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The following is a list of characters that do not fit the guidelines for receiving their own page, whether it be due to lack of a name, proper history, or other matters. This page lists minor characters from Tigerheart's Shadow.


Peanut's kits

"Peanut’s had kits of her own, and she’s helped cats in their kitting before."
— Fierce about Peanut and her kits in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 183
Description: Multiple cats[1]
Rank(s): The guardian cats kits[1]
Kin: Peanut (mother)[1]
History: As Tigerheart worries about Dovewing giving birth, Fierce tells him that Peanut has had kits of her own, so she knows what she is doing.

Cycling Twolegs

"So many Twolegs! What are they doing?"
— Sparrowtail about the cycling Twolegs in Tigerheart's Shadow, manga
Cycling Twolegs.SE-10
Description: Five Twolegs[2]
Rank(s): Twoleg[2]


The noise of the cycling Twolegs alarm Berryheart and Sparrowtail. They look back, with Berryheart wondering what it is. Sparrowtail notes their noise sounds like the largest rat swarm ever seen, but they cannot be that. Berryheart notes the makers of the noise is almost with them, and the Twolegs appear, cycling along the Twoleg path beside a cliffside. Sparrowtail notes there are so many of them and asks what they are doing. Berryheart says he doesn't know and thinks they are a hunting patrol. He says whatever the Twolegs are doing, they don't want anything to do with their activity. They get out of the way of the Twolegs, and the Twolegs cycle off up the hill.

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