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This page contains the detailed history for Millie.


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In the Power of Three arc[]

The Sight[]

Millie and Graystripe return to the Clans during a Gathering. Her voice is described as having a hard edge, which surprises many of the cats who thought all kittypets had soft voices, like Daisy. Blackstar glares at Millie, but she holds his gaze until Blackstar has to look away. Hollypaw is impressed. ThunderClan takes the pair in without hesitation, but the other Clans don't really agree, saying that ThunderClan is half rogues and half Clans cats. On their return to camp, Jaypaw scents that Millie's pad is infected. She is later treated by Leafpool and Hollypaw. Hollypaw describes the infected cut as being swollen, bloody, and having pus around it. Leafpool removes a thorn from Millie's pad.
Later, Millie and Graystripe fight side by side against ShadowClan in a border battle that demonstrates Millie's fighting skills. Graystripe pulls a ShadowClan warrior off of Millie, and she tells Graystripe to go help Hollypaw and that she can take care of herself, and then delivers a blow that sprays the ShadowClan warrior's blood over the forest floor.
Afterwards, when greencough rages through the camp, she explains to Graystripe, Firestar, and Brambleclaw that she'd gotten medicine from the vet that kept her from getting sick. Firestar says that the vet has done him a favor by giving him a healthy warrior, which makes Millie glow with pride and Graystripe purr for the praise of his mate.

Dark River[]

At a Gathering, Whitetail, a WindClan warrior, insults Millie, calling her a kittypet, but later thanks her for sharing prey during the daylight Gathering. Whitetail's apprentice, Breezepaw, had followed his mentor to thank Millie, but didn't respond. She then follows her Clanmates back to camp.
When Firestar performs her warrior ceremony, she says that she'd like to keep her name as it is, instead of taking on a Clan cat name, as she had always been named Millie. Brook and Daisy agree with her and congratulate her on keeping her kittypet name, though some cats think she should have accepted a warrior name.


Millie has moved into the nursery, pregnant with Graystripe's kits. She, Ferncloud, and Daisy relax inside the nursery as Hollypaw brings in a blackbird; Millie is resting sleepily in her nest at the time. Ferncloud has her kits, Icekit and Foxkit, go get some prey for themselves and for Millie, and Millie thanks Ferncloud, while Ferncloud purrs and tells her that it's time the two became apprentices, and that they need mentors to look after them.
Later, Millie and Daisy share tongues in the sunlight outside the nursery, while Rosekit and Toadkit play around them.


Millie's belly is very large and swollen, suggesting she is heavily pregnant with Graystripe's kits. In the middle of the book she gives birth to their kits, Briarkit, Blossomkit, and Bumblekit, with the assistance of Leafpool and Jaypaw. Graystripe tells Jaypaw that if he has to save Millie or the kits, he should save Millie, most likely out of fear of his mate dying like Silverstream did. Even though the delivery goes well, Millie says while in labor that she is never going to have kits again if giving birth to kits is that hard. When Jaypaw announces the names of the kits, Dustpelt comments scathingly about them having proper Clan names, jeering at the fact Millie kept her kittypet name. Graystripe defends her fiercely.
She is seen in the nursery most of the time, protecting the kits. During the battle between the four Clans, she goes and hides in Firestar's den with her kits, although her smallest kit, Blossomkit, goes to stay with Mousefur. The kit and elder seem to have bonded already, so Millie trusts the elder with her kit. After the battle, Millie catches whitecough, much to the fear of Graystripe.

Long Shadows[]

Millie's whitecough that she developed in the previous book turns into greencough. Briarkit eventually catches the cough as well and both of them are moved to the abandoned Twoleg nest in the back of ThunderClan territory, with other sick ThunderClan cats. It is also noted that when they were going into the Twoleg nest, Briarkit looks dead, and when cats are delivering herbs, the young kit keeps wailing and crying for her mother.
Millie, at the time, is almost ready to join StarClan, but Silverstream allows her to live, for she does not want Graystripe's heart broken a second time. Graystripe and the other healthy kits miss her most of the time while she is recovering.
Millie and Briarkit are present when Firestar loses a life, but they do nothing to help, as they are too sick to even get up. Finally, when Firestar leaves the Twoleg nest with Millie and Briarkit, both looking better, and Briarkit begins to bounce around in a pile of leaves.


