"Moon Shadow was a brave cat. He survived so much, in the mountains and on our journey here. His death is a sign of all the changes we have experienced since we left the mountains. I hope there will be more changes to come. But whatever happens, no cat will ever forget Moon Shadow. I'll make certain of that."
Gray Wing on Moon Shadow after his death in Thunder Rising, page 230

Moon Shadow is a slender[7] night-[8]black tom.[3]

Moon Shadow was a member of the Ancient Tribe. He joined his sister, Tall Shadow, on a journey to find a new home, despite his expecting mate, Dewy Leaf, begging otherwise. At their new home, Moon Shadow decided to follow Clear Sky to live in the forest. When a fire breaks out, Moon Shadow was severely burned trying to escape. Tall Shadow remains at his side as he succumbed to his injuries. Moon Shadow joined the spirit cats and warned the groups to unite or die following a deadly battle. In the mountains, Dewy Leaf gave birth to his kits, Sun Shadow, Dancing Leaf, and Crow Muzzle, but only Sun Shadow survived. He and Quiet Rain followed the sun trail in an attempt to find Moon Shadow and the others. Moon Shadow was already dead, but he reunited with his son in StarClan following his death.


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Moon Shadow: "Who died and put you in charge?"
Tall Shadow: "Shaded Moss, actually. And it's not a position I ever asked for."
—Moon Shadow and Tall Shadow arguing The Sun Trail, page 191
Dewy Leaf, Moon Shadow's mate, halts in front of him, and asks him what he's doing skulking around. She adds that she was going to have his kits, and that he promised he would stay with her. Moon Shadow flinches backward at her comment, and informs her awkwardly that there wasn't enough food, and that their kits would be better off with fewer mouths to feed. Dewy Leaf questions him on his decision, asking who would catch prey for her while she nursed them. Twisted Branch agrees with her, glaring at Moon Shadow, and states that she had a point that cats with responsibilities should stay in the cave.
During the voting, Moon Shadow picks up a stone, and marches determinedly over to the waterfall, which signifies that he votes to leave the mountains. Dewy Leaf hisses at him for his choice, stating that his kits would never know their father's name. Moon Shadow does not respond to her, and she then whisks around.
When he sets up to leave the mountains, Gray Wing offers the chance for Dewy Leaf to come with him, stating that it would be her last chance to be with Moon Shadow again. Dewy Leaf declines his offer, saying that her kits belong in the mountains. She adds that things would be better there now, and asks that Gray Wing tell Moon Shadow she hopes he's happy in his new home if he ever saw him. Gray Wing promises he will if he sees the tom.
After Gray Wing finds Jagged Peak and they shelter for the night, Gray Wing dreams he is back in the cave with all of his Tribemates and murmuring is all around him from different cats. Shaded Moss suggests that they set off again, to which Clear Sky protests that they have to hunt first. Turtle Tail is indifferent and mews to wake up Moon Shadow first. After more cats state their opinions, Gray Wing wonders why all these cats he is hearing left to follow the sun trail. Gray Wing opens his eyes and realizes after a few moments that he can still hear the voices he was hearing in his dream.
Gray Wing wakes his younger brother and they go to the traveling cats. There is excitement from the traveling cats for a few moments, and Shaded Moss suggests they set off soon. Moon Shadow adds that they should set off after they hunt. After the cats eat, they set off; Moon Shadow is beside Dappled Pelt and the former brags about how he scared off an eagle the day before, and if he wasn't there, Jackdaw's Cry would have been carried away by it. Dappled Pelt mutters something that undermines the tom, and Gray Wing thinks that leaving has not changed Moon Shadow one bit.
The cats stop briefly at a stream to get a drink and soak their sore pads. Dappled Pelt catches fish, and after Jackdaw's Cry says he'd rather have eagles and hares, Moon Shadow cheerfully points out that the fish is food, casting an almost longing glance at what is left of the fish. After Clear Sky asks Shaded Moss if he can try to catch small birds that are circling above them, and Shaded Moss mews that they haven't gone far enough yet, Moon Shadow objects that the new home, wherever it might be, won't disappear because they should take their time to get there. Many cats agree, but Turtle Tail objects, calling the cats lazy, and points out that Stoneteller never told them that it would be easy.
