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"Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"
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"I'll do it. I love my Clan, in spite of it all. I'll help you rebuild RiverClan. As deputy. I'll never be a ThunderClan cat, not truly. If we survive this battle, I'll come home.”
— Mistyfoot to Leopardstar about becoming her deputy in Leopardstar's Honor, page 532

Mistystar is a lithe,[24] frail[25] pale blue-gray she-cat[26] with thick,[15] sleek fur,[27] a pink nose,[28] a plumy tail,[29] and wide[30] ice[31]-blue eyes.[15] She has a dull and thinning pelt, and a graying muzzle.[32]

Mistystar was a leader of RiverClan in the lake territories. She was born as Mistykit to Bluefur and Oakheart alongside her siblings, Stonekit and Mosskit. She was initially raised in ThunderClan by Bluefur and Thrushpelt; however, Bluefur gave her kits to Oakheart in RiverClan, and thereafter, she was raised by Graypool. After completing her apprenticeship, she became a warrior as Mistyfoot, and had Blackclaw's kits, Reedwhisker, Pikepaw, Primrosepaw, and Perchkit.

Mistyfoot became a mentor to Featherpaw and was taken prisoner in TigerClan by Tigerstar for being half-Clan, and after Stonefur was killed, she escaped to ThunderClan with Featherpaw and Stormpaw. She was made deputy by Leopardstar and served her Clan for many moons, mentoring Mothwing and Dapplenose. Mistyfoot became leader as Mistystar and chose Reedwhisker as her deputy; however, she faced problems with Mothwing and her belief in StarClan, but in the end, she accepted her as a medicine cat. Following the Kin's defeat, Mistystar closed her borders, but reopened them when a fire required her Clan to be rescued. When Bramblestar's impostor began punishing codebreakers, Mistystar exiled Mothwing, and after a battle, she exiled Icewing and Harelight. She ventured into Dark Forest to defeat Ashfur and was named a Light in the Mist for her role in saving the Clans.

After changes to the warrior code were negotiated by the Clan leaders, Mistystar collapsed in RiverClan's camp when her warriors questioned her. Her spirit joined StarClan, but with Reedwhisker's mysterious death, RiverClan was left without a leader. RiverClan kept their predicament a secret from the other Clans, and Frostpaw and Mothwing temporarily led until StarClan chose Curlfeather.


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The Prophecies Begin

Mistyfoot: "I'm going with Leopardstar. I'll always be grateful for what you did, but I'm a RiverClan cat at heart."
Firestar: "But...as deputy? After what happened to Stonefur?"
Mistyfoot: "Leopardstar asked me just before the battle started. I said I'd think about it, and now I know I have to do it for Stonefur's sake, and for the sake of the Clan."
Firestar: "Then StarClan go with you. And may you always be a friend to ThunderClan."
—Mistyfoot's decision to return to RiverClan The Darkest Hour, page 310
Mistyfoot is a warrior of RiverClan. She and her brother, Stonefur, participate in a battle at Sunningrocks where their father, Oakheart, perishes. Later, she gives birth to Blackclaw's kits, Reedwhisker, Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, and Perchkit. During a flood, two of her kits drift away in the high water, but they are rescued by Fireheart and Graystripe. Mistyfoot helps Fireheart find out the truth about the death of ThunderClan's previous deputy, Redtail. Mistyfoot is devastated when her best friend and cousin, Silverstream, dies giving birth to Graystripe's kits, and she becomes a mentor to Silverstream's daughter, Featherpaw, while her brother, Stonefur, mentors Stormpaw.
Ultimately, it is revealed to her and Stonefur that Bluestar, the current leader of ThunderClan, is their true mother, and the two refute the claim initially. They eventually accept Bluestar as their mother shortly before her death and forgive her. Tigerstar, having witnessed the revelation, imprisons Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Featherpaw, and Stormpaw, as the four are half-Clan. Stonefur is killed while Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw help Mistyfoot, Featherpaw, and Stormpaw escape to ThunderClan. She participates in the battle against BloodClan, and Leopardstar makes her deputy in place of Stonefur, as she feels guilty over Stonefur's death and believes Mistyfoot would do the job well.

