"We have waited long. Learn who to trust. It is heart that knows truth. Don't close eyes and wait for path to choose you. Choose path and follow it."
— Midnight to Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze in The Last Hope, page 126

Midnight is an elderly[1] female badger.[2]

Midnight is a mysterious ancient badger that has been alive since the beginning of time. Capable of speaking in many animal tongues, Midnight has guided both Clan and Tribe cats and safeguarded many prophecies. She forewarned the destruction of the forest and led the traveling cats onward through the mountains to meet the Tribe. She and Rock long awaited for the Three to be born, and fought alongside the Clans in the Great Battle.


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The New Prophecy

"Think, small warrior. When you set out, you were four. Six with friends who would not stay behind. Now you are one. In days coming now, all Clans must be one. If not, trouble destroy you."
—Midnight's message to the Clan cats Midnight, page 296
StarClan sends Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, and Crowpaw on a journey to the sun-drown-place and explains that Midnight will speak to them. After nearly drowning, the Clan cats discover Midnight to be a talking badger. She delivers them a message from StarClan: Twolegs will destroy the forest and the Clans must flee and find a home elsewhere. Midnight also says that a dying warrior will show them the way to their new home.
Midnight leads them to the Twolegplace and suggest they travel through the mountains as it would be quicker than their original path. Later, she encounters the runaway Leafpool and Crowfeather, and convinces them to return to the Clans, explaining that her kin plan to attack ThunderClan. To help, she sends reinforcements from WindClan during the badger attack. Afterwards, she is thanked for her help, though she blames herself for the devastation caused by her kin.

Power of Three

"Knowledge not always power. Clans not need secrecy to protect themselves. Rogues and loners stay away; they know Clan life is not for them."
—Midnight to Thunder, Shadow, River, and Wind Long Shadows, page 3
At some point, Midnight met Sol and told him how the sun would go out. Sol later uses this knowledge to manipulate and take control of ShadowClan by questioning Blackstar's faith in StarClan. The original Clan leaders meet in StarClan with Midnight and demand to know why she betrayed their trust with a rogue. She later appears in Jayfeather's dreams affirming that Sol did not kill Ashfur.

Omen of the Stars

"Darkness we saw born like littermate alongside the light. Now all must stand and fight."
—Midnight to the Ancients The Last Hope, page 3
She and Rock speak with Half Moon the the Ancients about how they've been waiting for the coming battle and vow to fight alongside the Clans. She appears to Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing and guides them with her wisdom, insisting they have been waiting for their birth for a very long time. She helps Lionblaze rally ShadowClan to join the fight against the Dark Forest, and welcomes Brambleclaw as their new leader.


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In Dovewing's Silence, she and Rock appear to the Three at the Moonpool wishing to know why their powers disappeared after the Great Battle. The two confirm that they have lost their powers and do not need them anymore. Midnight calls upon the three cats to use what they already have, their wisdom, strength, and faith in the warrior code.

Detailed description

Midnight is a huge,[3] bulky,[4] female badger[2] with small,[5] round,[6] berry-bright,[7] beady[8] black eyes.[9] She has broad,[10] heavy shoulders,[3] a broad,[11] white stripe running down her face,[12] a wide head,[8] and broad, flat,[13] massive,[14] heavy paws.[15] Her muzzle is narrow[16]and pointed,[12]and her face has a long, striped nose.[17] She has thick fur,[12] and broad, muscular limbs.[18]


Interesting facts

  • According to the eBook exclusive information in The Last Hope, Midnight is a ghost.[19]
  • Midnight possesses the ability to speak to cats, foxes, and rabbits.[20]


  • She was mistakenly shown with brown eyes.[21]
  • She was mistakenly called black.[3]

Official art

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Midnight: "I am Midnight. With you I must speak."
Crowpaw: "Mouse dung! Make one move and you'll have my claws in your eyes."
Brambleclaw: "No, Crowpaw, wait-"
Midnight: "Fierce, is he not? StarClan have chosen well. But there will be no clawing this day. Here is talk, not fight."
—Midnight to Crowpaw Midnight, page 291

"I have traveled far, and many tongues have learned. Tongues of other cats, who speak not same as you. Of foxes and rabbits also. They speak not of interest. Fox talk is all of kill. Rabbit has thistledown for brain."
—Midnight to Brambleclaw Midnight, page 295

"Yet Midnight was no ordinary badger. She seemed closer to StarClan than any warrior, except perhaps the medicine cats. She had traveled far, and somehow found the wisdom to foretell the future."
—Narrator about Midnight Moonrise, page 6

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"I have no side. Cats, badgers, in peace could live. I speak against attack, but my kin not listen to me. For many days now they talk of blood and revenge."
—Midnight to Leafpool and Crowfeather Twilight, page 277

Midnight: "Since the dawn of time, we have known each other. Since first cat put paw beside water."
Rock: "We watched the first sunrise over the lake."
Midnight: "It burst water into flame. And in fiery reflection, we see future of all cats: Tribe of Rushing Water, five Clan, four Clan, forest, and lake."
Rock: "We saw your whole journey, from lake to forest and back. The prophecies all came from that first reflected sunrise-the cat with a pelt of flame that would save the Clans, the silver cat that would save the Tribe of Rushing Water, and finally the four who would carry the last hope, not just of the Clans, but of light itself."
Midnight: "Now we fear we see a final sunset that ends your story."
Half Moon: "But the four? They will save us, surely?"
Midnight: "They came as we saw they would and, when they came, they lit the darkest fires. So you and all long-dead cats burn like stars once more."
Rock: "But evil is coming."
Midnight: "Darkness we saw born like littermate alongside the light. Now all must stand and fight."
—Midnight, Half Moon, and Rock discussing "the four", and how they will save the Clans The Last Hope, page 3

Midnight: "You! When all cats have closed eyes, we gave the gift of sight to the cat who is blind. You see more than most, but look inside, too. See your own strength."
Jayfeather: "Stop talking in riddles. Tell us how to save the Clans! At least tell us who the fourth cat is!"
Rock: "We have seen your weakness. Do you want us to make you weaker? You haven't tried hard enough!"
—Midnight, Jayfeather, and Rock discussing the Three's powers The Last Hope, pages 126-127

"Remember also, Great Battle was not won by you alone. All Clans, all warriors, all queens and elders and kits and medicine cats fight together. To protect them all is not for you, powers or not. More has been lost than gift of sight or strength or dreams. But power of warrior code forever lasts."
—Midnight to Jayfeather, Dovewing and Lionblaze Dovewing's Silence, page Chapter 10

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