Millie comforts her son Bumblekit when he is frightened by Sol, and tells him Sol is far away. It is noted that both Millie and her daughter Briarkit are still recovering from greencough, as Jayfeather takes some tansy to them. She is later seen grooming her three kits, and occasionally she coughs.
Jayfeather comes to check the queens and kits for ticks, and Millie thanks him in relief, saying she probably has a couple somewhere. Later, when Brambleclaw's patrol comes back with a captured Sol, she, Daisy and Whitewing circle the kits protectively.
Her kit, Briarkit, strays too close to a crack in the cliff, and nearly gets bitten by a concealed adder. After Honeyfern rescues her, but sacrifices her life in the process, Millie hurries her kit to Leafpool to make sure she's all right. When Briarkit is deemed healthy but in shock, Millie asks what action will be taken against the adder, saying that more cats might die. She and Daisy warn their kits not to go near that part of the cliff again, and later sternly warn them not to touch the deathberries being put out.

In the Omen of the Stars arc[]

The Fourth Apprentice[]

Millie and Graystripe's kits have become apprentices, and are now called Briarpaw, Blossompaw, and Bumblepaw.
Millie is seen sharing a vole with her mate, Graystripe. She comments on the long drought, saying she doesn't know how much longer it can go on, or how many days until it will rain again. When Dovepaw mentions Beavers blocking the stream, and no cat knows what she's talking about, Millie suggests she might be confused because of the heat, and asks Dovepaw if she had a dream about it. She and Graystripe eventually go to the warriors' den after the discussion is over.

Fading Echoes[]

Millie is first seen to be overprotective of her kit when Squirrelflight yells at Blossompaw to get out of the Great Oak right before a Gathering. Squirrelflight says that Blossompaw is old enough to know better, but Millie is angry because Blossompaw limps for a few moments after climbing down. Later, Millie is terrified and saddened for her other kit, Briarpaw, when she is trapped when the tree collapsed in the camp and broke her spine. She becomes hysterical towards Jayfeather, lamenting over the condition of Briarpaw.
Afterwards, she lays for a long time at her kit's side, and is in a depressed and worried condition for a while. She becomes enraged at Jayfeather when he brings back news from ShadowClan, that they had a cat in the same condition who died. Squirrelflight comes over when Millie shoves Jayfeather out of the medicine den, and helps clear up the misunderstanding that Briarpaw will die. Millie is slightly reassured by this, but still worries a little too much about Briarpaw.
Millie spends a lot of time with her injured kit, helping her with exercises and keeping her company. When Briarlight has a short breakdown, she desperately tries to cheer her up with encouragement, telling her that at least she could still share a mouse with her littermates.

Night Whispers[]

When Lionblaze is exiting the warriors' den, he is careful not to wake her. She is seen in Jayfeather's Dark Forest vision, lunging at Graystripe's killer, but a shadowy cat rips out clumps of her fur and drags her into the darkness.
Millie sees Brambleclaw's patrol coming back from a border patrol for the new ThunderClan border. When Dustpelt says that ShadowClan hasn't set their scent line on the border yet, she declares that they aren't recognizing the new border.
When Briarlight refuses to eat, she gets very worried and argues with Jayfeather about it. Also, when she later argues with Jayfeather about making Briarlight exercise too much, she stops when Jayfeather asks Millie if she wants her daughter to die, rather than be able to enjoy the happiness in merely living.

Sign of the Moon[]

When Hazeltail reports to Millie that Blossomfall had been limping recently, Millie, seeming not to care, brushes it off and returns her attention to Briarlight.
When Blossomfall and Ivypool return from their adventure in the tunnel, Whitewing fusses over Ivypool, saying that she does not want to lose another kit out of her sight, then calls Millie over to see her daughter. Almost as soon as Millie approaches Blossomfall, she snaps at her, telling her that she could have been hunting and remarking that Briarlight would give anything to feed her Clan. Brackenfur tells Millie that they returned, and that's the only thing that matters, but Millie snarls at him. This leads to Blossomfall feeling neglected, to the point that she is easily lured into the Dark Forest where she feels as if she gets more attention.