The New Prophecy

"Hawkfrost, I've already told you what a mouse-brain idea it is to camp on the island. Warriors can swim over there, yes, but what about kits and elders? And what if something happens to the fish in the lake? We'd never be able to carry fresh-kill across from the shore."
―Mistyfoot arguing with Hawkfrost about RiverClan's camp Starlight, pages 140-141
Mistyfoot carries out her deputy duties for many moons until she is captured by Twolegs and her position is temporarily replaced by Hawkfrost. She escapes with help from ThunderClan and resumes her place as deputy, much to Hawkfrost's anger, and he often argues with Mistyfoot and defies her orders. She participates on the Great Journey to their new home. With Feathertail dead and Stormfur remaining in the mountains, Mistyfoot is chosen as a representative of RiverClan to scope out potential territory. She takes part in Mudclaw's rebellion on the side of Onewhisker and helps her Clan settle around the lake. Her only surviving kit becomes a warrior as Reedwhisker. When Stormfur and Brook's place in RiverClan is questioned, Hawkfrost accuses Mistyfoot of wanting Stormfur to remain because he is the best choice to succeed her as deputy.

Power of Three

"We're not eating rabbit, if that's what you're worried about!"
―Mistyfoot to Crowfeather when RiverClan moves to the island Dark River, page 137
Dapplepaw is Mistyfoot's new apprentice. She assists Leopardstar helping to move the Clan to the island when a Twoleg kit terrorizes them. She is friendly yet suspicious of Hollypaw when she is held captive in RiverClan for trespassing. Her apprentice later gains her warrior name, Dapplenose.

Omen of the Stars

"You...you don't believe in StarClan? But you've been our medicine cat for so long! Have you never walked with StarClan in your dreams?"
―Mistystar discovering Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan Fading Echoes, page 33
During a drought that dries up the lake, RiverClan suffers the worst due to the lack of fish. Leopardstar dies due to sickness, and Mistyfoot succeeds her as Mistystar. She appoints her son, Reedwhisker, as deputy. She and Mothwing travel to the Moonpool where Mistystar discovers Mothwing does not believe in StarClan. The pair stop by ThunderClan to share the news, and she is later welcomed warmly by the other leaders at a Gathering. Several of her warriors train in the Dark Forest, including Beetlewhisker, Icewing, Hollowflight, and Minnowtail, and Mistystar is confused why any of her warriors would fight for the Dark Forest. She participates in the Great Battle.

A Vision of Shadows

"I wish you all well. But this is RiverClan's last Gathering for a while. We will stay on our land and rebuild what was destroyed by the rogues. But the Clans can make decisions without us for now. RiverClan needs time. We need peace, and we need to look inward to heal the wounds that have been inflicted on us. From tonight, I am closing our borders."
―Mistystar deciding to close RiverClan's borders Darkest Night, pages 32-33
She is present at the Gathering when the medicine cats reveal the prophecy to clear the sky. When Twigkit and Violetkit are brought to the Clans, Mistystar suggests ThunderClan and ShadowClan should each take a kit. She helps her Clan during the reign of the Kin, but is forced to shelter with ThunderClan when the Kin's forces prove too powerful, and they drive RiverClan out of their own territory. Some of her Clanmates, including Reedwhisker, are injured and taken prisoner after the battle, greatly distressing the leader. She helps lead the attack to drive the Kin away, and when they succeed, Mistystar closes RiverClan's borders, as the Clan needs time to recover from the actions of Darktail. Mistystar feels betrayed over the other Clans for not stopping Darktail sooner and she remains firm in her choice, but she reopens the borders soon after when RiverClan gets help from SkyClan, WindClan, and ThunderClan during a massive fire in their camp.

The Broken Code

"We are taking this risk because it is unthinkable not to do so. We must stop Ashfur and save StarClan. Squirrelflight was right when she spoke yesterday. Our connection to our ancestors is what makes us warriors, and we must preserve it. I was wrong to question the idea of sending help, and I am glad that by joining this mission, I can prove my loyalty to StarClan."
―Mistystar to the Lights in the Mist A Light in the Mist (book), page 185
Mistystar is troubled by the lack of connection to StarClan, though voices doubt that Shadowpaw of all cats can still retain a connection to their ancestors. While initially hesitant about punishing the codebreakers, Mistystar agrees to listen to Bramblestar's suggestions and exiles Mothwing for having a non-RiverClan heritage. After a battle between the Clans and the truth about the impostor being revealed, Mistystar still exiles Icewing and Harelight for fighting against RiverClan in the battle. During a vigil Gathering to honor the fallen cats who died in battle, Mistystar refuses to attend and instead sends Reedwhisker in her place. When the identity of the impostor is revealed to be Ashfur, Mistystar suggests that the Clans send two guards of their own to help ShadowClan with the dark warrior, and when the leaders hold a vote to kill Ashfur or not, Mistystar disagrees with killing Ashfur in Bramblestar's body, though she and Squirrelflight, the only other leader who wishes to still try and restore Bramblestar back, are outvoted by the other three leaders. After Bramblestar reunites with his body, Mistystar and others elect to venture into the Dark Forest to stop Ashfur from destroying StarClan, the Dark Forest, and the living world. She joins several StarClan and Dark Forest cats to defeat Ashfur, and StarClan agrees to listen to changes to the warrior code after three moons.

