"This is Mist Where Sunlight Shimmers. She is one of our best prey-hunters."
Stoneteller introducing Mist to Brambleclaw's patrol in Moonrise, page 118

Mist Where Sunlight Shimmers, more commonly known as Mist, is a she-cat.[1]


In The New Prophecy arc


Mist is one of the best prey-hunters in the Tribe of Rushing Water to the journeying Clan cats by Stoneteller. She expresses friendly interest in the questing cats, and when they mention StarClan, she is the first to let the Clan cats know that the Tribe did not know of StarClan. When Brambleclaw asks Mist why all of her Tribe are so anxious and frightened, she seems to want to tell them, but is silenced by her companions. The next day, she leads a hunting group that contains Crowpaw and Feathertail.



"StarClan? What is StarClan?"
—Mist’s confusion of StarClan, revealing the tribe do not know StarClan Moonrise, page 119

"Should we tell them?"
—Mist considering telling why the Tribe is so afraid before being silenced. Moonrise, page 121

"Mist gave the forest cats a backward glance, her eyes filled with fear, before she vanished into the shadows at the back of the cave."
—Narrator Moonrise, page 121

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