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Monster is the term used by the Clan cats for automobiles[1] and motorboats that Twolegs ride in. They are usually found on the Thunderpath.[2]


Monsters are huge, sharp-edged creatures with hard shiny pelts and yellow beams shooting from their eyes. Their round black paws smell of burning stone, and the air shakes before they even appear.[3] Twolegs are known to ride inside their "bellies".[2] When a monster is parked, they are said to be sleeping.[4] However, monsters are relatively "stupid", as they cling to the Thunderpath as if afraid of venturing out on the grass. A cat can outwit them by holding their nerve and getting out of the way.[3] The monsters have left the Thunderpath occasionally for certain memorable events such as the destruction of the forest causing the Great Journey.[5]

Relation to cats

Monsters travel at a high speed, faster than even the quickest warrior, and can seriously injure or kill even the strongest.[6] They have foul hot wind that tugs at a cat's fur.[7] When a monster sees a Clan cat, it does not even slow down, but keeps going, regardless of the impact it would have on the cat.[8]
The Clans do make some distinctions between different types of monsters; they recognize the difference between normal monsters and others by giving them related names. The bulldozers used to tear up the forest are tree-eaters.[9] These monsters push over the trees and dig up the earth, frightening off all the prey and making it impossible for cats to live nearby.[10] The motor boats are water-monsters,[11] and the farm vehicles are farm-monsters.[12]

Book mentions

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

After getting scolded by her mother, Wind Runner, Moth Flight decides to stalk a rabbit. In an attempt to catch it, she runs across the Thunderpath, nearly getting hit by a monster. However, her father, Gorse Fur, is able to save her by slamming into her way, the force of the impact enough to knock her off of the Thunderpath.
Later, when Moth Flight leaves WindClan, a monster is heard howling along the Thunderpath.
When Moth Flight wants to leave her Clan to follow the moth, Micah slides out from beneath a monster on the far side of the clearing, and tells Cow and Mouse that she should be allowed to go. Moth Flight is surprised that Micah is not scared of the monster, and thinks that it could wake up at any moment.
When Moth Flight is at the Moonstone and watches StarClan cats tell specific cats from the Clans that they will be medicine cats, Moth Flight sees Turtle Tail, and recognizes her as Pebble Heart's mother, who had been killed by a monster when trying to rescue her kits. After the StarClan cats choose the medicine cats, Half Moon tells Moth Flight that she must earn the Clan’s respect, but Moth Flight thinks that she cannot, since she believes she is useless, and almost got Gorse Fur killed by a monster.
When Moth Flight and Micah go to the Clans, they come to a Thunderpath and Moth flight stops, picking up the distant roar of a monster and stale monster scent. Moth Flight remembers how Gorse Fur had almost died on a Thunderpath, but Micah yowls at her and the roaring of the monster grows louder, its silhouette looming on the horizon, glaring eyes blazing through the twilight. Moth Flight runs across the Thunderpath, and foul winds tug her fur as the monster roars past, honking.
When Dust Muzzle, Spotted Fur, and Moth Flight go to find catmint for Rocky, as they come near the Thunderpath, Moth Flight’s nose twitches at the sour scent of monsters. Moth Flight peers across the black stone as a monster howls past, and Spotted Fur only narrows his eyes against its stinking wind that billows in its wake, but Moth flight still remembers Gorse Fur’s near death.
When Moth Flight goes back to WindClan after being in ShadowClan, the stale stench of monsters at the Thunderpath makes Moth Flight feel sick.
When Moth Flight and Wind Runner go to the Highstones, monsters roar across the Thunderpath, thundering in both directions, eyes lit up, and spraying walls of water in their wake. Moth Flight watches the gaps between monsters, trying to judge whether there could be enough time to get Wind Runner across. Dust Muzzle suggests stopping in the narrow channel in the middle of the Thunderpath, where the monsters pass each other, since if they do not touch each other, they will not touch the cats. They near the Thunderpath, and Moth Flight judges the gaps between the monsters again. As the rain grows heavier, they seem to slow, the gaps between them widening, and Moth Flight screws up her eyes as a monster hurtles past, its filthy water arching over her back and spraying the other cats. When a wide gap opens between two monsters, Dust Muzzle presses hard against Wind Runner and states that they should go. The incoming monster pounds toward them, eyes flaring, and another monster hurtles towards them from the other direction. Moth Flight’s ears ring with the roar of monsters, and as she turns her head, she is blinded by the glare of its eyes. Dust Muzzle shoves her forward, and she makes it over the edge of the Thunderpath, just as the monster whisks past her tail, the wind from its passing tugging at its dripping fur. Moth Flight sees that Wind Runner is in pain from crossing, but monsters streak back and forth, picking up speed as the rain eases, with the gaps between them closing, and Moth Flight knows that they cannot turn back.

