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The following is a list of characters that do not fit the guidelines for receiving their own page, whether it be due to lack of a name, proper history, or other matters. This page lists minor characters from Starlight.


Brambleclaw's attacker

Description: Black[1] tom[2]
Rank(s): RiverClan[1]
History: During Mudclaw's rebellion, the black attacker lands on top of Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw recognizes the cat's RiverClan scent but is relieved he is black and not a tabby as he does not want to fight Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw rakes the black attacker's face. The RiverClan cat's claws find their mark on Brambleclaw's side before the ThunderClan warrior drives him off with a swift bite to his tail.

Notes and references

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