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Mistystar is a wisened, calm, and loyal leader of RiverClan.[1] She is dedicated to the warrior code, and intent on bringing StarClan back, even if it means exiling her own Clanmates. Mistystar does not tolerate traitors or disloyal cats. When Dappletuft is killed by Bramblestar's imposter, Mistystar and RiverClan did not hold a vigil for the tom, and as Mistystar put it, they "buried him as they would bury a rogue".[2]



Mistystar grew up not knowing her biological mother, but when Fireheart accidentally reveals it to her, she resents Bluestar outright, but forgives her later on.[3][4] Bluestar also comes to Mistystar's leadership ceremony, giving her one of her nine lives.


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"Hush, little one. […] You'll be fine. There's nothing to get wrong; I promise."
—Graypool to Mistyfoot. Mistystar's Omen, page 21
Graypool was a queen when Bluefur gave her kits to Oakheart. Oakheart had lied to Graypool, telling her that the kits were found in the forest. Crookedstar and Graypool both knew that Oakheart had not found the kits, but was the father of them. The two kept silent, being loyal to their fellow Clanmate, and Graypool raised the kits as if they were her own. When Fireheart accidentally revealed that Bluestar was Mistyfoot's true mother, Mistyfoot felt devastated and betrayed. Graypool also gave Mistyfoot her first life when she was receiving her nine lives.[5]


"Her mind flashed back to the time she had nursed this cat at her belly with his littermates; he was the only one of her kits who had survived, and every day she took pride in the warrior he had become."
—Mistyfoot's thoughts about Reedwhisker Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 2
As her son and only surviving kit, Mistystar loves Reedwhisker very much. She was extremely worried for him when RiverClan's camp flooded and was relieved to have him safe with her again, thanks to the efforts of Fireheart and Graystripe.[6] Furthermore, when Mistystar becomes leader, she appoints Reedwhisker as her deputy, which made Mossyfoot believe it was biased because he was her son.[7]
When Darktail goes one-on-one with Mistystar, Reedwhisker hurls himself in between Mistystar and Darktail, fighting the tyrant before losing to Darktail, showing his care for his mother. Reedwhisker also advises Mistystar not to risk losing more Clanmates by fighting, and is instead captured by Darktail and forced to join the Kin, much to Mistystar's anger. [8]


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