizzle. Micah asks if she is dead. Dappled Pelt orders Micah to keep Dawn Mist warm, as she is in shock. The SkyClan tom quickly presses against Dawn Mist. Dappled Pelt gets the water out of the kit's chest, and Micah admires her for being fantastic at healing. Dappled Pelt just tells him that it's a skill that every RiverClan cat should know.
At night, Moth Flight presses against Micah because of the cold, asking him if it's a good idea to stay in the camp for the night. He replies that they learned so much and that they should stay. He also says that they could learn more tomorrow. Dappled Pelt gives them a fish, Micah offers Moth Flight to eat first. After doubting the chub's taste, they eat it and find it very tasty. Moth Flight is ready to share a nest with Micah and realizes that she only shared it with Dust Muzzle. She warns him that she snores, and he replies that it's good, as he does too. Dappled Pelt leaves, and they chat for a moment. She is grateful for Micah's warmth, watches him for a moment and falls asleep. After she receives a vision about Tigerstar's nine lives ceremony, she wakes up with Micah asking her if she's okay. She nods when he asks her if it was a bad dream. He reassures her that it is just a bad dream, and falls back asleep.
The next morning, Dappled Pelt tells them that she taught them all she knew. Micah remarks that he'd miss the sound of the water lulling him into sleep. Moth Flight secretly would think her own nest would feel chilly without him. The kits beg Micah not to go. Dappled Pelt tells them that they had to return to their old home. Micah tells the kits that his Clan needs him. He wonders if they had to go home right away. She asks him if he wants to go back to SkyClan. He tells her that he likes hanging out with her, which embarrasses her. River Ripple suggests them to visit ThunderClan. They agree, and Moth Flight is excited. River Ripple offers to go with them, but they refuse, as they want to be alone. River Ripple allows this and leaves.
They explore the woods, wondering where the ThunderClan camp is. Micah reminds her that they mustn't hunt, as there are borders. Moth Flight suggests catching a fish. He tells her that since she doesn't swim, it would be like waiting for a bird to land in her paws. She snorts and says it's only a suggestion. Micah purrs that he liked her suggestions, and she thinks he is sweet. They continue on trying to find the ThunderClan camp. Micah admits that he doesn't know where they're going.
When Moth Flight stumbles into some nettle, Micah grabs some dock and tells her to rub it hard on her pad. To Moth Flight's surprise, the pain eased immediately after she does. At the moment Moth Flight thanks him, a deep mew interrupts them, and they jump in fright. To their relief, it is Cloud Spots. He asks them if the visit to RiverClan was great. They tell him that they learned a lot from her. They tell the ThunderClan medicine cat that they are lost. He leads them to the camp, reassuring them that Thunder will allow them to stay. When they go down the ravine, Micah reassures Moth Flight to trust her paws.
At the camp, Micah offers to keep Pink Eyes company when Moth Flight goes visit Milkweed. Later, when Moth Flight comes back, Micah is seen listening to a story from the old white cat, and she notes how handsome he looks. Cloud Spots shows the medicine cats chervil and offers them to visit his den. He introduces them to a few herbs before they leave to pick chervil for Violet Dawn. When they return, they are offered a nest and they sleep. She feels content with Micah beside her.
Moth Flight dreams of four kits, and she exclaims that they look as handsome as Micah is. However, the kits vanish, and she is left alone. She wakes up and feels Micah beside her. They see Spotted Fur looking for them, and he bristles at the sight of Micah. He announces that Rocky is sick and needs catmint. They leave, and Micah follows them, insisting that two medicine cats are better than one. This angers Spotted Fur. Micah says a quick goodbye to Cloud Spots and Thunder. When they arrive at WindClan camp, Wind Runner is furious that Micah is in the camp, howling at Spotted Fur that she told him to not let Micah into the camp. Moth Flight insists that it's better to have two medicine cats. Wind Runner tells Micah that SkyClan cats have been stealing rabbits from WindClan's territory. Micah tells her that he doesn't control what SkyClan does. Moth Flight insists to allow Micah to help.
Micah suggests feverfew for Rocky's cough. They make him swallow leaves; Moth Flight realizes that Rocky has a chest infection. Micah is surprised by this. Moth Flight suggests getting the sap that Micah told everyone about a while ago in SkyClan's territory. Micah agrees instantly and they leave. Moth Flight came after insisting. When they reach there, Micah tries to climb the big tree.
Clear Sky interrupts, yowling and demanding why they were in SkyClan's territory. He accused her of stealing prey and yells if the other cat is his medicine cat. Micah peers out of the leaves and asks Clear Sky what he's doing. Clear Sky yells at him for trying to cure every single cat, and that his duty is to cure SkyClan cats. Micah insists that no cat can die. Red Claw comes out, and snarls at Moth Flight in fury. Clear Sky orders him to stop Micah from getting the bark, as Moth Flight shouldn't take any. Red Claw climbs the tree and Moth Flight warns Micah. Clear Sky growls that he should've never taken Micah in. When Moth Flight points out about Tiny Branch, Clear Sky snarls that Acorn Fur could've done the same. She is shocked and exclaims that Micah taught Acorn Fur everything. Clear Sky doesn't reply. As they argue, Willow Tail comes out and demands what is going on. She tells Willow Tail that Micah is in trouble getting bark for WindClan.
Micah calls from above that he got the bark, this makes Moth Flight happy and she nuzzles him. Clear Sky is furious and kicks the bark away. Fighting explodes from the cats; Micah tells Moth Flight to take the bark back and tells the cats to stop fighting. He climbs up the tree and tugs at Willow Tail's tail and grabs the rotten branch. This is when the branch snaps and falls down, crushing him.
Micah moans in pain underneath the rubble. Feeling dreadful, Moth Flight approaches him and is relieved to see him alive. She asks him what she can do to help him. Micah asks her to let him feel her breath on his cheek, sighing that he doesn't want to leave her when they touch muzzles. Moth Flight pleads him to stay, but he reveals that his spine is crushed. He thanks her for bringing him to the Clans, assuring her that he might see her again. Moth Flight realizes that he is dying, and feels sickened. She nuzzles him, but only feels coldness, and realizes that Micah is dead.
Moth Flight wakes up and hears Wind Runner declaring to bury him. Feeling like it's cruel, Moth Flight begs her to not, as he would be covered in darkness forever. Swift Minnow insists that they needed to show respect to him. Subsequently, the SkyClan and WindClan cats show respect to him as he is buried. Moth Fight tells Pebble Heart that she wished she could change his destiny.
Later, Moth Flight realizes that she is carrying Micah's kits. A few moons later she gives birth to a litter, with one kit looking exactly like its father. She continuously thinks of the father and thanks him for the kits. Later, she dreams of him and he tells her that he misses her. He wishes that he was there to see the kits. She wakes up after being told that someone called her.
When she goes to mentor Acorn Fur, she thinks of Micah, who wanted her to mentor Acorn Fur. Slate catches a cough later and Moth Flight goes to SkyClan to get the bark from the tree where Micah died. Spotted Fur tells her that he is sorry about Micah's death, and admits his jealousy. He later appears telling Moth Flight that she did the right thing of sending her kits away. He tells her that she changed the Clans and that she was brave. At the end of the manga, which appears to take place many seasons after his death, he appears briefly after Moth Flight's death in StarClan.

