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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

It was revealed in Forest of Secrets that she fought in the battle at Sunningrocks where Oakheart had died; however, Mistyfoot does not formally appear or is mentioned.

Forest of Secrets

In the prologue, Oakheart brings Mistykit and her brother, Stonekit, to RiverClan for a queen named Graypool to raise. She is incredulous that a mother would abandon her kits in the forest like Oakheart claims. Graypool takes them in, but after Oakheart leaves, she recognizes the scent of an enemy Clan on them- ThunderClan.
When Fireheart and Graystripe go into RiverClan's territory to speak to Silverstream about the battle at Sunningrocks, Silverstream tells them that she hadn't fought in that battle, but that Mistyfoot had. Silverstream runs off to fetch her, after a brief debate. When she returns, Fireheart recognizes Mistyfoot somehow. However, he realizes it is Bluestar that she reminds him of, and he convinces himself that he has just seen her before at a Gathering. Mistyfoot is very hostile and suspicious of Fireheart at first, but Fireheart reassures her that what he needs to know about the battle will not harm RiverClan in any way. Mistyfoot reveals to Fireheart that Oakheart was her's and Stonefur's father, but that she doesn't know why Oakheart was so determined that no ThunderClan cat should harm them. Fireheart is disappointed at first, but Mistyfoot tells him that she could bring her mother, Graypool to him. She tells him that if Graypool can't answer his questions, no cat can. She promises that she will work on getting Graypool to talk to Fireheart.
Mistyfoot and Silverstream persuade Graypool out of the camp a few days later. They lead her to the Twoleg bridge, where Fireheart and Graystripe are waiting. When Graypool becomes suspicious and angry that there are ThunderClan cats on their territory, Mistyfoot soothes her, and convinces her to talk to Fireheart. When Graypool hears that Fireheart wants to know about Oakheart's death, she sends Mistyfoot, Silverstream, and Graystripe away so she can talk to Fireheart alone. She then reveals to Fireheart that Mistyfoot and Stonefur are not her own kits, that she had only raised them. She tells him that they have the scent of ThunderClan on them, and that Mistyfoot and Stonefur know nothing about it.
When newleaf begins, the frozen river starts to thaw, much to the relief of RiverClan, who had been losing their prime food source; however, it overflows, flooding the RiverClan camp. Two of Mistyfoot's kits are swept away by the current, and she frantically tries to find them. When Fireheart and Graystripe come to their temporary camp with Leopardfur and Blackclaw, they had found and rescued her kits. Silverstream sees them, and she runs to notify Mistyfoot. Mistyfoot comes running to her kits, and begins lapping furiously at their pelts, trying to dry them off and keep them warm.
At the end of the next Gathering, Bluestar begins questioning Mistyfoot about her kits. Mistyfoot is surprised to be talked to by the ThunderClan leader, but tells her that her kits are recovering well from the flood, and that they would be apprenticed soon.
Bluestar later reveals to Fireheart that Mistyfoot and Stonefur are her kits, and that she had given them up to RiverClan after they had been born. Soon afterwards, Fireheart seeks out Mistyfoot to tell her that her close friend, Silverstream, has died. She is shocked and grief-stricken by her death, but she is glad that Fireheart has told her.
She is part of a patrol that Leopardfur leads to ThunderClan's camp. They have come to tell Bluestar that they want to take the kits home, to RiverClan. An argument breaks out, and they eventually agree that they will wait until the next Gathering for Bluestar's answer. Mistyfoot then leaves with the patrol.
When rogues attack ThunderClan's camp, Mistyfoot arrives with a RiverClan patrol to help ThunderClan drive them off. They succeed, and ThunderClan thanks them greatly.
Graystripe has decided to join RiverClan with his kits and says his good-byes to Fireheart at the border with RiverClan. Mistyfoot is waiting on the other side to help carry the kits to the camp. Fireheart knows that she had been Silverstream's best friend, and that she will love Silverstream's kits like her own.

Rising Storm

When Bluestar and Fireheart go to the Moonstone, Bluestar hears something in RiverClan territory, and scans the undergrowth, as if she is looking for something, Fireheart thinks that she was probably hoping to see Mistyfoot and Stonefur.
Fireheart first sees Mistyfoot at a Gathering. While Mousefur and Fireheart are speaking with Leopardfur, Mousefur comments that Stonefur had informed her that Mistyfoot's kits were almost ready to be apprenticed. When Fireheart and Mousefur sit in front of the cats, Mistyfoot sits next to him, while Crookedstar starts talking.
After a fire nearly destroys ThunderClan's territory, Crookedstar, Mistyfoot's leader, allows them to stay in the RiverClan camp for a while. The next day, Bluestar decides to leave. She gazes sadly and longingly at Mistyfoot and Stonefur before leaving. Fireheart notices, and as he sees sorrow pass through Bluestar's eyes as she stares at her grown kits; he thinks he understands how she knew better than any cat, what it was like to be loyal to her Clan rather than her kits, which he believes is the reason why she won't allow Graystripe back in ThunderClan.

A Dangerous Path

Mistyfoot becomes the new mentor of one of Graystripe and Silverstream's kits, Featherpaw. At a Gathering, she talks with Fireheart telling him that Leopardfur wouldn't let Graystripe go because she hated the way he acted after the fire in ThunderClan, and the fact that she knows that his heart still lies in ThunderClan. Mistyfoot tells Fireheart that Graystripe's fine, and the kits too. She also asks if Bluestar was seriously ill, but Fireheart tells her no, and that Bluestar would be better soon, which wasn't the complete truth. Mistyfoot tells him she's glad Bluestar is recovering, and Fireheart asks how Crookedstar was doing. She tells him that he's doing good, but she's more concerned over Graypool because she's getting so old, she might be going to StarClan soon.
While Graystripe talks to Fireheart, Mistyfoot interrupts, asking Fireheart if he's seen Graypool. He asks her what Graypool would be doing on ThunderClan territory, and she says she doesn't know, but that Graypool is weak and confused, and no one knows where she could be. Fireheart ends up finding Graypool dead, after being killed by Tigerstar. He tells Mistyfoot that she fell off the slope and that he wasn't in time to save her, because he thought it would be better off if Mistyfoot didn't know the truth. She carries her foster mother's body back to the RiverClan camp with Graystripe and Fireheart.
She and Stonefur fight against ThunderClan when RiverClan tries to take Sunningrocks in payment for sheltering ThunderClan from the fire. Mistyfoot asks Bluestar if she is scared to fight them. It is then that they both attack Bluestar, but she does not fight them, even though they threaten to kill her. To save Bluestar, Fireheart reveals that she is their mother, and they refuse to believe it, angrily snarling at her, but sparing her life. After the battle, Bluestar tells them to come visit her, but they tell her she is no mother of theirs. Bluestar tells Fireheart that she wishes he had allowed her to be killed by Mistyfoot and Stonefur, because they are noble warriors.
At the next Gathering, Mosspelt tells Graystripe and Fireheart that Graystripe's kits became apprentices, with Mistyfoot as Featherpaw's mentor, and Stonefur as Stormpaw's mentor. Mosspelt tells Graystripe that Mistyfoot will probably keep in touch with him about his kits.
Mistyfoot and her brother save Fireheart and Bluestar from drowning in the river. As Bluestar lays dying, she finally tells Mistyfoot and Stonefur that she is their real mother. Mistyfoot, along with her brother, forgive her for abandoning them and share tongues with her for the first and last time before Bluestar dies.

The Darkest Hour

Mistyfoot helps carry Bluestar's body back to ThunderClan. When Frostfur and Speckletail find Mistyfoot and her brother in Bluestar's den with her body, they think RiverClan is invading ThunderClan camp. Fireheart calms her down before seeing off the two RiverClan warriors.
After Fireheart has earned his leader name, Firestar, and receives his nine lives, he meets her at the RiverClan border while on a patrol with Graystripe and Thornclaw. After seeing her neatly catching a fish by herself, he notices she is very thin, much thinner than he had seen her before and asks her if there is a problem in RiverClan. She reveals that her brother, Stonefur, has revealed to the rest of RiverClan that he and Mistyfoot are half-Clan. She states that some cats are suspicious now and tells Firestar that Leopardstar, her leader, and Tigerstar, ShadowClan's leader, have been meeting frequently and there are lots of ShadowClan warriors stationed in the camp. She also chats with Graystripe about his kits, Featherpaw and Stormpaw, and says that they are getting along fine in RiverClan, and that Featherpaw is a great fighter.
Mistyfoot's brother, Stonefur, is killed by Blackfoot and Darkstripe for being Half-Clan during a Clan meeting on the Bonehill. Mistyfoot, Featherpaw, and Stormpaw are imprisoned in a cave and are most likely due to be killed later, but Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw come and rescue them. Unfortunately, as Mistyfoot grieves over Stonefur's body, they stay in enemy territory a little too long, and have a very narrow escape. When Mistyfoot jumps into ThunderClan territory, Cloudtail almost attacks her and is stopped by Firestar. They temporarily take her and the apprentices to ThunderClan.
Mistyfoot fights with LionClan in the battle against BloodClan. Before the battle, Leopardstar asks her to be RiverClan's new deputy; at first she is unsure, but later agrees, wanting to do justice in her brother's memory. She and the two apprentices then return to RiverClan. After the fight against BloodClan, she tells Firestar that she will always be grateful for what he had done for her, but she is a RiverClan cat at heart.

