Mission of Mercy is a short scenario for the Warriors Adventure Game. The game takes place one moon after the previous adventure, Uninvited Guests, and providing the characters completed the last adventure, they are one moon older than the adventure they played before.


The game is played by at least two players, and guided by a Narrator. The recommended or maximum number of players is not known. Players need one character sheet each, and the Narrator needs the printed version of the scenario description.

Each player assumes the role of a cat character, newly made young warriors, having a set of attributes created according to the rules and guidelines of the game. The cats may either be from the same Clan, or different Clans.


The adventure takes place in The lake territories.


Twoleg Trouble

Greenleaf is coming to an end and warriors from all four clans (the players) have been drawn together to solve a problem. There is a lost Twoleg kit wandering around the lake. The cats can see older Twolegs searching for the Twoleg kit, too. Luckily, a ThunderClan patrol has spotted her. Unfortunately, the kit is moving so unpredictably that a ShadowClan patrol saw the same kit on their land at sunhigh and a WindClan patrol at moonhigh. The cats have tried to lead the Twolegs to their kit, but she is so distraught she ignores the cats. The assignment is to find the kit and bring it back to the Twolegs. The players have gone up to ShadowClan territory to search and can find trails of the Twoleg kit. Here, they have to stop and make a Smell Check. The group total leads the players to the next path.

The First Leg

The kit is now following the cats, and she is happy to keep following them. However, as the Narrator knows, Twoleg kits have very short attention spans, and the kit is soon distracted by a passing butterfly. It is up to the players to come up with a plan to get the kit back on track. Soon, the kit should be moving again and the players need to decide where to take the kit. The two places they can take the kit are the area where Twolegs were searching or the place near the lake where Twolegs gather during greenleaf. Depending on where they decide to take the kit, the scene follows.


The kit is now in a familiar place which she recognizes from her time with the Twolegs. However, there is no one to help the kit and the repeated directions from the cats, heard as yowls from the Twoleg kit, are doing nothing to help. In frustration, the Twoleg kit dashes away. The players can make a Ponder Check to try to understand why the kit has done something so irrational, but the total must be above 10. Now the players have to make a plan to get the Twoleg kit back on track. If the plan is good, the Twoleg kit follows the cats to the other place: the lake. If the action fails but the plan was good, the cats must concoct another plan. If the plan is bad, the kit will no longer pay attention to them and will run off to the woods. The scene follows as soon as one of these actions are done.

Wrong Tracks

After following the tracks, the players find themselves where they started. However, this time, they have their own scent marks to make a trail that they know is incorrect. This helps the players greatly and they must now make a Smell Check. Depending on the number of the group total, the next step is revealed.

Familiar Territory

The cats are now near the area where the Twolegs were searching yesterday. The scene gets very quiet, but before this can be pondered, the Twoleg kit begins to make happy noises. The players think it is odd that no cats are greeting them as they bring the Twoleg through the woods. Only the Narrator knows that the reason is that the other cats have chased off the older Twolegs and they have packed up and left the area. With the Twolegs gone, there is no one to help the kit. However, the players do not know this. The cats now have to make a Smell Check. From the least total to the highest total this is the information revealed: Twolegs are no longer here anymore. There were Twolegs earlier in the day, but they are now gone. There is also another scent: the scent of a bear! The players have to come up with a plan to get the Twoleg to the lake. The kit will either follow, refuse to leave the area, or run off blindly into the woods. These actions determine what happens next.

Follow Us!

Now that the cats have found the kit, they want to get the kit to come to them. They have to ponder through ideas such as calling in the way a nursery queen would call to her kits, or to act like a pampered kittypet. The players have to now make a good plan. If the plan succeeds, the Twoleg kit will follow. If the plan doesn't succeed but was a good plan, the kit will stay where she is, but be curious about the cats, making the cats have to approach her. If the plan fails, the Twoleg kit will become frightened and run away. When one of these actions happens, the scene continues.

