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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Thunder and Shadow

In the bonus scene, she is mentioned by Tree to have nursed him and his sister when they were kits. Needlepaw asks if she named him. Tree says she might have, but if she did, he had forgotten it, deciding to rename himself Tree because he likes trees. Needlepaw asks what happened to his mother and Tree explains how his mother brought an injured but live mouse to their den and instructed her son to kill it. When he did, she declared he was grown up now. The next morning, he woke up find his mother and sister gone. Needlepaw is shocked at this information and asks why. Tree unemotionally guesses she believed he would be fine. Needlepaw is still confused, pointing out she took her daughter but not him.
Tree explains his sister was always sick, so guessed his mother took her somewhere where she would be safe. He speculates she took her to find a home where she could be a kittypet, as Twolegs sometimes helped sick kits. Needlepaw asks why she didn't take Tree too and the loner assumes that she didn't want her son to become a kittypet as she always stated Twolegs are unpredictable, as they sometimes they care for kits, and sometimes kill them. She might have decided to take the risk with her sick — and likely dying — daughter. Needlepaw asks what happened to the den his mother made and he explains that a bigger tom drove him out of it. Tree takes Needlepaw home and Needlepaw tries to explain that if he tells Rowanstar about his mother and sister and everything he faced after she left, he would let him join. However, Tree refuses, deciding to remain a loner.

Darkest Night

She is mentioned briefly by Tree, who explains that she raised him until he was old enough to hunt.

The Raging Storm

She is briefly mentioned by Tree to Twigbranch when talking about his past, explaining that he became a loner after she abandoned him as a kit.

In The Broken Code arc

The Silent Thaw

When Rootpaw is brought before Bramblestar, he tries to recall the Sisters, and remembers their leader being Moonlight.

In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

Leafstar and Squirrelflight are exploring new territory for SkyClan when Moonlight, though unnamed, is seen staring at them from behind a dogwood. Her fur is bushed out and her eyes glitter with hostility as she stalks toward them, growling. More cats appear around Moonlight, and Leafstar and Squirrelflight are surrounded. Moonlight narrows her eyes and asks why they’re here. Squirrelflight notices the gray she-cat’s round belly and realizes that she’s expecting kits. Leafstar and Squirrelflight explain why they thought the camp was abandoned, and Moonlight, after exchanging a glance with a young white she-cat standing beside her, tells the two Clan cats they must’ve seen their tracks and dens. Leafstar says that they were just going to leave, but Moonlight glares at Squirrelflight and says that they said this was a good place to make camp. Squirrelflight explains that they’re looking for new territory and didn’t know the land belonged to a Clan. Moonlight tilts her head and asks what a Clan is. Leafstar introduces herself as leader of SkyClan, and Moonlight tells them her name and introduces her group as the Sisters.
Leafstar tries to leave, but Moonlight hisses and the Sisters fan out to block their exits. Squirrelflight looks imploringly at Moonlight and says that they just want to go home. Moonlight asks if she’s one of the cats from the lake, and when Squirrelflight confirms this, Moonlight says that she didn’t think Clan cats ever strayed beyond their borders. Squirrelflight explains that they usually don’t, but that they’re looking for new territory. Moonlight narrows her eyes and asks if they’re going to take this land, to which Leafstar retorts that they were just looking and that they can keep their land. Moonlight asks who said it was their land, and Leafstar shoots back that if they live there, it’s their land. Moonlight suddenly sits down, and rest of the Sisters relax as well. Moonlight begins grooming herself as she causally says that her group isn’t like Clan cats, and that they don’t make boundaries or mark borders. Leafstar mutters that if they did, she and Squirrelflight might not have wandered in, and Moonlight calmly agrees as she summons the white she-cat to come sit by her.
Moonlight goes on, saying that most cats come and go, leave them in peace, and don’t seem interested in their land. Squirrelflight isn't surprised that other cats leave the Sisters alone, noting their huge size and powerful muscles. Leafstar asks if they’re only staying temporarily, and Moonlight says that they’ll stay until her kits are ready to travel. Leafstar asks if they’ll ever return, and Moonlight nonchalantly says that it’s a good place to birth, but that they’ll find somewhere else to live if they pass through again and it’s occupied. Leafstar and Squirrelflight begin to discuss using the new territory for SkyClan, until Moonlight determinedly mews that no cat is going anywhere. She tells Squirrelflight and Leafstar that she can’t let them go back to their friends as she doesn’t want Clan cats swarming all over the Sister’s territory.
Leafstar and Squirrelflight insist that they won’t do anything until the Sisters are gone, but Moonlight points out that they’re already arguing about which Clan will get the land and asks them if they expect her to believe that they won’t want to get their paws on it right away. Squirrelflight exclaims that ThunderClan would never invade, but Moonlight asks if that is true for the other Clans as well. She then flicks her nose toward a nearby den and tells Squirrelflight and Leafstar that they will sleep there until the Sisters move on. Squirrelflight insists that their Clans will come looking for them, but Moonlight questions if they will find them. Leafstar tells Moonlight that she can’t hold them here against their will, but Moonlight doesn’t respond.
