"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
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The Moonpool is a round pool of water at the lake territories.[1] It was also known as the Pool of Stars.[4] It is a sacred place where medicine cats and leaders share tongues with StarClan.[2]


The Moonpool is a small pool, situated at the bottom of a stone hollow, a certain distance from the Clan territories.[1] On one side, there is a steep cliff with water flowing out from a cleft, feeding the pool.[5] There is an underground[6] stream leading out of the pool, which flows into the lake and marks the border between ThunderClan and WindClan. A narrow path dimpled with ancient pawprints[7] leads down to a flat stone "beach" next to the pool.[8] For sharing tongues with StarClan, the medicine cats lap up a few drops of water[2] or they touch their noses to the water.[9]


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The New Prophecy

"We no longer have the Moonstone—but we will have the Moonpool. This is the place where StarClan will share tongues with us. We've found it! This is where the Clans are meant to be."
―Leafpaw to Sorreltail Starlight, page 267
After the Clans are forced from their former home, many are left wondering if StarClan will give them a new place to communicate with them as Highstones is too far away.[10] Spottedleaf, a former medicine cat of ThunderClan, visits Leafpaw in her dreams, offering signs of where to communicate with her ancestors.[3] In order to follow Spottedleaf's advice, Leafpaw, with Sorreltail, a warrior, follow a stream out of ThunderClan and WindClan territory and find a pool of starlit water. There, Leafpaw shares tongues with her warrior ancestors, names the water the "Moonpool" and realizes it is where the Clans can communicate with StarClan.[11] Later, Leafpaw is given her full medicine cat name in honor of her discovery.[12]
Despite a troubling start to his leadership, Onestar manages to receive his nine lives from StarClan at the Moonpool.[13] The medicine cats also begin their half-moon meetings once again to share tongues at the Moonpool with StarClan.[14] Leafpool goes to the Moonpool to seek advice about her future,[15] and after going through with her decision, is saddened when she can't find Cinderpelt amongst her starry ancestors.[16] Mothwing takes on an apprentice, Willowpaw, but is unable to teach her to share dreams with StarClan due to her lack of belief in them. Leafpool is told to step in by StarClan,[17] and helps Willowpaw learn how to successfully share her first dream with StarClan.[18]

Power of Three

Jaypaw vists the Moonpool in hopes of learning if his destiny is to become a warrior.[19] However, he meets Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, and later, Spottedleaf, and realizes that his destiny is above him and is to become a medicine cat instead.[20] As Jaypaw continues his training, he becomes aware of the ancient cats and they knew of the Moonpool.[21] He also finds similarities between the Moonpool and the Tribe's ancestors, the Tribe of Endless Hunting.[22] He shares dreams with Raggedstar, Runningnose, two former ShadowClan cats, Rock, and Midnight the badger, who urge him to restore ShadowClan's faith in StarClan due to Sol's influence.[23]

Omen of the Stars

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The Broken Code

The medicine cats are unable to communicate with StarClan, blaming it on the ice covering the water of the Moonpool.[24] Later, the medicine cats try again, but once again do not reach StarClan's hunting grounds.[25] Shadowpaw decides to revisit the Moonpool, despite the medicine cats' failed attempts. He receives a message.[26] After, Shadowpaw tries to contact StarClan again. He receives a message from a tom Shadowpaw doesn't recognize, telling him that codebreakers are among him.[27] SkyClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan gather at the Moonpool, attempting to crack the ice. They are unsuccessful, realizing that there is a lot of ice in the Moonpool.[28]
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Interesting facts

  • The pawprints by the Moonpool are left by the Ancients.[29]
  • Other animals would not see StarClan if they drank from the Moonpool.[29]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Rock speaks about when he and other healers of two other Tribes would meet at the Moonpool to communicate with their ancestors. He states he had seen the Clans coming and hopes that the Moonpool will bring them peace.[30]

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