Some Kits Stay Lost

The trail is impossible to follow, and the players are nowhere close to the end. The reasons the scene could end here is because the players have been following the wrong trail the whole time. The other reason is because they have seen the kit, but she has either left them in frustration or was too frightened. The scene now ends, and the fate of the kit is up to the Narrator. The adventure is over, and the group has failed.

Frightened Kit

The Twoleg kit is now terrified with everything that's happened to her so far. She runs into the woods, not knowing what to do. Unfortunately, this will only make the fate of the kit worse. The players must make a plan to get the kit to follow them again. They can run with the kit and change courses to make the kit think she is still following them. They can also pretend to be hurt so that the kit might stop to help. They can also try to stop the kit down to make sense come to her. Whatever plan they come up with, the Twoleg kit will either calm down and act reasonable, or become even more distraught and run farther. Depending on which action takes place, the scene continues with the likely outcome.

The Missing Kit

The scent is now growing stronger, and the players are on the right track. The cats are now encouraged to make a Listening Check to see if they can hear the kit nearby. They can now hear the kit making odd noises unlike the noises Twolegs usually make. Only the Narrator knows that the odd noises are the kit crying. At this point, the players now have to decide what to do. Their plan will have to involve calming down the kit and getting her to the older Twolegs. In the end, the cats have to decide whether to go up to the kit or calling her from far away.

Distraught Kit

The kit has now settled down to start crying after what has happened to her the whole day. The cats may not know why the kit is crying so they are encouraged to make a Ponder Check here. They will find out that crying is natural to Twolegs, and that it is their way of letting out all the bad feeling and fears they've been holding inside. If the cats purr next to her, she will calm down more quickly, but even if they do nothing, the Twoleg kit will soon be fine. However, if the players are frustrated at this behavior and start poking her to pester her, the kit will run away.

A Different Kind of Kit

Suddenly, there is a rustling in the woods, and the Twoleg kit runs towards it. The players know that the sound is a bear and they follow her until they see a tiny bear cub. It is up to the Narrator to decide how the Twoleg kit reacts to this. She can either become frightened and run away, become stiff with fear until the cats steer her away, or become overwhelmed by how cute the cub is and want to play. Depending on what the players do to follow these actions, the scene continues.

The Friendly Approach

The Twoleg kit seems happy to see the cats approaching her. The next step of the player's plan is to get the Twoleg kit to follow them to the Twolegs. They can make any plan. Some of them might be to bring her a piece of fresh-kill or to tug on the coverings of her feet. If their plan is good, the Twoleg kit will follow the cats. If the plan fails but was still a good plan, the kit forgets about the cats and becomes upset. If the plan was bad altogether, the kit will run off into the forest.

Mama's Home

The Twoleg kit is having a fun time playing with the bear cub until suddenly, a bellowing sound fills the area. The bear cub' mother is now back. It is up to the Narrator to decide how the kit reacts to this event. She can either become frozen with fear or run away. The players have to follow the kit in whatever she is doing, and they might even choose to fight the bear. If the Twoleg kit gets hit by the mother bear once, she gets badly hurt. However, fighting is not the only option, and the players can decide to just run away.


The players are now at the Horseplace. There are two parts of the horseplace: the place where the horses stay, and the place where Twolegs stay. The players and the kit now have to walk past the horses, but the kit may have ideas of her own. It is up to the Narrator to decide how the kit reacts to seeing these big horses. She might be frightened, disinterested, or she may want to go up close to pet one. The players have to come up with a plan to get the kit to the place where the Twolegs reside. Based on whether the kit wants to stay with the horses or if she wants to go look for Twolegs continues the adventure.

Bare Your Claws!

This scene focuses on fighting the dog. In almost all cases, the dog will attack the Clan cats before attacking the Twoleg kit. If the Twoleg kit tries to approach the Twoleg den, the dog will focus on her and maybe even attack her. If the cats run away from the dog, they can run to the far side of the fence. There they can either make a new plan, get knocked out, or knock on the Twoleg door.

To The Lake!

