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Bellaleaf's litter

"I thought it would help. I thought she’d like to know that they were still close to her, watching over her, until they left to go to StarClan."
— Tree about telling Wrenkit about her siblings in Lost Stars, chapter 2
Description: Two kits[1]
Rank(s): SkyClan kits, then Unnamed residence kits,[1] then Unknown kits
History: They are the kits of Bellaleaf and the siblings of Wrenkit. They didn't survive, and the sadness of their death was felt across SkyClan. It was made worse when Tree said that the two kits were still with Wrenkit, watching over their sister. This information however, frightened Wrenkit and embarrassed Rootpaw. The apprentice confronts Tree over the matter, saying he should not have told Wrenkit about seeing the two kits. Tree explains he thought it would have helped and that she would have liked to know her siblings were still close and watching over before they go to join StarClan.
Trivia: They have kittypet blood via Bellaleaf[2] and rogue blood via Violet.[3]



Bellaleaf:[1] Living (As of Lost Stars)


Wrenkit:[1] Status unknown
see more
Lulu:[4] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)


Rileypool:[4] Deceased, residence unknown
Patch:[4] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)


Violet:[4] Living (As of Ravenpaw's Farewell)

Great uncles:

Barley:[3] Living (As of Darkest Night)
Hoot:[5] Living (As of The Heart of a Warrior)
Jumper:[5] Living (As of The Heart of a Warrior)


Unnamed she-cat:[3] Status unknown

See MoreUnnamed ♀
Ravenpaw ♂Barley ♂Violet ♀Hoot ♂Jumper ♂
Rileypool ♂Bellaleaf ♀Lulu ♀Patch ♂
Wrenkit ♀Two kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown

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