In The New Prophecy arc


She introduces Feathertail and Stormfur to Leafpaw at a Gathering. Graystripe, her old friend, notices that she is troubled and disturbed. The reason, later, turns out to be because of Mothwing, the kit of a rogue, Sasha, becoming a medicine cat and being unsure about the rogue cat holding such an important position.
She also helps Leopardstar make a decision with Tallstar to let WindClan travel onto RiverClan territory to get water from the river while their streams are dried up because of the drought. She tells Blackclaw that RiverClan has needed help from other Clans in the past and without them, they wouldn't be there. She tells she thinks she should allow it, since they have water to spare.
After the Gathering, Graystripe asks her if the two former rogues in her Clan is what's bothering her. She tells him that she knows she's the last warrior to criticize any cat outside the Clan, but Leopardstar hadn't told them everything. When Leopardstar says that Mudfur, RiverClan's medicine cat, is getting old and takes on Mothwing as an apprentice, Mistyfoot tells Graystripe that is what is bothering her.
Mistyfoot is also seen when Leafpaw and Sorreltail reach the river and see WindClan being chased out from RiverClan territory. ThunderClan cats ask her and find out Feathertail and Stormfur have left. Leafpaw and Sorreltail tell her that they've lost Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw. Mistyfoot wonders if predators could've taken them away, but Leafpaw says that there would be traces of something if a predator took them. Mistyfoot says that Feathertail and Stormfur sometimes feel the Clan blames them for having their father in their Clan, and that Brambleclaw has the burden of being Tigerstar's son, but she wonders why Squirrelpaw would've left. Hawkfrost suggests that they could ask the other Clans to see if they've lost cats too, and Mistyfoot says that's true. She says it would be easy to talk to WindClan, but no one will see ShadowClan until the next Gathering.
When Sorreltail talks about WindClan still freely drinking from the river, Mistyfoot tells her that Leopardstar had only agreed to allow WindClan to drink from the river because they have no water. Before Leafpaw and Sorreltail leave, Mistyfoot tells Leafpaw to tell Firestar about Stormfur and Feathertail, and to let them know if they hear anything.


Leafpaw, the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice, sees Mistyfoot at the RiverClan border while gathering herbs. Mistyfoot jumps into the river, striking out with strong paws toward a floating branch which her son, a small black apprentice named Reedpaw, is just barely holding on to. After some struggle against the strong current, she manages to drag the RiverClan apprentice out of the water by the scruff of his neck. Mistyfoot invites Leafpaw over when the medicine cat apprentice offers to help, along with Mothwing and Hawkfrost, who come later. Mistyfoot tells them to fetch Mudfur, but he is out collecting herbs, according to Mothwing; thus, the two medicine cat apprentices administer the proper medicine to the apprentice, and they tell Mistyfoot to lick Reedpaw's fur the wrong way to help it dry and get him warm. Mistyfoot supports his shoulder and helps him to the RiverClan camp once he manages to stand.
Mistyfoot, along with Cloudtail, Brightheart, Gorsetail, and Leafpaw, go missing mysteriously all of a sudden. Hawkfrost seizes the chance to replace Mistyfoot as deputy. When Leafpaw and Sorreltail investigate to try to find out what happened to the missing cats, Leafpaw smells Mistyfoot' scent near the Twoleg trap, and gets caught. Then, at the very end, another cat enters the cage, and Mistyfoot recognizes the cat as Sasha.


It is revealed that she is missing because she was kidnapped by the Twolegs after chasing Gorsetail of WindClan off her territory. She notices Sasha and asks her if she's okay, and what she's doing in the forest. Mistyfoot tells Sasha that there are mostly rogues trapped in the cages, but some of them are Clan cats, and Cody's the only kittypet.
She is found trapped in cages with Gorsetail, Cloudtail, Brightheart, Leafpaw, and others. She is then rescued by a patrol of ThunderClan cats including Sorreltail, Squirrelpaw, Thornclaw, Rainwhisker, Graystripe and Brambleclaw. Graystripe gets left behind while trying to rescue Brightheart, but the rest of the cats unlock the cages, and Mistyfoot manages to get out safely. When she comes back to RiverClan, Hawkfrost is forced to step down from his temporary reign as deputy, and since then, Mistyfoot has to put up with Hawkfrost constantly questioning her and trying to undermine her authority.
She, along with a patrol of RiverClan cats, help ShadowClan escape their camp when Twolegs are destroying it. Hawkfrost tries to tell everyone to get out early, but Mistyfoot commands that they will wait until every cat is out of the camp. She walks back to Sunningrocks along with the other Clans and helps Tallstar. She tells the other three Clans that RiverClan will travel with them to their new home.
When Blackstar says that ShadowClan will sleep separately from ThunderClan and that a guard will be posted, Mistyfoot tells him that they just saved ShadowClan from the Twolegs. She also asks him if he thinks ThunderClan only brought them to Sunningrocks just to attack them.


Since Feathertail had died, and Stormfur stayed with the Tribe of Rushing Water, Leopardstar sends Mistyfoot instead with the patrol of questing cats to explore the lake territory, along with Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Crowfeather, each cat from each Clan. Before, though, Mistyfoot is sent toward the lake with Russetfur. She and Tawnypelt get into a fight since Mistyfoot wanted to leave and go back and report to the leaders, but Tawnypelt wants to find something for ShadowClan. Tawnypelt accuses Mistyfoot of not caring about the her Clans just because she already found a good camp for RiverClan. During the trip, Mistyfoot often takes over as leader, since she is the deputy of her Clan.
After Hawkfrost tells Brambleclaw about Mudclaw's rebellion, Mistyfoot tells Hawkfrost that Leopardstar wants him to help discuss what to say at the Gathering. She tells him that Leopardstar also wants to tell everyone about how he and Blackclaw chased a badger off. He tells her any cat would've done the same, but there was an edge of pride in his voice.
When Brambleclaw leads a patrol along the ShadowClan border, she warns ThunderClan of Mudclaw's rebellion against Onewhisker for leadership of WindClan. She explains how she is convinced Hawkfrost and Mudclaw are involved in a plot to overthrow Onewhisker's leadership, along with cats from the other Clans.


Mistyfoot is first seen sitting stiltedly on one of the twisted roots of a tree, where the Clans were going to hold future Gatherings.
When the Clans are making an agreement when cats can travel over each others' territory at a Gathering, she points out that not only attacking cats, or cats attending Gatherings, need to cross another Clan's territory.
Also, Mistyfoot, Mosspelt and an apprentice on patrol meet Leafpool at the border. She asks Leafpool if she was alright, and Leafpool tells her she has herbs for Mothwing. Mistyfoot sniffs the leaves, realizing it's catmint, and tells Leafpool that Mothwing's at camp, and tells her to join them, since they were heading back. When they reach the camp, Mistyfoot welcomes her in. Leafpool tells her that they've settled in well, and Mistyfoot tells her it's a good place. She tells Mothwing she has a visitor, and she thanks Mistyfoot as she pads away.
Leopardstar sends Mistyfoot and Reedwhisker to help Leafpool and Mothwing with the poisoned cats. She asks Leafpool what she can do first, and if there are any herbs she needs. Leafpool tells her no, and sends her to find the cause of the illness. She finds silver-green Twoleg stuff, that later is revealed to be toxic. Hawkfrost and Blackclaw come with Leafpool and Mistyfoot, to see the Twoleg toxic. When Blackclaw says no cat would be mouse-brained enough to drink it, Mistyfoot tells him that cats could've carried it on their paws, and got themselves sick by picking them. Leafpool says that mice could also carry the toxic, and Mistyfoot says that it could be over the whole territory. Hawkfrost criticizes Mistyfoot's authority by claiming the patrols were set up badly if no one had noticed the Twoleg stuff, but she ignores him.
Leafpool asks Mistyfoot how the kits got ill, and she tells her that they ran off one day, since it was Minnowkit's idea and went exploring on their own. She tells Leafpool that Minnowkit can think of more ways to get in trouble than there are stars in Silverpelt, and she says the sooner she's mentored, the happier she'll be. Mistyfoot tells her the kits didn't say a word about the toxic, and that she was furious when she caught them sneaking back into camp. She says that Dawnflower was their mother, and that she gave them a good licking, and she was the first to fall ill. Mistyfoot asks her if the kits will wake up, and Leafpool says she thinks so, with the help of StarClan.


She speaks with Brambleclaw at the Gathering, and he asks about Stormfur and Brook. She tells him they're both okay, and that she is pleased to see Stormfur again. She confuses Brambleclaw by adding her regret that they are not staying longer, suggesting that they will return to the Tribe soon, while Brambleclaw had assumed they were planning to stay with the Clans. She then walks away to sit with Ashfoot and Russetfur, the WindClan and ShadowClan deputies.
Mistyfoot tries to defend Stormfur from Hawkfrost when he forces Mothwing to tell the whole Gathering about her "dream" from StarClan claiming the idea that Stormfur and Brook do not belong in RiverClan is ridiculous as he is a RiverClan cat.
When Blackstar reports increased Twoleg activity in ShadowClan territory, Mistyfoot tells the cats that the Twolegs lit a fire, something that is greatly feared by all the Clan cats. This turns into an argument over territory and Mistyfoot snaps at Hawkfrost when he challenges other cats, telling him not to speak for the whole of RiverClan. When it looks as if a fight will break out, she reminds the cats that they are at a Gathering and the truce still holds. Most ignore her.
She is mentioned several times when Hawkfrost and Mothwing are arguing over the fake sign. Mothwing tells Willowpaw to go and find Mistyfoot and to tell her she will be along shortly. Hawkfrost accuses Mistyfoot of wanting Stormfur to stay to make sure he succeeds her and not Hawkfrost himself, and Mothwing reminds him that he was made deputy when Mistyfoot was captured by Twolegs and will be again if he acts sensibly.
She is seen at Leopardstar's side when Brambleclaw visits RiverClan's camp. She steps in when it looks like Stormfur will fight Hawkfrost, telling him to think first, but then asks him how long they are planning to stay in RiverClan. When Mothwing talks about her sign from StarClan, Leopardstar says something to Mistyfoot. She and Blackclaw are ordered to pull Stormfur and Hawkfrost apart when they fight, and she leaps on Hawkfrost, pulling his head back.
Hawkfrost comments in one of his dream meetings with Brambleclaw and Tigerstar that it seems as if Leopardstar and Mistyfoot will live forever and he will never get to be leader. Tigerstar assures him that he is the obvious choice to be deputy once Leopardstar dies and that Mistyfoot will have no better choice.
It's noted that Brambleclaw looks forward to being able to sit with her and the other deputies at the Gathering now he has been made deputy.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

She now has a new apprentice, Dapplepaw. When Graystripe comes back during the Gathering, she asks him how he found his way back to the Clans. Graystripe responds that they met a rogue who told them about cats living by the lake.
She also claims that Pouncepaw will beat everyone at fishing during the special Daylight Gathering.