The white she-cat sniffs curiously at the two Clan cats, and Leafstar growls at her. Moonlight fiercely mews that Snow is their Sister, and they should show respect. Snow glares at Leafstar before stalking back to Moonlight. Squirrelflight asks Moonlight to forgive Leafstar, and submits to being held captive until the Sisters move on. Moonlight thanks her and says that they will be treated like campmates, then nods to a tabby she-cat named Tempest and tells her to bring food to the visitors. Squirrelflight asks Moonlight what the hunting is like there, and Moonlight replies that she can see for herself as Tempest returns with two fat mice. Moonlight stands up and flicks her tail at two young toms, and they immediately dart away and gather more prey from around the camp. A tortoiseshell brings two young voles to Moonlight, who nods in thanks as she pads away.
The Sisters relax and begin to share prey and tongues like Clanmates. Moonlight takes a bite of her vole and shifts onto her side to ease the weight off her belly with a sigh. She blinks calmly at Squirrelflight and tells her that she hopes she will find her stay comfortable, that it’s better to enjoy rather than resist the company of others and that the Sisters don’t like violence and avoid it when they can. Squirrelflight affirms that the Clans avoid violence when possible as well. Leafstar claims that her Clan will be sending out search parties already, and Tempest glances worriedly at Moonlight, asking whether they should let them go as they don’t want trouble. Moonlight casually says that there won’t be trouble, and that keeping them will send a message to the Clans. The tabby-and-white tom beside Tempest frowns and asks what message, and Moonlight replies that the Clans are less likely to start anything if it puts their Clanmates in danger. The tom scowls at Squirrelflight and threatens her, and Moonlight calmly reminds him to keep his claws sheathed.
Moonlight glances at Tempest and remarks that Stone is like his father. Moonlight points with her tail at a yellow she-cat and introduces her as Sunrise, then introduces two ginger-and-white she-cats sharing a thrush a tail-length away as Flurry and Sparrow, daughters of Hawk. Leafstar harshly says that they don’t need to know everyone’s name, as they won't be here for long. Moonlight glances thoughtfully at her for a moment before returning to her vole, effectively dismissing the SkyClan leader’s comment. Dusk begins to fall on the clearing, and the hillside gradually becomes darker. Moonlight beckons Tempest to her with her tail, and murmurs something to her and Snow. Tempest and Snow approach Squirrelflight and Leafstar, and Tempest nods toward a juniper bush and says that Moonlight said they’re to sleep there.
That night, Leafstar tries to escape, but is incapacitated by Snow. Moonlight pads toward the snarling she-cats and asks what’s going on. Snow hisses that Leafstar tried to escape as she lets go of the SkyClan leader and backs away. Moonlight flicks her tail and tells Squirrelflight to make sure her friend stays in her den, as she doesn’t want any more disturbances. She then turns back to her own den.
A couple of days later, Squirrelflight has gotten used to the Sisters' company, and Leafstar hasn’t tried to escape again. They sit in the clearing, watching the Sisters go about their day, and see Moonlight pad into camp, long honeysuckle vines trailing from her mouth. Leafstar asks if that’s for the new den, and Flurry replies that they’re building Moonlight’s birthing den. Moonlight drops the supplies beside the gorse bush and pads toward Flurry and, referring to her as Sister, asks if Leafstar’s wound is healing. Flurry, calling Moonlight Mother, says that the swelling has gone down. Moonlight affirms her approval, and asks Squirrelflight and Leafstar if they’ve eaten. Squirrelflight says that Sparrow brought them prey, then asks Moonlight if she can help with hunting as she doesn’t like being treated like an elder. Moonlight looks puzzled as she asks what an elder is, and Squirrelflight explains that elders are old cats that only hunt when they want to, and are taken care of by the apprentices and younger warriors and never need to leave camp. Moonlight mews that she wouldn’t be able to stand being in camp all day, and Leafstar and Squirrelflight ask to be able to stretch their legs. Moonlight sniffs at Leafstar’s wound and says that the Sisters will let them go when they move on, and that for now they’ll have to deal with being treated like ‘elders’. Squirrelflight asks if they can help build the den, and Moonlight replies that that would be kind, but that Leafstar should rest her leg.
Moonlight leads Squirrelflight across the clearing to the den. Tempest says that they’ll need more vines, and Moonlight asks Snow and Creek to fetch more. Moonlight pulls the remaining vines around the back of the den, saying that they’ll work on this side. Squirrelflight glances at Tempest and says that it must have been hard for her to raise her kits alone. Surprised, Moonlight says that she didn’t raise them alone, as she had the Sisters. Squirrelflight says that Tempest must miss her mate, but Moonlight asks why she would as she tugs a vine through the wall of the den. Squirrelflight asks if Tempest loved him, and Moonlight says that she doesn’t know, as the Sisters prefer to live without toms and that Tempest could’ve chosen to stay with her mate, but didn’t. She pushes a stray tendril toward Squirrelflight and tells her to pull it through. Squirrelflight tugs at it as Moonlight fastens the other end to the wall, and the ThunderClan she-cat asks what will happen to Grass and Stone if the Sisters don’t like having toms around. Moonlight sits back on her haunches and says that they’re old enough to leave, and that the Sisters have been waiting for the stars to align. Squirrelflight asks Moonlight what she means, and Moonlight tells her to wait until that night to see.
