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The following is a list of characters that do not fit the guidelines for receiving their own page, whether it be due to lack of a name, proper history, or other matters. This page lists minor characters from Thunderstar's Echo.


Dogs from the place of dead monsters

Description: Four[1] huge,[2] ugly[2] dogs[2] with powerful jaws[2] and broad, flat, short-furred faces.[2] They also have long, sharp teeth.[3]
History: The dogs attack ThunderClan's camp. Thunderstar manages to distract them from attacking Violet Dawn, Clover, Snail Shell, and Owl Eyes for a little while. When the dogs recover, they attack the four cats, who manage to defend themselves and get up a tree. After all of ThunderClan is safe, the dogs wait for a while, but after getting very wet from the rain, they leave.

The next day, Thunderstar sends patrols to each Clan, warning them about the dogs. He goes to SkyClan himself, wanting to see his father. Skystar admits that SkyClan has been scenting dogs a bit, and they attempt to find where the dogs live. They succeed, discovering the place of dead monsters.

Later, Thunderstar and his deputy, Lightning Tail, go to find the dogs and get rid of them. They find the abandoned camp of some rogues, with one dead brown she-cat left behind. They suspect that the dogs killed her, and bury the she-cat. They find the place of dead monsters again, and try several tactics to stop the dogs, including blocking the hole with rocks and brambles. This fails, and the dogs break out, killing Lightning Tail and Thunderstar. Thunderstar, being a leader with nine lives, comes back to life. Thunderstar tries to use a large boulder to stop the dogs, but fails. He finally succeeds in showing the dogs' Twoleg owners how they are escaping and the Twolegs block the hole.

Dead brown rogue she-cat


Description: Small,[4] brown,[4] lightweight[5] she-cat[4]
Rank(s): Rogue[4]
History: Thunderstar and Lightning Tail discover her in the rogues' camp when looking for the dogs. They decide to bury her, thinking that her fellow rogues should have buried her instead of running away.

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