"Then reason with me. Don't quote words given to you by someone else. You're my son. I hope I taught you to have a mind of your own."
— Moonlight to Tree in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 291

Moonlight is a huge gray she-cat.[8][2]

Moonlight was the former leader of the Sisters. She took several mates per the Sisters' custom. In one litter, she had a son named Earth and two daughters named Ice and Sunrise with a loner named Root. In the moons that passed, she met a kittypet named Jack and became pregnant with his kits. After coming close to Clan territory, Moonlight refused to let the Sisters move because the Clans wanted them to and reunited with Tree, but her son condemned her for abandoning him. When a war broke out to drive out the Sisters, Moonlight went into labor and gave birth to Leaf, Squirrel, and Moon, but died due to injuries sustained during the battle.


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A Vision of Shadows

"One day my mother brought a mouse back to the den. It was injured, but not dead. She told me how to kill it. So I killed it, and when I did, she said, "You're grown now". The next morning, when I woke, she was gone. My sister was too."
—Tree about his mother leaving him Thunder and Shadow, page Bonus Scene, page 17
Moonlight is mentioned numerous times by her son, Tree. He claims that his mother had given him an injured mouse to kill, stating afterward that he was grown up. Tree claims that upon waking up the following morning, he discovered that his mother and sister were gone, having abandoned him, and Tree did not know where they had gone.

Super Editions

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"Do you think like a Clan cat too? Dividing land out like prey to be given to others. Have you forgotten that as a tom, you are a protector of the land? You should wander it, not own it!"
—Moonlight to Tree about the roles of toms Squirrelflight's Hope, page 292
In Squirrelflight's Hope, Moonlight is the heavily pregnant leader of the Sisters, and shows distrust of the Clans. After the Sisters take Squirrelflight and Leafstar captive, she briefly reunites with Tree, but her son angrily condemns her for abandoning him as a kit. Moonlight is unapologetic to Tree and refuses to move her group until her kits are born. All attempts at a peaceful resolution fail due to the Clans' unwillingness to work together, Tree's bias towards his mother, and Moonlight's stubbornness.
Eventually, tensions between the Clans grow to a point where they are willing to force out the Sisters, but Moonlight, long overdue for her kits, goes into labor, giving birth to two she-cats and a tom. However, as soon as they are born, she leaves her kits and goes to fight in the battle instigated by the Clans, but later dies from her injuries.


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In Tree's Roots, Moonlight leads the Sisters in the ceremonies to send toms away and the mourning ceremony for Haze. She asserts to her son Earth that toms must be sent away, and refuses to let him to stay, insisting that he is ready. At night, Earth is sent away. Later, Earth meets his father Root, who reveals that Moonlight abandoned him without giving him a chance to know his kits.

Detailed description

Moonlight is a huge, long-furred,[8] thickly-pelted[9] well-muscled and broad-shouldered,[10] gray she-cat with wide paws and a bushy tail.[2][10][11]

Character pixels

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Personality and Relationships

Moonlight can be peaceful and wise, but stubborn and prideful to a fault. Much like the other Sisters, Moonlight prefers her daughters over her sons, something Tree resents her for. For more of Moonlight's personality and relationships, click here!


Moonlight had several mates and litters of kits throughout her life. With Root, she had Tree, Ice, and Sunrise, and she had Leaf, Moon, and Squirrel with Jack. For more of Moonlight's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • Her kit, Moon, is named after her.[12]


Needlepaw: "Didn't your mother name you? You said you named yourself, but your mother must have given you a name when you were born."
Tree: "If she did, I forgot it."
—Needlepaw and Tree about his name Thunder and Shadow: Bonus Scene, page 16

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