Now that the players are at the lake, they have to decide what to do next. During greenleaf, many Twolegs come to the lake. Some come to swim, while others go to see the Horseplace. The players have to take the Twoleg kit to the place they think they'll see Twolegs. Alternatively, they can also go to the campgrounds, but since it is almost leaf-fall, no Twolegs will be there. After that, the cats must make a choice that leads them to the next leg of their journey: lake or Horseplace?

It's All Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt

When the players arrive at this scene it means that one of them or the Twoleg kit has been injured badly. If the players have been wounded while taking heroic actions, they should be praised for it, but not for having it turn out badly. If the kit was injured, the players will be given a lecture about the strength and dedication that must come from a Clan warrior. Either way, the adventure is over, and the group has failed.

The Guard Dog

The group is now closer to where the Twolegs live. However, they can hear heavy breathing and panting, indicating that a dog is close by. The dog can not get to the travelers directly, but it is in the way of the Twolegs. The players now have to make a plan to get past the dog to get to their goal: the Twolegs. Their choices are either chasing the dog away from the area or fighting the dog. When the group chooses one, the adventure continues.

A Quick Drink

The Twoleg kit hasn't had anything to eat or drink all day, so she heads toward the lake in joy. However, the place where she is heading to is not the best place to drink. There are rocks slippery with moss guarding the water, so the kit might lose her footing and fall in. Here, the cats can decide whether to do anything about this. If their plan is good, the Twoleg kit will forget about being thirsty right then and there, and continue to a better place to drink. If their plan fails, the Twoleg kit slips and falls into the water. The lake is less than a foot deep at that spot, so she is in no real danger. However, she's never been in the lake before, and panics about falling. Here, the cats must swim out to save her. If their swim check total high, the kit continues to the Horseplace. If the Check totals low, the kit is knocked out.


The kit walks up to the door and bats it loudly with her paw. The door opens, and older Twolegs come out. The kit starts crying in relief to find someone that can help her. The couple at the door have heard of a missing kit around the lake, and they are happy to help. They call the police and invite the kit inside. The police will take the kit back to her family later. From the perspective of the players, the kit is now safe with Twolegs and they can go back to their Clans. The leaders will be very proud of them, and everyone will praise them. A few skeptical cats might wonder whether the Twolegs will help the kit or not, but the players will know that they did the right thing. The adventure is over, and the group has accomplished the mission.

Skittish Mare

The Twoleg kit is mesmerized by the horse, but does not seem to realize that the horse doesn't want anything to do with her. Here, the cats must make a plan to either distract the kit or calm the horse. The cats are encouraged to make a Ponder Check to help them. If their total is high, the horse becomes calm and the kit can go pet it. Afterwards, she will go to the Twoleg place. If the total is low, the plan has failed and the horse will rear up. Then the group has to keep the Twoleg kit away from the horse. If the action succeeds, the kit will go to the Twolegplace of the Horseplace. if it fails, the horse will rear up and the kit will be too scared to move. Here, the cats have to try their skills to stop the horse. If the total is high, the horse is scared and the Twoleg kit goes to the Twolegs. If the total is low, the kit gets knocked out. If the cats jump in to be stomped on, they will get knocked out. If anyone of the players or the kit is knocked out, the adventure continues in another scene. If the kit goes to the Twolegs, the players are taken to another scene.

Follow Me!

The players have to scare the dog away. One of the payers has to make a Spirit Check. If the total is high, the dog will chase the player. However, if it is low, the Twoleg kit will move to the yard and the dog will focus it's attention on her. The player has to keep making Ponder Checks to get past the dog and to divert it's attention form the kit at the same time. If any of the Check totals are low, the cat will have to retreat one step back and close the fence door. If this action happens too many times, the dog will get tired and attempt to bite the cats, causing them to get knocked out. If the plan succeeds, the Twoleg kit can go knock on the door.


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If the group fails in their mission (get hurt, fails to retrieve the kits, fails to chase the fox out), they will not receive any experience points. If they manage to save the kits, each character gets experience points.

The adventure can be replayed any number of times, but a character may get points only once.

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