Wondering how the Sisters could possibly send their sons away, Squirrelflight asks if Grass and Stone want to leave, and Moonlight says that of course they do. She claims that as toms, they have a deep connection to the land and must wander it as they wish, and not be tied to the path of the Sisters. Squirrelflight asks if Tempest will miss them, and Moonlight replies that she will at first, but that there will be other litters of kits to take care of, referring to her own unborn kits. Squirrelflight then asks where Stone and Grass will go, and Moonlight says that they’ll go wherever they chose, and that they could travel together, become loners, join a group of rogues, or live with Twopaws. Squirrelflight questions as to what Twopaws are, and Moonlight explains that they’re the hairless creatures that live in stone dens. Squirrelflight realizes that she’s talking about Twolegs, and wonders aloud why anyone would want to live with them. Moonlight reveals that all the Sisters are descended from a single family of what they call ‘kittypets’.
Squirrelflight now understands why all the Sisters look so similar, and, eager to know more, she mentions how Flurry said that all the Sisters have medicine cat skills. Moonlight asks what a medicine cat is, and Squirrelflight explains how in the Clans, they have cats who specialize in their knowledge of healing herbs. Moonlight says that surely it’s safer to share such knowledge, but Squirrelflight says that medicine cats also communicate with their ancestors. Moonlight, suddenly looking interested, asks if they can speak to the dead and if the ability is passed on from mother to kit. Squirrelflight responds that medicine cats can’t have kits, and Moonlight asks why not. Squirrelflight explains that it’s forbidden, and that medicine cats devote their lives to their Clan. Moonlight frowns and says that that must be hard, as she can’t imagine life without kits. Squirrelflight agrees that neither could she.
Squirrelflight glances at Moonlight’s belly and asks her if she’s afraid one of her kits will be born a tom and she'll have to send him away. Moonlight tells her that they can’t hold onto those they love forever, and Squirrelflight hesitates a moment before asking if Moonlight loved the kits’ father. Moonlight purrs and reveals that Jack was an everkit - a den-bound cat - and that she liked him and that he was fun to be around, but that her life is with the Sisters. Squirrelflight asks if Moonlight will ever see him again, and Moonlight says that she’ll take the kits to the barn where he lives when they’re old enough, and that the kits may decide to live with him. Creek and Snow enter the camp as Moonlight speaks, dragging vines behind them. They drop them in a pile beside the den, and Moonlight grabs more for the wall.
The Sisters finish their work as the sun sets and settle around the clearing to eat. Moonlight pushes a young rabbit toward Squirrelflight and points at a patch of stars that span the horizon. She says that the Claw Stars are pointing toward sunset, and that it is a good night for their sons to begin wandering. Squirrelflight asks if Tempest knows, and Moonlight matter-of-factly responds that she’ll have seen the stars by now. She then pads away from Squirrelflight to join Tempest and the toms.
The shadows begin to deepen, and the moon rises. Moonlight rises to her paws and wordlessly pads toward the camp entrance. The rest of the Sisters follow her out, Grass and Stone staying close to their mother. Outside, the Sisters gather in a circle around Grass and Stone on the crest of a hill. Moonlight pads toward the two toms and touches her nose to Grass’s ear, and then Stone’s. She quietly wishes them well and returns to the circle. One by one, each Sister does the same, until everyone in the circle has wished the toms farewell. Moonlight dips her head to Grass and Stone and tells them that this is the beginning of their great adventure, and that they must walk until dawn, when they will leave their kithood behind and become true toms. She says that she hopes the ancestors of the land will find them and guide them. Stone dips his head to Moonlight and thanks her, and Moonlight tells them to wander in peace. The rest of the Sisters repeat the blessing, raising their voices to the sky, and part the circle to allow Grass and Stone to leave.
The next morning, Bramblestar, Thornclaw, Larksong, Hawkwing, Plumwillow, Tree, Blossomheart, Macgyver, Sagenose, Berrynose, and Ambermoon are standing in the clearing facing Snow, Tempest, Furze, Sunrise, and Hawk, ears flat and hissing. Creek, Flurry, and Sparrow dart from the shadows to their mothers’ sides, and Leafstar and Squirrelflight race out of their den into the clearing. Moonlight emerges from the back of the clearing and weaves around her campmates, then stops in front of the group and stares at Bramblestar. She lashes her tail and demands to know what the Clan cats are doing in their camp. Bramblestar responds that they’ve come to fetch their Clanmates, but Moonlight tells him that his Clanmates are their guests. Hawkwing asks Leafstar if that’s true, and Moonlight answers for her, saying that they’re being treated like Sisters. Bramblestar angrily points out that they’re being held against their will, and Moonlight growls that it was necessary.
Moonlight scans the patrol curiously, saying that Leafstar and Squirrelflight have only been gone for two days and that that’s not a long time, and asks the Clan cats if any of them ever wander. Hawkwing growls that they’re warriors, not loners, and that they stay with their Clan. The Sisters exchange glances at these words, but don't speak. Bramblestar dips his head to Moonlight and apologizes for not realizing she is expecting kits, but insists that Leafstar and Squirrelflight must come home now. As he speaks, Tree pushes his way to the front, glaring at Moonlight. His voice drips with resentment as he calls Moonlight 'mother'. Moonlight stares back at Tree, and her blank expression gives way to excitement as she recognizes him. Sunrise steps forward and excitedly greets him as Earth, but pauses when Tree angrily says that Earth isn’t his name anymore, and that he renamed himself Tree after they cast him out. Moonlight repeats the name as though testing it, then tips her head to Tree, saying that she likes the name as it suits him. She says he was always a strong-minded kit, and Tree asks if that’s why she abandoned him. Moonlight looks surprised and says that he was old enough to hunt. Tree responds that he barely was. Moonlight objects and says that the Claw Stars were pointing toward sunset, and that it was time for him to wander. Tree scornfully says that she let the stars dictate his fate, and holds her gaze for a moment longer before looking away.