Once they get up and continue walking again, the traveling cats encounter some scree which leads to a drop back into a valley. When Dappled Pelt almost falls, Gray Wing helps her, but can't do it all himself; Moon Shadow comes down to let her lean on his shoulder and guide her to more solid ground. When they are almost there, he gives her a shove to put her ahead of him and scrambles next to her. Shaded Moss checks on Dappled Pelt, who frantically apologizes for causing trouble and almost killing them because of panicking, and Moon Shadow comforts her, telling her she'll know better in the future. Turtle Tail then leans over to whisper in Gray Wing's ear that she is very impressed at Moon Shadow's courage, but she would never admit it to him, and Gray Wing whispers back that he is brave but very annoying.
Soon after, an encounter with a few eagles kills Clear Sky's mate, Bright Stream. Every cat is grief-stricken, and it is said that even Moon Shadow's arrogant chatter is silenced by the death. The next morning, when the traveling cats are ready to leave, Gray Wing prepares to walk with his grieving brother for the day, but Moon Shadow reaches the tom first and murmurs that he will walk at his side that day.
The traveling cats are walking and they are almost out of the mountains when they see a river; they have to cross on rocks that have reached the surface of the water. Quick Water does not enjoy the crossing, and takes a long time. She complains about wet paws, stopping, and Moon Shadow yowls at her to not just stand there and move. Quick Water hisses and goes to jump onto the next rock, but misjudges the distance, and scrabbles on the edge, which leads Falling Feather to swim into the river and drag the she-cat to shore. Darkness is gathering, so Shaded Moss suggests that they stop for the night. Hawk Swoop complains at the darkness, but Moon Shadow declares that he can scent prey; Jagged Peak offers to come along, but Dappled Pelt is doubtful of his skill, but Moon Shadow takes the young cat anyway. Gray Wing is slipping off into sleep when the pair returns. They have brought a large brown bird and a plump mouse nearly the size of a kit. The traveling cats eat well that night.
The group reaches another river, and there is too much prey; if they caught it all it would be wasted. Hawk Swoop and Moon Shadow are called back when they continue to pursue prey. The latter remarks that it doesn't feel natural letting prey escape purposefully.
After moving on, the traveling cats are beside a Thunderpath when Turtle Tail sneezes when a blade of grass brushes her nose. Moon Shadow hisses to her to be quiet, because she'll bring all the monsters after them. After every cat crosses, Shattered Ice and Quick Water start complaining. Since the latter was complaining about hunting, Moon Shadow tells the cats to stop behaving like kits; there is too much prey. Shaded Moss tells the traveling cats that he wants them to travel a little farther before they camp for the night. Moon Shadow lets out an irritated hiss at this.
The cats go farther, and they end up in a Twolegplace. Clear Sky points out the danger, and adds that there is no prey; Moon Shadow snaps that they should have hunted in the woods, when he wanted to. That night, they sleep in a monster's den. Gray Wing is on watch, but Rainswept Flower convinces him to go back to sleep; Gray Wing wakes Hawk Swoop, and he sleeps where she had been. A paw on his tail wakes him, and he sees Moon Shadow, who apologizes and explains that he is going hunting. Gray Wing murmurs a good luck, and watches the tom leave with a few words with the cats on watch, Shattered Ice and Turtle Tail. Gray Wing is woken up again by yowling soon after he drifts asleep. Shattered Ice tells Gray Wing that Moon Shadow is being attacked.
Gray Wing scrambles outside and hears Moon Shadow and two other cats' yowls on the other side of a wall, as if they are fighting. Gray Wing, Tall Shadow, and Clear Sky outrun their denmates to the wall and the three leap on top of it. They look down and see Moon Shadow grappling with two kittypets. Gray Wing attacks one kittypet, a black and white tom, letting Moon Shadow escape, while Tall Shadow and Clear Sky attack the other, a ginger she-cat. Moon Shadow rams into the tom, and seeing two enemies to fight, he flees; meanwhile, Tall Shadow and Clear Sky are chasing the she-cat away. The cats run on top of a wall of wood and the she-cat tells them that rogues aren't welcome and if all of them aren't gone by tonight, they will be in big trouble, and with that the kittypets leave. Moon Shadow yowls good riddance after them. The cats return back to the den, where the cats are waiting.