The Forgotten Warrior[]

Millie is first seen when she is sharing a vole with Graystripe beside the fresh-kill pile.
When Sol arrives at camp, she is sitting with Sandstorm, Firestar, and Graystripe. It is noted that they are looking distinctly awkward with Sol's presence.
Later, Millie leads a patrol consisting of Toadstep, Ivypool, and Hazeltail. When Ivypool says she needs to clean her fur, Millie states her fur is fine, and to concentrate on what they were doing. When her patrol meets Sol heading to the ShadowClan border, she says that she doesn't trust him, and says that she doesn't think he's changed by declaring that tabbies didn't change their stripes.

The Last Hope[]

Millie is first mentioned when she is lying by the warriors' den, calling for Graystripe to bring her a shrew when he is going to the fresh-kill pile. When Briarlight describes the new exercise Millie has her doing, it involves dangling from the fallen tree branches by her forepaws when Millie and Whitewing hoist her up.
Millie is seen on a border patrol with Cloudtail, Graystripe and Squirrelflight. When Lionblaze bumps into Squirrelflight, he decides to join the patrol, and asks where they're heading. Millie tells him that they were heading to the ShadowClan border. When Cloudtail stops at the border, Millie stops right beside him, her tail bushed up. She wonders if they were planning an invasion. Lionblaze leads the patrol to the edge of the border with Millie pounding behind him.
Millie goes to visit her daughter in the medicine den but Jayfeather doesn't grant her access because as of then, Jayfeather was the only cat allowed inside the den. Millie tenses, and starts twitching her tail in annoyance, but doesn't say a word. She wanted to keep Briarlight from getting sick as much as Jayfeather had. When Jayfeather leaves the medicine den, Briarlight is told she may have no visitors, and that included Millie.
She is seen following Brambleclaw and Graystripe into camp with Molepaw, Rosepetal and Dovewing right behind her. When her mate says he should have stayed at the border, she asks him what he could've done alone. Millie is also seen following Jayfeather out of the medicine den with Briarlight. Millie rushes to help Jayfeather during the battle, by helping him haul a bramble tendril.
Dovewing comes and helps Millie and Squirrelflight push back a cluster of Dark Forest warriors in the battle. She bats at a cat's muzzle while Dovewing nips the cat's hind legs.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc[]

The Apprentice's Quest[]

Millie has now become an elder. As Leafpool worries about catmint, Jayfeather reminds her that Millie and the other elders are just fine and says that she coddles them too much. Alderpaw and Sparkpaw pick ticks off Graystripe and Purdy, and Sandstorm and Millie wait for their turn. As Graystripe complains about his ticks when Alderpaw stops, Millie puts in her impatience for her turn, commenting that they have been waiting for moons. Later on, Sandstorm tells Alderpaw that Millie has gone for a walk with Graystripe. When Bramblestar calls for a Clan meeting, Graystripe and Millie are seen together outside the elders’ den. Bramblestar announces about Alderpaw’s quest and that Sandstorm will be joining. Both Millie and Graystripe look equally as shocked at this.

Thunder and Shadow[]

In ThunderClan camp, Graystripe comes to the medicine den and asks for comfrey. Leafpool asks if his joins are aching again, and the gray elder answers that Millie's do. Leafpool rolls up a wad of leaves and offers to check on her, but Graystripe objects that she is only aging. Later that day, as Alderpaw is about to visit ShadowClan, he watches Graystripe wash comfrey pulp into Millie's fur by the honeysuckle wall of the elders' den. Millie's eyes are half-closed in pleasure as her mate works the herb into her spine, and Graystripe catches Alderpaw's eye. The elder offers to help collect more comfrey before the cold comes in, stating that he is too slow for mice, but can stalk herbs, yet Millie purrs and tells him that he can hunt mice as well as any warrior. Graystripe asks why he should bother when he can let the youngsters catch them for him.
When Squirrelflight's patrol to look for SkyClan comes back unsuccessfully, Alderpaw asks why they won't try to find them, and if Bramblestar doesn't care about the Clan, but Squirrelflight orders him to keep her voice down; several cats are seen in the clearing, including Purdy, Graystripe, and Millie, who lounge outside the elders' den.
Later, during Sparkpelt's warrior ceremony, Graystripe murmurs to Millie that he would have thought Bramblestar would choose Sparkfire for her warrior name, due to her great resemblance to Firestar.
When Twigkit and Alderpaw come back from trying to meet with Needlepaw and Violetkit at night, Twigkit states that she wants to be important, but Alderpaw comforts her that she will be, and tells her to look at Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, or Graystripe and Millie, and notes that all cats find their own places in the Clan.
As ThunderClan are on their way to a Gathering, Millie is seen waiting patiently with Poppyfrost and Graystripe behind the apprentices to cross the tree-bridge.
Later, as a ShadowClan patrol enters the ThunderClan camp with news of what happened to the missing Twigpaw, Graystripe and Millie are seen standing outside of the elders' den.

