"Onestar behaved badly and the other Clans let him. We are not like them. We don't want to be like them."
— Mistcloud refusing to go to the Gathering in Thunder and Shadow, page 343

Mistcloud is a spiky-furred, pale gray she-cat.[2]

Mistcloud was a ShadowClan warrior under Rowanstar's leadership in the lake territories. She was born as Mistkit to Kinkfur along with her littermates Sparrowtail and Dewkit. She became dissatisfied with her Clan after Rowanstar and Crowfrost's failure to bargain for the herbs needed to cure yellowcough, leading to the deaths of many ShadowClan cats, including her mother. After leaving the Kin, Mistcloud disappeared, her cause of death remaining unknown. However, her spirit was summoned from the lake by Tree along with the other missing ShadowClan cats, and rose to join StarClan.


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Omen of the Stars

"Mistkit was chattering like a starling this morning, but when she woke after her nap, she couldn’t speak."
—Kinkfur to Flametail about her daughter Night Whispers, page chapter 24
When Ivypaw is held in the ShadowClan camp, she watches Mistkit and her littermates play. Later on, the kit loses her voice and is cared for by the medicine cat, Flametail.

A Vision of Shadows

"Mistcloud and Sparrowtail had hardly hunted since Kinkfur’s death. Violetpaw had heard them muttering about Crowfrost, even as he lay dying, blaming him for letting Twigpaw go."
—Violetpaw about Mistcloud during the Yellowcough Plague Thunder and Shadow, page 334
When yellowcough sweeps through ShadowClan, Mistcloud complains about continually being ordered to hunt, despite sick cats having no appetite. In order to bargain for the lungwort needed to cure the illness, ShadowClan holds a ThunderClan apprentice, Twigpaw, hostage, and Mistcloud fights along with the rest of her Clan when Twigpaw is rescued by a ThunderClan patrol. She is furious when Crowfrost lets her go, leading to the death of her mother, Kinkfur, and later the deputy himself. Mistcloud elects to join Darktail's Kin rather than stay loyal to Rowanstar, berating the Clans for their cruelty. However, though Mistcloud is noted to have left the Kin, her whereabouts are unknown until it revealed that she had died when her spirit is summoned from the lake by Tree, along with the other fallen ShadowClan cats.

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Tawnypelt: "I need every cat out hunting today."
Mistcloud: "But we spent yesterday hunting. Can’t we patrol borders instead?"
—Tawnypelt and Mistcloud about patrols Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 19

Rippletail: "Sick cats don’t eat. Why do we need to catch so much prey?"
Mistcloud: "We only need to catch half as much prey as—"
—Rippletail and Mistcloud about hunting Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 19

Twigpaw: "But they might hurt each other!"
Mistcloud: "If they do, it’s their own fault."
—Mistcloud and Twigpaw about Lionpaw and Birchpaw fighting Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 19

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