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"We've had a marvelous life together. I've never regretted leaving my Twolegs, not for a single moment. But it's over now my dear, I have to leave you. And you have to find your way forward without me."
— Millie to Graystripe in his dream in Graystripe's Vow, page 188

Millie is a small,[11] short-furred light gray tabby she-cat[12] with blue eyes,[13] and a torn ear.[14] She is nearly deaf.[15]

Millie was a ThunderClan elder who served as a warrior under Firestar's and Bramblestar's leaderships in the lake territories. Millie was originally a kittypet who met Graystripe when he was captured by Twolegs. She joined him on his journey to find the Clans, and he taught her how to be a warrior. After finding the Clans, they were welcomed by ThunderClan, and during a Clan meeting, Millie refused to have a warrior name. Despite some protests, she proved herself as a loyal and capable member of the Clan, and had Graystripe's kits, Briarkit, Blossomkit, and Bumblekit. When Briarpaw broke her spine, Millie spent a majority of her time fretting over her daughter and ignoring her other kits. After she retired to the elders' den, Millie's health began to decline. She died being surrounded by her kin and ascended to StarClan afterwards.


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Power of Three

"You can rely on my loyalty until the day I join StarClan, and you must believe that I will live and die to protect ThunderClan. But I don't want to change my name. I have always been Millie, and I see no shame in it."
―Millie to Firestar at her warrior ceremony Dark River, page 86
Millie and Graystripe arrive at the lake during a Gathering, and they join ThunderClan. She proves herself as not being a typical kittypet, being capable of fighting and hunting. Millie denies receiving a warrior name and insists on keeping her name. She gives birth to Graystripe's kits, Bumblekit, Blossomkit, and Briarkit. However, she and Briarkit fall victim to greencough. She and her kit recovers, but Briarkit almost gets bitten by an adder and is rescued by Honeyfern who dies in the process. Millie frets over what will be done about the adders.

Omen of the Stars

Millie: "If your warrior ancestors are so powerful, why don't they cure her? If this had happened in my old home, my housefolk would have fixed her."
Graystripe: "Millie? Is that what you really think?"
Millie: "I don't know what to think. I only see my kit, broken and helpless, struggling through each day, with death stalking her like a fox..."
—Millie's distress over Briarlight Night Whispers, page 97
Her kits have become apprentices. She is protective of Blossompaw when Squirrelflight scolds her to climb off the Great Oak. When Briarpaw's spine is broken by a fallen tree, Millie becomes hysterical about her daughter's condition, particularly when Jayfeather discovers that Wildfur, a ShadowClan cat with the same condition, died prior. She focuses a majority of her time caring for Briarlight, to the point where Blossomfall seeks attention from the Dark Forest. Millie later participates in the battle against the Dark Forest.

A Vision of Shadows

Millie: "Oh, precious one, don't leave us. Please don't leave us."
Briarlight: "Don't...worry about me, Millie. I shall...run and hunt again...in StarClan."
—Millie and Briarlight before she dies River of Fire, page 210
Millie is now an elder with Graystripe. She and Graystripe are still close, as they go on walks together, and Graystripe fetches comfrey for her aching joints. The two also become grandparents to Thornclaw and Blossomfall's kits, Stemkit, Shellkit, Plumkit, and Eaglekit. As Briarlight dies, Millie wails and comforts her kit during her last moments.

Super Editions

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"I wouldn't change a thing. Except that I wish my daughter Briarlight hadn't been injured. I'll never leave ThunderClan, but I'll never forget that there's another way to live, either."
―Millie when telling Minty she used to be a kittypet Bramblestar's Storm, page 109
In Bramblestar's Storm, Millie worries over her daughter, Briarlight, as many healthy warriors fell sick with greencough prior and died. Leafpool reassures her that Briarlight is doing her exercises with the help of Jayfeather. During a major flood, Millie stresses for Briarlight's safety, but she is glad when Briarlight makes it out of the floods, barely leaving her daughter's side. When a kittypet named Minty seeks refuge in ThunderClan, she has trouble adjusting to Clan life, but Millie reassures her about her time as a kittypet, comforting Minty. She worries and helps comfort over Frankie after the loss of his brother and watches Graystripe retire as an elder, while she stays as a warrior. When Minty reunites with her Twolegs, Millie admits to Dovewing that she misses her Twolegs now and then, dreaming of them.
In Squirrelflight's Hope, Millie has trouble hearing and notices the odd stench in the prey that Larksong ate. She later attends Larksong and Flickerkit's vigil, sitting beside the elders' den. Once at Leafpool's vigil, Millie thanks Leafpool for caring for Briarlight, hoping they'll hunt in StarClan.
"Good-bye, my dear. I shall wait for you in StarClan, but you have far to go before you meet me there. And remember what I told you—you must never give up."
―Millie to Graystripe in his dream Graystripe's Vow, page 189
In Graystripe's Vow, Graystripe frequently thinks of Millie and how much he misses her, and how hard it is to get over her death. He often dreams about her death, and how he was unable to do anything but accept that every day she would get weaker and weaker, and he would outlive her. Graystripe later dreams about her passing, and how she died beside him, Bumblestripe, and Blossomfall, although he embellishes her death to help him get over it and feel better, thinking that she certainly didn't speak the words he imagines her saying.