Tallstar's Revenge

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Yellowfang's Secret

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Crookedstar's Promise

As Crookedkit tries to go to the Moonstone on his own, he and a rabbit are spotted by a WindClan patrol. They both run, and find them themselves in the middle of a Thunderpath. Suddenly, he hears a growl and sees a monster storming straight towards him. The patrol leaves, but the rabbit tries to cross. Crookedkit backs away from the Thunderpath as the monster screams by, and soon it is gone. As he opens his eyes, he sees the dead rabbit lying on the Thunderpath, killed by the monster. The monster had killed the rabbit without even slowing down to take a bite or snap of its neck.
When Crookedkit gets to a barn and is taken in by the cats who live there, Fleck tells him about farm-monsters. He mentions that it is easy to hear them, but difficult to determine where they are coming from. He later teaches Crookedkit how to watch out for the monsters that do not stick to the Thunderpath - but storm over the mud and grass faster that a cat can run. One day, Crookedkit tries to show Fleck a waiting hole, and goes to show him when all the farm-monsters are sleeping in their dens. Soon after, they hear a rumbling in the distance even though all the monsters are asleep. Fleck panics, saying it is time for harvest. Crookedkit asks what that means, and Fleck replies that they are cutting the corn. A huge scarlet monster trawls through the corn, swallowing up the corn, and they race to save Mitzi and the kits.
Almost all of them are fine, but Soot wanders too far from her mother, and is nearly killed by a farm monster. Crookedkit goes out to look for her, and tracks her down by following her fear-scent. Crookedkit finds Soot right when the Twoleg monster is bearing down on her. She is shaken up, but not too shaken to tell Fleck that Crookedkit was the one who saved her.

Bluestar's Prophecy

When Pinestar takes Bluefur to the Moonstone, they look down at the Thunderpath from above the hollow. Bluefur looks at the monsters and compares them to insects, but she knows how big and fast they can go, traveling at a huge speed. Soon, she gets to the Thunderpath, and there is an endless stream of monsters racing past. The monsters pound from both directions, and Bluefur wonders how they will ever get there. Pinestar then yells to run, and the two streak across. Suddenly, Bluefur slips, and her mind whirls as another monster howls towards her. Terrified, she runs faster, and the two make it across.
Later, Snowfur runs from Bluefur and they encounter three ShadowClan warriors, who are tracking a squirrel on ThunderClan land. One of them comment that they should not have chased it over the Thunderpath. Bluefur and Snowfur jump out, attacking the intruders. The three cats fight back, but eventually realize that it is a fruitless endeavor, and retreat towards the Thunderpath. Snowfur races after them, with the intent of chasing them back into their own territory, when a monster roars straight towards her. Without slowing, it slams into her body, leaving her lying like a wet leaf and killing her at the moment of impact. The three ShadowClan warriors peer from their side, gaping in horror.

Firestar's Quest

In the prologue, Cloudstar tells the Clans at a Gathering that Twolegs have destroyed their territory. He describes that they came with huge monsters that pushed over the trees and churned up the earth. All their prey is frightened off and dead. The monsters are now crouched around their camp, waiting to pounce. 
During a Gathering, Blackstar reports that they have seen more Twolegs in their territory. Sometimes they even let their monsters leave the Thunderpaths and crash through the woods. Mistyfoot, alarmed asks if they are chasing his cats. Blackstar replies that they don't even know they are there. As long as they hide, they are safe. Tallstar comments that the monsters would still scare off the prey.