After telling Shaded Moss of the exchange, he makes them set off immediately. As they are crossing some grass, Moon Shadow exclaims at a strange sight: a dog trapped in a shiny clear sheet that leaves it so that it can't get out. He yowls out at the dog, taunting it. Cloud Spots tells Moon Shadow that he is flea-brained, and pushes Moon Shadow ahead, since they are falling behind, asking him what he'd do if a Twoleg let it out.
Soon enough, the traveling cats leave the Twolegplace, now in the open again. Moon Shadow veers off the steady course of the patrol and leaps into some bushes, emerging with a small brown bird in his mouth. Moon Shadow puts it on the ground, takes a mouthful, and passes it to Shaded Moss, who rejects it politely and meows that every cat can hunt for their own prey, since there is enough.
After every cat eats their fill, the traveling cats have to cross a marsh, and after doing so, they need to find shelter, as they are hungry, cold, wet, and filthy. There is a strange wooden cave in sight; it looks safe, and it smells of prey. Moon Shadow asks what they are waiting for, because they need to hunt. Shaded Moss deems it safe enough to stay for the night. The cats eagerly dive in for mice, and eat well that night. Rainswept Flower asks every cat if this is their new home, since it is all they wanted. After every cat is silent with shock for a few moments, Moon Shadow is the first to speak, and mews that it suits him.
After it is decided this isn't their new home, the cats continue on, but are forced to stop when Hawk Swoop dislocates her shoulder, but it is relocated. Clear Sky suggests they hunt apathetically, but Moon Shadow mews that he cannot face another mouse.
The traveling cats continue the trek to follow the sun trail, and they meet a stranger, who tells them that the pointed stones ahead are called Highstones, and that beyond them, cats are living there. They pad on through woods and rain, and Clear Sky catches a squirrel; Shaded Moss takes the opportunity for the cats to rest and hunt since they have stopped. Moon Shadow and Shattered Ice immediately slink off into the trees to hunt. They return with prey and the cats eat their fill. The cats continue on, aiming for Highstones, when they reach a Thunderpath. Shaded Moss is hit by a monster and dies; since the Thunderpath is no place to abandon him, Moon Shadow, along with Shattered Ice and Dappled Pelt carry him across.
After the traveling cats pay their respects to their leader, they continue to follow the sun trail. They walk through grassy spaces, clusters of a few Twoleg dens, and over moorland grass, until they stop in a copse of pine trees. Moon Shadow mews halfheartedly that this would be an ideal place to hunt, but many cats mew that they aren't hungry, so they do not, but they settle down and rest. After the cats pass Highstones and continue on, Moon Shadow declares that he can smell dog, and the cats avoid it.
They continue walking and eventually find themselves at a Thunderpath, every cat rigid with fear because of Shaded Moss' death. Gray Wing is selected to lead a group consisting of Jagged Peak, Hawk Swoop, and Moon Shadow across, who are the last to cross the Thunderpath. They huddle at the edge, waiting for a gap in the monsters, before they cross.
The traveling cats reach some moorland filled with prey, and they settle down in a hollow, trying to figure out if this is the place Half Moon wanted them to find. Clear Sky takes Moon Shadow, Falling Feather, and Dappled Pelt on a patrol to explore the area. He later goes hunting alone and catches two squirrels in the woodlands. Gray Wing overhears Tall Shadow warn him not to hunt alone, and Moon Shadow challenges her, asking who made her leader. She says that Shaded Moss made her his successor, and the three cats share a moment of grief for their lost companion.