Shattered Sky[]

She is seen standing outside the elders' den, along with Graystripe, Ratscar, and Oakfur as Bramblestar makes a speech just before they attack the rogues, led by Darktail.
She and Graystripe become grandparents to Blossomfall and Thornclaw's kits; Stemkit, Plumkit, Eaglekit, and Shellkit.

Darkest Night[]

Millie is first seen sitting under Highrock with Graystripe, eating a thrush. Owlnose complains that Mosspelt has gone hungry, so the silver tabby offers to share her and Graystripe's meal with the RiverClan elder. At the next Gathering, Millie and Graystripe are the only elders to attend. This strikes Alderheart as odd, and he's confused.
When Twigpaw joins SkyClan, she begins to miss ThunderClan. She remembers Graystripe and Millie, who'd been the roots of the Clan. The apprentice reminisces on how they were always ready with a reassuring word or teasing complaint that made everything seem okay.
Another day, Graystripe and Millie are sitting outside the elders' den. Later, rain begins to pound the camp. Most of ThunderClan hides in their dens, trying to stay dry. Due to the rain, a section of the cliff falls into ThunderClan's camp, causing a rockslide. ThunderClan is ordered to evacuate, and Brackenfur yowls to Poppyfrost to get Graystripe and Millie out of their den. She and Cherryfall hustle the elders out of camp, herding them through the thorn tunnel.
Snowbush's leg is caught by a falling piece of the cliff, and the infection eventually leads to his death. Graystripe and Millie stay behind from the Gathering in ThunderClan's makeshift camp to sit vigil.

River of Fire[]

On a sunny day, Millie and Graystripe stretch out in the warmth near a hazel bush. They later go to sleep in the elders' den, and Twigpaw checks on them. When the apprentice returns from patrol, she brings them some fresh-kill. During a storm, the nursery's residents are moved the the elders' den when the roof collapses. Alderheart comments that Millie and Graystripe will be thrilled to have kits to look after.
Later, as Briarlight is dying, Velvet announces the news to the Clan. Millie lets out a heartrending cry, and Graystripe presses close to her. They rush to the medicine cats' den and stand over their daughter, and she gently licks the brown she-cat's ears. Graystripe murmurs that he can't believe this is happening, as she was always so strong and brave. Millie begs Briarlight not to leave, but she says that it's her time, and she'll run and hunt again in StarClan. The brown she-cat sighs out her last breath, and Millie lets out a wail. Graystripe gathers closer to her, along with their other two kits.
Graystripe and Millie move Briarlight's body to the clearing and sit vigil for her overnight. She tries to make a speech, but is lost for words. Graystripe speaks for her instead, saying that she always had the heart of a warrior, despite not being able to walk. The next day, Millie and Graystripe carry Briarlight's body out of camp for burial.
When Dovewing returns to ThunderClan for a visit, Graystripe and Millie exit the den to greet her.

The Raging Storm[]

When Dovewing visits ThunderClan again, Millie exits her den with Graystripe. They exchange looks when they spot Dovewing.
While looking for Flypaw, Twigbranch checks the elders' den as she is meant to be cleaning it. Jayfeather is sniffing Millie's ear, then asks if she can hear birdsong during the morning. Millie replies she can. Jayfeather asks if she can hear Graystripe snoring and Millie replies that everyone can hear Graystripe's snoring. Jayfeather declares that her hearing is fine, maybe not as sharp as it was but that could be good as she won't hear the kits' mews from the nursery. He tells her to enjoy the peace. Twigbranch explains her situation and Millie suggests Flypaw was getting some fresh moss. Twigbranch insults her apprentice and Millie exchanges looks with Graystripe.
A SkyClan patrol comes to ThunderClan camp. Not realizing what's going on, Millie calls from inside the elders' den, asking who it is. Graystripe replies it is a SkyClan patrol. Millie cannot hear him, and sounds irritable as she states so.