SkyClan's Destiny

When the Twolegplace cats come to SkyClan, Cora tells the SkyClan cats that they could tell them what do do about monsters. Later, when Leafstar sees a large rat nest, there are some huge things made of wood or soft pelt, that she notes are almost as big as monsters.
When Leafstar and Billystorm go to Twolegplace to find Snookpaw, Leafstar feels less confident when they cross the Thunderpath, and she anxiously glances at a sleeping monster a few distances away, and she frets that it would wake up, ready to flee if it were to leap toward her. When they reach Snookpaw's nest, Leafstar tastes the air for the apprentice's scent, but cannot pick it up over the smell of Twolegs and monsters. They come into the den and find Snookpaw. As Leafstar tries some Twoleg food, she hears the sound of a monster, growing rapidly louder before cutting off abruptly, and Snookpaw warns her that his Twolegs are back.
When a Twoleg kit gets injured in SkyClan territory, Leafstar leads a patrol to go to the Twolegplace, but her senses are overwhelmed by scents and noises of monsters, dogs, and strange cats. The patrol comes to the edge of Thunderpath, and Leafstar flicks her ears at the sound of a monster. The monster growls past and wind buffets the cats' fur as it passes by. Cherrytail whispers that it did not see them, and the cats race across the Thunderpath. When the cats have to turn around after coming to the wrong den, Leafstar is alert for more dogs or monsters.
When Leafstar sees that there is a night patrol that she had not known about, Stick tells some SkyClan cats that there is not much of a chance of monsters after dark, but they should not look into their eyes, or they might freeze like a scared rabbit. the growl of an approaching monster drowns out Stick's next words, and the Twoleg creature sweeps paws, its glaring eyes angling over the row of cats.
When the Twolegplace cats and some SkyClan cats go to attack Dodge, they come to a Thunderpath, and Waspwhisker murmurs that at least monsters' eyes are visible when it is getting dark. The next day, the patrol travels past sleeping monsters, with hardly a glance to check that they would not wake up.

In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

The cats that follow the sun trail cross several Thunderpaths and avoid many monsters. When they first leave the mountains, Clear Sky and Gray Wing investigate a Thunderpath, where several monsters pass by. When Clear Sky says that they should be able to cross, Gray Wing doubts it, and says that the monsters that had passed could have been old and slow, and that faster and younger monsters could catch them easily. When they cross it, Hawk Swoop freezes in the path of a monster and is nearly hit. As the cats travel through a Twolegplace, they sleep in an old monster den.
Shaded Moss is killed by a monster when he runs out onto a Thunderpath when fleeing from a dog, and Jagged Peak has to be dragged out of the path of a monster by Clear Sky when the cats are crossing a Thunderpath in the forest territories. Later, Storm and two of her kits are killed when a monster knocks down the old Twoleg nest she was raising them in.

The First Battle

River Ripple leads Thunder and Lightning Tail through the Twolegplace, and are nearly killed when a monster roars out of a Twoleg den. They then find the body of Turtle Tail, who had been hit by a monster when she was running after Tom. Another monster roars past them on the Thunderpath as they drag her away from it.

In the The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

When Bluestar, Firepaw, Graypaw, Ravenpaw, and Tigerclaw are going to Moonstone, Firepaw sees a monster rushing toward him.

Fire and Ice

Tigerclaw asks Bluestar to come to the Thunderpath, where he reported to have scented ShadowClan intruders. Despite Fireheart's specific orders to not go, Cinderpaw decides to investigate in Bluestar's face. When she reports to Tigerclaw's location - which happens to be the narrowest part of the Thunderpath - she is hit by an ongoing monster. Although she is not killed, her leg is broken, eventually rendering her leg unusable.

Forest of Secrets

When Fireheart sees Cinderpaw, he remembers that she crushed her leg on the Thunderpath from an accident, but that the Thunderpath monster had not crushed her bright spirit.
Later, as the ThunderClan cats attempt to attend a Gathering, they have to travel by the Thunderpath due to the stream flooding. The cats watch when a monster passes by, and it moves slowly, throwing up a filthy wave from its round black paws. Once the monster disappears, Bluestar leads her cats onto the Thunderpath. Fireheart is nervous at the thought of walking on the Thunderpath, and following the tracks of monsters, and he remembers Cinderpaw's accident. Graystripe frets about another monster coming, and Bluestar responds that they would then keep to the side. She adds that the monster was moving slow, and assumes that they do not like getting their paws wet. Once the ThunderClan cats get onto the Thunderpath, Tigerclaw brings up the rear to look out for monsters. Other than a monster traveling on the opposite side of the Thunderpath, it is very quiet at first, until the growl and splashing of an approaching monster is heard. Tigerclaw yowls for everyone to look out, and Firestar presses against the edge of the Thunderpath. Darkstripe scrambles on top of the wall edging the Thunderpath and bares his teeth at the monster as it passes.
When Tigerclaw and a group of rogues head toward the ThunderClan camp, Fireheart and Cloudpaw flatten themselves in a deep furrow carved out by the Treecut monster.