A Starless Clan

"Do you think I've been lying to you? Or are you questioning my judgment? Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"
―Mistystar to Duskfur River (book), page 60
Mistystar and the other Clan leaders agree on changes to the warrior code, including provisions for cats to switch Clans to be with their mates and a process for leaders to be voted out by their Clan. Some of RiverClan's warriors are not pleased with these changes, and a party of them confronts Mistystar about them in camp. She is defensive about the changes and her role as a Light in the Mist, and soon Mistystar collapses and dies shortly after. Her son and deputy Reedwhisker is assumed to be leader, but he mysteriously disappears from a hunting patrol. Mothwing and Frostpaw temporarily lead the Clan, and decide to keep everything a secret from the other Clans. Reedwhisker's body is found in a gorge, and Frostpaw receives a sign from StarClan that Curlfeather is to be leader. However, Curlfeather is killed by dogs, and RiverClan decides to inform the other Clans what is going on.

Super Editions

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"I can't be what I want to be. I need to be as strong as fire. I need to save my Clan. It is for the best. I hope they know that they have been loved. Even if they don't remember me, I hope they'll know that."
―Bluefur to Oakheart about giving up her kits Bluestar's Prophecy, page 475
In Bluestar's Prophecy, Mistykit is born to Bluefur in ThunderClan alongside Stonekit and Mosskit. Thrushpelt is believed to be their true father instead of Oakheart of RiverClan. In order to prevent Thistleclaw's brutal reign of ThunderClan, Bluefur takes her kits out in the snow to give to Oakheart. Mosskit dies along the way, and Bluefur gives Mistykit and Stonekit to Oakheart. Bluefur watches them grow up as she is appointed deputy and then leader of ThunderClan.
Crookedstar: "Are they your kits?"
Oakheart: "Yes."
Crookedstar: "And Bluefur's?"
Oakheart: "Yes. She gave them up to become ThunderClan's deputy. She couldn't let Thistleclaw take over. She didn't say why, just that her Clan needed her. She was so certain that she was doing the right thing, Crookedstar! What else could I do? What are you going to do?"
Crookedstar: "Nothing. We are going to raise them as RiverClan. They are our kin, after all. But I wish you had confided in me. You know you can trust me with anything."
—Crookedstar and Oakheart about Mistykit and Stonekit Crookedstar's Promise, pages 457-458
In Crookedstar's Promise, Oakheart finds two kits lost and presumes a loner abandoned them. He is eager to raise them as RiverClan kits, and his brother Crookedstar agrees to let them stay, noting they have lost many kits already. Graypool raises them as her own, and Oakheart helps her. Later, Crookedstar finds out that the kits are Oakheart and Bluefur's, and confronts his brother about it. Oakheart tells him the truth about the kits, but Crookedstar decides to raise them as RiverClan warriors. Moons later, the two become warriors, Mistyfoot and Stonefur.
Leopardstar: "I want you to be my deputy. I can't think of a better cat to help me make RiverClan what it was always meant to be."
Mistyfoot: "Would you listen to me?"
Leopardstar: "Yes."
Mistyfoot: "You ignored Stonefur's warnings."
Leopardstar: "I was wrong. I've learned from it. I've learned from everything that's happened. I will let you advise me. You can be my conscience when I am uncertain. [...] I hope, one day, you'll be able to forgive me."
Mistyfoot: "[...] I'll do it. I love my Clan, in spite of it all. I'll help you rebuild RiverClan."
—Leopardstar asking Mistyfoot to be her deputy Leopardstar's Honor, page 532
In Leopardstar's Honor, Mistyfoot gives birth to Blackclaw's kits, Pikekit, Perchkit, Primrosekit, and Reedkit. Mistyfoot is grateful to Fireheart and Graystripe when they save Perchkit and Pikekit from a flood. Primrosepaw, Reedpaw, and Pikepaw survive to become apprentices. Mistyfoot and Stonefur later learn the truth about their parentage from Fireheart, and she and Stonefur question why their mother gave them up. Mistyfoot is named Featherpaw's mentor, though Leopardstar later wonders if that was the right choice since Mistyfoot is also half-Clan. Tigerstar questions their loyalty, and has Stonefur killed, with Mistyfoot, Featherpaw, and Stormpaw escaping to ThunderClan. After Tigerstar's death, Leopardstar realizes her mistake, and asks for forgiveness from Mistyfoot. She also asks her to be her deputy, promising she will always listen to her. Mistyfoot is hesitant, but eventually agrees, promising to help rebuild RiverClan with her.