In The Broken Code[]

A Light in the Mist[]

Graystripe, Briarlight, and Millie greet each other happily in StarClan, causing Silverstream to seem upset. Graystripe and Millie tease one another, and Graystripe says that he has missed them. After Firestar explains Bristlefrost's fate to Rootspring, he returns to the others, with Graystripe and Millie in tow. When Graystripe collapses due to his injuries, Millie rushes to his side, and he reflects on his life. Later, Alderheart mentions seeing Graystripe in StarClan after his death, saying that he is enjoying his time with Briarlight and Millie.

In the Super Editions[]

Bramblestar's Storm[]

Millie greets Leafpool, bounding over to her. She says that Briarlight's exercises are really helping her chest and admits she was afraid her daughter wouldn’t survive the greencough. Bramblestar notes he understands why Millie was anxious about her daughter as the greencough killed healthy warriors. Leafpool tells Millie that Jayfeather is the one she should thank as he always keeps thinking up exercises for her daughter. Leafpool says she is gathering medicine to make a mixture for the she-cat, including catmint. Millie asks if they still have catmint, and Leafpool reassures her that they do. During a patrol, Berrynose tells Millie to renew the scent markers along the WindClan border. Amberpaw falls into the stream and after she gets out, Millie helps her clean her fur.
Later, Squirrelflight sends Brightheart on hunting patrol to the ShadowClan border as Millie saw a squirrel nest the day before. Brightheart asks who to take, and the deputy mentions Millie of course. Brightheart bounds away to get Millie from her den. When the patrol returns, they report ShadowClan trespassers. Millie, with a lash of her tail, mentions that it isn’t the first time this has happened. She asks what they will do with ShadowClan.
Millie praises Briarlight, stroking her with her tail. She tells her daughter it won’t be long until she is better again. Briarlight replies with less enthusiasm before watching Millie head to the fresh-kill pile. During a storm, Millie tells Bramblestar that her daughter Briarlight is worried about falling trees and can’t escape any that falls. Bramblestar thinks Millie is more scared for her daughter than anything else, but agrees to talk to her. Millie takes Bramblestar to the fresh-kill pile where Briarlight is and the leader lets the she-cat sleep in his den. Millie is thankful for this and helps with carrying her daughter up to the leader’s den. Bramblestar tells the mother its best she stays with Briarlight, and Millie reassures they will be fine and thanks him again.
The camp floods that night, and the Clan has to evacuate. Millie stresses about Briarlight's safety again, asking how they are getting her out since she cannot swim. The Clan climbs up a cliff face to reach safety, but Millie is worried as Briarlight cannot climb either. Bramblestar promises to get her daughter out to safety first. They stay behind until everyone else is out and safe. Millie wants to stay and help Briarlight escape, but Bramblestar insists she has to climb out and others will stay behind to help Briarlight. Millie refuses, and Bramblestar thinks he understands her worry but it isn’t helping. Leafpool and Briarlight urges the she-cat to go, and Millie tells Bramblestar if her daughter dies, she will never forgive him. Bramblestar promises that she will safely get out or he will die trying. Millie holds her gaze a little longer before climbing up to safety.
When they do get Briarlight to safety, Millie screeches her daughter’s name as she runs up. She asks if she is okay, and Briarlight reassures she is and that she was well taken care of. Millie deeply thanks Bramblestar, incredibly relieved. She, Briarlight and Graystripe wait beside a beech tree as the Clan gets ready to move again. Briarlight thinks she is giving a lot of trouble, but Millie insists she isn’t. Millie seems anxious about her daughter’s depressed mood. The Clan settles in the tunnels and make a temporary camp. Millie spends a lot of the time tending to Briarlight, grooming her and even complaining to Daisy there is not enough bedding for Briarlight. Daisy tells the she-cat there is not enough and they'll try to find some more later. Millie gives an annoyed huff and takes what Daisy can spare. The bedding isn’t that good anyway because it is too wet and causing Briarlight to have a cough. Millie is even more concerned for her daughter, scuffling her claws on the ground. After a patrol rescues a kittypet called Minty and brings her to camp, she struggles to adjust and settle even for the night. Millie walks from Briarlight’s nest to sit beside the she-cat, explaining how she was once a kittypet and took her time to learn how to live in the wild, so she knows how she feels.