Dark River

RiverClan has moved their camp onto the Gathering island. Onestar questions Leopardstar on where her Clan is hunting, showing that he suspects they may steal prey from WindClan. Leopardstar replies they have the lake to fish in. Crowfeather asks what they will do when they've fished out all the prey, and Mistyfoot snarls at him, telling him that they're not going to eat rabbit if that's what he's worried about.
Hollypaw catches Mistyfoot stalking a water vole. She was seen springing forward, paws outstretched, and a moment after, her whiskers twitch triumphantly while she had the prey hanging from her jaws. As she turned and padded away, Hollypaw noticed that she looked thin and her usually glossy pelt was dull.
When Hollypaw is prisoner of RiverClan, accused of being a spy, Mistyfoot checks on her to make sure she does not escape, in the form of bringing prey to the medicine cat's den. Hollypaw feels gratitude toward Mistyfoot for not being pushy about it. Mistyfoot tells Mothwing that the fish isn't much, but it should see her through the day. When ThunderClan comes to help get her back, Mistyfoot tells Hollypaw to follow her, and she brings her to the clearing.


Mistyfoot's apprentice, Dapplepaw, becomes a warrior, Dapplenose.
When Tornear is talking to Squirrelflight, he mentions how Breezepaw provoked a RiverClan patrol, and how Onestar had to apologize to Mistyfoot.


She is present at the Gathering where ShadowClan denounces the warrior code and StarClan, and she muses if they are no longer warriors at all.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Leopardstar is growing very weak from sickness, and she is also losing some of her good judgment, so Mistyfoot begins to take over several of her leader's duties. The other Clans see just how weak Leopardstar is when Mistyfoot has to help her to her seat in the great tree on the Gathering Island.
Mistyfoot is seen when a ThunderClan patrol, consisting of Brambleclaw, Lionblaze, Dovepaw, Sorreltail, and Brackenfur are returning Rainstorm, a RiverClan warrior who was severely weakened by falling into a mud from the dried up lake. When Lionblaze sees Mistyfoot, he is somewhat relieved because Mistyfoot is friendlier than the other RiverClan cats, but Mistyfoot turns out to be wary of the ThunderClan patrol, probably because of the drought.
When Firestar suggests each Clan send two warriors for a patrol upstream to find water for the lake, Leopardstar is suspicious and initially refuses, but Mistyfoot convinces her, seeing it is for the good of all the Clans. Several RiverClan warriors protest Mistyfoot's actions; however, because they believed that it made Leopardstar look weak and helpless.
Mistyfoot, like all the other deputies, appears to escort two warriors to the patrol; Petalfur and Rippletail were chosen to represent RiverClan. She is noted to greet the other deputies coldly like Russetfur, the ShadowClan deputy.

Fading Echoes

Only a few days after the return of the questing cats, Leopardstar dies, losing her last life to illness. Mistyfoot and Mothwing leave for the Moonpool rather early, instead of waiting for full night like most other leaders. Dovepaw tells Jayfeather what is going on, but he tells her not to worry about it. Jayfeather sees in Mothwing's memory that shortly after Mistyfoot begins to dream, she yowls in pain in her sleep. Mothwing is worried, but Mistyfoot wakes up as Mistystar. She is surprised that Mothwing wasn't there with her, and Mothwing finally reveals that she has no connection with StarClan like the other cats. Mistystar is shocked by the news, but dips her head in understanding. The two cats then travel to ThunderClan to share the news of Leopardstar's death.
Ferncloud is the first to see the two come into camp, but Dovepaw warns the rest of the Clan using her powers. Firestar appears and grieves briefly for Leopardstar before the news of Mistystar spreads through the Clan and the cats congratulate her. Mistystar reluctantly reveals that RiverClan relied too much on the lake for survival, and that they had lost three of their elders: Dawnflower, Blackclaw, and Voletooth, due to hunger. Then, when Jayfeather offers her herbs to bring back, Mistystar agrees. Jayfeather then wonders whether if Leopardstar would agree so readily. When Jayfeather went into Mistystar's memories, he discovered that Mistystar accepted the fact that Mothwing didn't believe in StarClan.
She appears at the next Gathering, proudly leading her Clan forward. She speaks for RiverClan and is welcomed by all three Clans well. She reports that she is RiverClan's new leader, but that Leopardstar would have done anything to protect her Clanmates. She then says that Petalfur had returned from the quest, and they mourned the loss of Rippletail. Blackstar steps forward, showing uncharacteristic grief, and wishes Mistystar good luck. Firestar speaks then, also greeting Mistystar warmly, despite the fact that Blackstar had just threatened ThunderClan.

Night Whispers

At a Gathering, she reports that though it's a tough leaf-bare, RiverClan are free of sickness. Later, when ShadowClan and ThunderClan start to bicker, she is the first leader to take her Clan home.

Sign of the Moon

Mistystar appears at a Gathering, crouching on the branch below Firestar on the Great Oak. She announces that her Clan is doing well, and that they have two new warriors, Rushtail and Troutstream. She also says that there was a badger in RiverClan territory, but they chased it out. When the other leaders ask if the badger was heading for the other Clan territories, she says that it wasn't, and that she would have told them if it had.
She does not appear after this, but is later mentioned when Dovewing tells Stormfur that she is the new RiverClan leader. Stormfur expresses grief for Leopardstar and agrees that Mistystar will make a great leader.
Mistystar is seen in Jayfeather's vision. Along with many other cats, she falls down the waterfall at the front of the Tribe of Rushing Water's cave. She is flailing helplessly, mouth open wide as she falls into a whirlpool and disappears.

The Forgotten Warrior

At a Gathering, when Dawnpelt accuses Jayfeather of murdering Flametail, her brother and one of ShadowClan's medicine cats, Mistystar is as shocked as all of the other leaders about the accusation. When Firestar growls that Jayfeather did not murder Flametail, Mistystar suggests that Jayfeather could stop his medicine cat duties until proven innocent.

The Last Hope

Mistystar is first seen in RiverClan camp when Jayfeather comes to visit Mothwing. She is surprisingly welcoming towards the ThunderClan medicine cat, unlike many of her warriors. She allows Jayfeather to see Mothwing, but shortly after apologetically asks him to leave. She states that she must respect the wishes of the senior warriors in her Clan that no longer believe him to be a medicine cat until his name is cleared of the murder accusation made by Dawnpelt. She has him escorted to the WindClan border.
She is seen at the Gathering talking about the scents found in the Clans' territory.
She comes when the four Clan leaders talk about the Dark Forest and agrees to send three of her warriors to ThunderClan to help defend it. At first, she doesn't understand how the dead could hurt the living. She and Blackstar accuse Dovewing of being a spy. Mistystar is surprised that a Clan cat would be fighting for the Dark Forest, after Dovewing reported that a cat was complaining about training in the Dark Forest and not Clan territory. Dovewing identified the cat as Icewing of RiverClan, though she didn't say anything. Mistystar was very shocked by this.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

During a Gathering, Molewhisker and Cherryfall show Alderpaw and Sparkpaw who each of the cats are, and Molewhisker points out that Mistystar, RiverClan's leader, is coming. Alderpaw sees the gray-blue she-cat leap gracefully into the tree, and several leaves flutter down as she find a spot on a lower branch. After they show where the deputies sit, Squirrelflight goes over there herself and tells her kits to introduces themselves to others, as Bramblestar swarms up the tree and sits on a branch near Mistystar.
As the Gathering begins, Rowanstar welcomes the cats and invites Mistystar to speak first. The RiverClan she-cat dips her head as she rises to her paws, and she begins that her Clan is doing well, as the lake is full of fish. However, Beepaw, who sits near Alderpaw and Sparkpaw, exclaims that RiverClan cats eat fish, explaining why they are so smelly, and Alderpaw hopes that Mistystar hadn't heard the comment, though she ignores it if she had. The blue-gray she-cat goes on that a new litter of four kits has been born to Lakeheart, then she dips her head again to Rowanstar and sits down again.
When the medicine cats share their prophecy of embracing what is found in the shadows, Onestar murmurs that their old territory in the forest was filled with shadows, but Mistystar asks how they could possibly find their old territory. Her voice is warm and sympathetic, and she stretches out her tail to draw the tip down the WindClan leader's flank, as she says that it is gone.
At the next Gathering, when Alderpaw has brought kits named Twigkit and Violetkit with him, Mistystar asks to begin and starts that prey has been plentiful in RiverClan, but she breaks off with an annoyed look as Rowanstar interrupts, asking why they are acting like it is a typical Gathering. He and Bramblestar shortly quarrel over about the two kits, but Mistystar takes a step forward and politely mews that she and Onestar would appreciate a bit more information, as it is the first time they heard about the quest, and Onestar agrees. Bramblestar recounts what had happened, but when Onestar says that the kits can't be what they were meant to embrace as they don't know anything, Rowanstar points out that they don't need to know anything, as StarClan guided them to the Clans, and Mistystar nods in agreement.
Bramblestar says that the kits must stay in ThunderClan, as they are happy and safe, but Onestar hisses that all that interests him is keeping the kits for ThunderClan, and Mistystar, in an almost apologetic tone, agrees that it does look like that. She adds that the prophecy came to every Clan, not just ThunderClan, and that he doesn't have the right to keep the kits. Bramblestar accepts, and agrees that ShadowClan has claim to at least one of the kits, and Mistystar points out that the only fair thing is for ThunderClan to keep one kit, and give the other to ShadowClan. Cats from the Clans begin trying to get glimpses of the kits, and begin to whisper again, but on the Great Oak, Mistystar lashes her tail in frustration, asking if there is any other business to discuss. Onestar growls that no cat will want to talk about day-to-day businesses after that, and Mistystar declares the Gathering at an end. She jumps down from the tree and disappears into a crowd of RiverClan warriors.