Later, Clear Sky and Gray Wing are making their way back to the hollow together when they hear Moon Shadow's voice raised in an argument. As they get closer, they find out that Moon Shadow is quarreling with Tall Shadow, telling her the downsides of living in the open, trying to get her to move the traveling cats' home to the woodland. It doesn't take long for Hawk Swoop to get between the brother and sister, telling Moon Shadow that he argues too much and that every other cat is tired of having to listen to it. She tries to distract him from the argument by bringing the fact that it is not raining anymore to his attention and saying that there are birds here, a prey they know how to catch. Moon Shadow, after a bit of discussion and other cats leaping to their paws, wears an angry expression and stomps off to his nest.
Moon Shadow is heard rather than seen when Gray Wing is on a hunting patrol with Clear Sky, Turtle Tail, Jackdaw's Cry, and Falling Feather. Falling Feather catches a mouse, and then a loud yowl is heard. Crashes and angry voices come afterward. Clear Sky recognizes a voice as Moon Shadow's. Turtle Tail remarks that she knows he has to be the one to get in trouble, and Gray Wing thinks that Moon Shadow shouldn't disobey orders and go alone, but he needs assistance. Gray Wing and Clear Sky are the first cats to reach the scene, where Moon Shadow is in a large bundle of fur with three other cats. Clear Sky almost immediately jumps onto one of the cats, trying to drag them away from Moon Shadow. Gray Wing and the other cats follow suit, attacking the two other cats.
Moon Shadow is at the edge of the clearing, breathing heavily when the worst of the fight is over. Gray Wing sees that a bit of fur is missing from one of the black tom's shoulders. Turtle Tail comes over to him and helps him get on his paws. Moon Shadow is indignant, only exclaiming that the three cats attacked him. Turtle Tail snaps at him, showing her disapproval at his choice of going off on his own. Two of the cats that had attacked defend themselves, stating that the squirrel Moon Shadow had caught is theirs. Moon Shadow is furious, pointing out that he caught it, so it is his prey. One of the cats slides out her claws, but another ends the discussion, slinking away with his companions and the squirrel, which angers Moon Shadow even more, almost picking a second fight with them, only to be stopped by Clear Sky. Moon Shadow just huffs in response, following the wounded patrol back to their camp.
When they return to camp, Tall Shadow is enraged at her brother not following her orders once again. Moon Shadow attempts at defense, and Gray Wing admits that he has a point in his mind. Tall Shadow calms down a bit, but still tries to keep Moon Shadow grounded by her orders, though he doesn't guarantee he'll comply.
The next day, Moon Shadow declares that he will go hunting, and to prevent his friend from any more trouble, Clear Sky makes it known that he will tag along with Jagged Peak, Shattered Ice, and Quick Water. Tall Shadow wishes them luck, and the patrol leaves after Gray Wing declines the offer to go, instead going on a walk with Turtle Tail. Moon Shadow is noted to have caught a thrush when the patrol returns. After the fight with the foxes, Moon Shadow is seen limping.
The next day, Clear Sky and Moon Shadow talk to Tall Shadow about moving to the forest. Moon Shadow points out that the hunting is easier in the forest and that the cats would be hidden there. Jackdaw's Cry asks the toms what they were going to do about the other cats that already lived in the forest and Moon Shadow replies that they will deal with them, he adds that they don't want to fight for every mouthful of prey in the forest and says that there is enough for everyone.
The cats take a vote whether to stay or leave and the vote results in the cats staying. However, Clear Sky and Moon Shadow protest and Moon Shadow says that when they voted to leave the cave the cats that wanted to stay stayed in the mountains and the ones that wanted to leave left the mountains. Tall Shadow tells the cats who voted to go to leave, and the cats - Moon Shadow, Jagged Peak, Quick Water, Falling Feather, and Clear Sky - leave the camp.
As Gray Wing visits Clear Sky's camp, Moon Shadow and Falling Feather race back to camp, screeching that Jagged Peak had fallen from a tree while the trio was hunting squirrel. Moon Shadow tells the cats that Jagged Peak can't get up. Gray Wing fetches Dappled Pelt from Tall Shadow's camp and Dappled Pelt asks Clear Sky if he had any marigold. Clear Sky replied that they knew where some grew and sends Moon Shadow to retrieve it. Moon Shadow returns with a mouthful of the plant and Dappled Pelt trickles the plant on Jagged Peak's leg.
When Falling Feather and Clear Sky meet Petal and Fox in the Bonus Scene, Falling Feather remarks that she knew them, adding that they got in a fight with Moon Shadow as he was chasing a squirrel.