Minty is surprised, asking if her Twolegs left her or she chose to live in the wild. Millie explains she chose to live with Graystripe and ThunderClan, and insists it was worth giving up the comfortable life of a kittypet. Minty asks if Millie ever wished to return to the life of a kittypet. Millie says she doesn’t want to change anything, except that Briarlight was never injured. Millie explains that she will never leave ThunderClan but she will not forget there is another way to live too. Bramblestar, who has overheard the conversation, is surprised to hear this as he never knew Millie felt this. He admits to himself that she isn’t one of his favorite cats because of all her fussing over Briarlight, and decides to show more respect to the she-cat. Later, Millie emerges from a tunnel with Briarlight, explaining that her daughter is getting sores from lack of bedding and asks Bramblestar to fix it. Jayfeather agrees with Millie that she needs proper bedding to sleep on, not stones. Later on, Minty is refusing to eat a sparrow despite her hunger. Millie coaxes the kittypet to try it, and recalls her first try of wild prey. She explains it was a bit scary but she would never go back to kittypet food now.
While Millie tries to help Briarlight with her exercises, Bramblestar notes that the brown she-cat is still coughing and nothing Millie does is helping. As Minty worries about her Twolegs not being able to find her, Millie tells the kittypet that the floods will not recede for another quarter moon and insists she is safe right now, safer than on another Clan’s territory. Millie tells her that they can keep an eye on the water level and go home when it lowers, but not before when it’s still dangerous. After the kittypets have a hunting session, Frankie shows Millie, who is again helping Briarlight with her exercises, the shrew he and Dovewing caught. Millie compliments the kittypet, and says this is proof it takes time to settle into Clan life. As the Clan get agitated about other kittypets invading the forest, Millie reassures Frankie and Minty that they do not mean them and they just get excited like that sometimes. Later, Millie seems anxious and for once not about Briarlight. She asks clanmates if they know where Frankie is, but the kittypet soon turns up. Millie asks where he was, stumbling over to meet him.
After Bramblestar and Frankie go missing, they return and Millie asks if they are mouse-brained, seemingly frustrated. She asks if they are aware how worried they were or cared. She seems to calm a bit when she sees how mucky and tired the toms are and asks what happened and if they are hurt. It turns out they found Benny, Frankie’s brother is dead. Millie tells the grieving kittypet he couldn’t have done anything and now at least knows what happened. Millie is soon on a border patrol where she rushes back to camp, agitated. She tells Bramblestar they found fresh scents of badgers. She explains the scent is at least two scents, across the top border towards ShadowClan. Later, Purdy asks what the Clan is yowling about and asks to take on the badgers. Millie reassures him that it’s just Briarlight and asks Graystripe to look at what Briarlight can do. Briarlight is doing her exercises as the two mates stands close together, fur brushing. When the water recedes from ThunderClan camp, Millie is the one to announce this to the Clan. When Graystripe has his elder ceremony, he mentions he could never had returned to ThunderClan without Millie’s help. Millie tells her mate that she is not far behind, giving a look of love.
When Minty is about to return to her Twolegs, Millie tells her that she can always visit whenever she likes. Millie comes along to escort Minty back to her Twolegs since she was always very nice to the kittypet. On the way past ShadowClan, Millie agrees that they do not want to be in trouble with them as Rowanstar could still be angry about ThunderClan helping fight the badgers. When they reach the Twoleg dens, Millie notes they are empty and damaged but expects the Twolegs will clean it up and fix it like they are doing with the hollow. A Twoleg appears and the wild cats duck to hide. They watch as Minty reunites with her Twolegs as Millie looks thoughtful. Dovewing asks her if she is thinking of her own Twolegs and notes she really must miss them. The she-cat admits she did but not that much now. Millie explains she sometimes dreams of her Twolegs and wonders if they dream of her. The warrior then shakes her fur and urges the patrol to return home.