Thunder and Shadow

Bramblestar sends a patrol to warn Mistystar about Darktail's group. During the Gathering, Mistystar talks with the deputies in front of the great oak. She then stiffly jumps onto a branch beside Rowanstar. The ShadowClan leader snaps at Bramblestar, saying that ThunderClan is always blessed even though they starve in leaf-bare. Mistystar points out it isn't leaf-bare and it's lucky that the snow hasn't arrived and there's still lots of prey. Onestar sneers that the prey is always running in RiverClan and Mistystar points out that is not so if the river freezes. The leaders decide to announce their new warriors, with Mistystar announcing Shadepelt and Foxnose have become warriors. Rowanstar reveals that some ShadowClan apprentices have joined Darktail's group and they took Violetkit. Mistystar jerks her head and asks if she is the kit from the prophecy, and Rowanstar nods. Onestar is confident the rogues will steal prey and Mistystar glares at the leader. She says they are too far from WindClan borders to hunt his precious rabbits. Onestar snaps also to defend her fish but Bramblestar protests the rogues affect them all since they have Violetkit. Rowanstar isn't convinced that the kit is part of the prophecy but Mistystar ignores him and faces Bramblestar. She says they can't risk rescuing her as she can be easily killed if they try to invade camp.
At the next Gathering, Bramblestar nods to Mistystar before the leaders climb the Great Oak. Bramblestar suggests starting the Gathering but Mistystar asks if they should wait a little longer for ShadowClan. Bramblestar impatiently starts, announcing Violetpaw is back with ShadowClan. Mistystar blinks, asking if they rescued her. Bramblestar replies she decided to return. Crowfeather questions that StarClan hasn't proved Violetpaw and Twigpaw are part of the prophecy, but Mistystar counters StarClan hasn't confirmed their not either. ShadowClan finally arrives and Mistystar dips her head to Crowfrost, who has taken the place of Rowanstar. He and other Clanmates have yellowcough and the only cure is in WindClan, but Onestar refuses to let them have it. Mistystar glances at the sky, telling Crowfrost her Clan will try to find the herb on their territory but since StarClan said it's only found on the moor, she has low hopes of finding it. Crowfrost dips his head gratefully as the RiverClan leader jumps off the great oak and leads her Clan into the long grass.
At the next Gathering, Mistystar chats with Bramblestar at the foot of the great oak. Onestar impatiently starts the Gathering without ShadowClan. Mistystar and Bramblestar glance at each other before climbing the tree and taking their places. Mistystar announces that prey is running well and RiverClan has new apprentices: Wavepaw and Cypresspaw. Rowanstar finally arrives but only with Tigerheart and Tawnypelt. Mistystar is surprised, asking why she didn't bring the rest of the Clan, since the sickness has passed. The ShadowClan leader states that the rogues entered their camp and Mistystar stiffens. She asks if there was a battle and if anyone was hurt. Rowanstar explains there was no battle and that ShadowClan chose to be taken over by Darktail.

Shattered Sky

Mistystar leads RiverClan in the Clans' first joint attack on the Kin. She intervenes when Rowanstar and Onestar start arguing, thrusting her way between the two other leaders. She asks what hope they have if they start fighting amongst each other. She defends Rowanstar's position that they have to drive the rogues out, as they killed Furzepelt, stole ShadowClan's territory and enticed Rowanstar's warriors to them. During the battle with the rogues, and WindClan is fleeing, she exclaims that they can't leave them, as they agreed to help fight. A rogue looms up behind the RiverClan leader, and barrels into her, knocking her down with his paws. RiverClan warriors race over to help Mistystar, but the rogues pile in and they eventually fall under the beating of the rogues.
At the Gathering, it is seen that she was badly injured during the fight, and she has a gash in her neck running down to her hind leg. She winces with every movement, and her eyes are filled with pain at her wound. When Onestar enters the hollow, Mistystar gives him a glare of contempt. Mistystar announces that they all know what they need to discuss tonight, before turning to Onestar and asking why he led WindClan away from the battle. She says that he cost the Clan cats the victory when he fled, and RiverClan got the worst injuries. She seemingly gets more angry as Onestar retorts, calling him a coward that he wasn't there. She states that Perchwing was killed and more of her Clanmates were injured just to solve a problem RiverClan didn't cause. Alderheart sees scathing contempt in her eyes and voice as she glares at Onestar, growing that she should close her borders like Onestar does when he doesn't agree with the other Clans. She finishes that that this would be much easier than fighting their battles for them.
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Darkest Night

Mistystar is first mentioned by Ivypool when she informs Fernsong, her mate, and Sparkpelt that RiverClan's camp is almost done being repaired. The blue-gray leader is yet again briefly mentioned later, when Sparkpelt says Mistystar's patrol didn't come back to camp once.
During an argument over prey, Mistystar walks into clearing and asks what's happening. Bramblestar informs her about the situation, and she scolds Owlnose, Lakeheart, and Brackenpelt. The gray she-cat then thanks Bramblestar and says RiverClan will leave ThunderClan's camp, but is convinced to eat.
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River of Fire

Mistystar keeps her borders closed until lightning hits RiverClan, setting fire to their territory. When ThunderClan, WindClan and the remaining ShadowClan warriors rescue them from the fire, Mistystar reopens her borders. She is confronted because the only reason she opened her borders is because they rescued her Clan, but she tells the Clans she was already planning on opening the borders again.
At the Gathering, Bramblestar says that Mistystar has reopened RiverClan's borders.
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The Raging Storm

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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

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The Silent Thaw

Mistystar begins to address the cats at the Gathering after Bramblestar finishes his report. When the medicine cats and Shadowsight confirm they still have heard nothing from StarClan, Bramblestar suggests that StarClan is angry with them for not following the code. Dovewing argues, with Tigerstar becoming defensive, and Mistystar steps between the two leaders, saying that getting angry won't help. At the next Gathering, everyone knows of Shadowsight's vision, Bramblestar says that what he has been saying is true and StarClan will not return unless the codebreakers are atoned. With narrowed eyes, Mistystar asks if they're sure this vision came from StarClan, and Bramblestar replies that a medicine cat brought them the vision, then asks if she would deny that.
Mistystar answers that she doesn't, but she wants to be sure of what they're doing before they start punishing cats. Bramblestar meows that they broke the code, and asks what good it is if it isn't enforced. He turns to Leafstar, asking if she is going to object to upholding the code as well. Mistystar begins to argue that she wasn't objecting, but is interrupted by Bramblestar, who presses SkyClan's leader. Bramblestar asks if anyone has suggestions, and the cats wish to discuss it first. Mistystar pads up to Bramblestar, agreeing with the others, and brings the Gathering to an end. As the cats disperse, Bramblestar glares at the RiverClan leader, asking if he is the only cat trying to do as StarClan wishes. Mistystar responds that they all want to what StarClan wishes.

Veil of Shadows

At an emergency Gathering, the impostor convinces Mistystar and Harestar to exile their codebreakers, and Mistystar exiles Mothwing. Though she feels apologetic about it, Mistystar feels they should try in order to appease StarClan with prey running short. She and Harestar are convinced StarClan is punishing the Clans by sending heavy rainfall and making prey scarce. After a failed attempt on the impostor's life that results in Dappletuft's death, Mistystar announces at a Gathering that her Clan buried Dappletuft like a rogue with no vigil. She affirms her support for Bramblestar's impostor.
When Willowshine attempts to inform Mistystar the truth about Bramblestar and his ghost, Mistystar refuses to listen to her medicine cat. Mistystar and Harestar align with Bramblestar's impostor, and bring their cats to confront ShadowClan. Following the devastating battle, Mistystar agrees that Squirrelflight should take over leadership of ThunderClan. At the next Gathering, despite the impostor's defeat and the truth brought to light, Mistystar exiles Harelight and Icewing for fighting against RiverClan in the battle. She attempts to allow Mothwing to return, but Mothwing refuses because of Mistystar's behavior.

In the Super Editions

Crookedstar's Promise

She and Stonekit are in Graypool's nest in the RiverClan nursery; Graypool claims that they are abandoned kits of a rogue. The gray she-cat tells everyone that Oakheart found them at the border and says that she is going to keep them and raise them as her own. Mistykit later plays with Stonekit, but she complains that Stonekit wouldn't let her play. Graypool tells her foster son gently to let Mistykit have a turn. Later they are seen eating a fish.
After four seasons pass, she and her brother are made into warriors, named Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She nudges Graypool, saying that she cares about them too much. Later, when Stonefur and his patrol chase off a Twoleg, all of the cats are seen praising Stonefur for his bravery. Crookedstar comments that he put himself in danger by doing that, but Mistyfoot defends her brother against their leader, saying he didn't attack the Twoleg, he just hissed at it.

Bluestar's Prophecy

In the prologue, she makes peace with her mother, Bluestar, with Stonefur and Fireheart at her side.
Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit are born to Bluefur; they are named to remind Bluefur of the river due to Oakheart, their father, being from RiverClan. Mistykit is arguably the most rambunctious and level-headed of the three.
The Clan had presumed their father was Thrushpelt, who didn't deny the claims. Mistykit is seen with her brother, Stonekit, and her sister, Mosskit. They play games with the other kits, and irritate Smallear when Mosskit awakens him from a nap. Mousekit and Runningkit flick lumps of snow at the other kits and look innocent when they start to complain about it.
Bluefur takes her kits out of camp on a snowy night to bring them to Oakheart in RiverClan. She tells the kits they are playing a game called Secret Escape, and they must not wake any cat, or they have lost the game. Mistykit says that she sees ShadowClan warriors, then adds that they're only pretending when Bluefur jumps. But during this game, when they stop to rest, Mosskit dies due to the freezing cold weather. When Bluefur moves Stonekit and Mistykit, Mistykit asks about Mosskit. When Mistykit asks where they're going, Bluefur says to meet their father in RiverClan. Bluefur tells the kits about Oakheart. Mistykit asks how they can be ThunderClan and RiverClan, though Bluefur doesn't answer. Mistykit and her brother survive the journey, and Oakheart takes them to RiverClan, where they live to become respected RiverClan warriors and to believe their mother is Graypool.

Firestar's Quest

Firestar notices Sandstorm padding over to greet Mistyfoot at a Gathering, saying that they had become close during her stay in ThunderClan before the battle with BloodClan.

Crowfeather's Trial

At the Gathering, Mistystar starts the meeting. She asks the leaders who will speak first, and Blackstar steps forward to list the names of cats who'd perished in the Great Battle. Afterwards, Onestar reports that Nightcloud has died. Everyone is shocked, and Mistystar gently inquires how it happened. Onestar meows that it was the stoats in the tunnels that killed her. Bramblestar starts to interject that WindClan should've warned ThunderClan about this, but Mistystar insists that this isn't the time, as Onestar was reporting on a dead Clanmate. After things calm down, the RiverClan leader meows that a dog was chased out of their territory.
When WindClan's camp is attacked by stoats, Kestrelflight is overwhelmed. The Clan seeks assistance from RiverClan and ThunderClan, and Mistystar sends Mothwing to help. At the next Gathering, the leader reports that her Clan is faring well. She asks after WindClan's injured warriors, and Onestar says they're fine, and thanks her. Mistystar questions what has become of the stoats, and the other leader replies that his Clan is focusing on recovering. After some discussion, Onestar reluctantly agrees to accept ThunderClan's help to drive them out. Mistystar offers RiverClan's help if it's needed. The meeting ends, and she gathers her warriors near the tree-bridge to leave.
At the following Gathering, Mistystar reports that RiverClan had a slight bought of whitecough, but that their medicine cats handled it. She thanks Mothwing and Willowshine, and the Clans cheer for them.