Graystripe's Adventure

"No. My home is with you now, Graystripe. Wherever that may be."
―Millie to Graystripe Warrior's Refuge, page 76
Millie is a kittypet who befriends Graystripe, a warrior from ThunderClan who was captured. She becomes curious about Clan life, and Graystripe teaches her to hunt and fight. She demonstrates her fighting skills by beating Duke, the neighborhood bully kittypet. When Graystripe decides to leave to find the Clans, he asks Millie to accompany him, but she wishes to stay with her Twolegs. She changes her mind a few days later and helps Graystripe recover.
Millie and Graystripe stay with a family of loners as Millie heals her wound she received from running in a corn field. She is capable of speaking dog and teaches the other loners. Back on their journey, they discover that Graystripe's old home is destroyed. She encourages him the Clans must've survived, and Ravenpaw and Barley confirm that the Clans left moons ago.
Graystripe grows frustrated with Millie's old kittypet tendencies of eating kittypet food and trusting Twolegs. When Graystripe is hit by a car, they rest at Diesel's place, and he and Millie form a bond. Diesel suggests taking a monster to the sun-drown-place, and Millie cajoles Graystripe into agreeing. From the sun-drown-place, the two head towards the lake where they are reunited with the Clans, and Graystripe asks Millie to be his mate.

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Graystripe:[16] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Briarlight:[17] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Blossomfall:[17] Living (As of River)


Bumblestripe:[17] Living (As of River)


Eaglewing:[18] Living (As of River)
Plumstone:[18] Living (As of River)


Stemleaf:[18]Deceased, verified StarClan member
Shellfur:[19] Living (As of River)


Stemkit:[20] Living (As of River)
Graykit:[20] Living (As of River)


Bristlekit:[20] Living (As of River)


Graystripe ♂Millie ♀
Briarlight ♀Blossomfall ♀Bumblestripe ♂
Stemleaf ♂Plumstone ♀Eaglewing ♀Shellfur ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender unknown



Did you know Millie was designed and named after James Noble's cat Millie, who is named after the Millwall Football Club? For more trivia about Millie, click here!


"Right off the bat, Millie's awesome. That cat is one fast learner!"
―Graystripe's thoughts about Millie when they fight Duke and his friends The Lost Warrior, page 69

"It just sounds like such an adventure, every day, you don't know what to expect! Not like my life here at all. No...no, it's not like here. Not one bit."
―Millie about Clan life The Lost Warrior, page 66

"That's part of why I tracked you down. I wanted to be as loyal to you as you are to your Clan. I know I can't exactly miss a life I've never known, Graystripe, but...I think sharing your life and your path...is the best journey I could possibly imagine."
―Millie to Graystripe when she explains why she followed him The Lost Warrior, page 92

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"You know, Graystripe, I never knew life could be this way. All this space... All this freedom. I could keep traveling with you like this forever."
―Millie to Graystripe Warrior's Refuge, page 19

Ravenpaw: "Those are ThunderClan hunting techniques, aren't they?"
Graystripe: "She learned quickly."
Barley: "I'm impressed. She'll fit in with your Clan well, won't she?"
Graystripe: "If we can find them...yes, I expect she will."
—Ravenpaw, Barley, and Graystripe observing Millie's hunting skills Warrior's Return, page 28

Graystripe: "I've been trying to figure out how to say this...or when to say this...for days now. Millie, I...I know I've been hard to deal with. And I know this life can be hard. But I couldn't have made it here without you. You saved my life, but...more than that...you saved my soul. You found me when I was lost, and you brought me back to who I really was. I've already said I want you to join ThunderClan with me, but I need you to know how I feel...And I hope you'll feel the same way. Millie...I want you to stand by my side...as my mate."
Millie: "Graystripe...to be with you...that's what I've wanted since I first laid eyes on you."
—Millie and Graystripe confessing their love Warrior's Return, page 87

"I have trained Millie as a warrior! A kittypet would never have survived such a long journey."
―Graystripe defending Millie The Sight, page 148

"Millie is right. It doesn't matter what she's called. It only matters how she acts, and I know that she will always put her Clan first."
―Graystripe defending Millie Dark River, page 86

Graystripe: "Do you still think you made the right decision, coming with me to the Clan?"
Millie: "Wherever you are is the right place for me to be."
—Graystripe asking Millie if she thinks she made the right decision The Sight, page 330

Millie: "If your warrior ancestors are so powerful, why don't they cure her? If this had happened in my old home, my housefolk would have fixed her."
Graystripe: "Millie? Is that what you really think?"
Millie: "I don't know what to think. I only see my kit, broken and helpless, struggling through each day, with death stalking her like a fox...."
Graystripe: "But she's alive. She's here with us."
Millie: "She has to watch her littermates living the lives of warriors, while she just yowls and coughs and drags herself to and from the fresh-kill pile!"
—Millie's distress over Briarlight Night Whispers, page 97

"Leafpool cared for Briarlight than any cat. She made sure her life was long and comfortable despite her broken spine. She would sit up all night when Briarlight was in pain, talking to her and sharing stories to keep her spirits up. She thought up new exercises and games that would keep Briarlight healthy, and, at the end, Leafpool never left her side. I hope they will hunt together in StarClan."
―Millie during Leafpool's vigil Squirrelflight's Hope, page 395

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