In the Novellas

Pebbleshine's Kits

Pebbleshine, a lost SkyClan queen, sends a prayer to StarClan to help her as she gives birth to her kits in a tunnel underneath a Thunderpath. Micah appears and helps Pebbleshine through the process; he gives her a stick to bite down on and supervises the birth. Pebbleshine realizes he is a StarClan cat but doesn't recognize him. Micah announces she has given birth to two healthy she-kits and disappears before Pebbleshine can thank him.
After Pebbleshine is killed by a monster, she wakes up in StarClan to see Micah standing over her. Micah introduces himself and adds he was SkyClan's first medicine cat, and Pebbleshine is honored that he helped her. Micah shows her some of her former Clanmates who wish to greet her. However, Pebbleshine insists to Micah that she must return to her kits. He leads her to a pool and shows her two Clan apprentices. He adds they will find her kits to be raised in the Clans and they will meet their father one day. Pebbleshine is still determined to be with them, and Micah notes that there is a way to return though only as an observer. Pebbleshine adamantly agrees, and Micah admires her bravery. He leads her to step into the pool before, and Pebbleshine arrives in the living world.

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Moth Flight (formerly):[12] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Spider Paw:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Honey Pelt:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Bubbling Stream:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Blue Whisker:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed she-cat:[5] Status unknown

Adopted mother:

Cow:[14] Living (As of Moth Flight's Vision)


Three unnamed kits:[15] Living (As of Moth Flight's Vision manga section)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • Honey Pelt looks just like Micah,[16] and has the same color fur as him.[13]


  • He is shown as a solid-colored cat with a paler muzzle in the manga at the end of Moth Flight's Vision.[17]
  • He was mistakenly described with amber eyes.[18]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.