Bramblestar's Storm

Mistystar leads her nervous and battered Clan onto the island for the Gathering. She leaves them, and weaves her way around the clearing and jump onto one of the Great Oak's branches. Bramblestar jumps up to join her. Blackstar recites the names of the fallen and as be begins with RiverClan, Mistystar stands up to balance gracefully on her branch. With an edge to her meow, she interrupts Blackstar, saying that no one has forgotten the Clanmates that died during the Great Battle. She urges him to let them honor them in their own way and asks since when he has spoken for all the leaders.
Blackstar protests they need to honor their memory but Mistystar gently tells him that life moves on like the seasons. She explains they do not list every piece of prey if they catch or every leaf that falls. Blackstar snaps that their Clanmates are not prey or fallen leaves. Mistystar tries to explain she didn't mean it like that, but the Clans erupt into a clamor. Bramblestar agrees with Mistystar, which causes an argument. After it's resolved, Mistystar dips her head to Blackstar and thanks him. She assures him that the warriors will honor their fallen as long as the Clans last.
Mistystar raises her head to the sky, and makes a prayer to StarClan, asking them to look down on her cats and guide them through the hard times to come. She also asks them to guide and welcome the newest warriors among them and keep their memory fresh in their minds. She promises they honor them and the rest of StarClan now and always. Each cat bow their heads to listen to Mistystar's prayer in respect. Mistystar continues on more briskly, saying moonlight is going and they haven't even started yet. She offers to go first, glancing at the other leaders.
The RiverClan leader reports that her Clan moved camp further away from the lake as the water level has risen so high. She reassures everything is alright and they still have plenty of fish. She lastly reports there are three new kits in RiverClan as Petalfur has given birth to a she-cat and two toms. She steps back, asking Blackstar if he wants to report next. Dovewing later mentions that Mistystar said they moved dens away from the lake to escape the flooding. Bramblestar's determined to find out so takes a patrol to find RiverClan.
When they reach RiverClan, Reedwhisker tells them he will let Mistystar know that they are present. Despite everything, the leader seems calm with a sleek blue-gray pelt. She dips her head and greets Bramblestar, saying that it would have been hard getting around the lake. Bramblestar agrees and explains they were worried about RiverClan. With a slight edge in her meow, Mistystar explains that everything is fine and they were aware of the rising lake so when it reached their new camp they kept moving until it all stopped.
Bramblestar asks about Petalfur's kits' safety, and Mistystar reassures that they are fine. She explains that three warriors carried them before asking how ThunderClan is. Bramblestar admits ThunderClan has lost their home too, and Mistystar softens; she walks over to stand beside Bramblestar and both leaders look out at the lake. She wonders if things will return to the way they were. She explains that they had the Great Battle and now the flooded lake. She wonders if StarClan has forgotten how to protect them. Bramblestar insists they can protect themselves and the lake will not flood forever. Mistystar asks what if it does, and Bramblestar reassures they'll find a new home like they did before.
There is warmth in Mistystar's eyes as she thanks Bramblestar for coming and says it helps to know that she isn't suffering alone. The ThunderClan leader touches the tip of Mistystar's nose and says goodbye. Mistystar says her farewells as well, much friendlier than before. Graystripe later says he cannot believe his daughter Mistystar is leader of RiverClan, even though his daughter is actually Feathertail. During another Gathering, Mistystar arrives first near the foot of the Great Oak. Her fur is shimmering in the light of the moon, and her eyes lighten when she sees Bramblestar coming. She trots over as Bramblestar asks how she is and if her Clan has managed to return home. Mistystar reports that the camp has been badly damaged but they are starting to rebuild it, some warriors are sleeping there overnight already. She pauses then sadly says that Pebblefoot and Grasspelt died in the storm but everyone else is okay. Bramblestar brushes her tail along her side and says his sympathies, saying they lost Seedpaw so he knows how it feels.
During the Gathering, the Stick of the Fallen is found. Mistystar peers at it in curiosity and asks what is it and why it is important. Cherryfall explains its meaning of how it honors their fallen. With a glance at Mistystar, Mothwing explains they do the same thing with a ring of ferns. Bramblestar proposes a new addition to the warrior code: Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect the four. Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall. As soon as he finishes speaking, Mistystar cries yes and says they should do as Bramblestar says as it is for the good of every cat.

Tigerheart's Shadow

Tigerheart reveals that after the battle with Darktail's rogues, Mistystar had decided to close her borders, in an attempt to strengthen RiverClan and help them recover.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Mistystar and Reedwhisker attend a meeting of the leaders and deputies, and she shares Harestar and Tigerstar's concerns about the new borders. She notes how ShadowClan was given land with streams in it that only RiverClan warriors can hunt in, thus wasting territory. She likes Squirrelflight's suggestion of moving SkyClan north of the Clans and has faith SkyClan will overcome any obstacles there.
At the next Gathering, Mistystar stands with ShadowClan and is eager for SkyClan to move so RiverClan can have their old land back. She suggests that Tree should ask the Sisters to leave their territory since Moonlight is his mother, but Tree refuses.
Mistystar takes Owlnose and Havenpelt to join Tigerstar in confronting Bramblestar. They accuse him of reestablishing the old border with WindClan sooner than expected and pressure him to chase the Sisters away. When the leaders learn that the Sisters refuse to leave, Mistystar and the others angrily demand to launch an attack. They agree to lead a joint patrol to the Sisters and it results in a battle. Mistystar accuses Squirrelflight of betraying Bramblestar when she's found already with the Sisters.

In the Novellas

Mapleshade's Vengeance

Although unnamed, Mapleshade promises to Reedshine to watch over all of her's and Appledusk's kin and punish each one. She thinks of how for all eternity, their kin will mourn the day Appledusk destroyed her life.

Spottedleaf's Heart

Bluefur gives birth to Mosskit, Stonekit, and Mistykit. Mistykit comes over to Spottedpaw and and says she wants a treat too. She tells Stonekit to join them, telling her brother that Spottedpaw brought a treat. Thrushpelt then brings them a squirrel and Mistykit asks if it's for them, getting a piece of the squirrel's fur stuck on her nose. Later, Mistykit and her siblings play pounce with a dead leaf. They destroy the leaf and the three kits start to stalk Mumblefoot's tail tip.
Bluefur asks Spottedpaw to look over her kits so she can go to the Gathering. The blue-gray queen says she wore them out playing hide-and-seek so they will sleep until dawn. Spottedpaw checks on the kits, who are asleep. Bluefur gives her kits away after the Gathering to go to RiverClan, and Spottedpaw asks StarClan to take care of them.

Redtail's Debt

After Redtail's warrior ceremony, he reflects how the long leaf-bare killed Bluefur and Thrushpelt's kits and how Bluefur seemed more dedicated to her Clan following their deaths.

Mothwing's Secret

Mothwing reflects how Mistyfoot had been her mentor and it had surprised the whole Clan when Leopardstar and Mistyfoot had agreed to mentor the two rogue kits. Mistyfoot leads a herb gathering expedition with Mosspelt, Swallowpaw, Mothwing and Hawkfrost, but sends the latter two back to camp when she notices Mothwing almost asleep on her paws. She supports her former apprentice's choice to become Mudfur's apprentice but cryptically hints not to get too hopeful if it doesn't work out. When Mudfur discovers a sign from StarClan approving of Mothwing's apprenticeship, Leopardstar calls Mistyfoot into her den. Mothwing later reflects how Mistyfoot had been captured by Twolegs along with Mothwing's mother, Sasha.
At their new territory, Hawkfrost insists Mistyfoot will chose Stormfur as her deputy instead of himself after Leopardstar's death. He believes since Tigerstar once held Mistyfoot and Stormfur prisoner that Mistyfoot will not choose Hawkfrost, being Tigerstar's son, as her deputy. He forces Mothwing to fake a dream from StarClan casting Stormfur and Brook from RiverClan. Moons later, Mistyfoot became Mistystar and she assigns extra guard duties and patrols before the Great Battle. She fights against a Dark Forest cat and greets Leopardstar after the battle. When Mothwing and Willowshine stabilize Petalfur's wounds, Mistystar thanks StarClan for their work, but Mothwing internally disagrees; their skills saved Petalfur, not StarClan.