Squirrelflight's Hope[]

Millie is now becoming deaf and has trouble hearing Graystripe when he tells her Squirrelflight is repairing their den. She sits next to Graystripe when Squirrelflight returns from the Sisters, looking very frail. When Cloudtail remarks he isn't sure what he and Graystripe would do if Millie and Brightheart threw them out, Millie replies it would be a lot quieter. Graystripe teases that she would miss him, and Millie affectionately agrees. Later, Bramblestar has Berrynose and Bumblestripe move the elders to the nursery for Sunrise.
Squirrelflight shares a shrew with Millie. She gives the rest of the shrew to Millie who gives it to Graystripe. Leafpool it attending to Millie when Larksong suddenly becomes sick. She and Graystripe anxiously eye the medicine cats' den. When Graystripe suggests that maybe Larksong was too hungry to not notice his prey was smelling sickly, Millie objects that any cat would notice an odd stench. Millie and Graystripe watch Larksong and Flickerkit's vigil from the elders' den. She also attends Leafpool's vigil and thanks Leafpool for caring for Briarlight and hopes they'll hunt again in StarClan.

Graystripe's Vow[]

Coming Soon

In the Novellas[]

Hollyleaf's Story[]

Millie is only briefly seen when Hollyleaf is checking in on ThunderClan. When Briarlight comes out of Jayfeather's den, Millie scolds her, saying that she shouldn't be dragging herself this far. Although Briarlight is annoyed by this and wants to do things on her own, Millie does not. She says that she wishes she could do everything for her daughter.

Dovewing's Silence[]

Millie walks up to Dovewing and nudges her shoulder and asks her if she is hurt. When Dovewing says no, she leads her over to Ferncloud, Hollyleaf, Firestar, and Mousefur. Right after Sorreltail dies, Millie says that she'll go to him and she is seen walking into the nursery towards Brackenfur.
The next morning when Firestar, Ferncloud, Hollyleaf, and Mousefur are being buried, Millie is seen carrying Firestar along with Sandstorm, Squirrelflight, and Graystripe. She is heard murmuring to him that they were born as kittypets and that they were good friends. Jayfeather is woken by coughing and sees Dovewing on guard duty. He tells Bramblestar to have someone else on guard and Millie volunteers because of the fact that she wasn't sleepy. When Jayfeather says that Hazeltail has greencough, Millie rushes over and says that Briarlight can't stay in a den with a sick cat. When Briarlight looks out Millie rushes up to her and says that she can't stay in the medicine cat's den anymore.

Spotfur's Rebellion[]

Spotpaw brings the elders some mice to eat. Millie questions if it is fresh, but Graystripe reminds her that Twigbranch had put some mice on the fresh-kill pile, stating that he is hungry. Millie tells Spotpaw that Flypaw had come earlier and brought the elders a vole and Graystripe is just being greedy. Spotpaw leaves the two elders, and later notes that they had returned back to the elders' den after eating.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc[]

The Lost Warrior[]

She makes her first appearance as a kittypet who befriends Graystripe and shows him a forest when he is homesick. She was the first friendly cat Graystripe had met since the Twolegs captured him. Millie becomes curious about Clan life after Graystripe explains a lot of it to her, and she wants him to teach her about being a warrior. Graystripe does, and Millie learns how to hunt and fight like a Clan warrior. Her skills come to use when she and Graystripe are confronted by Duke, and two other kittypets. A fight breaks out, Graystripe battles with Duke while she wrestles with the other two kittypets. Soon after the battle is over, Millie and Graystripe win.
When Graystripe decides to leave to go rejoin the Clans, Millie, who had helped to convince him of the idea, doesn't want to leave her Twolegs who she thought would be upset if she left. She eventually changes her mind a few days after Graystripe leaves. Millie finds him, sick and hallucinating. While he is hallucinating, he calls out the name Silverstream. When Graystripe is healthy again, she asks him who Silverstream was. Graystripe sadly tells Millie that Silverstream was his mate and died bearing his kits. The two then embark on their journey to find the Clans.