Bramblestar tells Moonlight that Tree is a Clan cat now, and will help them battle the Sisters if they don’t return Leafstar and Squirrelflight. Moonlight hesitates, and Berrynose, Plumwillow, Hawkwing, and Thornclaw drop into battle stances. Squirrelflight quickly mews that the Sisters only want to stay until Moonlight’s kits are old enough to travel. Leafstar says that she’s willing to give the Sisters up to two moons if they need it, but on one condition. She looks at Moonlight and insists that the Sisters must let her and Squirrelflight return to their Clans. Moonlight dips her head and says that they can go. She turns her gaze to Bramblestar and says that the Sisters are bigger and stronger than Clan cats, and that any battle between them would be bloody, but there is no need to fight if they leave the Sisters in peace.
As Squirrelflight leaves, she catches Moonlight’s eye and thanks her for sharing the Sisters' prey. Moonlight says that she’s sorry they met under the circumstances, and that she hopes that if they meet again, it will be as friends. Leafstar eyes Moonlight but doesn’t speak, then curtly dips her head and limps after her Clanmates. Squirrelflight dips her head to Moonlight and tells her that she hopes her kitting goes well, and Moonlight thanks her, swishing her tail. Bramblestar calls for Squirrelflight, and she tells Moonlight that she has to go before heading toward where her mate stands at the entrance to the Sister’s camp.
Days later, Squirrelflight, Snow, Tempest, and Hawk are bringing an injured Sunrise back to the Sister’s camp after ThunderClan reluctantly treated her. When they reach the fern entrance, Tempest lifts her head and yowls, and Moonlight’s voice sounds from inside the camp, asking if Snow is there. Squirrelflight follows Tempest and Hawk as they support Sunrise and enter the camp, where Moonlight stands outside her den, eyes shining. She proclaims that they’re home, and says that Sparrow brought her their message. She looks at Sunrise and remarks that it looks like Squirrelflight’s medicine cat managed to help. Sparrow weaves around Hawk, Tempest, Sunrise, and Snow, and purrs that Moonlight was about to send a search party. Squirrelflight feels relieved that the gray she-cat didn’t.
Sunrise sinks down onto the grass, and Moonlight hurries across the clearing to Snow, who explains that Sunrise is slowly recovering and that Squirrelflight’s campmates brought herbs to treat her with. Moonlight mews that she’s glad Sunrise is safe, and, seeing Squirrelflight, thanks the Clan cat for taking care of her campmates. Squirrelflight mumbles that it was risky, as Sunrise was injured in a fight with ShadowClan. Moonlight dips her head and apologizes for putting her Clan in such a difficult position, and asks if it caused them trouble. Squirrelflight tells Moonlight that ShadowClan doesn’t know that ThunderClan helped her, but are ready to declare war on the Sisters for maiming Strikestone. Moonlight asks if they know that the Sisters will leave once her kits are born, and Squirrelflight apologetically responds that they do, but that Tigerstar doesn’t want to wait to get his territory back and has RiverClan and WindClan on his side. Moonlight asks about ThunderClan, and Squirrelflight says that Bramblestar is waiting for StarClan’s approval. Moonlight asks if StarClan is the Clan’s ancestors, and Squirrelflight nods.
Moonlight looks up at the sky and asks if StarClan lives up there, and says that that’s a long way to travel and that maybe that’s why some cats stay. Squirrelflight frowns and asks what she means, and Moonlight asks if she can see the dead. Squirrelflight says that only medicine cats speak with StarClan, but Moonlight, looking puzzled, asks if the rest of them see them. Squirrelflight mentions how in the battle against the Dark Forest, their ancestors fought beside them, but that now only medicine cats see the warriors of StarClan. Moonlight says that maybe it’s simpler that way, as the dead are all around them. Squirrelflight asks her if they speak with them, and Moonlight says that they do sometimes. Squirrelflight realizes that this is why Tree can see ghosts, and Moonlight explains that cats born of the Sisters have the skill.
Squirrelflight asks if the ghosts ever tell them what will happen in the future, but Moonlight explains that the dead that move among the living have no power to see what the living cannot. Squirrelflight warns Moonlight to watch out for the Clans, but Moonlight swishes her tail and says that the Sisters are bigger and stronger than Clan cats. Squirrelflight solemnly replies that that may be, but that the Sisters are heavily outnumbered. Moonlight concedes and tells Squirrelflight that she may be right, but asks her to try and persuade the Clans to wait, saying that the Sisters mean no harm and her kits must be born there. Squirrelflight dips her head and promises that she will do what she can.
After Larksong and Sparkpelt fall ill with an unknown disease, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Ivypool, Twigbranch, and Finleap visit the Sisters to ask them if they know what it is and how to cure it. They reach the fern entrance as the moon shines high above the small valley, and Squirrelflight raises her muzzle outside the entrance and calls for Moonlight. Voices sound from inside the clearing asking what they’re doing there, and Moonlight briskly answers that they’ll find out. She invites Squirrelflight and her Clanmates inside. Squirrelflight noses her way through the ferns and emerges to see the Sisters ringed around the clearing, staring at the Clan cats with wide eyes as they enter. Moonlight, who’s belly is more swollen than ever, hangs back, flanked by Snow and Tempest as she warily eyes the ThunderClan patrol. She says that it’s late for a visit, and asks if they’re here to give the Sisters another warning.