This section summarizes Mistystar's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"I promise to be the strongest, wisest leader I can be. I will do my best to echo your loyalty to RiverClan and your courage to speak out on our behalf, and I will learn from your mistakes. I know that I don't need to prove to the other Clans that RiverClan is the strongest or most powerful. I just want my Clanmates to be happy and at peace."
―Mistyfoot thinking about Leopardstar after her death Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 2
In Mistystar's Omen, Mistyfoot remains at Leopardstar's side as she dies, leaving Mistyfoot as leader. She names Reedwhisker her deputy. Mistyfoot and Mothwing journey to the Moonpool where Mistyfoot is reunited with her family and receives her nine lives. Mistystar discovers Mothwing did not join her, and Mothwing reveals she does not believe in StarClan. She confronts Willowshine who reveals she knew about Mothwing's lack of faith, but insists it did not make Mothwing any less of a medicine cat. Enraged by being lied to, Mistystar demotes Mothwing to an elder. Hollowpaw and Rushpaw are captured by Twolegs, and Mistystar and Reedwhisker run to rescue them. Reedwhisker is gravely injured by dogs, and Mistystar orders Willowshine to heal him; however, she cannot do it alone. Stonefur appears to Mistystar, and he sends her a sign of a moth coming out of its cocoon to fly away, hinting Mistystar should trust Mothwing to act alone. Mistystar apologizes to Mothwing and acknowledges and respects her medical abilities.

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Mistystar's parents are Oakheart and Bluestar, and her siblings are Stonefur and Mosskit. Her mate is Blackclaw and their children are Reedwhisker, Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, and Perchkit. For more of Mistystar's family, click here!



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Did you know Mistystar was one of the oldest known living cat in the Warriors series, at roughly 15 years old? For more trivia about Mistystar, click here!


"Why did she give us up? When she gave Featherkit and Stormkit to RiverClan, she said kits belong in their mother's Clan. If she believed that, shouldn't she have kept us with her?"
―Mistyfoot to Stonefur about their mother's sacrifice Leopardstar's Honor, page 457

"Leopardstar says that they're staying with us so the Clans can exchange training methods and fighting techniques, but I don't see much sign of it. All they do is watch....It's like they're learning all about us, all our secrets and weaknesses. That's why I came over here, to get away from them for a bit."
―Mistyfoot telling some ThunderClan cats about ShadowClan The Darkest Hour, page 124

"Stonefur, Stonefur. What will I do without you?"
―Mistyfoot mourning the death of her brother The Darkest Hour, page 181

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Leopardstar: "I'm sorry. I was wrong to make RiverClan part of TigerClan. I should have seen that Tigerstar was greedy only for power. As soon as I saw he was a threat, I should have stood up to him. I should have protected you. It's my fault Stonefur died. I will never forgive myself. I don't know now how I could have doubted him. I don't know how I doubted any of my Clanmates, no matter their blood. You loved RiverClan as much as I did. But I changed RiverClan into something no warrior could love. Now I'm going to change it back. I'm going to rebuild it."
Mistyfoot: "What does that matter to me, or to Stonefur, or to Featherpaw and Stormpaw? We have a new Clan now. ThunderClan has accepted us completely. They don't care about our blood. They care only that we are willing to hunt and fight for our Clanmates"
Leopardstar: "I understand. But I still have to ask this…If we survive the battle tomorrow, I would like you to come home and help me rebuild. I want you to be my deputy. I can't think of a better cat to help me make RiverClan what it was always meant to be."
Mistyfoot: "Would you listen to me?"
Leopardstar: "Yes."
Mistyfoot: "You ignored Stonefur's warnings."
Leopardstar: "I was wrong. I've learned from it. I've learned from everything that's happened. I will let you advise me. You can be my conscience when I am uncertain."
Mistyfoot: "I can't give you an answer now."
Leopardstar: "Take all the time you need. [...] I hope, one day, you'll be able to forgive me."
Mistyfoot: "[...] I'll do it. I love my Clan, in spite of it all. I'll help you rebuild RiverClan."
Leopardstar: "You'll join us again?"
Mistyfoot: "Yes, as deputy. I'll never be a ThunderClan cat, not truly. If we survive the battle, I'll come home."
Leopardstar: "We'll make RiverClan the Clan it always should have been."
Mistyfoot: "But first we must win the battle against BloodClan."
—Leopardstar reconciling with Mistyfoot Leopardstar's Honor, pages 531-533