Warrior's Refuge[]

In the beginning, she and Graystripe are sitting near a big Thunderpath and have difficulty crossing it; she freezes in the middle of the second road. Graystripe goes back for her and grabs her by the scruff, dragging her out of the way of a monster. They fall back off the highway and into a cornfield. A large monster (a corn harvester) scares them, causing them to run in opposite directions. She injures her eyes on the sharp corn leaves, and is found a short time later by Graystripe and two barn cats named Husker and Splash. Husker is reluctant to let them stay, but Moss, Husker's mate convinces him to let them stay so Millie can heal.
The next day, when Graystripe goes out to hunt mice, he is chased by the Twoleg dogs, and is trapped at a dead end. Millie saves him by speaking to the dogs in their own language and telling them to go away. Graystripe is awestruck that Millie can speak dog, and she ends up teaching it to all the barn cats. That night, Graystripe asks her if she misses her housefolk, and she says her place is with him now, not directly answering whether she misses her Twolegs or not. She helps Graystripe introduce the Twolegs to Husker and the barn cats and shows slight hesitancy whilst leaving them behind.
After they travel for a while and at the end of the book, she and Graystripe find the old forest and ThunderClan camp destroyed.

Warrior's Return[]

Graystripe and Millie continue on their journey. It begins where Warrior's Refuge ended, with Graystripe and Millie staring in shock down at the old ThunderClan camp, which was destroyed. With Graystripe ready to give up, Millie forces him to continue. They meet Ravenpaw and Barley at the barn, and stay there for a little while. Barley offers to catch Millie a mouse for her, but she replies that she was capable of catching her own. The two cats direct them to where the Clans were headed many moons ago. Graystripe offers for Ravenpaw to go with them, but he says his home is at the barn. When Millie and Graystripe leave, Barley seems disappointed at Millie leaving; it has been speculated that Barley had a crush on her.
They had many arguments along their way to find the Clans. As they leave Ravenpaw and Barley, they pass a highway; the place where WindClan went into hiding. They then come across a Twoleg den as Graystripe says he's hungry. Millie looks over to the Twoleg den and sees a cat flap. She tells Graystripe that the Twoleg nest may have food. Graystripe then argues with Millie saying that warriors don't eat Twoleg pellets and that they should hunt instead. They then had to pass a sheep farm. Millie questions him why they can't just go around. Graystripe says that it'll take too long and that they'll be using a path made by Twolegs.
On the journey, they face many troubles together. When they meet Diesel, a handsome tomcat with black zig-zag tabby stripes, Graystripe feels as though Diesel likes Millie and that he has to compete for her. After Graystripe gets his shoulder hurt by getting hit by a Twoleg monster, Millie and Diesel take care of him until he is ready to leave. Graystripe is also noted to be a little irritated with her always being around Diesel or otherwise acting as a medicine cat and telling him to rest.
Millie suggests that they ride on a Twoleg monster to the sun-drown-place because his shoulder is still sore, and Graystripe agrees. When at a rest stop, they are attacked by kittypets and don't recognize Millie as one of their own. She holds up well against the kittypets and realizes that she has moved forward from being a kittypet.
Finally, they reach sun-drown-place and head towards the lake. They can see the Clan cats at a Gathering on the island. Graystripe tells Millie how he feels and asks her to be his mate. Millie accepts by saying that was what she had wanted ever since she first laid eyes on him. They walk together onto the Island, just in time for the Gathering. Everyone turns and sees the two of them standing together ready to speak and Graystripe introduces Millie to the Clans.

In the Field Guides[]

Cats of the Clans[]

Millie is featured in this guide on the same page as her mate, Graystripe. She is first introduced as the cat who Rock says that he doesn't think ThunderClan realizes just how much they owe her for bringing their leader's best friend and deputy back. Rock says that it was her determination that got them out of Twolegplace, and her encouragement that made Graystripe continue his search for the Clans, from the forest, to the lake.
Rock hopes that Graystripe will never forget how much she has given up for him, and that she has traveled a long way from her home, in more ways than one.

The Ultimate Guide[]

Millie has her own page shared with Graystripe. It is mentioned that while with Twolegs, Graystripe met Millie, who was fond of him enough to travel with him to the lake. Her determination is what helps the two escape Twolegplace, and her encouragement is said to help Graystripe find his Clanmates. Millie is noted to have quickly learned to hunt prey and fight, like a warrior, but refused to be ashamed of her upbringing or take a warrior name. This is said to make certain cats question her loyalty to the warrior code, but if they ever did, it wouldn't be in Graystripe's presence. In Briarlight's article, she is said to be the oldest of Millie's and Graystripe's kits.