"They just wish they were young enough to jump into the gorge. But I bet they were never brave enough to try. Not like us!"
— Molewhisker in Code of the Clans, page 60

Molewhisker is a small black tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Molewhisker is an ancient RiverClan warrior under Troutstar's leadership. Molewhisker is a young warrior when he and his friends, Snaketooth, Lightningpelt, and Nettlepad, dare each other to do very dangerous things almost every moon. He himself tore out one of his claws when some cat dares him to jump across the river.
Later when Snaketooth gets injured, Molewhisker is the first cat to come into the camp, and is followed by the injured warrior and their other friends. When Snaketooth lies in his nest in the medicine cat den, Molewhisker and his friends come in and visit him, telling Snaketooth that he must be better by the full moon because they are planning to jump across the gorge. Molewhisker claims that the older cats aren't brave enough to jump the gorge, unlike them. It may be because the older cats are wise enough not to.
Upon hearing this, their medicine cat, Meadowpelt, intervenes. Molewhisker and his friends are told the next night that they must sit a silent vigil and guard the camp. He is confused, as this had never been done before. However, during his vigil, a fox attacks, and he and Lightningpelt chase it off. Molewhisker is extremely proud of himself for chasing it away. He learns that his Clan needs him after their night of listening, and what an important position he holds. Molewhisker promises that he won't do anything unnecessarily dangerous, and will be an honorable warrior from now on.
Eventually, the act of sitting vigil one night as a warrior like Molewhisker and the other warriors did become a part of the warrior code.



Molewhisker: "We wanted to see if he was okay."
Meadowpelt: "That's up to StarClan now. I've done as much as I can. Now go to your own dens and let him sleep."
—Molewhisker and his friends coming to check up on Snaketooth Code of the Clans, page 59

"We chased that fox all the way to the border!"
—Molewhisker bragging about the fox Code of the Clans, page 65

Lightningpelt: "It won't come back in a hurry!"
Fernleaf: "Don't be so sure. Foxes have a habit of coming back once more before they decide whether or not to settle. You need to be ready to chase it off again."
Molewhisker: "No problem."
—The Clan talking about the fox Code of the Clans, page 65

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