Thunder Rising

Petal: "We were only defending ourselves."
Moon Shadow: "Don't worry. I can escort these cats away."
Shattered Ice: "You haven't changed then, Moon Shadow. Still showing off. We don't need escorting, thank you very much."
Moon Shadow: "Would you prefer a fight, flea-pelt?"
—Moon Shadow offering to escort Thunder and Shattered Ice Thunder Rising, page 52
Moon Shadow and Falling Feather arrive at one side of the clearing, and Thunder notes that he had met them when they visited the camp, and made the journey from the mountains. Petal explains that she and Leaf were only defending themselves, but Moon Shadow puffs up his chest, and remarks that he could escort the others away. Shattered Ice rolls his eyes at him, stating that he hasn't change, but accepts his offer to escort them. Moon Shadow then flexes his claws, draws his lips back in a snarl, and asks if he preferred to fight instead. Falling Feather pushes between Moon Shadow and Shattered Ice, telling them to stop.
During the fire, Gray Wing recognizes Moon Shadow, whose paws do not clear the flames, and the latter lets out a yowl of pain. He instinctively attempts to curl up in mid air, making him abandon his leaping posture, and lands with a hard thump. Fire creeps through his pelt and tail, and he screeches for help. Gray Wing, Thunder, and Tall Shadow race toward him, battering at him to put out the flames, but Moon Shadow is panicked, rolling over. He attempts to flee before the flames are out, and Thunder leaps after him, throwing his whole weight across Moon Shadow's lower back, and yowls for him to keep still. Gray Wing ignores his scorched paws to help the agonized Moon Shadow, and as the flames die, Gray Wing spots a patch of fur where fur was burnt away on Moon Shadow.
They stand around him, and Cloud Spots tells Moon Shadow that it would not end badly, making him groan, and turn his head away. The cats then pull away Moon Shadow's form from the fire, and they form a protective guard over him, while he moans with agony. Tall Shadow stands beside him, and Gray Wing crouches beside Moon Shadow, asking if Clear Sky was with him. Moon Shadow merely stares at him with glazed eyes, lets out another drawn out groan, and Gray Wing realizes that he is too badly hurt to understand the question. Tall Shadow bends her head to nuzzle Moon Shadow's shoulder, and assures him that Cloud Spots would be back with healing herbs, and tells him that everything would be fine.
Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt return with grass and weeds, dropping them beside Moon Shadow, and Gray Wing suggests for them to chew up and dribble the grasses' juice on Moon Shadow's wound. However, as they perform said action, it has no effect on Moon Shadow's wound. He then lurches to his paws, and declares that he would walk, but Gray Wing knows that they have no choice but to retreat with him, as if they leave Moon Shadow alone, he would die to the flames and smoke. As River Ripple helps the cats escape, Moon Shadow, Gray Wing, and Tall Shadow hesitate on the other side. River Ripple advises for them to leap into the air, but Tall Shadow snarls that Moon Shadow couldn't make it. Thunder wonders what they would do, and Jackdaw's Cry replies that they would work on how to help Moon Shadow.
Thunder notices that Gray Wing appears shaken by Moon Shadow's injuries, and he states that they needed to help Moon Shadow, as he couldn't move quickly enough to dodge the flames. He adds that they couldn't leave them, and Jackdaw's Cry explains his plan to save them both, which includes them going through the fire to save Moon Shadow. After they soak themselves, Moon Shadow and Tall Shadow are still trapped on the other side, and Jackdaw's Cry calls that they are coming for the former. Tall Shadow rejects the idea of leaving him, but them asks that if they wouldn't let him die. Thunder calls back that they promised, and Tall Shadow then gasps for them to get Moon Shadow out. Thunder then nearly stumbles over Moon Shadow, who crouches on the last untouched piece of ground, and whimpers as fire sparks shower on his fur. Jackdaw's Cry nudges him to get on his paws, and he would walk through fire.
Moon Shadow looks up at him, eyes glazed with terror, and Thunder isn't certain if he understands, despite him struggling to his paws. Moon Shadow, with Thunder and Jackdaw's Cry on his sides, face fire again, and Jackdaw's Cry springs forward, half carrying, and half pushing Moon Shadow. They then let him sink to the ground. When River Ripple explains that crossing the stream would be a way to escape, Moon Shadow is said to be too weak to manage it. Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt then flank Moon Shadow, and support him as he stumbles forward. When recalling recent events, Thunder remembers helping Moon Shadow. As the cats gather, Moon Shadow is said to crouch beside Tall Shadow, and twitches in pain as he feebly licks as his injuries. Gray Wing notices Moon Shadow closely, and is aware of his suffering; his eyes are glazed, and his breath come in shallow pants.
Tall Shadow then informs Gray Wing that she has to concentrate on Moon Shadow. She mentions that she was cowering behind flames, but Gray Wing reasons that she was only performing that because she would not leave Moon Shadow. When Tall Shadow steps down, she immediately leaps down to sit beside Moon Shadow. As Thunder leaves, Tall Shadow bends over Moon Shadow. As Gray Wing returns with Turtle Tail, Tall Shadow crouches over Moon Shadow, who lies still, and his breathing is noted to be fast and shallow. Moon Shadow's fur is dull, eyes closed, and it is noted that his wound didn't heal. Gray Wing asks if he could do anything, and Tall Shadow replies that he could not, unless he mastered healing. Gray Wing assures her that he would get better, and he thinks that he wasn't in as bad state as Moon Shadow.
After speaking with Pebble Heart, Tall Shadow stands over her brother's body, letting out a grief-stricken yowl. He lies still, legs splayed out as he is in a spasm of pain. Gray Wing believes that he died while he and the kits were sleeping, and pushes through the crowd. The cats are stunned by Moon Shadow's death, and Gray Wing touches his body, which is cooling. Gray Wing remembers that they have to bury him, and states that they would bury Moon Shadow. Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes then join Pebble Heart, who looks sadly at Moon Shadow's body. Gray Wing and Tall Shadow then pick up Moon Shadow's body, which is lighter than expected, and Gray Wing assumes that he didn't eat well. They carry his body out of the hollow, and Wind Runner tells the others not to crowd Moon Shadow. The cats then follow along, while Gray Wing and Tall Shadow carry Moon Shadow's body to a quiet spot in a rock shelter.
Once a hole is made deep enough for Moon Shadow's body, they roll him into the dirt, and Gray Wing believes that no cat deserves to die the way Moon Shadow did. His belly is exposed, and Tall Shadow lets out a wail of distress. She scrambles into the hole to turn him over, so the wounds weren't exposed, but his body begins to stiffen. Jackdaw's Cry and Shattered Ice then cover him with stones until he is no longer visible. Gray Wing then states that Moon Shadow was brave, as he survived in the mountains, as well as their journey. He also states that his death was a sign of the changes they experienced since departing the mountains, and knows that there is more to come. Gray Wing finishes that no cat would forget Moon Shadow, and Tall Shadow leaves before he finishes.
Gray Wing then informs Tall Shadow that although she was grieving for Moon Shadow, he needed her by his side. She replies that although her brother was buried, she wouldn't see another cat get buried, and agrees to help. As Tall Shadow thinks about what to do with Clear Sky, Gray Wing notices that she was more energized, and believes that she wouldn't have to worry about Moon Shadow any longer.

