"Brambleclaw, don't scold her. That was the bravest thing I've ever seen."
Stormfur about Squirrelpaw after she chases off kittypets in Midnight, page 192
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Chapter Number: 16 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 190-195

Chapter description

Brambleclaw and Feathertail race back to the hedge and Brambleclaw pushes through some brambles, wanting to peer out but remain hidden. His belly flips over when he sees Stormfur and Crowpaw cornered by two kittypets. Crowpaw is snarling at them while Stormfur threatens the kittypets. Feathertail gasps at the size of them, stating that they're bigger than most warriors. Brambleclaw prepares to leap at the attackers, but right then he sees a ginger flash racing towards the fence. Brambleclaw yells at Squirrelpaw, but the she-cat takes no notice of him and claws one of the kittypets. Brambleclaw calls out to Stormfur and Crowpaw, telling them where he is. Crowpaw escapes while Stormfur stays, helping Squirrelpaw. One of the kittypets attempts to scratch the flame-colored apprentice, but misses. A door to a twoleg nest opens and a female Twoleg comes out. The two huge kittypets run to the side of the nest while Squirrelpaw and Stormfur retreat.
Brambleclaw scolds Squirrelpaw, telling her that her fur could've been clawed off. Stormfur tells the tabby not to scold she-cat, and that what she did was the bravest thing he ever saw. Tawnypelt and Feathertail agree with Stormfur, and Brambleclaw feels embarrassed. He defends himself, saying that he never said that she wasn't but they can't risk injuries. The journeying cats travel on, and Feathertail suggests a place to make a temporary camp. The cat decide that the place is too close to Twolegs and move on before all cats, except Crowpaw, agree on a place to stay. Squirrelpaw explores finds some water. Tawnypelt asks where some is and Squirrelpaw leads her to it. The tortoiseshell she-cat comes back, tail bristling, and says that it was a trick. The other cats are confused by this. Stormfur drinks some of the water, mewing that it's fine. Tawnypelt spits again and asks why she got a mouthful of salt. Brambleclaw wonders out loud if it was an omen from StarClan. The four cats look at each other in awe, and they confirm that it is an omen. As the cats settle down, Brambleclaw thinks about Ravenpaw's farm and how they have to go hungry for the night. The brown tabby prays to StarClan, asking if they're doing what they're supposed to.





Important events


Tawnypelt drinks some water that tastes like salt, representing the sun-drown-place.[5]

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