Squirrelflight tells Moonlight that she wanted to speak with her as soon as she could, and asks if all the Sisters are well. Moonlight answers that they are, and Squirrelflight asks about Sunrise. Moonlight says that she is well, clearly unnerved by the patrol’s arrival. Leafpool pads forward and asks to see her, but Moonlight says that her wound is healing well. Leafpool presses that she’d like to check, and Moonlight nods at Furze to take Leafpool to Sunrise. Tempest asks why Squirrelflight brought to many cats, and when Squirrelflight replies that Bramblestar told her to, Moonlight’s eyes flash with amusement as she asks Squirrelflight if she’s still trying to please the tom. Squirrelflight confidently says that Bramblestar is her leader and her mate, but thinks that Moonlight wouldn’t understand as she has neither. Moonlight dips her head and says that of course Squirrelflight would be loyal to him. She then lifts her head and says that she knows that they ThunderClan cats are not here just to check on Sunrise.
As Moonlight speaks, Leafpool pads out of the dogwood. She says that Sunrise has healed well, and meets Moonlight’s gaze as she asks if they found the herbs they needed. Moonlight replies that they did, then turns her gaze toward Squirrelflight as she asks if Sunrise is why they came. Squirrelflight tells her that there is sickness in the ThunderClan camp, and that they came to find out if the Sisters had it too. Moonlight asks if they were worried they’d passed it on to the Sisters, or if the Sisters passed it on to them. Squirrelflight avoids the question and says that they were worried the Sisters might be sick. Moonlight eyes her curiously as she says that they’re not. Squirrelflight says that it must be in the prey, and tells Moonlight to be careful what they catch, as there may be tainted prey in the forest.
Ivypool steps forward and asks the Sisters if they’ve seen any sick prey, and Moonlight replies that they haven’t, and that nothing has made them ill. Squirrelflight politely dips her head to Moonlight and apologizes for disturbing her. As Squirrelflight turns to go, Moonlight asks what the symptoms of the sickness are. Leafpool tells Moonlight that it comes on quickly, and that the patient feels tired, collapses, and stops breathing. She says that the first two victims are still alive, but unconscious and bringing up bile, and that they might die if not treated soon. Flickers of recognition spark in Moonlight’s gaze, and Squirrelflight asks if they know what’s causing the disease. Moonlight sits down and says that they thought the Clan cats were immune to the poison meadow saffron that grows in their forest. Moonlight’s eyes darken with concern as she says that when the Sisters settle in new land, they dig up any meadow saffron they find, as prey likes to eat its roots and seeds that, while harmless to mice and shrews, are poisonous to cats who eat the prey.
Squirrelflight asks how the plant got on Clan land, and Moonlight explains that if a Twoleg by their territory planted some near their nest, birds might have eaten the seeds and dropped them on Clan territory. Leafpool asks if there’s a cure, and Moonlight shrugs and says that dandelion root will will clear the poison from the inside, but that it must be used soon, before the poison takes hold. Squirrelflight quickly nods to Moonlight and thanks her for possibly saving the lives of her Clanmates, then turns toward the entrance. Ivypool hesitates before following, and thanks the Sisters. Moonlight dips her head and says she’s glad they could help.
A short while later, Squirrelflight returns to the Sisters with Leafpool, Blossomfall, and Cherryfall to ask what meadow saffron looks like. Tempest meets the patrol at the top of the valley and leads them down to the entrance. Squirrelflight asks her how Moonlight is doing, and Tempest says that she’s doing well. When they enter the Sister’s camp, Furze asks why they came, and Squirrelflight says that they need to know what meadow saffron looks like. Moonlight squeezes out of her den and says that it’s a tall purple flower. She pads heavily across the grass, her belly swinging beneath her, and Squirrelflight sees Leafpool frown and wonders what’s wrong. Moonlight continues, saying that it’s easy to spot as the leaves die back before the flower opens, and it looks like an owl without feathers poking up from the forest floor.
Blossomfall asks the Sisters when they plan to leave, and Moonlight replies that they will once her kits are ready, and they’re coming soon. Leafpool remarks that she’s been expecting for a long time, and Moonlight wearily says that it feels like moons since she first felt them move. Squirrelflight shifts her paws as she says that Sparkpelt discovered she was expecting kits soon after the Clan cats met the Sisters, and that they’ve been born already, albeit early. Moonlight purrs and congratulates Squirrelflight, then asks if they’re well. Squirrelflight drops her gaze and says that the youngest, a tom, died. Moonlight’s gaze darkens as she says that she’s sorry to hear that. She glances at Snow and offers to perform a ceremony for him. Blossomfall says that they’ve already had a vigil, but Leafpool is interested, and Moonlight assures then that they only have to watch. She explains that a spirit so young won’t understand what he lost and where he’s going, and will need guidance.
Moonlight beckons Snow, Furze, and Creek nearer with her tail, then asks Tempest if they have coltsfoot. Tempest fetches the yellow flowers and drops them at Moonlight’s paws. Moonlight digs a small hole and drops the flowers into it, then covers them up. She glances at her campmates, and they form a circle around the hole, close their eyes, and lift their muzzles. Moonlight murmurs ‘safe journey, kit’, and the rest of the Sisters repeat the chant, getting louder and louder each time, until their yowls echo through the valley. They fall suddenly silent for a moment, then break sharply from the circle, as though waking from a dream. Squirrelflight searches Moonlight’s gaze, wondering if they saw the kit.