Rising Storm

A Twoleg monster hits Whitethroat on the Thunderpath when he is running from Fireheart, and kills him. Cloudpaw is taken away in the belly of a monster.

In The New Prophecy arc


It is revealed that in the time between Firestar's Quest and this book, Sorrelpaw was hit by a monster, injuring her shoulder. However, it was not a permanent injury like Cinderpelt's; it only delayed her training for three moons, so she was made a warrior after her brothers Sootfur and Rainwhisker.
When Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw are preparing to leave on the Great Journey to find the sun-drown-place, they sleep under a "sleeping" monster before they leave, to shelter from the rain.
The first monsters veer off the Thunderpath into the forest and begin ripping up dirt and trees, much to the surprise and fear of the warriors.


Many more monsters are seen in the forest as the Twolegs begin dominating the area. The prey is scared away by their presence, so the Clans struggle to find food in the harsh conditions.


Monsters continue to tear up the forest, and even attack ShadowClan's camp. However, with help from RiverClan, ThunderClan, and WindClan, they manage to evacuate the ShadowClan camp before any cat is killed.
Shrewpaw gets hit and killed by a monster when chasing a pheasant onto the Thunderpath.
Graystripe is last seen being taken away in the back of a monster after saving Brightheart, Leafpaw, Mistyfoot, and several other cats from being trapped and taken away by the Twolegs.


When Spiderleg complains that Brambleclaw is acting like Clan deputy, Squirrelflight remembers how Graystripe had been carried away inside a growling, mud-spattered monster.
Later, when Brambleclaw, Ashfur, and Squirrelflight go to warn WindClan about a fox, Squirrelflight thinks that without ThunderClan, WindClan would have died in their former home, with each of them killed by monsters.
On the way to a Gathering, Squirrelflight sadly meows to Leafpool that it was easier to meet at Fourtrees, and she remembers the horror when discovering that Twoleg monsters had destroyed the great oaks.
When Leafpool goes to warn Mothwing about Twolegs, they look around through RiverClan to check if everything is all right, and at the Thunderpath, Leafpool smells a faint scent of monsters. Mothwing tells her that monsters haven't been there recently.
Later, when Leafpool comes to RiverClan with the sickness, Mistyfoot comes to show her what the problem is. Beside a waterfall, she faintly smells the Thunderpath, although the monster scent is faint and stale, as if none had been there for many days. The deputy continues to lead her on, until they reach the smooth, round object. Leafpool thinks that it is hard and shiny like the Twoleg monsters.
When Squirrelflight wants to help ShadowClan with the kittypets, Firestar agrees that although each Clan should fend for themselves, without the Clans helping each other, they would have been killed by Twoleg monsters.