"I've dreamed about you since I was a kit. Now that I met you for real, I can believe anything."
―Micah to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 149

"You're lucky to have a cat like Micah in your Clan! He's the bravest and cleverest cat in I've met!"
―Moth Flight to Clear Sky about Micah Moth Flight's Vision, page 245

Micah: "Stop!"
Willow Tail: "Stay out of this. It's not your battle."
Micah: "It's not any cat's battle! I've got the bark. Moth Flight's taking it to Rocky. There's no point in fighting now."
—Micah and Willow Tail Moth Flight's Vision, page 248

Micah: "Moth Flight. Thank you for letting me come with you to Highstones. And for bringing me to the Clans."
Moth Flight: "Don't say that!"
Micah: "I'm glad I spent this time with you."
Moth Flight: "No!"
Micah: "You made sense of my life. You showed me my destiny."
Moth Flight: "This can't be your destiny! It's not fair!"
Micah: "I love you."
Moth Flight: "Then don't leave me!"
Micah: "I'll see you again."
—Micah comforting Moth Flight when he's dying Moth Flight's Vision, page 251

Clear Sky: "I had doubts about taking Micah in. When he cured Tiny Branch, I regretted my promise to let him stay. He was a farm cat, sleek from easy living, too sure of himself to be trusted. I didn't think he had any place in a Clan. But I was wrong. He devoted every thought and every moment to his Clanmates. All of us who doubted him came to respect his intelligence and value his kindness."
Clear Sky: "I respected Micah. He stood up to me. He did what he thought was right, not what would please me. He died doing what he thought was right. He had to climb back into the tree; he was being true to himself. He died as he lived - caring about others, bravely and without hesitation. We were lucky to have known him, even for so short a while."
—Clear Sky during Micah's burial Moth Flight's Vision, pages 256-257

"I wish I'd known Micah better. Pebble Heart says he had the heart of a Tribe cat and the courage of a Clan cat."
―Sun Shadow to Moth Flight about Micah Moth Flight's Vision, page 261

"It will be okay. I know you're sad. I miss you too. I love you. I'll always love you. Don't let sadness change you. You have to keep going!"
―Micah to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 279

Jagged Peak: "Are you carrying his kits?"
Moth Flight: "Micah's? Yes. And I'm proud of it."
Jagged Peak: "He was a SkyClan cat."
Moth Flight: "He was a farm cat too! Does that make it better or worse?"
—Jagged Peak and Moth Flight about Micah Moth Flight's Vision, page 311

Micah: "I wish I were there."
Moth Flight: "So do I. It's not fair! Why did you have to die? In a dumb accident!"
Micah: "It was my destiny."
Moth Flight: "Did you know all along?"
Micah: "No, but I see that our destinies were only ever meant to cross for a short time. Aren't we lucky they did? Now you have our kits."
—Micah comforting Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 323

Moth Flight: "They remind me so much of Micah."
Acorn Fur: "They have his spirit."
Moth Flight: "What do you know about Micah's spirit?"
Acorn Fur: "I worked with him. He was my friend and I miss him."
Moth Flight: "We all miss him."
—Moth Flight and Acorn Fur about Micah Moth Flight's Vision, page 331

"You were always braver and smarter than you thought. It's one of the reasons I loved you, and why I still miss you. But you have so much left to do. Making decisions is easy; living with them is the true courage of test. Only by being true to yourself and becoming the medicine cat you dream will you learn how truly special you are."
―Micah to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, pages 470-471

Micah: "There is a way to go back."
Pebbleshine: "How? Tell me what I have to do! I'll risk anything!"
Micah: "You'll only be an observer. Your kits won't be able to see you, or know that you're near them. And neither will any other cat you care about. It's a lonely way to be. Are you sure that's what you want?"
Pebbleshine: "Of course I'm sure! Let's get on with it!"
Micah: "If you leave now, you might not be able to get back to StarClan for a long time. Perhaps you should do what all your warrior ancestors have done, and watch over your kits from StarClan."
Pebbleshine: "I'm sure. I've lived as a loner for many days now. I can stand it for as long as I need to, to take care of my daughters. And I don't need to be in StarClan to watch over them. Besides, my warrior ancestors knew that their loved ones would be safe in their Clan—in SkyClan. But the other Clans drove SkyClan from the forest. Why should I trust those Clans now? I hope they'll treat my kits fairly, but there's no way I can know that. I want to stay at least until SkyClan finds them—until they reach the end of their journey to the lake."
—Micah and Pebbleshine about the latter becoming a ghost Pebbleshine's Kits, page chapter 8

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