«But what do I say to her? Do I tell her that seeing her has lifted a weight off of me that I didn't even know I was carrying? Do I tell her how much I missed her…and that I've realized how much I love her? What do I say?»
—Leopardstar's thoughts upon Mistyfoot's return Leopardstar's Honor, page comic

"You sent this moth, didn't you, Stonefur? You meant this to be an omen, an omen for me that I should trust Mothwing's instincts, and not judge her for what she does not do."
―Mistystar working out the meaning of the omen Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 9

Mistystar: "Blackstar, none of us have forgotten the Clanmates that we lost to the Dark Forest. Let us remember our fallen in our own way. Since when have you spoken for all of us?"
Blackstar: "These cats are still with us, watching the Clanmates they died to save! We need to honor their memory!"
Mistystar: "But Blackstar, life moves on, just like the seasons. We don't list every piece of prey we've eaten in the last moon, or remember every fallen leaf."
—Mistystar and Blackstar about the fallen Bramblestar's Storm, pages 53-54

"Very well. But none of you should worry. We'll come back for you—I promise you that. Meanwhile...Darktail, you should at least let us take the bodies of our Clanmates for burial."
―Mistystar to his prisoners Shattered Sky, page 107

"You're a fine one to talk! This is all happening because you couldn't manage to drive the rogues out of ShadowClan territory when they first arrived. Now they've not only taken over your Clan, but RiverClan as well! It's your fault that we're in this position, and I'm not about to risk the lives of my injured cats just to repair your pride!"
―Mistystar to Rowanstar about fighting Darktail Shattered Sky, page 142

Misystar: "I wish you all well. But this is RiverClan's last Gathering for a while."
Harestar: "What do you mean?"
Mistystar: "We will stay on our land and rebuild what was destroyed by the rogues. But the Clans can make decisions without us for now. RiverClan needs time. We need peace, and we need to look inward to heal the wounds that have been inflicted on us. From tonight, I am closing our borders."
Bramblestar: "But we must decide about SkyClan!"
Mistystar: "Decide what you like. But I warn you to think twice about letting more strange cats onto your land. You have seen what strangers can bring."
Rowanstar: "You can't go! Look what happened to the Clans when WindClan closed its borders. We must work together."
Mistystar: "We are not WindClan. If there is trouble, you may send a patrol to ask for help. But for now, RiverClan follows its own path."
—Mistystar closing RiverClan's borders Darkest Night, pages 32-33

"Mistystar feels betrayed by the other Clans. She feels they should have stopped Darktail before he caused so much harm."
―Willowshine to Alderheart about Mistystar's decision to close its borders Darkest Night, page 151

Tigerstar: "Well, at least all the exiled cats can go home again."
Mistystar: "I'm not sure. Icewing and Harelight, come and stand here at the foot of the Great Oak. I believed that you were loyal RiverClan warriors. Yet in the battle I saw you fighting against your Clan. You disobeyed my orders. Even now that I know the false Bramblestar was evil, I must send you into exile."
Mothwing: "Mistystar—"
Mistystar: "Mothwing, I see that I was wrong to exile you. I am sorry for it. You are welcome to return to RiverClan."
Mothwing: "No, Mistystar. [..] It will be hard for me to forget that."
—Mothwing refusing to return to RiverClan Veil of Shadows, pages 286-287

Reedwhisker: "Remember what we talked about."
Mistystar: "I'm not going to change my mind."
Reedwhisker: "You're our leader. If anything happens to you—"
Mistystar: "You've been a strong deputy, and you'll be a strong leader if I die. I have every faith you are ready to take my place. You'll make me proud. I know it."
Reedwhisker: "I will try. But I hope I don't have to."
—Reedwhisker and Mistystar before she enters the Dark Forest A Light in the Mist, page 183

"I know how much it hurts to lose a cat you love. And I would never accuse you of disloyalty. But if we allow cats from different Clans to become mates and have kits, it'll undermine every Clan."
―Mistystar to Rootspring A Light in the Mist (book), page 303

"It won't be difficult to pay tribute to Mistystar. She was such an important cat to us here in RiverClan. She did so much for so many..."
―Shimmerpelt about Mistystar during her vigil River (book), page 92

Frostpaw: "Mothwing? I'm so sorry. I know you were close with her."
Mothwing: "I can't believe that I'll never speak to her again. We lost so much time while I stayed with ShadowClan. Maybe I was too proud."
Frostpaw: "Mistystar was proud, too. But she admitted that it was wrong to fight on Ashfur's side. And I know she understood why you stayed away."
—Frostpaw comforting Mothwing after Mistystar's death River, page 93

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