When Cloudtail, Dustpelt, and Thornclaw return from a patrol, Thornclaw says that they heard buzzing from the lake, and Cloudtail explains that it came from some kind of Twoleg monster, and that there are many on the lake. Brambleclaw asks what they were doing, and Dustpelt explains that the Twolegs hurtles across the lake in a kind of water-monster which made the noise. Daisy explains that they are boats, and that there is a boatplace at the far side of the lake from there.
Later, during a Gathering, Blackstar announces that Twolegs have brought their boats and water-monsters onto the lake at the edge of their territory. He adds that their monsters use the small Thunderpath and leave their reek in the air, and Leopardstar adds that they are having similar problems.
When Leafpool visits Willowpaw in her dream, she shows her where the catmint is, and heads across RiverClan territory to the small Thunderpath, and Leafpool picks up the reek of Twoleg monsters as she draws closer.
When Dustpelt reports that Twolegs have been on the border with ShadowClan, Firestar guesses that Blackstar and Leopardstar will demand more territory at the next Gathering, and Brambleclaw thinks of how, with the warming weather, more Twolegs come and ride across the lake in their water-monsters or in their boats. He frets that the Twolegs will come to the forest next, but Firestar doubts it, saying that the forest comes too close to the water's edge in their territory for them to land their water-monster.
He asks Brambleclaw to go sniff around, and when Brambleclaw comes to the lake, he can see, on the border with RiverClan and ShadowClan, a Twoleg thing that looks like a monster and roars away from the half-bridge, leaving a wake of foam on the lake's surface. The reek of monsters is stronger there, and it drowns out the scents of any cats. Brambleclaw approaches the half-bridge, Twoleg monsters crouch side by side in the area near it. Brambleclaw creeps along the edge of the halfbridge, and several monsters loom in front of him, but they are all silent, and he guesses that they are asleep.
As he watches, another monster appears and veers off the Thunderpath then stops and silences abruptly. Several Twolegs get out of its belly, and Brambleclaw stiffens as a dog leaps out of the monster too. Brambleclaw waits to see what the Twolegs will do next, but Brook and Stormfur come to the edge of the Thunderpath while hunting, and Brook launches herself across the Thunderpath to chase a squirrel just as a monster appears. Brambleclaw pictures the mountain cat being crushed under its round back paws, but the monster swerves, screeching, and hardly misses Brook's tail as she dashes back into RiverClan territory. Back at camp, when Hawkfrost accuses Brook of having stolen the squirrel from ShadowClan territory, Leopardstar questions the young she-cat who admits that she did. Leopardstar asks if any ShadowClan cat saw it, but Stormfur replies that even if they did, the area only smells of Twolegs and their monsters, and the ShadowClan cats would never know that they were there.

In the Power of Three arc

Dark River

When Jaypaw visits Cinderpaw's memories as Cinderpelt, he sees flashbacks, including a monster screeching off of a Thunderpath, and the forest being ripped apart by monsters. When Jaypaw explains his vision to Leafpool, he tells her that Cinderpaw's destiny is to be a warrior, as she only became a medicine cat after a monster injured her, giving her no chance to be a warrior.


When Cinderpaw asks Jaypaw to bring him water but he refuses, the tabby she-cat begs more, and Jaypaw begins to see images in his mind, where he stands on a Thunderpath, and a roar fills his ears. In the vision, Jaypaw crouches in terror as a silver monster hurtles by very closely, and another monster roars in the opposite direction, causing his eyes to be stung with their choking scent as many monsters pass by. Suddenly, one monster breaks from the path and heads straight toward him, and his leg is suddenly pained, causing the world to go black.
Later, when Sol comes to the hollow, Jaypaw searches his mind and he finds trees, sky, lightning, roaring monsters, and more.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

When the cats journey to the beaver dam, and Petalfur is grabbed by a Twoleg kit, Lionblaze tugs on the Twoleg pelt den to save her, and it tastes like licking the trail left by a monster on the Thunderpath.
Later, the journeying cats need to cross a Thunderpath, and Dovepaw stumbles when a monster roars past them. The apprentice asks what it is, and Lionblaze informs her that it is a monster, and they run on Thunderpaths. He adds that they saw lots of them on their journey to Twolegplace to find Sol. Lionblaze asks Dovepaw if there are any more monsters coming, and Dovepaw listens for the large creatures, but cannot hear anything.
When Lionblaze asks Dovepaw to sense for Snowdrop, Dovepaw is confused by the sounds of monsters and Twolegs, and though she tries to block them out, she can't sense the kittypet. After they travel downstream some more, Dovepaw lets her sense range out through Twolegplace, and can hear the roar of monsters echoing off the walls of Twoleg nests. Dovepaw focuses on the details of what she sense to see the kittypets, and imagines the gleam of sleeping monsters. She eventually sense them and leads until they emerge onto a Thunderpath, where the reek of monsters makes her want to turn around. A monster growls farther down the Thunderpath, and it sweeps past. Lionblaze instructs Dovepaw to cross the Thunderpath when he says run, and after looking both ways and listening for monsters, he gives the order to run.
Dovepaw leads along the edge of the Thunderpath and slips behind a tree when a slow monster prowls past. She asks her mentor if he thinks it is looking for them, and Lionblaze doubts it, but says that no cat knows what monsters are thinking. When they find the kittypets, they take the Clan cats to the stream, and when they come to a Thunderpath, Jigsaw leaps right over a sleeping monster, leaving pawprints on its snout. The other kittypets follow, and Seville tells them to hurry, and Lionblaze asks Dovepaw if they will let the kittypets think they are scared of monsters. Dovepaw replies that they won't, and Lionblaze leaps onto the monster, and Dovepaw follows and tries not to flinch as her paws strike the smooth, hot surface. She jumps onto its back then down its snout and is relieved to be on the ground, and when she sees that the monster hasn't woken up despite five cats leaping over it, she wonders if monsters are stupid.