The First Battle

As he sees Dewy Leaf in a dream, Gray Wing thinks that if Moon Shadow stayed behind to see his kits, he could have still been alive. It is noted that after Moon Shadow's death, Tall Shadow's old energy returned. After the Great Battle, Moon Shadow, along with Fox and Shaded Moss, follow Bright Stream as the deceased cats appear to the survivors of the battle.

The Blazing Star

"That's right. But there's still more work to be done. Only the Blazing Star can blunt the claw."
―Moon Shadow to the Early Settlers The Blazing Star (book), page 35
Gray Wing remembers all the deceased that made the journey from the mountains, including Moon Shadow. He sees his spirit alongside other deceased spirits. Moon Shadow pads to his sister and agrees that they are giving all the help they can. He tells the Early Settler leaders that there is more work to do, and only the Blazing Star can blunt a claw. Bright Stream echoes his words. Back at the mountains, Moon Shadow's son Sun Shadow remembers how Moon Shadow left before he was born to find a new home. He thinks if he was born when they left, he would have gone with his father. Sharp Hail snaps at Sun Shadow, saying he is just like his father, too restless to be thankful for what he has. Sun Shadow admits he is, and thinks if Moon Shadow was around he would understand. Dewy Leaf insists Sun Shadow is like his father too, explaining he is curious, brave, reckless, selfish, smart and cunning. She admits she is scared he'll leave like Moon Shadow did. Stoneteller convinces Sun Shadow that he doesn't need to stay, and Sun Shadow decides to go after his father. Unknown to him, Moon Shadow is deceased.