Moonlight blinks softly and tells Squirrelflight that they have encouraged her daughter’s kit to walk with ThunderClan among both the living and the dead, and that he will be nurtured and loved there. Squirrelflight asks if they saw him, and when Tempest answers that he had orange-and-black fur, Squirrelflight realizes that Moonlight really did see the kit, as she never described him to Moonlight. Snow mentions that a black tom was with him, and Squirrelflight tells Moonlight that it was the kit’s father, who died at the same time as the kit. Moonlight nods and says that she thought that they were kin, as the tom seem very protective of the young spirit in his care. Leafpool asks Moonlight why they yowled, and Moonlight answers that it’s to warn bad spirits that wish to harm the dead that the living will always protect their loved ones as long as they remember them. Squirrelflight thanks her and dips her head gratefully to the Sisters.
A few days later, after another Gathering where Tigerstar threatens to drive out the Sisters by force, Squirrelflight, Tree, and Leafstar head for the Sisters camp to negotiate with the Sisters and hopefully calm the tensions among the Clans. They reach the camp at sunhigh and meet Snow, who informs Squirrelflight that Moonlight has not had her kits yet. Snow leads the patrol into the Sister’s camp and ducks into the birthing den. After a short while, she comes back out of the birthing den and informs the Clan cats that Moonlight will see them, and they enter the den. Moonlight lies on a nest of fresh ferns, her huge belly dwarfing her broad head. Squirrelflight stares as she tells Moonlight that her kits must be overdue, and Moonlight answers that perhaps they are as her gaze flicks from Squirrelflight to Leafstar. She greets Leafstar but ignores Tree, saying that Snow said that they brought a grown tom into camp.
Squirrelflight explains to Moonlight that he’s been sent to speak for the Clans, and Moonlight asks why they don’t think Leafstar and Squirrelflight’s voices are enough. Leafstar says that they wanted someone impartial, and Moonlight’s eyes glitter with amusement as she says that they then sent her son. Squirrelflight pleads with Moonlight to listen to Tree, and Moonlight’s gaze finally rests on her son as she greets him as Earth. Tree firmly mews that his name is Tree now, and Moonlight respectfully dips her head as she says that he’s come with a message from the Clans. Tree says that he’s come to persuade them to leave their territory. Moonlight coolly holds his gaze as she says 'really', sounding unimpressed. Tree begins to explain that SkyClan wants the Sisters' land as it was decided that they can’t live by the lake, but that they can’t move onto the land with the Sisters there. Moonlight tells him that she’s already told Leafstar that she can have the land when the Sisters move on, but Tree insists that they need to move now as the Clans are already fighting over land.
Moonlight tips her head and says that she thought that the Clans enjoyed fighting, as they attacked and nearly killed Sunrise for no good reason. Tree reminds her that the Sisters were trespassing and maimed one of ShadowClan’s warriors, but Moonlight replies that if the Clan cats had simply asked those Sisters to leave, no one would have been hurt. Tree mews that that’s what is happening now; the Clans are peacefully asking the Sisters to leave so that no one gets hurt. Moonlight narrows her eyes and asks if that’s a threat. Tree dips his head and says that he has come to reason, not threaten, but Moonlight coldly retorts that then he has to reason with her instead of quoting the words given to him by someone else, and that as her son, she hopes she taught him to have a mind of his own. Tree answers that he was her son, but that he speaks for the Clans now. Moonlight disgustedly asks if he thinks like a Clan cat now, dividing up and owning the land instead of wandering and protecting it as a tom should. Tree snaps back that Moonlight has never believed in borders and having a home, but that some cats want a home that will always be a home.
Squirrelflight and Leafstar step forward and try to reason with Moonlight by saying that Tree is not trying to threaten her, but that if the Sisters don’t move, they will be endangered. Moonlight glares at them and asks if the land is really so important to the Clans that they would hurt kits to get it. Tree lashes his tail and argues that there’s no way the Sisters can defend their territory against the Clans, asking why they won’t just accept that they have to leave. Moonlight lifts her chin and says that the Sisters will not be bullied, and that if the Clans wish to attack them, the Sisters will defend their territory and won’t move. Squirrelflight begs Moonlight to leave and not endanger her kits, but Moonlight coldly says again that they will not move. Tree bitterly remarks that Moonlight has always put her beliefs before the needs of her kits and pushes his way out of the den. Leafstar leaves with him. Squirrelflight once again pleads with Moonlight to leave, but the gray queen coldly tells her to leave, and Squirrelflight reluctantly does so.