Mistystar's Omen

Mistyfoot is seen with Leopardstar by the lake looking at the water. Leopardstar is talking about the fish that have returned to the lake. She is worried about how their Clan will survive, but Mistyfoot reassures her, saying that Rippletail died for them and will be honored forever. The two head back to the camp, and Leopardstar ends up falling in the ferns around the RiverClan camp. Mistyfoot goes and fetches Mothwing, leading her to the fallen leader. Mothwing tells her to go and find Pebblefoot and Mintfur to support Leopardstar.
As Mistyfoot enters the ferns in which Leopardstar is, Mistyfoot tries to reassure her that she'll be fine, though Leopardstar disagrees and tells her that she can feel StarClan drawing near. Mistyfoot protests that she doesn't want to lose her, and when Leopardstar says she never deserved her forgiveness, responds that it was Tigerstar and Blackfoot's fault that Stonefur was dead. Leopardstar continues on that Mistyfoot's life had been hard, and Mistyfoot inwardly thinks of the three kits she had lost, and how painful it was to bury them. Before Leopardstar sleeps, she says that she would have been proud to call Mistyfoot her daughter. Mistyfoot curls around Leopardstar, telling her to sleep and she would be there when she awoke.
Mistyfoot gazes at the water, wondering if their leader had joined their ancestors yet. She has doubts about leading her Clan, saying to Mothwing that she is only a few seasons younger than the deceased elder Blackclaw. Mothwing tells her that she is more than ready and she'll have nine long lives to live. Mistyfoot then calls a summons to her Clan, announcing Leopardstar's death. After the ceremony, she asks Grasspelt to lead a hunting patrol with Minnowtail, Mossypaw, and Icewing. Reedwhisker asks if if he should visit the other Clans to inform them about Leopardstar's death, but Mistyfoot declines. He then asks to lead a boundary patrol, to make sure the fox they scented the day before hadn't come any closer to camp.
Graymist approaches Mistyfoot and says that she wouldn't have to organize patrols soon, and that she'll have to appoint a deputy before moonhigh. Reedwhisker calls Graymist to join his patrol, to Mistyfoot's relief. After the patrols have come and gone, Willowshine, the medicine cat apprentice, asks Mistyfoot if she wants her to accompany the new leader to receive her nine lives. Mistyfoot tells Willowshine that it's Mothwing's duty, and Willowshine awkwardly replies that maybe she'd like more company. Mistyfoot reassures her, but is confused by the flash of hesitation in her eyes.
Mistyfoot finds Dapplenose and Pouncetail, two elders, basking themselves. Mistyfoot tells them that they need to find somewhere to bury Leopardstar, and Dapplenose suggests the perfect place, a little clearing, shaded by a young rowan tree with a clear view of the lake, and the island where the Clans gathered every moon. Behind that, the hills of WindClan, and even farther, the forest, Leopardstar's old home.
Later on, RiverClan begins Leopardstar's vigil. Mothwing reminds Mistyfoot about naming the new deputy, and she calls a Clan meeting. Mistyfoot announces Reedwhisker as the new deputy. Mossypaw retorts that she only chose him because he was her son, but Mothwing tells Mistyfoot that it was the right choice.
During the vigil, Mistyfoot makes a promise to Leopardstar, and Stonefur, her brother, appears. Mistyfoot tells Stonefur that it should have been him, but he says that it was not his destiny. He also tells her that she will need courage for what lies ahead of her, but he disappears before explaining. Mistyfoot anxiously goes and wakes Mothwing, telling her that they needed to go to the Moonpool immediately, telling her about her dream about Stonefur, and that there are things she needs to ask him. She tells Mothwing that nothing he had said made sense, and she needs to go, explaining that trouble is coming and WindClan cannot be without a leader any longer, and there is a lot she needs to learn. Mothwing finally decides that they need to get to the Moonpool because Mistyfoot is correct and there is much for her to learn.
By dawn, Mistyfoot and Mothwing have reached the top of WindClan's ridge, and have gotten there unchallenged due to it being too early for any patrols. Mistyfoot pauses to catch her breath, and notes that the lake water looks thick and almost black, and that the RiverClan camp appears as a dark smudge across from the lake, and wonders if any RiverClan warriors were waking up and looking up at the ridge, and were seeing her silhouetted against the morning light. When Mothwing does not seem overly excited about visiting the Moonpool, Mistyfoot wonders whether sharing tongues with StarClan is just common routine for medicine cats.
While jumping up the steep path to the Moonpool, Mistyfoot asks if it is much farther, and Mothwing assures her that the path is just behind a clump of bushes. As they are walking down the path to the Moonpool, Mistyfoot feels her feet slip into age-old pawprints, and believes she can feel pelts brushing past her and voices welcoming her. She notices that Mothwing seems as nervous about the ceremony as Mistyfoot herself is, and tells her that it'll be okay, and that it is a first time for both of them. Mothwing instructs Mistyfoot to lie down and let her muzzle touch the water of the Moonpool. Mistyfoot follows her instructions and soon, she falls into a dizzying blackness. She feels like she is falling, until she feels sand under her feet and opens her eyes to see StarClan. Graypool, her adoptive mother, steps out of the bushes and they share tongues. Mistyfoot admits that she is worried that she will do something wrong during the ceremony, and Graypool promises that she will be fine, and there is nothing to get wrong.
During the ceremony, Graypool is the first to give Mistyfoot one of her nine lives, the life of loving your Clanmates. She feels like a bolt of lightning shot through her pelt, making her jump back but she digs her claws into the ground. After Graypool, Stonefur steps forward, saying that he told her they would meet again and gives her the life for treating all cats equally. She notices that this life is less severe, feeling instead like a wave of strength building inside of her. Feathertail is next, giving her the life for accepting her destiny, however hard it may be. Mistyfoot feels like the life is choking her like she had a bone stuck in her throat, making her fear how difficult her destiny may be. Crookedstar steps forward afterwards, giving her a life with the strength and wisdom to carry the burden of a leadership. She says that her legs buckled as if there was a huge invisible pressure crushing her.
As the life eases off, the next cat to come forward is Oakheart, her father, as well as Crookedstar's brother and deputy. He rests his muzzle across her ears, telling her that he is sorry he couldn't be a true father to her, saying afterwards that they will walk in StarClan together someday. He gives her the life with the courage to follow her heart. She feels a flash of sorrow as he steps away, only to be replaced by warmth as another cat steps to her, which is revealed to be her mother, Bluestar. Bluestar gives her the life for doing what is right, however hard it is. Mistystar forces out a purr after Bluestar says that with regret in her voice, even though the life felt like it was fire scorching through her blood. Mistyfoot says that she knew Bluestar was only trying to do the right thing.
Silverstream steps forward next, giving the life for finding happiness, even in the most unlooked-for places. After her, Rippletail steps forward, and Mistyfoot tells him that she was sorry he didn't return. In response, he tells her that he only ever wanted to help his clan, before giving her the life for curiosity, for the courage to find what lies beyond the horizon. When he steps away, she notices that she has one life left, and sees Perchkit, one of her kits, below her. He says that he knew he'd see her again, giving her the life for bravery, and stretches up to press his nose against her chin. As the life ebbs away, the cats start to chant her new name, Mistystar, up to the sky. Her other two kits, Pikepaw and Primrosepaw wind around her legs, telling her that they are proud of her and they will be waiting. She goes to tell them how much she missed them, but she wakes up on the stones of the Moonpool again, fur still ruffled from receiving her lives.
Mothwing asks her if she's alright, to which Mistystar tells her that she wasn't there, making Mothwing wince. She then tells Mistystar that she will always visit StarClan alone, because they don't exist for her the way the exist for others, like Mistystar. Mistystar stares in dismay, finally asking her if she believed in StarClan, to which Mothwing replies no. Mistystar says that she's been the medicine cat for so long, asking her if she's never walked with StarClan in her dreams. Mothwing shakes her head, saying that Mistystar has her beliefs, but that she has her own. Mistystar then rushes back to the lake, with Mothwing following close behind, saying that she's sorry.
They head into ThunderClan territory, entering the camp as Firestar comes up to meet her, asking if everything is alright. She tells him that Leopardstar is dead, to which Firestar expresses his condolences. Mothwing tells him that they have just come from the Moonpool and that Mistystar has received her nine lives, prompting the other cats to call her name. She tells him that she has chosen Reedwhisker as her deputy, and hopes to have a fair relationship with ThunderClan. Firestar asks how RiverClan is, Mistystar telling him that they had lost three elders, the drought hitting them hard. He is sympathetic at the news, and Jayfeather offers Mothwing some herbs, watermint included. 
When the duo leaves the camp, Mistystar asks if Jayfeather knew about Mothwing not believing in StarClan. When she asks what he thinks, she says that he knows that she is a good medicine cat and would do anything to help her clan. As they leave the territory, they come upon a WindClan patrol, telling them about Leopardstar's death, to which they say that they will tell Onestar once they return. She contemplates going over to ShadowClan to tell Blackstar, but decides to stay home and rest as she's getting weary and wants to be seen as his equal, angry over the fact that he killed Stonefur. Reedwhisker meets her as she goes over to her den, asking her if she met StarClan and got her lives, to which she replies yes. Her clanmates cheer her new name, noticing Mothwing standing off to the side, looking troubled. Reedwhisker offers to take the news to Blackstar, to which she accepts, telling him to be back before dark. She decides to tell him one of her lives came from Perchkit.
Dapplenose comes up to her, asking her if she would join the other elders as they bury Leopardstar, to which she agrees. Almost the entire clan shows up to the burial, Mothwing speaking the words of the ceremony. Mistystar stares at her, wondering how the clan would feel if they knew the truth about her faith.
After the ceremony, Mistystar goes back to her den, pulling out the dusty bedding with Graymist's help. When Graymist says she must be exhausted, she snaps at her, prompting Graymist to ask if she's okay. Mistystar tells her that there's a lot to do and that she misses Leopardstar. She feels the sudden urge to confide in her about Mothwing, but decides against it, thinking that it was just to big a thing to share with her Clanmates. She tells Graymist that she'll clear the dirt away later, stating she just wanted some sleep. Graymist asks her if she wants clean bedding, but Mistystar declines, saying that she'll add it to their duties tomorrow.  Graymist leaves then, Mistystar entering her den. She states that Leopardstar's scent still clings to the walls and branches, before curling up to sleep. She wonders if she'll dream herself back into StarClan, but finds herself in a dark, empty landscape, with only the sound of water.
She wakes the following day by the sound of the branches overhead clashing in the wind. She wonders where she is for a moment, but remembers the events of the last day. Outside of the den, she hears Mothwing and Willowshine talking about the herb stocks, remembering Willowshine's offer to take her to the Moonpool. When Willowshine leaves to collect some comfrey and cobwebs, Mistystar offers to go with her.  As they walk, they joke about the rain, and Mistystar asks about Willowshine's training. After she says that it's going well, Mistystar questions her about Mothwing's faith, to which Willowshine gives an evasive answer, hinting to Mistystar that she knew about Mothwing's lack of faith. When Mistystar tells her that Mothwing wasn't with her in StarClan, and that she knew why Willowshine offered to come, Willowshine nods, telling her that it's not Mothwing's fault, and that she's the best medicine cat RiverClan could have. When Mistystar points out that Mothwing's lack of faith means that she can't share tongues with their ancestors, nor recognize signs from StarClan, Willowshine tells her that Leafpool helped her with the StarClan side of her training. Mistystar tells her that she is too young to carry all of the responsibility alone, and that Mothwing should have spoke up long before now. Willowshine's fur fluffs up as she goes to speak, but Mistystar stops her, telling her to not say something she'll regret, and to go collect the herbs that Mothwing sent her for. Willowshine storms off into the grass, and Mistystar heads back to camp.
When she returns to camp, Mothwing is waiting for her, asking her if she spoke to Willowshine. Mistystar tells her that she has a loyal and brave apprentice, Mothwing replying that she agrees but her relationship with StarClan has nothing to do with Willowshine.  Mistystar snaps back saying that it has everything to do with her, telling Mothwing that she should believe in StarClan too, and that by not believing, she is betraying her Clan and living a lie. Mothwing hisses back that she is not lying, and has never pretended to do anything she can not. Mistystar glares at her and says that she thinks she has, and that she is risking the safety of her entire Clan by not being able to read signs from StarClan or walk with her ancestors. She tells Mothwing that she is sorry, but she can no longer consider herself a medicine cat.
