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The Warriors series is incredibly long, with each book published in a relatively short span of time. As a result, mistakes often appear in the novels, the images, and in the official website devoted to the series. This article documents many of these mistakes in the A Starless Clan arc.


  • Beetlepaw is called white-and-black.[1]
  • Beepaw is called a kit despite being an apprentice.[1]
  • Frostpaw is said to have a brown-and-white pelt.[2]
  • A period is missing in between two sentences.[3]
  • Despite Thornclaw being listed as an elder,[1] he is not shown with the other elders or having a nest with them.[4][5]
  • Sunbeam remarks how the elders told stories in the evening, though there is only one elder in ShadowClan: Oakfur.[6]
  • A comma is used instead of a period.[7]
  • "Leafbare" is misspelled as "leadbare".[7]
  • A space is missing after a period.[7]
  • There is a large empty gap in between sentences.[8]

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