That night, Squirrelflight and Leafpool both have a nightmare about kits in danger and realize it could be Moonlight's kits. They rush to the Sisters' camp and encounter Snow, who informs the two Clan cats that Moonlight has been kitting since moonhigh, but only one kit has come out. She believes that because Moonlight was overdue, the rest of the kits are too big to come out and are stuck. The three she-cats rush into the birthing den, where Moonlight is on the floor, her pelt matted and her eyes rolling as she shrieks in pain. Squirrelflight is shocked to see a cat as strong and stubborn as Moonlight in such overwhelming distress. Leafpool realizes that the kit is facing the wrong way and orders the Sisters to fetch raspberry leaes and ragweed in order to ease Moonlight's pain and give her the strength to push. Squirrelflight, Hawk and Snow obey and fetch them. Running her paw across Moonlight's trembling flank, Leafpool offers the ragweed to the gray queen. Moonlight groans, her gaze clouded with pain and refuses by turning away. At Leafpool's urging, Snow encourages Moonlight to swallow the ragweed and Moonlight fearfully obliges after a brief hesitation. Hawk then comes back with raspberry leaves and Leafpool gives a pulp of them to Moonlight, who is being licked encouragingly by Snow. Squirrelflight reveals that the Clans are coming to intimidate the Sisters into leaving, which shocks Hawk, who says they can't leave with Moonlight in the condition that she is. Leafpool agrees, as have to wait until the herbs work. Another spasm ripples through Moonlight's body and the gray queen groans in helpless pain. When Moonlight finally stops moaning, Leafpool places her paw on the gray queen's belly and asks if she is ready. Moonlight, her gaze sharp once again, affirms that she is, and rolls onto her paws and crouches, her tail stiff. Leafpool tells her to be ready for the pain, and Moonlight presses her paws harder against the earth as a spasm jerks her flank. She lifts her head and presses her hindquarters against the earth, screeching in pain. Finally, with a shudder, the second kit slithers out and Snow quickly darts toward it, lapping the membrane from its pelt. At first, it appears to be dead, but Leafpool manages to awake it. They realize that the second kit is a she-cat and Tempest comments that she is fighter like her mother. Leafpool then turns back to Moonlight, who jerks and shudders as she finally manages to push out the third and final kit, a tom. Leafpool then smooths Moonlight's ruffled pelt while Snow touches her to the queen's cheek. Squirrelflight asks if Moonlight is okay, and Leafpool replies that she is tired but fine. Just then, ShadowClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan and WindClan arrive, ready to drive out the Sisters.
Tigerstar asks where Moonlight is, but the Sisters refuse to answer and tell the Clans to get out. Meanwhile, back in her den, an exhausted Moonlight asks where her kits are and Tempests nudges them toward her. The kits snuggle eagerly against their mother's belly and Moonlight curls around them protectively. The gray queen's nose then wrinkles, catching a "stench" and she asks if foxes have broken into the camp. Leafpool reveals that the Clans are here, and Squirrelflight adds that they want Moonlight and the Sisters to leave. Moonlight tries to to get to her paws, but slumps down helplessly, weak from the birth. She growls that the Clans shouldn't have come, but Squirrelflight points out that they have and she and her kits need to get to safety. Still stubborn, Moonlight swishes her tail and insists that she isn't going anywhere. Squirrelflight points out that if Moonlight stays she will be putting her kits and her sisters in danger. The ginger she-cat then hears the tensions rising outside and thrusts her muzzle close to Moonlight's. She snaps that the gray queen is outnumbered and all the pride in the world won't save her. Before Moonlight can reply, Squirrelflight turns to Snow and urges her, Hawk and Tempest to get their leader and her kits somewhere save before they think about fighting. Although reluctant to move Moonlight in her weakened state, and disbelieving that the Clans will harm her, Snow and the other two Sisters agree to take her to a cave in the territory.
Although Squirrelflight attempts to keep the Clans and the Sisters from fighting, none of the cats on either side are willing to budge and a huge, bloody battle breaks out. Despite putting up a tremendous fight, the Sisters are eventually overwhelmed by the Clans' superior numbers. They retreat to the cave, which is little more than a pile of rocks and sticks, where Moonlight and her kits are hidden. When Tigerstar aggressively asks if the Sisters are ready to leave, a weak, but determined Moonlight emerges from the cave and croaks that the Sisters will stay. Harestar points out that the Sisters are outnumbered, but Moonlight hisses that they will defend the cave for as long as they have to. A frustrated Tigerstar then decides to flush out the Sisters, and orders his deputy Cloverfoot and her father Scorchfur to climb on top of the cave roof and start digging. Moonlight and her Sisters angrily growl and hiss at the two warriors as they obey their leader's command. When Tigerstar is surprised by Bramblestar's revelation that the kits were born, Moonlight takes advantage of the distraction by ordering the Sisters to attack. She lunges at Tigerstar and sends him crashing into a bramble. As the battle rages, the cave, with Moonlight's kits still inside, starts to collapse. Fortunately, they are saved by Squirrelflight and Leafpool, although the two Clan cats are crushed under the debris.
Ultimately, the Sisters lose the battle against the Clans and Moonlight is very badly injured. Afterwards, SkyClan shelters the gray queen and her Sisters. While her kits are nursed by Violetshine, Tree's mate, the SkyClan medicine cats Frecklewish and Fidgetflake try their best to heal Moonlight's infected wounds. While Moonlight is still unconscious, Tree checks on his mother and asks if she needs fresh-kill. Frcklewish replies that she doesn't yet. Tree then speaks to Squirrelflight's ghost, asking if Moonlight is with her. He reveals that his mother has been unconscious for days and Frecklewish isn't sure she's going to survive her injuries. Squirrelflight reveals that she hasn't seen Moonlight.