Mothwing recoils, telling Mistystar that she has served her Clan for many seasons, guarding the health of every cat as if it were her own, and that Leopardstar trusted her. Mistystar asks her if Leopardstar knew the truth, to which Mothwing replies no. When Mothwing asks her what she is to do now, Mistystar tells her to restock her supplies with Willowshine, and that she'd figure something out, mainly so the clan didn't learn about it. A hunting patrol comes back, consisting of Mallownose, Robinwing, Petalfur, Minnowtail, and Mossypaw, dropping their minuscule catch in what should be the fresh kill pile. Mistystar looks on in dismay, asking if that was it, to which Mallownose tells her the fish still haven't come back, and Mossypaw adds that the only thing in the lake is weeds. Reedwhisker enters the camp, saying to Mistystar that Blackstar is sorry at the passing of Leopardstar, but he is looking forward to seeing her at the next Gathering.
Reedwhisker asks if everyone has already eaten, to which Mistystar replies no and tells him that they are discussing other places to hunt until the fish come back. He offers to take a patrol out to the marshes, and asks Mintfur if he would mind taking the apprentices upstream to the reeds. Mistystar offers to join him, to his surprise, and he gathers up Icewing and Pebblefoot to join them. As they get to the marsh, Icewing spots a vole but misses, Mistystar catching it a moment later as it headed to her paws. Reedwhisker tells her that it was a good catch, and she says to him and Icewing that they did it together. Pebblefoot spots a squirrel, and she warns him to wait until it comes down. When it does, he races after it, not noticing the border until it's too late, and he's crossed into WindClan territory.
A WindClan patrol confronts them, Antpelt yelling that Pebblefoot was a prey-thief, prompting Mistystar to yell that he's not, and Pebblefoot to apologize and explain that he wasn't watching where he was going. Antpelt yelled that he was going to hunt on a territory with better prey, Mistystar realizing that to them, they look like they haven't eaten well in moons. Ashfoot, WindClan's deputy, steps forward, telling the RiverClan cats that she heard about Leopardstar's death, but was wondering why Mistystar would allow her clan to cross the border. Mistystar apologized, saying that Pebblefoot got carried away chasing the prey. Antpelt told them that the prey was WindClan's, not RiverClan's, and to get off of their territory before he made them. Ashfoot scolded him, telling Mistystar to return home and renew the markers. Mistystar dipped her head, before turning to go back onto their own territory. Pebblefoot complained that Antpelt treated them like rats, fuming at how Ashfoot told her to renew the borders, mainly because Mistystar was a leader and Ashfoot was merely a deputy. Mistystar told him that she had the right to say that, and that they should continue their patrol, to see if they could restock their fresh-kill pile. 
Three sunrises later, the half moon had come. Mistystar thought back to previous ones, realizing that Mothwing had constantly made excuses to not go and sent Willowshine in her place. After hunting around the bushes surrounding the camp, with nothing to show for it, Mistystar settled outside of her den, watching as Mothwing and Willowshine emerged from the medicine den. Mothwing told Willowshine to thank Jayfeather for the herbs, before Willowshine left the camp. Mistystar left her den after this, going down to the edge of the lake, and trying to read messages in the silvery patterns of the stars. She wondered if they should try fishing a different way, or if the fish would return soon, but she realized that she wouldn't know if there would be messages to be seen, because she was not a medicine cat. She hissed, thinking that Mothwing had made it impossible to lead her Clan with any confidence, and said to Stonefur that she couldn't do it alone.
The next morning, she went to the medicine den, confronting the two cats. She said to both that Willowshine would be RiverClan's sole medicine cat, and that Mothwing would no longer live in her den. Willowshine said that it wasn't fair, but Mistystar assured her that StarClan would help her. She said to both cats that Mothwing had served her Clan well, and that as an elder she would be well cared for. Mothwing told her that she knew Mistystar wanted to punish her, but Mistystar cut her off and said that it wasn't about punishment, that it was about what was best for the Clan. Mothwing said that the Clan had suffered enough change recently, and that she would announce her retirement at the next Gathering, but no sooner.
As Mistystar walked away, Podkit came forward to show her the 'prey' he had caught, a twig he was dragging to the nursery. He told her he had caught a giant fish and was going to feed the whole clan. She purred at him, telling him to make sure it didn't eat him first, before Duskfur came out after her son and worried about him bothering Mistystar. Mistystar said that if he had caught a fish that size, they may have to make him a warrior already. When he looked up in excitement, his sister, Curlkit snaps at him, calling him a minnow-brain. Duskfur told her to be nice, and asked Mistystar if it ever got better. Mistystar nodded, feeling a stab of pain that her time with her kits had passed so quickly. Duskfur told her that they were all pleased to have her as a leader, even though they missed Leopardstar, she was the best choice for the Clan. Duskfur asked if they could build some kind of barrier to keep the kits away from the edge of the water, even though the boundary would be in the camp. Mistystar agreed, saying that it was very slippery, and told Duskfur she would ask Grasspelt if she would help, along with the apprentices.
Pouncetail grumbles, saying that the elder's bedding was supposed to be changed, but no one had done it. Pebblefoot looks up, saying that he had asked Hollowpaw and Rushpaw to help. Pouncetail grumbled and walked off. Pebblefoot asked where the apprentices were, Mistystar saying they may be collecting fresh bedding, but Robinwing said that he hadn't seen them when he was gathering moss. Troutpaw and Mossypaw came in next, carrying a rat between them. Curlkit remarked that there was no way she was eating that, but Duskfur told her to not be fussy. Mistystar asked their mentors where the other apprentices where, but Graymist told them she hadn't seen them. Troutpaw told her that it took ages to drag back, and Mistystar told her that she had done well, asking where the other apprentices may be. Mossypaw said she didn't know, saying they were muttering about something the night before, but she couldn't hear them. Just then, the missing apprentices came in with small bundles of moss, Pebblefoot demanding to know where they had been, Hollowpaw telling him that they had been collecting moss. The moss was dusty, so Robinwing told them they could use his supply, but to stick to the usual spots in the future. Mistystar wondered if they had been elsewhere, and figured she'd have to warn Pebblefoot and Reedwhisker to keep a better eye on them. The apprentices cleaned out the bedding and replaced it, and the cats all joined at the fresh kill pile, dividing up the prey. Mistystar noticed that the apprentices only took a tiny minnow, wondering if they felt guilty for earlier. She looked at the medicine den, thinking about how much Willowshine and Mothwing had been avoiding her lately, wondering if Willowshine was watching, or if StarClan was just ignoring them. 
Storms kept the RiverClan cats confined to the camp, although none of them minded getting wet while swimming, they hated to get rained on as much as any other. As the rain died down, Mistystar and Reedwhisker stood by the lake, looking for fish. Pebblefoot asked them if it was worth fishing, to which Reedwhisker told him that unless he wanted to chase minnows again, there was nothing. He then said that Hollowpaw and Rushpaw wanted to do battle training on their own, surprising Pebblefoot. When Pebblefoot says he wonders if Rushpaw wants to go the elders den as soon as his training is over, Mistystar snorts, saying that he'd be a very efficient warrior.  
She tells them that they can't keep waiting for the fish to come back, and that they should expand the territory so the land prey can support them. When they agree, Mistystar tells them she'll lead a patrol, Reedwhisker asking her if she wanted him to go along. She assigns him to take care of the WindClan border, and for Pebblefoot to take a hunting patrol onto the marshes. When they go to assign the patrols, Mothwing comes up to her. She asks where the apprentices went, Mistystar telling her they went to practice for their assessment. Mothwing worries they may be up to something, but Mistystar dismisses her and calls Grasspelt, Icewing, and Mintfur to join her patrol.
When they start to explore, they run into kittypets, before Grasspelt picks up the scent of prey. They kill several mice, making a small fresh kill pile before heading back home with enough food for everyone to have half of a mouse each. When the two apprentices come back, Mistystar asks them where they'd gone, to which they reply they were near the holly tree. Rushpaw and Hollowpaw tell her they're not hungry after she offers the mouse, Rushpaw saying she can count on them.
Mistystar is shown catching a minnow as Beetlewhisker compliments her on the catch. She thinks about how Reedwhisker took a patrol out for hunting that morning, pointing out that the minnow was barely more than a mouthful. Beetlewhisker tells her that the fish are coming back, and he wanted to catch a trout but Mothwing told him to leave it alone so they can build up their stocks again. Mistystar says that she never mentioned it to her, Beetlewhisker saying that Mothwing probably figured she'd feel the same. Mistyfoot then leaves to go to the camp, feeling sorry for challenging him. She asks Mothwing why she told Beetlewhisker not to catch the trout, to which she replies the same thing Beetlewhisker said. Mistystar tells her that it was her decision, but Mothwing says that she wasn't there and that she was just giving her opinion. Mistystar says that she wasn't sure Mothwing could have an opinion, after lying about StarClan. Mothwing says she didn't lie, Mistystar countering that she did by letting them believe she could be a medicine cat. Mothwing asks if Mistystar trusted her to do anything, to which Mistystar replies no. Mothwing assures her that Willowshine would say if there was a sign, but Mistystar believes that her loyalty to Mothwing was too strong. Mothwing tells her just because she doesn't believe in StarClan doesn't mean that Mistystar could give up in them. 
Stonefur tells her that there are more resources than the lake, but before she can give it any thought, Reedwhisker rushes in, telling her that Hollowpaw and Rushpaw are in trouble. When he tells her they're by the Twoleg dens, she and her deputy sprint out to find them and help. He tells her they're trapped by dogs. When they go to help, Reedwhisker goes to distract the dogs, the others rescuing the apprentices, running away from the creatures. One dog catches him, injuring him as Mistystar looks on in horror.
Mallownose saves him, and the apprentices explain that they were looking for kittypet food, thinking that if they got enough to eat, they wouldn't need to eat from the fresh kill pile. They get Reedwhisker back to the camp, Graymist howling for Mothwing to come forward and help. Mistystar says to let Willowshine take care of him, saying that Mothwing was no longer the medicine cat. Stonefur comes to Mistystar, saying that Reedwhisker's life is hanging in the balance, her begging him to tell Willowshine what to do. He says there is more than one medicine cat in the Clan, but when Mistystar questions him, he says that she needs to trust Mothwing to act alone. A sign comes in the form of a moth breaking out of its cocoon, flying into the air, and Mistystar thinks it's StarClan telling her to make the right choice and trust Mothwing. 
She races back to camp, looking for Mothwing and admitting she made a mistake. When she finds Mothwing, she says that both her and Reedwhisker need her, and that she was wrong. She asks for forgiveness, to which Mothwing tells her she would do everything she could for him. Mistystar leaves the camp to go the Moonpool, wanting to talk to Stonefur but finding Mudfur instead. He tells her that he knew Mothwing didn't believe in StarClan, but he never challenged her because she was a good medicine cat. She tells him that there was a sign, but he didn't know if it was real or not, but his mind was made up. He tells her faith is not just about believing, but being loyal to whatever is most important to you. When someone calls her, she jerks, Mudfur disappearing and being replaced my Mothwing. She tells Mistystar that Reedwhisker was fine, to which Mistystar thanks her and asks how she knew she was there. Mothwing told her she often came to the Moonpool when she needed to think, saying that the wisdom of medicine cats must have rubbed off on the stones somehow. Mistystar murmurs that Mothwing didn't believe in what they did, but she says that she believes in the importance of learning what has been discovered before. She says that the world of signs and omens being closed to her didn't make her feel like something was missing, and that she respects what Mistystar believes. Mistystar nods, saying that she had no idea a moth would teach her so much, confusing Mothwing. Mistystar puts it off as something to remember, before telling her that they would rest before returning to the Clan.