A Forest Divided

Tall Shadow talks with Moon Shadow, Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry as other spirit-cats gather to talk to the leaders. When Quiet Rain and Sun Shadow come to the forest, Thunder remembers how Moon Shadow was Tall Shadow's sibling and wonders if Sun Shadow is another sibling. Sun Shadow reveals however that Moon Shadow is actually his father, and asks about him since he doesn't know about his father's death. Thunder explains he knows Tall Shadow, and Sun Shadow instantly recognizes her as Moon Shadow's sister. They meet with River Ripple, and Thunder introduces Sun Shadow as Moon Shadow's son. River Ripple mentions his father was a fine cat, and Sun Shadow is surprised. Thunder is forced to explain that Moon Shadow died saving friends from a fire. Sun Shadow sways, visibly shocked. He states he wanted a chance to know his father. At the camp, Tall Shadow recognizes Sun Shadow as her sibling's son, but is instantly grief-stricken. Thunder explains they know about Moon Shadow. From hearing Sun Shadow's name, Gray Wing also recognizes he is Moon Shadow's son. Thunder also tells Gray Wing that he looks like his father, and has already told Sun Shadow what happened to Moon Shadow.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moon Shadow is one of the spirit cats present during Moth Flight's first visit to the Moonstone. He pads near Moth Flight and looks at her with a stern gaze. He tells Moth Flight that only she will understand what the spirit cats' omens are, and that she must use the knowledge she's gained from communicating with them to advise and guide her leader. While Moth Flight is hesitant at first, Moon Shadow persists, saying that Moth Flight must make her mother listen to her words.
When Moth Flight asks about the other Clans, and if she would have to advise them, Moon Shadow answers her, saying no. He goes on to explain that each Clan will have their own medicine cat, and it will be up to them to teach their leaders the ways of their ancestors. Moth Flight asks Moon Shadow if he has already spoken with these other cats, and Moon Shadow replies that it will be up to Moth Flight to take on this role. Half Moon soon shoos Moon Shadow away, and the spirit cats show Moth Flight who each of the other medicine cats will be.

In the Novellas

Shadowstar's Life

Shadowstar frequently reflects about Sun Shadow's father, Moon Shadow, and wishes how much he would've enjoyed life after he died. When she and Sun Shadow die, Moon Shadow and Gray Wing greet them in StarClan. Sun Shadow meets his father for the first time and Moon Shadow eases his worries and encourages Sun Shadow to join him in StarClan. Shadowstar mentions Moon Shadow during Sun Shadow's vigil and feels his presence watching her from StarClan. When Shadowstar finally dies, Moon Shadow welcomes her in StarClan.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Tall Shadow is said to have stepped down from her leader position to care for Moon Shadow, who was injured. It is also noted that River Ripple went through the flames with Jackdaw's Cry to rescue Moon Shadow. Tall Shadow is also said to have found her anxiety and grief too much to bear when Moon Shadow died, and willingly gave up her leadership to Gray Wing.

Character pixels

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Unnamed tom:[9] Status unknown


Shadowstar:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Dewy Leaf (formerly):[10] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


Crow Muzzle:[11] Deceased, residence unknown


Sun Shadow:[11] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Dancing Leaf:[11] Deceased, residence unknown


Unnamed ♂
Sharp Hail ♂Dewy Leaf ♀Moon Shadow ♂Shadowstar ♀
Morning Star ♂Falling Dusk ♂Melting Ice ♀Sun Shadow ♂Dancing Leaf ♂Crow Muzzle ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown




  • Despite dying in Thunder Rising,[5] he is still listed in the allegiances of The First Battle.[12]
  • He is mistakenly said to have died on the journey from the mountains,[13] but he actually died of injuries from the forest fire.[5]


"He was in time to see Moon Shadow pick up a stone and march determinedly over to the waterfall. Dewy Leaf padded alongside him. 'Your kits will never know their father's name!' she hissed."
―Narration of Moon Shadow's cast stone The Sun Trail, page 38

"What's the rush? This new home, wherever it is, won't disappear, will it?"
―Moon Shadow trying to get the traveling cats to take their time going to their new home The Sun Trail, page 96

Turtle Tail: "I'm quite impressed by how Moon Shadow saved Dappled Pelt. But I'd never tell him so!"
Gray Wing: "He's brave, but he's still an annoying furball."
—Turtle Tail and Gray Wing after Moon Shadow saves Dappled Pelt The Sun Trail, page 102

Sun Shadow: "How am I like my father?"
Dewy Leaf: "You're curious and brave. And sometimes reckless and selfish. And smart and cunning..."
—Dewy Leaf to Sun Shadow The Blazing Star, page 14 (Bonus Scene)

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