Ultimately, Moonlight succumbs to her injuries, leaving her new-born kits orphaned. Violetshine continues to nurse them, although the Sisters plan to leave as soon they're weaned, as they do not want them to become warriors. A revived Squirrelflight visits them to say goodbye and Snow, having seen and spoken Moonlight's ghost, thanks Squirrelflight on her fallen leader's behalf for saving her kits. She also reveals that Moonlight has told the Sisters to go beyond the lake, where they've never been. Squirrelflight asks if Moonlight will travel with them, and Snow affirms that she will until the kits are grown up, after which she will move on. When Squirrelflight asks where Moonlight will move on to, Snow replies that she doesn't know. As Squirrelflight is escorted out of the camp by Tree, she asks the yellow tom if she has seen his mother, to which Tree bitterly grunts that he doesn't want to, asking why he should have to put up with her in death after she abandoned him in life. Nevertheless, Tree says that he is sorry Moonlight is dead when Squirrelflight asks if he is. He says that her kits deserve to have a mother, even if only for a short time. Squirrelflight points out that they'll have the Sisters, which Tree reluctantly acknowledges, but insists that he will always be there for his own children.
The Clan cats are divided over the result of their battle with the Sisters; some feel their attack was justified, that they dealt with a threat to the Clans and Moonlight died in a fair battle, while others regret murdering a queen and orphaning new-born kits. Bramblestar regrets Moonlight's death, but insists that the Clans move on, as what's done is done, and they cannot change it. He also asks that they honor Leafpool, who died saving Moonlight's kits.

In the Novellas

Tree's Roots

Moonlight's son Earth sees her running the Sisters' camp and wishes that she would spend more time with him, even though he understands that she has a lot of responsibilities as leader of the Sisters. Two toms of the group, Chestnut and Snail are of age, and per the Sisters' traditions, are to be sent away. Moonlight touches her nose to the toms' ears gently, wishing them happiness, before letting the Sisters do the same. She tells them to listen to the land, as they are the guardians of it and must wander. They promise to, and she asks their ancestors to give them guidance. Chestnut and Snail walk out of the camp, without looking back. A wind blows across the land, and Moonlight calls for them to find shelter. The Sisters walk back to their camp, and Earth snuggles in the nursery, until he is woken by Moonlight.
Both Stream and Earth wonder where their leader is, and Stream bounds off to find her. As soon as he does, Moonlight calls the Sisters to her. She asks Earth why he is out of the nursery, before calling the other kits inside and inquiring where Stream is. As the storm rages around them, she guides the kits to a large stone in the clearing, and orders them to stay put. She then walks away to gather the Sisters.
In the aftermath of the storm, both Stream and Haze have died. Moonlight announces that they will sing for Haze, in order to comfort her mother, Snow. Her son angrily asks why they won't sing for Stream, and she calmly replies that he is a tom, and the Sisters do not sing for toms. Earth snaps that it's not fair, but his mother insists that Stream was always destined to return to the earth because he was a tom. Her gaze grows stern as she scolds Earth for running off, as she would be devastated had the earth claimed him. She says that Stream's youth is the cause of Petal's grief, and that Earth must not disobey her. Earth barely takes in the reprimand and instead asks his mother if she will not grieve for him if he dies while fully grown. Moonlight softens her voice to tell him that she won't, but he will have to wander soon, and if the earth claims him during his wander, she will never know. She tells him that mothers of toms must know that there is honor in a tom's death. Earth is silent and unconvinced, but she leaves to collect herbs.
Moonlight leads the Sisters in singing for Haze, and lets out a mournful note. The Sisters join her, before Haze and Stream appear as ghosts before them. They converse with them, while Earth strains to see any sign of his lost friend. After the ceremony, she asks if Stream being there was enough for him. He responds that he never saw Stream, and Moonlight reassures him that he will get it in time. He asks about two toms who left before they saw spirits, but his mother does not know what happened to them.
After a skirmish, Moonlight asks what happened and Earth apologizes for freezing. She scolds him, telling him that he will leave soon and he must learn how to take care of himself. Earth wants to hiss that he's not okay, but he cannot. Hawk defends Moonlight, stating that she needs to protect the Sisters and does not mean to be cruel. Later, Moonlight tends to a Ice,, who has fallen ill, and tells Earth that she might have to take Ice to a Twopaw if she does not get better. He thinks to himself for a moment, before blurting out that he is not ready to leave. She replies that he must be, because, in her experience, it is bad luck to keep a tom longer than six months. Moonlight launches into the tale of a tom who stayed that long, and how it apparently brought disaster upon the Sisters. Eventually, the tom went to become a Twopaw's everkit, as he was too weak and dependent. Earth shudders and states that he would never want to do that, and his mother states that he must go out into the world.
Yet he protests, doubting his capabilities. Moonlight chastises him for not believing in himself, and tries more to convince him that he will turn out fine, just like his father, who was well tuned to the earth. He still is unsure, but she leaves to take care of Ice. Earth bitterly wishes that she would love him as much as she loves his sisters.
Moonlight leads the ceremony to send Earth away, and wishes him happiness. She speaks the words of the ceremony and he reluctantly walks away, leaving the Sisters forever.
The very next day, Earth witnesses the Sisters leaving their camp, with Moonlight ordering them to destroy any signs that they'd lived there, in order to avoid being tracked by predators. He is depressed that they were so ready to send him away, and wishes that they'd waited a few days just to make sure he was all right.
Moonlight doesn't appear again, but is mentioned many times. Earth thinks about how inflexible Moonlight was when it came to tradition, wonders why she didn't love him as much as his sisters, and angrily vows to never forgive her or the Sisters for casting him out. Earth later meets his father, Root, who reveals that he had a brief relationship with Moonlight, who left him after becoming pregnant with his kits. Root regards Moonlight and her Sisters as cold for following their rules instead of their hearts, and is incensed when he learns that they abandoned Earth despite his very young age.
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