Fading Echoes

When Dovepaw and Ivypaw go to WindClan to visit Whitetail and Sedgewhisker, Dovepaw searches for WindClan patrols when they reach the border, and hears a monster growl far in the distance, but senses no cats roaming the moor.

The Forgotten Warrior

When Cinderheart is shown her past life, she talks about the monster and how her leg hurts.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

When the traveling cats search for SkyClan, they come across several Thunderpaths which roam with monsters. The cats discuss Alderpaw's vision and what it meant. Afterwards, Sparkpaw suggests they hunt, due to the possibility of prey shortages once they leave their own territory. Sandstorm responds that it was a long journey with Thunderpaths to cross, with an alternative route given by Graystripe. This route, however, involved more risk of encountering Twolegs and monsters.
Sparkpaw sniffs dismissively, stating that Purdy told her all about Thunderpaths. She declares she is not scared of them and that they were no big deal, resulting in a scolding from fellow Clanmate Sandstorm, who says monsters have killed many cats and it is very dangerous, and that Sparkpaw is a mouse-brain to not be anxious.
Later on, when they come across five Twolegs, Sandstorm points out the red sleeping monster beyond them. She murmurs to Alderpaw that it will kill him if it caught him with its big, black paws. However, the monster they spotted appeared to be asleep, and harmless, for now.
A monster is spotted when three Twoleg kits climb into it, followed by two adults. Alderpaw starts as the monster wakes with a ferocious roar, flooding the air with its acrid scent and moving off, its black paws rolling faster on the black Thunderpath.
A horrified Sparkpaw asks Sandstorm if the monster ate the Twolegs. Sandstorm shakes her head, mewing that the monsters allowed the Twolegs to ride inside them, and that she would never understand. Molewhisker agrees, mewing that Twolegs were just as strange as the monsters.
The journeying cats encounter a Thunderpath, with monsters racing past in both ways, ruffling the cats' fur. They let out high-pitched noises, as if talking with one another. Most have blazing eyes cutting into the darkness.
Alderpaw spots a one-eyed monster. Sparkpaw gasps and presses close to Alderpaw fearfully. The cats line up at the edge of the Thunderpath, the monsters moving so quick that their paws were a black blur. Their roaring hurt Alderpaw's ears. Sandstorm assures the nervous apprentices that they would be fine if they timed the crossing right. As they waited for a gap that never came, something flew out of one of the monsters and sailed straight for the cats.
The cats avoid the object that smashed on the edge of the Thunderpath. As another dark object flies towards them, Sandstorm commands them to retreat back into the trees.
The cats try again during the day. Although the monsters still buffeted the fur of the cats as they zoomed by, they were less threatening without their glowing eyes. The cats run on Sandstorm's command. As Alderpaw raced towards the trees on the other side of the Thunderpath, he sees the biggest monster yet looming over him with jaws gaping. Sparkpaw forces Alderpaw to move, and they are pressed with the wind of the monster passing behind them. The cats leave the Thunderpath quickly once on the other side for fear of more objects flying out of the monsters.
A monster with spinning jaws is seen in a field, slicing off plants and leaving an air full of dust. The cats flee from the monster in the plants, hearing it approaching despite not seeing it through the thick, tall plants.
Later, after Darktail and his gang pursue off the escaping Clan cats, and Alderpaw falls into the water, saved only by Needlepaw, he wakes up to see monsters dashing back and fro a few fox-lengths away by a Twolegplace.
The two apprentices cross a Thunderpath with no sign of monsters, and later, Needlepaw tries begging for food from a Twoleg in front of a bright blue monster. A kittypet leads them to find some food elsewhere, to a small den at the end of a pebbly path, a monster crouching at the entrance. Alderpaw is discouraged from the sight of the monster sleeping, despite Needlepaw replying nonchalantly that the monster was asleep. Needlepaw returns from the monster's den, having her fill of kittypet food.
They then approach another Thunderpath in their journey home, the glittering monsters on the black strip. Needlepaw dodges the Thunderpath, instead taking a tunnel underneath the Thunderpath.