Dovewing's Silence

The battle against the Dark Forest is over, but there are some former Dark Forest trainies still remaining. The leaders and medicine cats have a meeting together to decide what to do with them. Mistystar arrives on the island with Mothwing and Icewing. Mistystar raises her head and says that Beetlewhisker and Hollowflight died in the battle against The Dark Forest so they cannot answer for their actions. Mistystar explains that Icewing knows she was tested for her loyalty by the Dark Forest and failed, but has learned from her mistake. Mistystar doesn't doubt her now, Icewing was always a good warrior and wants to give her chance to be one again. The leaders' opinions start to clash so Mistystar says there must be something they can do without weakening their Clans, so they cannot exile them. Ivypool explains why they were recruited and why they did what they did. Mistystar says she believes her, and thanks her for speaking to the leaders. Mistystar thinks they should be responsible for their own Clanmates as they know their warriors best. Blackstar protests that wouldn't be fair then. Mothwing steps out from behind Mistystar and suggests they swear a new oath of loyalty to their own Clanmates. The leaders agree on this and return to their camps to do so.

In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Return to the Clans

Mistyfoot appears very briefly in the RiverClan camp, when Leopardstar shows Sasha to the nursery. Mistyfoot looks after Sasha's kits, Hawk and Moth.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

While on a rescue mission to save the Clan cats, Graystripe attacks a Twoleg carrying Mistyfoot in a cage. The Twoleg drops the cage, and Mistyfoot escapes. She runs to free the other cats in a shed while the other Clan cats head for the monster.

In the Stand-Alone Manga

A Shadow in RiverClan

Mistyfoot congratulates Feathertail and Stormfur on their warrior names, and helps prepare them for the vigil. When Mistyfoot mentions how Stonefur would've been proud of Stormfur, the three take a moment to silently grieve him. During her vigil, Feathertail reflects how great mentors Mistyfoot and Stonefur were, and how they all grew closer when it was revealed Mistyfoot and Stonefur were also half-Clan. However, when Tigerstar joined RiverClan and ShadowClan to form TigerClan, Stonefur was killed when he refused to murder Stormpaw and Featherpaw, and she and the apprentices were rescued and taken to ThunderClan. Mistyfoot continued to mentor Stormpaw and Featherpaw in ThunderClan until Leopardstar offered them a place back with Mistyfoot as deputy.
When Feathertail reflects on how she cannot trust Leopardstar after everything that had happened, she watches her speak with Mistyfoot from the reeds. Later, Sasha asks why Feathertail is so distant with her Clanmates except for Mistyfoot and Stormfur. She explains how Tigerstar punished the half-Clan cats, but promises that RiverClan is different now and she, Stormfur and Mistyfoot will watch over Hawk and Moth. Mistyfoot is named Mothpaw's mentor, and Feathertail trusts her to mentor Mothpaw. While upset that she didn't become one of their mentors, Feathertail explains to Sasha how Leopardstar made a statement that her kits were welcomed by having her and Mistyfoot mentor them. She attends a Gathering, and later questions Leopardstar when she allows Hawkpaw to join the patrol to track down its den. She attends another Gathering in leaf-bare and watches on proudly when Leopardstar commends Feathertail's and Stormfur's bravery.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Mistyfoot is given a page with Graypool, her foster mother, and Stonefur, her brother. Rock tells the StarClan kits how Mistyfoot was taken in by Graypool when Oakheart brought her and brother to RiverClan, and how Mistyfoot and her brother never questioned Graypool of being their real mother. She inherited her father Oakheart's strength and courage, and her mother Bluestar's good sense and fighting skills. He tells how she fled to her mother's Clan, ThunderClan, from TigerClan when Tigerstar tries to kill all of the Half-Clan cats, and she mentors Feathertail, while her brother, Stonefur, mentors Stormfur. He proclaims that one day she will succeed Leopardstar and a half-Clan cat will become leader, which she later did, as seen in Fading Echoes. Rock states that it would be a foolish ThunderClan cat to think that she only feels loyalty to the Clan that raised her and her brother, implying that she also feels loyalty towards ThunderClan as well.
She is also mentioned, along with her brother, Stonefur, on the page about Crookedstar, and how the RiverClan leader knew immediately who their mother was the moment Oakheart came to him with a story about finding two lost kits in the snow.

Battles of the Clans

She appears as the deputy, Mistyfoot, in the section Blackstar Speaks: Ambush by the Lake, when she and some of her warriors are fishing off the halfbridge. A ShadowClan patrol attacks and she demands that Blackstar explains himself once her patrol is defeated. He explains his reasons for attacking; the daylight fishing attracts Twolegs. She knows that RiverClan won't stand a full-fledged attack from ShadowClan, and so promises Blackstar that RiverClan will stop fishing there, along with a thinly veiled insult about ShadowClan. In return for the insult, Blackstar demands extra prey for lost nights of hunting, and Mistyfoot has to agree. She also pleads that Blackstar doesn't mention the episode at the Gathering, since she doesn't want the other Clans to know.
She appears as Mistystar in a training session with Rushpaw, Duckpaw, Pikepaw, and Tanglepaw. She feels that training apprentices is suddenly more important, and feels closer to the young cats now that she is leader. She is teaching them battle tactics that can be used in the water. She worries about Rushpaw, who seems ill adept at mastering the skill of being quiet in and leaving the water, and wonders if she should've stayed in the nursery for a while more to gain maturity.
She leaves the apprentices so they can try to surprise her further upstream using the tactics she has taught them. She goes up onto the bank and then starts coming back. She hears a noise at first, and turns in that direction, but then she hears a splash further downstream and turns back. The apprentices suddenly ambush her from the other direction, and jump on her. After getting up, she counts them and asks who made the splash downstream. Rushpaw admits to having done so, and Mistystar excitedly tells her she's come up with a new battle tactic for water combat; creating a decoy with a splash so the enemy doesn't realize where the real cat is. Mistystar tells the stunned apprentice that they can call the new tactic the 'Rushpaw Splash.'
Mistystar also appears in the section Graystripe Speaks: The Battle Against the Foxes as Mistyfoot. She is seen leading the patrol of RiverClan cats into the battle and looking fierce.

The Ultimate Guide

She appears on Bluestar's page. Bluefur paid the highest price by giving up her kits in order to become deputy instead of Thistleclaw. Oakheart raised Stonefur and Mistyfoot, the two surviving kits in RiverClan. Bluefur told her Clanmates that a starving badger stole her kits. StarClan showed enough mercy so that Stonefur and Mistyfoot found Bluestar on the shore of the river, making amends with her kits before she dies.
She appears on Oakheart's page. Oakheart is delighted when Bluefur tells him she is expecting kits. He starts planning a future but Bluefur tells him that she will raise them in ThunderClan alone. Oakheart vows he would always be at his kits' side if they need him. When they are born, Bluefur brought them to the river, insisting that she has to give them up to save her Clan. Oakheart gave them to Graypool to be raised as proud RiverClan warriors, knowing nothing of their true mother.
Mistystar shares her own page with Stonefur. Mistykit and Stonekit were born to Bluefur in ThunderClan. Bluefur took her kits to RiverClan so she could be made deputy instead of Thistleclaw. They were raised by Graypool and she guessed where they came from but kept Oakheart's secret. Leopardstar made Mistyfoot deputy and Mistyfoot and Stonefur mentored Feathertail and Stormfur but Bluestar revealed what Leopardstar hates most: half-Clan cats. They were united with their mother, who made peace with them at last before walking in StarClan. Tigerstar took control of RiverClan, so Mistyfoot fled across the river to ThunderClan along with Stormpaw and Featherpaw, but her brother was killed by Blackfoot. Mistyfoot returns to RiverClan after the battle against BloodClan and even after the Great Journey, she remains loyal to RiverClan. She never forgets her ThunderClan connections and was long forgiven for her ThunderClan roots. She was regarded with great respect from all Clans, and when Leopardstar died, Mistystar became the leader of RiverClan.
She is mentioned on Feathertail's page. Firestar, Graystripe and Ravenpaw rescued Featherpaw and Stormpaw and took them to ThunderClan where they joined Mistyfoot. The half-Clan cats chose to return to RiverClan after the battle against BloodClan. She appears on Mothwing's and Willowshine's page. Her nine lives ceremony poses a great challenge because Mothwing is forced to confess her lack of belief of StarClan to Mistystar. Mistystar feels that her leadership is threatened by her lack of faith but a vision of a perfect moth emerging from a dry brown pod along with the whispers from StarClan, convinces Mistystar to trust Mothwing to fulfill her duties as she has done before, rather than judging her for what she lacks.

In the Short stories and plays

Beyond the Code: Brightspirit's Mercy

Mistyfoot is listed in the cast list as RiverClan's deputy, although she does not have a speaking part.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

Mistyfoot appears at a Gathering when the Clans vote for Firestar or for individual leaders. Mistyfoot, along with Otterheart, Pouncetail, Mosspelt, Mintfur, and Reedwhisker of RiverClan vote for Firestar.
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