"You saved my kit."
— Mitzi to Crookedkit after he rescues Soot in Crookedstar's Promise, page 104

Mitzi is a black she-cat[3] with green eyes.[4]


In the Super Editions

Crookedstar's Promise

When Crookedkit is traveling to the Moonstone, he stops to sleep in Mitzi's and her brother Fleck's barn. Fleck tells Crookedkit that she has moved to the cornfield for her kitting because it is quieter there. Fleck catches food for her and watches her four kits, Soot, Mist, Magpie and Piper so she can get water. Crookedkit, wanting to thank Fleck for food, asks if he can watch her kits with him.
When Crookedkit catches a vole, Fleck mentions it's Mitzi's favorite. He says she is very protective of her kits and will welcome a new face quicker if they are carrying food for her. After meeting Mitzi, Crookedkit says he's a Clan cat, and Mitzi starts asking questions about them. She mentions that Magpie has a cough and it isn't getting better. Crookedkit says that coltsfoot would help him get better, so Fleck goes to get some. Crookedkit asks if he could watch her kits and she glances at him saying that Fleck was going to watch them. Crookedkit says she looks tired and ruffled and says she could teach them to play moss-ball. Her kits, liking the idea, persuade her to let Crookedkit teach them.
Harvest time nears, and Fleck and Crookedkit come to her nest to save her and her kits from being killed by the farm monsters, which drive too close to the farm this time. Soot runs into the corn and Crookedkit goes and gets her. Mitzi licks the blood off of Crookedkit's muzzle and thanks him for saving her kit. Crookedkit promises that he will never forget them and leaves to go back to RiverClan. When Willowpaw, Graypaw, Owlfur, Brightsky, Cedarpelt, and Crookedpaw are going to the Moonstone, they pass by Mitzi's farm when Soot starts talking to Crookedpaw. Soot tells Crookedpaw that Fleck, Mitzi and Piper are fine and that she thinks Magpie and Mist are okay but she is not sure because they have been taken to a new barn. Soot then says that Mitzi will be pleased to know he was okay. Crookedpaw tries to tell Soot that he missed them but stops. Soot understands and says she'll tell Mitzi.


Interesting facts

  • It was revealed that Mitzi might be the same as Mitzi from A Clan in Need, although their descriptions do not match.[5]

Character pixels

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Fleck:[1] Living (As of Crookedstar's Promise)


Magpie:[2] Living (As of Crookedstar's Promise)
Mist:[2] Living (As of Crookedstar's Promise)


Soot:[2] Living (As of Crookedstar's Promise)
Piper:[2] Living (As of Crookedstar's Promise)


Domino:[2] Deceased, residence unknown


Fleck ♂Mitzi ♀
Mist ♂Piper ♀Soot ♀Magpie ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



"It's a vole. Mitzi would be happy. Vole's her favorite."
—Fleck about Mitzi liking voles Crookedstar's Promise, page 88

Soot: "Is that where the moon lives?"
Mitzi: "Now, now. It's rude to start asking questions before you've been introduced."
—Soot asks Crookedkit about the Moonstone Crookedstar's Promise, page 91

Mitzi: "Can you keep them busy while I eat?"
Crookedkit: "I can!"
Fleck: "He's okay."
Mitzi: "Hardly more than a kit himself."
—Mitzi wanting her kits to be watched Crookedstar's Promise, page 91

Piper: "We'll be good!"
Mitzi: "Okay, but stay out of the corn."
—Piper asks Mitzi if she can play moss-ball Crookedstar's Promise, page 92

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