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Midnight is an ancient being who is a spirit, but can appear physically in the living world. She gives prophecies and signs to cats in the Clans, for example telling them to leave the forest, and can speak their language despite being a different species. She could also speak fox. [1][2] She seems to actually want to help the Clans, as she warns them of the badger attack and even fights against her own kind on the side of ThunderClan.[3] However, she stops appearing soon after the battle with the Dark Forest.[4]



Midnight and Rock seem to be related in some way, as they both are ancient ghosts who can appear physically and give prophecies and omens. They often confer together in StarClan about the Three. However, Midnight is much less vague and bloody in her visions than Rock, and is more helpful to the Clans as she seems to care for them more,[1] whereas Rock gets easily angered and frustrated with cats, and his visions are of fear and violence.[2][5]

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