Shattered Sky

Coming Soon

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

Graystripe watches Twolegs put cats in cages into a monster, and attacks a Twoleg carrying a cat to the monster. Other ThunderClan cats go into the monster and save other cats from their cages. Graystripe goes inside the monster too, but the monster starts to move. Graystripe frees Brightheart and she jumps out of the monster, but right after, the monster's back door slams shut, leaving Graystripe captured.

Warrior's Refuge

Graystripe and Millie encounter a monster on the Thunderpath by Husker's barn, and narrowly escape, and flee into a cornfield. However, another monster - known as a corn harvester - cuts through the corn, separating the two cats.

Warrior's Return

Graystripe gets hit on the shoulder by a monster, badly shocking him. Later, after Graystripe recovers, he and Millie ride to the sun-drown-place on the back of a monster.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

On Cinderpelt's page, it is mentioned how her leg was run over by a Twoleg monster and it would injure her for life.
A monster is mentioned on Cinderheart's page, which explains how Cinderpelt's leg was run over which prevented her from being a warrior, in which she got to live a life as Cinderheart.
On Turtle Tail's page, it is described that Turtle Tail had been hit by a monster on the Thunderpath, killing her instantly.

Secrets of the Clans

When Squirrelflight shows the reader the ThunderClan camp, she explains how they think that the camp's walls are smooth because Twolegs were there a long time ago and sliced stone off of the wall with their monsters.
In the RiverClan camp section, the river is described as quiet, gentle, and murmuring, yet sometimes frothing and roaring like a Twoleg monster. When Leopardstar speaks of her alliance with TigerClan, she says that with the combined strength of ShadowClan and RiverClan, they would be so powerful that they could maybe even fight Twoleg monsters.
In Snowfur's section, she briefly mentions how she was killed by a Twoleg monster while chasing ShadowClan intruders out of their territory, and how she was mourned for.
In the section describing how the Moonstone was discovered, it is told that one morning, Windstar was leading a patrol along the edge of the Thunderpath and felt the rumble of a Twoleg monster beneath her paws. However, Mothflight crossed the Thunderpath when following a light blue feather, and Windstar warns her, but her yowl is drowned out by the monster's roar. Gorsefur saves Mothflight by pushing her to the far side, and gravel is thrown into their faces as the monster rumbles past and trails foul-smelling smoke.
When Cloudtail speaks of how he was tempted by the life of a kittypet, he explains how he would eat Twoleg food, but that the Twolegs caught him and put him in a wire web inside of the belly of a monster.
When Barley speaks about how he left BloodClan, he recalls how his brothers outcasted him from BloodClan, and how he got away and limped onto a small Thunderpath. He remembers how a Twoleg monster came out of nowhere, and how he climbed the nearest tree and over a fence extremely quickly as he ran from it.
Tawnypelt uses the word boat, showing that the Clan cats differ sailing boats from the monsters on the Thunderpath.
In the 'Other Animals' section, Twolegs are mentioned to ride around in monsters.

Code of the Clans

For Code Twelve, it is mentioned that Brackenfoot does not like the taste of monster-kill, unlike his Clanmates, and that he despises the Thunderpath. Brackenfoot pushes through the plats at the edge of the Thunderpath and waits for the roar of the monsters to fade before bounding across the Thunderpath. Archeye spots a dead pigeon on the Thunderpath, but Brackenfoot thinks that it won't taste like pigeon because it will be like licking a monster's paw.
For Code Thirteen, it is said that SkyClan was driven out of its territory by Twoleg monsters. Cloudstar explains that StarClan stopped watching over his Clan long ago, as soon as the Twolegs attacked their territory with their tree-eating monsters.
For Code Fourteen, as Mossheart and Lilyfur go to stop the battle with ShadowClan, they burst out of the trees into a patch of ground not far from the Thunderpath. The air tastes of monsters, and the bushes at the edge are black and shriveled from their foul breath. the next morning, when the medicine cats meet at the Moonstone, it is mentioned that Kinktail, RiverClan's medicine cat, had her tail crushed by a monster when she was a tiny kit.



  • The Clan cats will never understand what monsters and Thunderpaths really are.[13]

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