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The following is a list of characters that do not fit the guidelines for receiving their own page, whether it be due to lack of a name, proper history, or other matters. This page lists minor characters from Squirrelflight's Hope.


Tempest's mate

"Your kit reminds me of his father."
— Moonlight to Tempest in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 69


Description: Tom[1]
Rank(s): Unknown[1]
History: He is mentioned by Moonlight that his son, Stone, reminds her of him. Tempest assures Moonlight that it's only because Stone is young.



Tempest (formerly):[2] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)


Grass:[3] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Stone:[3] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)

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